For removing stains and dust from your precious carpet, you need a carpet cleaner. In our daily routine life, we left many stains and enough amount of dirt on the carpets that are necessary to remove. Real cleaning of carpet is not possible without any carpet cleaner. Several brands are available in the markets, which are providing quite similar features. Any new customer is difficult to find the best carpet cleaner. In our guide, you will find the best carpet cleaner on a budget that we have selected after several tests on different cleaners. These best cleaners are highly preferable to remove the stains and make your carpets super clean. 

Best Carpet Cleaner On A Budget

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1#Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner Machine, Upright Shampooer, FH50150, Red

best carpet cleaner on a budget
best carpet cleaner on a budget


Hoover Power Scrub easy to use

The weight of this cleaner is 18 pounds only. Due to its lightweight user can easily maneuver it at any position like a vacuum cleaner. It has a water tank that holds water and a cleaning solution separately. You will never find this feature in other manual or cheap cleaner because they require measuring the water and cleaning solution quantity manually. The other main feature of Hoover Power Scrub is the auto rinse feature that is available only in two cleaners, one is Hoover Power Scrub and the other is Hoover dual V cleaner.   

Simple to clean

Hoover Power Scrub provides an easy method of cleaning the carpet, at the same time it is also easy to wash the Power Scrub itself. Users can easily remove its nozzle and brushes for cleaning and rinsing, which is not possible in other cleaners. Brush removing of other cleaners is a really big problem, you have to kneel on the floor and dig around. Some cleaner has bristles that are mostly full of dirt and debris during the cleaning process and necessary to wash.

Accessories of Hoover Power Scrub

For deep cleaning, extra add on is necessary. Without accessories, we can never get perfect cleaning. The cleaning unit only is not enough for cleaning everything. Hoover Power Scrub contains all necessary tools with the main unit for providing the complete cleaning package. Other cleaners contain hose and upholstery that is not enough. Hoover Power Scrub box contains the mesh bag, big hose, crevice tool, upholstery tool, stair tool, and power scrubbing hand tool.


Heated cleaning is not admirable

This is a company claim using a heated cleaning feature you will find your carpet drying very fast. But this claim is not strong because after cleaning we did not find any big difference of dryness, as per the claim of the company. So this feature is not admirable.

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer

2#Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine, 86T3

best carpet cleaner on a budget
Best Carpet Cleaning Machine

Reason for this Cleaner selection 

This Cleaner Can Fight with deep stains

For testing this cleaner we arrange a carpet that had different kinds of stains. First, we tried to remove these stains using other cleaners, but after cleaning there were stains remaining. Then this challenge handed over the Bissell Big Green Professional Grade Carpet Cleaner. We were confident with the performance of Bissell Big Green. We started cleaning and after five minutes there was no stain on the specific area of the carpet. Everything was removed and the carpet was clean and fluffy. Bissell Big Green is the best carpet cleaner on a budget.

Bissell Big Green is simple to use

Big Green has two water tanks one for clean water and another for dirty water. The capacity of each water tank is 1.75 gallons. There are some other user attraction features of this cleaner. After unboxing this cleaner, users don’t need to assemble it. Bissell Big Green contains one scrubbing upholstery tool and a 12-foot hose. The upholstery tool is specially designed to remove stains from stairs and other tricky places manually.


This cleaner is Heavy and expensive

Along with many advantages, there are two main points that the buyer should notice. The first is heavyweight and the second its price. The weight of this cleaner is 40 pounds and the price is around $400. That is not affordable for all users. You cannot lift this cleaner easily from one place to another. As its names show “Big Green”, this is actually the giant of carpet cleaners. Some users prefer to hire this cleaner on rent rather than purchase. Before buying Bissell Big Green you have to check your requirement first, if you have to remove the stains on a routine basis then Big Green is the best choice for you.   

Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner

BISSELL PowerLifter PowerBrush Upright Carpet Cleaner and Shampooer, 1622

best carpet cleaner on a budget
best carpet cleaner on a budget

Why Bissell PowerLifter is our selection

Very Simple and Light Weight

The Bissell Poswerlifter 1622 is included in lightweight cleaners. That is easy to use and remove the stains like a heavier cleaner and also not difficult to buy.  The weight of PowerLifter is 16 pounds that allow you to move very easily without feeling any extra burden on your arms. During our test, we found its performance best due to its lightweight. You will also never face any discomfort with extra usage.

Best cleaning

We noticed during our test its cleaning performance is admirable, that you get from heavier cleaner like Bissell and Hoover. Its lightweight allows you to clean your stairs and other tricky places very easily that are not possible with big cleaners. Bissell Powerlifter is the best carpet cleaner on a budget.


The Cleaning Process of Bissell PowerLifter is difficult

The cleaning process of PowerLifter is difficult. Only its nozzle comes off easily for washing. After cleaning, the brushes are full of dirt, gunk, and fuzzy that are hard to remove and rinse. Old users of carpet cleaner know very well how difficult to wash the cleaners. This experience was also not new for us to clean the Powerlifter. Apart from a few cleaners, the maximum number of cleaners have the same difficult cleaning process that each user has to face.

Bissell PowerLifter 1622

Our Process Of Selecting The Best Carpet Cleaners

Cleaning power:

We perform a very hard test to select the best carpet cleaner and best carpet cleaner on a budget. It is very difficult to check the performance of all cleaner and select the best performing machines from all. A very hard stain that customers mostly claim the cleaner left on the carpet surface we tried. And give you the final verdict regarding our selection. We put everything on the piece of carpet that difficult to clean. These things are vicious syrup, chunky sauces, garden soil, marinara sauce, nail polish, chocolate syrup, red wine; coffee, etc. to clean all the above things from the carpet is difficult for the majority of the cleaner.

In our test, many known brands fail to remove stains. Actually, these things become the pain of the head of carpet owners. We check one by one all well know cleaner on that carpet and note the performance. In the end, we had only the three best cleaner which performed well that are Bissell PowerLifter, Bissell Big Green, and Hoover Power Scrub. These three cleaners are also the best carpet cleaner on a budget.

Some other cleaners perform well but they fail to remove the lipstick and nail polish. They can rinse well and give you fast cleaning but not best for deep cleaning. Before buying a decision, customers should check all features and select the cleaner as per its requirements that they expect from a cleaner.

Cleaner Should be Easy to use

For including in the list of best carpet cleaner, the cleaner should be easy to use. The tank filling process mostly is difficult in many cleaners. But we found the filling process is quite easy in Hoover PowerScrub. It also examines a dirty water tank is placed at the center of the back with a very close opening place. Before reaching the filling level of the dirty tank we have to remove it, which is difficult in the majority of the cleaner. We should check all cleaner functions before buying, and try to select a cleaner which is easy to use and operate. Try to find a cleaner that includes a rinsing mode.

Our test for the best carpet cleaner on a budget confirms that many cleaners require another person to change the position of the tank. During changing the tank, water and solution dispense on the carpet surface or on your shoes that feel you ugly. We found ease in all the above operations in three cleaners, these are Bissell Big Green, Hoover, and Rug Doctor.

The Cleaner Maintenance

It is necessary to wash the cleaner itself after every single carpet cleaning process. Some carpet cleaner design does not allow you to wash them easily that cause many failures. Many cleaners do not allow you to remove the nozzles and brushes that are full of dust and other garbage. Easy removing nozzles and brushes can be washed carefully and clearly.  

In many cases, the cleaning of cleaner is most difficult as compared to carpet cleaning. Some cleaner like Bissell PowerLifter, Hoover Power Scrub provides easy comes off of parts that give you an easy way of cleaning.

What we tested for selecting the best Cleaner on a budget.

The important points of the cleaner that we should check

Vacuum first and last

For getting a better result mean deep cleaning, vacuum the carpet first. The cleaning standard institute has proved and published, it is necessary to vacuum the carpet first then start the cleaning process with your cleaner. Actually, the first vacuum of the carpet removes the dust, hair, and other particles. Where it is necessary to vacuum the carpet first, it is also important to use the vacuum after completing the cleaning process that picks up the remaining debris from the carpet.

The cleaner should be Slower.

The experience proved a better cleaning result can be expected with the slow use of the cleaner. So make it habit the slow use of the cleaner.

In Case of Stain Don’t Start Rubbing

If you find any stain on the carpet don’t start rubbing it in water because it will extend more and go deeper inside the carpet root. Just blot off the stain and then use the vacuum that will suck the debris from the carpet. After blot off and vacuum use a carpet cleaner.

Rinsing of the carpet is important

For super cleaning must rinse your carpet when cleaning finish. Rinsing is necessary to remove the detergent traces. Your carpet will become hard and sticky if you don’t rinse.

Cleaner itself clean

For a long life of your cleaner without any failure, clean the nozzle and brushes regularly. Proper cleaning of cleaner should be your habit.


Regular cleaning is necessary for making the carpet condition better. The number of cleaning depends on the condition of the carpet dust, stains, and its usage. You need extra cleaning if you are using the carpet in a high traffic area.

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