A very common question “what is the best carpet cleaner to buy”. If you have complete technical detail of carpet cleaners then the selection is not a big task.

The following comparison of top-quality carpet cleaner will help you to select one cleaner for your home. You can find all the necessary information about these cleaner here.

Top Best Carpet Cleaner to Buy in 2022

What are the necessary points to check-in a carpet cleaner?

In this guide, you can find which carpet cleaner is best for you. Users can select any best carpet cleaner according to its need. Complete detail of all the best carpet cleaner to buy with reviews is available here.

Cleaner for large carpet

A large tank carpet cleaners are suitable for those users who have a big piece of carpet. A carpet cleaner with a small tank is only a wastage of time because a small tank cleaner will never fulfill the requirement of those who have a big piece of carpet. Hoover Power Scrub and Bissell Big Green are the best cleaners for large carpet.

Cleaner for pets

Pet lovers know pet leave hair and stains on the carpet. For removing hair, stains, and smell of stains from the carpet, you have to buy the carpet cleaner, which is best for removing stains and hair. There are some special carpets cleaners available in the market that are designed for removing pet stains and hairs of the pet. These carpet cleaners can give you better results due to their special design. Mostly pet carpet cleaner contains one extra basket to collect the hair of the pets. The carpet cleaners will work better if you get a cleaning formula along with cleaner for removing stains.

Cleaner for small children area carpet

If you have small children at your home and you are ready to buy a carpet cleaner then you have to buy an efficient cleaner. Because any low-performance cleaner will never fulfill your requirements. There are some useful techniques available using that you can clean your carpet, like a hot water technique. A portable cleaner is best to clean up the messes fast and quick. Portable cleaners are easy to carry and give better results. These cleaners are mostly lightweight but cannot be used for large carpet.

Cleaner to remove tough stains

If you have a carpet that contains grime and dirt embedded in the fibers then you have to buy a carpet cleaner that deeply cleans your carpet. Well-Known carpet cleaners are Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine and Rug Doctor can be the first choice for those who have a good budget. These two cleaners are very efficient and have a good value in the market according to user experience. There are some other cleaners available in the market  that can be used if you are not good in the budget like BISSEL DeepClean Delux Pet36z9

Cleaner for a tight budget

We have a complete list of all the best carpet cleaner in this guide, you can select any one carpet cleaner according to your budget. In case of tight budget Hoover SteamVac with Clean Surge, G5914900 can be the right selection.

Best Cleaner to clean your stair carpet

In Our carpet cleaner selection list you will find the carpet cleaner which is best to clean the stair carpet. Explore all selected carpet cleaner and chose the best one for you.

Cleaner for professional cleaning

If you are here to find an efficient cleaner that gives you the best result then you are in the right place. In this guide, you can easily select a carpet cleaner which is the best fit for you. These carpet cleaners can make your carpet look like a new carpet. If you need a cleaner for a single time then the rental cleaner is the best option. But you can save more money if you buy a personal carpet cleaner instead of a rental cleaner.

Our team has personally checked each cleaner which is included in our guide. BISSELL Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine and Rug Doctor Mighty pro are the two best carpet cleaner in the market. Their results are admirable and thousands of users trust both carpet cleaner due to their outclass results and performance.

These two cleaners are not the best for you if you have a small area because both are big machines that will never work well in close and tricky areas.

Cleaner for limited space

In our best-selected carpet cleaner list, there are extra small and easy to use cleaner available. BISSELL SpotClean is the best option for limited space. You can easily use and handle this cleaner at any specific limited place. Its smallness never affects its efficiency. This is a top-rated carpet cleaner and has got good value in the market. If your area is big then you should avoid buying this cleaner. There are one more lightweight and efficient carpet cleaner with the name of Hoover Power Scrub Delux, FH50150. 

Cleaner for Small area

If your cleaning area is not large then  BISSELL SpotClean Anywhere Portable, 97491, and BISSELL SpotClean Professional Portable, 3624 are good options. these two cleaners are the best fit for cleaning a small portion of the carpet. these two cleaners are the best carpet cleaners to buy.

Review of the five Best Carpet Cleaner to Buy 

The following are the best carpet cleaner to buy that are tested by our team and praised by thousands of customers.

#1 BISSELL Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine #86T3

Bissell big green deep cleaning
best carpet cleaner to buy

This BISSELL carpet cleaner model is the best fit for those users who want to clean large pieces of carpets. Extra-large dirty and clean water tank makes it more convenient for those users who need heavy-duty cleaners. You can get deep cleaning with this cleaner because this cleaner works both sides forward and backward. This amazing option is not available in the Rug Doctor cleaner. Rug Doctor is also one of the best cleaners in the market but it can clean only one direction not both sides like BISSELL.

The machine of this model is large from other models that make it heavier.  The heavier cleaner is best for cleaning large size of carpets.

Using this model your cleaning time will reduce because of BISSELL cleaner clean in both directions forward and backward. A 25-foot cord of this cleaner allows users to move very easily in the room. Some extra tools are available with this model to clean from tricky areas.

  • A long-time Warranty 5-year
  • It contains Dual-Tank that is removable
  • Power Brushes for Dirt lifting
  • 9-foot hose
  • Stair tool that is 6-inch
  • User-Friendly
  • A very beautiful adjustable handle.
  • Indicator for water flow.
  • Wheels for moving
  • Water Flow Indicator
  • Its weight is high 50 pound
  • Difficult to move on stairs due to heavy size
  • Expensive
  • Regular Mainlines

#2 Review of Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Pet Pack

best carpet cleaner
best carpet cleaner to buy

Mighty Pro X3 is the product of Rug doctor. This model includes

  • Mighty pro x3 machine.
  • Spray container for urine eliminator
  • Stair/upholstery tool
  • A 40-ounce container of pet formula.

Mighty Pro X3 is a powerful deep cleaner like BISSELL big green deep cleaner. Some users don’t like its large and heavy size. Each user has its own mindset to select any product. The extra feature of the Rug doctor is its long power cord. The size of the power cord is small in BISSELL cleaner. Its tanker capacity is extra from BISSELL carpet cleaner.

Rug Doctor cleaner is well known for removing the tough stains that other cleaner cannot remove perfectly. Using Rug Doctor Users can easily remove the stains, smells, and pet urine. You should buy this cleaner if you have a large area because it contains an extra-large tanker for this purpose. Using Rug Doctor cleaner user can also clean car carpet and car upholstery.

  • Powerful cleaning
  • It contains two tanks one for clean water and the second for used water.
  • Its design, look and feel and operating process is admirable.
  • Its special design brings ease for cleaning stairs, cars, and many other tricky places.
  • Its warranty period is 5 years.
  • The weight of the Rug Doctor is 50.30 Pound.
  • It contains hot water technology.
  • Adjustable handles make it more convents.
  • High price
  • It is a little difficult to clean and control due to its heavyweight.
  • Create noise due to heavy motor
  • It does not contain backward and forward move technology like the BISSELL model.

#3 BISSELL DeepClean Deluxe Pet #36Z9

the best carpet cleaner
best carpet cleaner to buy

This BISSELL carpet cleaner has made on different technology for removing stains and urine from the carpet. It contains 12 powerful brushes that are used to scrub the surface for removing stains and smells. The buyer will get an odor control cleaning formula that is specially used for removing the pet urine and smell as well. Basket and trapper tool is included in this cleaner package also.

If you are a pet lover then this carpet cleaner is the best choice for you because you don’t need to worry about pet urine and smell on your precious carpet. BISSELL Deep Clean Premier Pet 17N4 model is similar to this model but this model contains some extra features that make it more reliable for removing strong pet stains and urine from the carpet.

  • Pet hair and stains can be perfectly removed using this machine.
  • High-quality motor and the big water tank is attached with this cleaner.
  • A warranty period for this machine is 3 years that is a long time for any cleaner.
  • After 3 years you will never get help and support.
  • This machine is expensive as compare to other same feature carpet cleaners.

#4 BISSELL SpotClean Anywhere Portable #97491

best carpet cleaner pets
best carpet cleaner to buy

This carpet cleaner is portable and very fit for removing the stains of your home and office carpet. The SpotClean give perfect result for those users who want to buy a portable cleaner.

Its small size makes it more admirable and results-oriented because you can move it very easily from one place to another without any difficulty.

Its small size will not allow you to use it at a large carpet because you have to refill its tank several times due to the small tanker size. You will never get good results in the case of a large cleaning area. The best use of this cleaner is spot cleaning where it can move easily.

The small size of this cleaner makes it more lightweight even lighter from BISSELL SpotClean pro 3624. At the cleaning area where you have the stain, the cleaner stain trapper tool sprays on it and scrub that area. All dirty liquid sucks into the removable containers, so the cleaning solution will never mix with the dirty liquid.

If you are the owner of the apartment then this cleaner should be your first choice for cleaning your carpet because this is portable and easy to move at tricky places. After use, It can be saved at any closet place.

  • High valued cheap price carpet cleaner
  • Due to its small size, it can be stored at any close place
  • You will also find a stain formula with this machine.
  • Its size and weight are very smart only 10 pounds.
  • The warranty period of this machine is two years.
  • The suction process is not very strong like heavier carpet cleaner.
  • At the start of the cleaning process, you have to pour hot water into the machine.
  • Due to its heatwave technology the clean water is running out shortly.

#5 Review of Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe #FH50150

best carpet cleaner to buy
best carpet cleaner to buy

Hoover providing the best quality products in the market for many years and Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe is one of the best quality products of Hoover. This is one another lightweight cleaner in our guide; its weight is only 19 pounds, users can clean the carpets like a heavier cleaner with its SpinScrub Technology. 

This carpet cleaner is the best choice for those users who don’t want and like heavier carpet cleaner. They want results like heavier carpet cleaner using the small and portable cleaner. In other words, they want more power in small carpet cleaners. Hoover Power Scrub can fulfill their requirements because this carpet cleaner is one of the best and top-rated cleaner in the market with an affordable budget plan.

Users can also use this cleaner at tricky places like stairs and couches because this cleaner contains the upholstery tool that is specially designed for cleaning at difficult places. This is the best selling machine on amazon right now.

  • It contains low weight.
  • For removing stains from stairs and furniture there are some additional accessories available.
  • Get a deep result with a detergent mixer.
  • Not able to perfectly clean old stains.
  • With a small tank, you have to clear the water tank multiple times for the long area.

How we Review the Best Carpet Cleaner To Buy 

We use the following procedure for checking the performance of any carpet cleaner. Our team has tried much carpet cleaner personally and keeps a record of the best cleaner on the base of the following points.

We judge on:

  • Design – we try to select cleaner which has an eye-catching design and user-friendly features. Also check its tank location, its total weight, and cord length.
  • Ease of use – Select those machines which are easy to use for any community of people.
  • Efficiency – very important and main point its stain removing performance. We use these machines and try to remove different types of stains. Also, check which machine is removing stains better and match its budget to another machine.
  • Accessories – we check its all accessories and grade it for different purposes like a machine for removing stains from the long area, a machine for a small place, a machine for removing the pet urine, etc.
  • Help & Support – Check its warranty time and company response after-sale. Some companies don’t care about the sale.


we have tried much carpet cleaner and match their prices, performance, and budget as well. As a result, we just find only one thing that is the quality of the product. We should focus on the quality of the product that saves our time and money both. There are two big companies BISSELL and Hoover which are providing the best quality product. Both companies have good value in the market because of the best quality products.

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