The best carpet cleaner to purchase in the 2020 list is below that we have selected after performing several cleaning tests. Reading the complete review means you are able to select the best carpet cleaner as per your requirements.

Best Choice Hoover Power Scrub

Best Carpet CleanerHoover FH50251

Reasons to buy:

  • Incredible versatility
  • Super lightweight construction
  • High cleaning efficiency
  • Leaves almost no residue
  • Quick drying time
  • Reasonable cost
Bissell PowerLifter 1622

If you are looking cleaning machine due to a certain number of stains and dust on the carpet by your children and pets. Or you need a machine that can clean your carpet that has been adding dust and stain for the last one year. You are at the right place now; here you can select the best carpet cleaner to purchase for your valued carpet. a carpet cleaner is designed to remove dust and stain and make your carpet super clean and fluffy. With the help of carpet cleaners, your physical effort will finish and you will find your carpet dust and stain free.

It is not difficult to buy a carpet cleaner like other household products. Because there is a limited number of brands available in the market. Some users confuse with the technical detail of different brands. And not able to decide which brand is best and why. In our guide, you can easily select the best carpet cleaner because we have described each and every aspect of all brands that help you to select the cleaner according to your needs.

Best carpet cleaners To Purchase in 2020

Below Are The Top 7 Best Carpet Cleaner To Purchase

A carpet cleaner is not a product that uses on a daily basis. You should enough focus before purchasing a carpet cleaner. You go below and find the complete “best carpet cleaner to purchase” detail with pros and cons.

1#Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner and Shampooer

best carpet cleaner to purchase
best carpet cleaner

Hoover is a well-known carpet cleaner brand. If you are an old carpet cleaner user then you know well Hoover Power Scrub FH50150 is an old cleaner that was launched in 2015. This cleaner got more fame due to its low budget and best performance. Also, this model was lightweight that makes it more attractive for the users. The other reason for the user’s attraction is its valued handle, removable brushes, and nozzle as well. After cleaning the carpet it is easy to clean the cleaner itself and store it due to its compatible design. Still, now this is one of the best home carpets cleaned. Now the company has introduced a new version with the name of FH50251. This model is a specialist to remove the pet hairs extra along with carpet cleaning. For picking pet hair company design a deep clean mode in this machine.

SpinScrub Technology

Cleaning of the stains is depending on the brush’s power and movement. SpinScrub technology is newly launched that moves the brushes 360 degrees to scrub the stains deeply from all angles. The use of this technique allows you to clean a large area. With SpinScrub Technology in Hoover FH50215, users’ attraction has increased.

Hoover Power Scrub Easy to clean tiny spots

Apart from regular cleaning, a tiny spot cleaning is also a requirement of all users. Tiny spot cleaning is not possible without any helping tool. Hoover FH50215 provides a crevice tool with an upholstery tool that helps cleaning the area, sucking the dust from car, sofa, stairs and other tricky places easily. Hoover FH50215 is the best cleaner that can clean tiny areas and make your home super clean.

Rinse-only mode

Rinse the only mode means you want to rinse the carpet not wash. To enable rinse mode only the company designed a separate portion for the cleaning solution. You can rinse your carpet after completing the washing of the carpet or usage of a cleaning solution. Rinse mode means you need only a clean water tank and just reach the place to apply rinse mode. Apart from rinsing mode, the machine uses two tanks one for clean water and another for detergent. This mode is suitable for those who don’t want soap everywhere on the carpet.

Heated cleaning and Dual-V nozzle

Heated cleaning feature is not available in all modern cleaners. This feature pushes down heated air on the surface of the carpet. Using this feature we can get two benefits, reduce the time of drying and remove the stubborn stain. Heated cleaning and Dual V nozzle both are used to reduce the drying time. Dual v-nozzle is used to suck up the excessive soap and dirt. Very easy and effective features that make Hoover FH50215 more valued and effective.

  • No chance of dust and stains
  • It takes a short time to dry the carpet
  • For extra scrubbing, it has rotating brushes
  • This machine contains enough accessories
  • Water tank capacity is not enough
  • You will find the leakage problem

2#BISSELL SpotClean Pet Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner, 2458

best carpet cleaner to purchase
best carpet cleaner

Bissell is a known cleaning brand that has introduced a series of cleaner in the market. Bissell 2458 SpotClean Pet Pro is one of the best products of Bissell Company. This cleaner is known due to its strong cleaning and considers a specialist product for pet stain cleaning. It can be used for carpet cleaning, pet stains, and upholstery. Any cleaner can be count in the best cleaner list in which sucking motor and brush rotating are powerful. Bissell SpotClean contains both features powerful sucking and perfect rotating of brushes that work better for scrubbing the stains from the carpet surface.

Due to its best performance, you will find positive reviews of the users. Bissell SpotClean is a powerful cleaner that includes extra accessories like long cord, flexible hose 5-feet. It is difficult to maneuver all cleaners, SpotClean can be maneuver easily that can perform well at hard reach places to get rid of stains and dirt.

Lightweight and compact design

The dimension of SpotClean is 10x14x14 and weight is 17 pounds without water. This cleaner is user-friendly due to its good design and compatibility. Good design allows users to move easily. We can use this cleaner in a car interior due to its best maneuver. The look of this machine is smart not like a thick or bulky machine. Its flexible hose can be securely wrapped around the unit.

Excellent suction power

Portable machines have one problem, their suction motors are small, that never perform suction well. This portable machine has 5.7 amp motor for suction that is enough to suck excessive dirty water and liquid. Extra-long 5-ft hose with this machine helps to remove the deep stains and pills as well.

Large capacity tanks

The tank capacity of this cleaner is ¾ gallons. In the case of a small water tanker of cleaner’s, the user face difficulty. They have to fill up the tanks and start cleaning again. For solving this problem the company introduced a large water tank that is enough for standard size carpet cleaning.

Two tank system

You will find portable cleaners with a single water tank. That is the sign of a nonprofessional cleaner. Bissell 12458 SpotClean contains two water tanks one for clean water and another for dirty water. Users can clean a large area and find carpet dust and stain free with this machine.

Non-motorized brush

Brush with the motor, scrub more stain as compared to the motorless brush. This model does not include a motor brush but its compatible design allows us to connect motorized brush. For making machine light and simple company did not attach a motorized brush with this model.

  • The suction power is admirable
  • It has a compact design and lightweight
  • User-Friendly
  • Tank capacity of the water is large
  • Contain two water tanks
  • This cleaner is used for small areas, not for large areas.
  • Cleaning is not automatic.

3#Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine, 86T3

best carpet cleaner to purchase
best carpet cleaner to purchase

Bissell Big Green 86T3 is a professional machine with a beautiful design. Many other aspects of this cleaner make it more attractive and admirable like its high-quality plastic. A good design of any cleaner helps to maneuver at harder places for getting a professional result, also help to save machine at a small place. Apart from its beautiful design, its cleaning head is wide that provides the cleaning of a large area.

For providing more comfort Bissell Big Green has a beautiful adjustable handle. A user of any height can use it easily with its adjustable handle. You will find water tanks of this cleaner removable. So you don’t need to refill and emptying the tanks with stress due to its removable facility. This is a heavy and large machine but fit for both professionals and domestic users.

Rotating DirtLifter power brushes

A very new and latest feature DirfLifter power brushing is installed in Bissell Big Green. This new technology ensures you a deep cleaning of high pile carpets. Brushes reach the root level and lift all dirt and stains. You will never find stains, dirt with the use of this feature.

Water flow indicator

For a professional unit, water flow indicator is necessary. The user doesn’t need to check the tank level. The automatic system of this machine will check the level and inform when refilling requires. This feature helps to continues efficient work without any breakdown. The cleaning solution indicator also performs the same function.

Large tanks

A large water tank of Bissell Big Green is a useful feature. Tanks increase the weight of the machine but you will find convenient cleaning with these tanks. You don’t need to refill the tanks a number of the time. Just focus on your cleaning and be ready when the automatic system indicates refilling. Large tanks are enough for cleaning the standard size carpet.

Removable tanks

Non-removable tanks are difficult to refill. Bissell Big Green provides the removable tanks that can refill easily. Just remove the tanks and attach them after refill. Refilling of the tanks is not requiring any special container. Just remove the tanks and go to under running water. Refill carefully and attach them back with the unit.

Adjustable tank handle

The adjustable handle is the sign of more comfort. This feature of the cleaner shows how the company wants to increase the usability of Bissell Big Green. If the height of the user does not match with the handle height than the user has to face more difficulty like bending more for reaching at handle exactly. The cleaning process will also affect if the handle is not adjustable.

Extra cleaning attachments

For reaching all hard places is not possible without extra cleaning attachments. There is a number of attachments available with Bissell Big Green. You will find a 9-foot long hose that helps to reach hard places, stairs, and other tricky places that are difficult to reach. Extra 6-foot stair tool is ensure cleaning from stairs.

  • The warranty period is 5 years
  • The drying process is quick
  • Water tanks can be removed easily
  • Design of this model is foldable
  • Heavy and bulky model

4#Rug Doctor Might Pro X3 Family Pack Vacuum, Large, Blue

best carpet cleaner to purchase
best carpet cleaner at home

If you require a heavy and professional cleaner that performs heavy-duty then Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Pet Pack is the best selection. A powerful motor of this cleaner vibrates the cleaning brushes with high power, as a result, you get a good cleaning.

Powerful brushes help to remove the dirt from the root of the carpet. Rug Doctor Mighty Pro contains two tanks of water. One tank is used for clean water and 2nd for dirty water. Its compatible design allows easy refilling and emptying of tanks. The pet owner will find this machine more effective for removing pet stains with this pet formula.

Vibrating brush technology

A controlled and standard vibrating of brushes installed in Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3. This special technology is used to remove the stains deeply that other cleaners are not able to clean perfectly. Vibration helps to shake the surface, which causes to loosen of dirt from carpet root. The vibration technology is an efficient way of removing stubborn dirt.

1.74 HP motor

As mentioned above this is a heavy model, it contains 1.74 HP motor with 28 PSI pump. Heavy motors perform better as compare to small motors. Extra cleaning is expected with heavy motors. A powerful pump and motor both make the Rug Doctor professional cleaner.

Two-tank system

The two tanks system is a well-known system that is mostly available in all-new cleaners. Two tanks are used for better performance like reducing the refilling and emptying of the tank process. In this system, one tank contains the clean water and the second tank is used for dirty water.

Three-step process

Rug Doctor uses three-step processes for cleaning. In the first step, a high-pressure cleaning solution dispenses on the carpet surface. In the second phase scrubbing the dirt and remove the stains. In the end, suck the extracting excess cleaning solution. Rug Doctor Claims extra 75 percent bristles has installed in this model for getting a better result. Cleaning with Rug Doctor make carpet not only clean, but your carpet will also become fluffy or looks like a new carpet.

  • The suction power is high
  • Less time required to dry the carpet
  • Deep cleaning
  • Big wheels for easy movement
  • Handle is foldable
  • Water tank capacity is large
  • User-friendly
  • It has a narrow cleaning path
  • High price

5#Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner, Large and Portable, Red

best carpet cleaner home
a best carpet cleaner home

Rug Doctor is the only cleaner that likes by many users due to its strong construction and high-quality performance. Not only me like this cleaner, a number of other consumers like this machine. Rug Doctor deep cleaner is an amazing machine that fulfills the routine cleaning requirements of the carpet. Also, an annual touch of carpet cleaning can be performed with Rud Doctor.

At front of qualities, the cost of a Rug Doctor does not matter. This is a premium quality machine. Like other cleaners that contain specific qualities, Rug Doctor contains 2 cross action brushes. With the help of these brushes, no stain and dust remain at any corner of the carpet. A single pass of this cleaner is enough to make carpet super clean. The carpet will look like a brand new. No, any other cleaner can beat to Rug Doctor.

Fast drying

Like SpinScrub technology of Bissell cleaner, 2 cross action brushes are installed in Rug Doctor for deep cleaning and reaching maximum places. Beside all other features that are very advanced, the drying period very short of Rug Doctor. You don’t need to wait a number of hours after getting a cleaning. All is possible with its suction technology that reduces maximum moisture and dry cleaner in a short time.

Transparent water tanks

For maximum ease, the company brings new techniques that users expect with professional machines. Rug Doctor provides transparent water tanks. Users can find the level of water tanks easily with this feature. Users can come to know how much cleaning solution is remaining due to its transparency. And also an alert when dirty water tank is requiring emptying. Filling cleaning solution in water tank not less to any challenge in other cleaners, but in Rug Doctor, there is a lid that serves as a measuring cup.

Superior suction

A number of cleaner brands are available in the market. Each brand is known for its specific techniques and the number of accessories that they provide to deal with stains. Vital parts of the cleaners are motor, power brushes, and sucking unit. Rug Doctor cleaner has a powerful suction unit. The claim of the company is that you will find an extra 75 percent suction. For making sucking power strong Rug cleaner provides a 12-inch wide nozzle.

Dual cross action brushes

The Dual Cross Action Brushes ensure powerful cleaning with advance technology. Under the unit, you will find a pair of brushes that start working at the same time and pick up all dirt from the carpet. cleaning depends on the brush’s power that Rug Doctor is providing more better as compare to other competitor cleaners.

Super boost spray

The Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner is full of a number of valued features. Boost spray feature is one of its valued features. During cleaning extra detergent spray on the surface for more cleaning is required. These all extra features including super boost spray. Rug Doctor is capable to remove stubborn stains that other cleaner difficult to remove.

  • It has an affordable price
  • High performance
  • Very strong
  • Water tanks are easy to refill and clean
  • Pre-assemble
  • The cord wrap design is not good
  • A water heater is not available

6#BISSELLProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean Pet Pro Full-Size Carpet Cleaner, 1986

the best carpet cleaner
the best carpet cleaner

Bissell Pro Heat is like good news for pet owners. Bissell has designed this machine for pet owners. Carpet can be cleaned by pet odors and stains using this cleaner professionally. Heatwave technology and CleanShot Preatrater has introduced by Bissell. Both tools are very special for removing stains and spots. Pet owners can take help with 2 in 1 Pet Upholstery tool that helps to pick up the pet hair. For drying carpet quickly Bissell cleaner has an express cleaner mode that dry carpet in a short time. This carpet cleaner of Bissell company not only cleaner, but the user can also take the duty of vacuum cleaner with this machine. Using this cleaner users can reach under the furniture and other tricky places for super cleaning.

Powerful cleaning

Apart from all other features, the power and arrangement of the cleaner brushes make it more efficient and best. Bissell Pro Heat contains 12 rows of brushes that easily go beneath the carpet for lifting extra dirt. Like other heavy and standard cleaner, this cleaner has 11 cleaning paths. This cleaner does not require more passes to clean the carpet surface. Brush rolls are easy to remove that is one another advantage. After finishing carpet cleaning it is necessary to rinse the brush rolls.

Multiple accessories

The short power cord is a common problem in several cleaners. You have to plug and unplug a number of the time with a shortcode. Bissell gives a 25-foot power cord. Users can clean long areas due to this valued feature. The size of the hose is 8 feet. No hard spot and stain can remain with the use of these extra features that Bissell Pro Heat provides.

2-in-1 pet upholstery tool

The upholstery tool is a gift for pet owners. This amazing feature is not available in big and standard cleaners. This tool deals with both dry and wet modes. Pet hair and garbage are deal in dry mode. Stain and dirt are removed in the wet mode that is possible with Pet Urine Eliminator plus Oxy Formula.

 Bissell’s excellent formula

For making your carpet smell free and removing the stains, the Pet Urine Eliminator plus Oxy formula is a perfect feature of Bissell. The stain will vanish after using this formula. Along with other several features of this cleaner bad odor are remove with Odor controlling tech. it has itself heart touching fragrance that remains after cleaning.

HeatWave technology

Users can find their carpets stain and dirt free with the help of HeeatWave technology and Dual DirtLifter Power brushes. HeatWave technology is not available in other cleaners. Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Carpet Cleaner is providing HeatWave to its valued customers.

  • User-Friendly
  • It has a lightweight and beautiful construction
  • Multi cleaning modes
  • Making your cleaning fast
  • Extra 2 in 1 Upholstery tool that is a piece of good news for pet owners
  • The warranty period of this cleaner is 5 years.
  • The body contains plastic material
  • Not a powerful

7#Hoover Carpet Cleaner Max Extract Dual V WidePath Carpet Cleaner Machine F7412900

best carpet cleaner solution
the best carpet cleaner at home

The presence of Hoover at home means no dirt and stain on the carpet. A very strong and powerful cleaner in the market is Hoover F7412900 Max Extract Dual V. Double tank system that is necessary for large areas and more efficiency is installed in this cleaner. A double tank means one tank for clean water and others for storing dirty water. Old cleaner users know how it is difficult to refill and emptying the cleaner tanks. The double tank system provides an easy to refill and empty the water tanks. Not only cleaning is easy with the Hoover, but the drying process is also fast and easy with its heated air and V-nozzle feature.

12-amp motor

Hoover F741200 contains a powerful motor. The power of the motor is 12amp. All heavy and powerful cleaner expected big motors for strong cleaning. Users can ensure the drying and cleaning of the carpet both powerful with Hoover cleaner. The triple-action of this cleaner is possible with a powerful motor that is Power Scrub, gentle and spills pick up.

SpinScrub Technology

SpinScrub technology claims an extra 20 percent cleaning of the carpet. This technology contains 6 multi-direction spinning brushes that agitate the stains with more power due to the powerful motor of this cleaner. That means the power of the brushes is possible with a powerful motor.

Two tanks

The old cleaner was using a single tank. Single tank cleaners were not more efficient. Users have to face difficulties with this system. Hoover F7412900 Max Extract V carpet cleaner has two tanks. One water tanks contain clean water and the second tank contain dirty water. Dirty water will never contaminate the clean water. The tank of this cleaner is easy to remove and refill. For making cleaning sessions long the capacity of a clean water tank is 1 gallon.

Superior detergent system

If you have a stain on your carpet you don’t need to worry about the ratio of detergent and water that require removing the stains. The automatic detergent systems mix the water and detergent and apply it on the surface. This cleaner allows you to rinse the only mode that is possible with a separate detergent compartment. Rinse only enables us to rinse the carpet without the stress of emptying the soap water tank.


Quick-drying is not possible with all cleaner. After getting a cleaning from these cleaners users have to wait for drying. Hoover cleaner has two power features heated air and V-nozzle that make drying process very fast, without these features you cannot get fast drying. Heated air pushes down on the surface and V-nozzle wide mouth is used to suck more water.

Multiple brush speeds

Hoover introduced three types of cleaning modes. Each mode is designed for a specific purpose. These modes are Power Scrub, gentle mode, and spill pickup. As per the condition of the stain, the user can select mode. Sometimes we need normal scrubbing so we can select gentle mode, this system is designed to deal with the carpet as per the condition.

  • The cleaning head is wide
  • This cleaner deal all surfaces
  • Number of features
  • Its suction is powerful
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to refill and emptying tank
  • This expensive cleaner
  • High weight

Final thoughts

After checking, analyzing, testing we have reached this decision the Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet Carpet Cleaner is the best carpet cleaner to purchase from all the above-mentioned cleaners. The weight, design, and cost all are perfect and affordable. A very latest Spin Scrub technology that rotates the brushes in 360 degrees is best for cleaning the dirt and stains from all angles. You will never find performance complaints of this cleaner. Some other features heated air, Dual V-nozzle, rinse only modes are those features that can never remain any kind of dirt in your valued carpet.

Important Points for the best carpet cleaner to purchase

A very good packing and brilliant look and feel attract the new users. users have no sufficient knowledge about the performance and other important points that they should check before buying any cleaner from the market. Here we are going to describe some important points that must be check before buying the carpet cleaner.

  • Hot air drying

A very important point that must be remembered before making the buying decision of any cleaner. If the hot drying feature is not available in a cleaner, you have to wait a long time for drying your carpet. You can dry your cleaner faster with hot air features that save your time to wait several days for drying the carpet.

  • Brush

The brush is the main part of cleaning. If the brush quality is not good, your cleaner is not good for cleaning that you are going to buy. Mostly cleaner has rotating small brushes or roller brushes. Rotating brushes are good for deep cleaning, can scrub the stains better and give you perfect cleaning.

  • Water reservoir

You will find a large capacity water tank in a number of cleaners that are used for cleaning a large area. But don’t forget to buy the cleaner that contains two-tank systems instead of a single tank. Two water tanks systems contain two tanks for different purposes. One tank is used for clean water and another tank store dirty water inside. With a double tank, you can save refilling time also. If the heater is available in the cleaner then you can wash the carpet effectively with warm water due to its double tank system.

  • Multi-purpose application

If you want to save your money then carpet cleaner should have a multipurpose application. A single cleaner is capable to clean the carpet and remove dirt and stains. But multipurpose cleaner can wash your stair, car interior and other areas. for performing multi-task these cleaners contain extra accessories that allow you to perform multi actions.

  • Warranty

Before getting the payment receipt of your selected cleaner just put your eyes on the warranty period. In case of no warranty or low warranty period, your amount becomes under risk. You cannot claim a warranty for a cleaner, from the cleaner manufacturing company. The minimum warranty period for the cleaner should be two years.

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