Best Carpet Spot Cleaner Machine

Different machines are used for cleaning different types of surfaces. If users need to clean dirt and dust then a vacuum cleaner is the best device. For washing areas and rugs with hot water, the carpet cleaner is the best choice. Carpet cleaner performs deep cleaning with cleaning solution and its extra suction and scrubbing power. Carpet cleaners are divided into upright and spot cleaners. Upright cleaners are suitable for deep cleaning and spot cleaner as the name shows used for spot cleaning from a specific place.

In this guide, we will update you about the best carpet spot cleaner machine. It is a very simple and easy-to-use spot cleaner machine. It requires inserting a cleaning solution and hot tap water inside the cleaner tank. Reach the affected area, spray the mixture then start scrubbing to remove the stain. Using suction power all dirty water and dirt deposit into the dirty water tank. The latest spot cleaner has the ability to work on both upholstery furniture and carpet for removing stains.

If you want the best carpet spot cleaner machine then stick your eyes to this article.

Best Carpet Spot Cleaner Machine

Complete Buying Guide for the best portable carpet cleaner.

If you are ready to buy a portable carpet cleaner for your home or office there are some important points that you should determine. Overall all carpet cleaners look the same but their different features help to fulfill our requirements. The following points help you to select the best portable carpet cleaner

Tank Capacity of Portable Carpet Cleaner

There are different tank capacities available in different spot cleaner models. Some contain ¾ gallon water and some have 1-gallon water. Single tank and duel tank both common in spot cleaners. Duel tanks used for keeping clean and dirty water in different tanks. Maximum tank capacity helps to deal with long areas without refilling water tanks. Actually, spot cleaners are designed to work on a small area or specific spot so a small amount of water is enough for cleaning operation but try to buy a cleaner that contains tank capacity maximum.

Weight  of Cleaner

A portable carpet cleaner has to reach any area so be careful about the weight of the cleaner. Your selected cleaner should be lightweight for smooth and easy movement. Don’t consider the weight of the cleaner without water tank filling. Sometimes empty water tank cleaner feels lighter but not good after filling water inside. Spot cleaner should also be compact that allows saving cleaner at any hard or closet place.

Cord Length

The market visit has shown spot cleaner contains a power cord from 14 to 20 feet. It will be useful if you buy a spot cleaner that contains a long power cord. For reaching maximum area long cord is a necessary feature otherwise you have to search the wall outlet for resuming or starting your cleaning. Spot cleaner should contain a power cord up to 18 feet. If you need cleaner inside a car or other hard places then handheld cleaner is the best option.

Power and Suction of Cleaner

Power is a necessary feature that must consider before buying a cleaner. Cleaner motor power measure in amps. Actually, spot carpet cleaners are small machines so the power of the motor in different models starts from 3amp to 10amp. The maximum power of any cleaner helps to remove the stain deeply as compared to a low-power machine. A machine that contains 4 to 5 amp power considers good for spot cleaning.

Low power machines leave carpet or spot without drying which creates a problem for the user. Check the amp of cleaner that you are ready to buy for better stain removing and reducing drying time.


After so many experiments we have noticed spot cleaners are durable. One reason spot cleaners are not frequently used so they remain a number of years at home. The only hose needs to change after some time because the hose leaks and breaks often. It is necessary to confirm from the supplier about the replacement of the hose that helps in the future to change or replace in case of leakage and break.

Our Top Picks Of Best Carpet Spot Cleaner Machine

After reading the above guide now we are displaying the best portable carpet machine that we have picked after testing. All the above-mentioned features we have checked carefully before arranging this amazing list.

Bissell 3624 Spot Clean Professional Portable Cleaner-Best Spot Carpet Cleaner

best upholstery cleaner

Bissell is a trusted high-quality cleaning brand. A number of cleaning machines produce by Bissell available in the market. Bissell 3624 spot cleaner is one of the amazing cleaning products.

Bissell 3624 spot cleaner contains a useful tool to remove stains from the surface. If you found a stain at any place at home you can remove it using its 6-inch stair tool, 3-inch tough stain tool along with Pro Max cleaning solution. The water tank capacity of Bissell 3624 is 96 ounces. Other features are lightweight 13 pounds and a long power cord 20 feet.

  • Long reach possible
  • Bissell 3624 contain multiple accessories
  • Suction is powerful
  • Spray may clog
  • Hose cracking is a common problem


Bissell Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner 

Best Carpet CleanerBissell Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner is an amazing cleaning machine at a low price. This is a budget machine help to clean carpet, rugs, stairs, upholstery, car interior, etc. if you want a machine that has a low price and works like a big machine then Bissell portable carpet and upholstery cleaner is the best choice.

This Bissell variant contains several unique features like easy to Removeable water tanks with easy water filling. The capacity of the water tank is 48 ounces. Hose cleaning necessary for the long life of hose Bissell upholstery cleaner introduces hydro rinse feature to clean the hose after use. Like other portable cleaners, it contains a 3-inch stain tool along with Bissell cleaning solution. It has lightweight only 9.6 pounds. Also, contain 15 feet long power cord that useful for dealing large area.

  • Hose size is long
  • Two water tanks
  • Hands-free operation
  • Rubber seal leak after a time.
  • Often hose tool jam
  • During hands-free operation water not remove from the carpet fully.


Bissell SpotBot Pet Handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner

best small carpet cleaner

Bissell SpotBot is designed for removing the deep stains of any spot. Tough and hard stain at a specific place removed using DeepReach technology. Stain on high pile carpet not easy to remove by another portable cleaner, Bissell has DeepReach technology to remove deep stains.

Users don’t need physical effort while using Bissell SpotBot Pet Handsfree cleaner because automatic scrubbing is part of this cleaner. The user requires to reach at spot put the machine and turn on the power button. The machine automatically starts spray, scrub, and suck to provide hands-free cleaning. If you don’t like auto cleaning or want manual cleaning, sporting tools available with machines to clean the spot with manual tools. Bissell SpotBot cleaner contains 15 feet hose. The weight of the machine is 14 pounds also Bissell provides Pet Stain & Odor and Pet Oxy Boost Formula along with the machine.

  • Dual water tank
  • Lightweight machine
  • Tanks are difficult to clean
  • User complain leakage problem in dirty water tank.


COSTWAY Multipurpose Steam Cleaner-Best Steam Cleaner

Different types of cleaners available in the market for performing different jobs. Like vacuum cleaner used for removing dirt and dust, steam cleaner performs well for removing stains and germs from the surface. But deep cleaning and washing, carpet cleaner are used but these cleaners not able to remove bacteria and germs like steam cleaners. The steam cleaner has more features regarding removing bacteria, germs, bedbugs, molds also able to work on hard and soft surfaces.

The COSTWAY multipurpose best steam cleaner includes in our best spot cleaning list because of its amazing features. We can get valuable cleaning on carpets along with hard places like metal, tiles, etc. The water inside the tank starts heating after 8 to 9 minutes. COSTWAY Cleaner uses a 226-degree temperature for heating water. After the heating process cleaner can be used for the next 45 minutes.

The water tank capacity is 51 ounces. It contains a 16-foot power cord enough to deal with a long area. The packing of the cleaner contains 19 accessories for making the cleaning process efficient on different surfaces. You will find the weight of this handy cleaner is 16.42 pounds.

  • Suitable water tank capacity.
  • Design and quality admirable
  • Contain a number of accessories for treating multiple areas
  • The warranty period is one year
  • Low-temperature rating


BISSELL 20037 Pet Stain Eraser-Best Spot Carpet Cleaner

best small carpet cleaner for pets

Spot cleaning becomes easier if you have a cordless cleaner at your home. Bissell 20037 pet stain Eraser is a cordless cleaner with a lightweight feature. Cordless units are most effective if the wall outlet not available where you want cleaning. This Bissell variant contains a powerful built-in brush along with a suction tool for removing stains from the spot. The weight of the machine is 4.6 pounds only.

Duel water tank one tank for clean water and the other for keeping dirty water during sucking. Clean water and cleaning formula store in different tanks. Hard and tough stains by coffee, wine, food grease, motor oil can remove with this handy machine. A very useful and lightweight machine that works professionally on carpets, upholstery, car interior. For making the cleaning process easy it contains a removable suction nozzle. Cleaning solution + Oxy cleaning formula given with machine.

  • Tanks not need to fill, only cleaning solution used by machine
  • Difficult and harder places are treated with a removable suction tool
  • Stain no more with Bissell 2003T.
  • Cleaning time after one complete charging is only 15 minutes
  • The size of the cleaning path is 3 inches wide.
  • The charging time is 4 hours.


Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner – 

Best Rug Doctor Cleaner

Rug Doctor is one of the best cleaners like Bissell and Hoover. Spot cleaner of Rug Doctor Rich with several demanding and latest features.

Like other professional spot cleaners, Rug doctors remove stains from the root level without leaving any residue on the carpet. Its size is small but good for removing tough stubborn stains from the spot.

Small size with a retractable handle makes it easier to move from one place to another and gives look like a suitcase with wheels. The overall shape of Rug doctor allows working with easy hands-on carpet for dealing with any kind of stain.

The cleaning formula is designed for treating different situations like pet stain and upholstery, user can select any additional bundle for pet stains and upholstery as per requirement.

  • Powerful brush for scrubbing stain
  • Easy to use because of the portability feature
  • Strong cleaning action makes it more reliable and useful against hard stains.
  • It’s noisy
  • The weight of Rug Doctor Spot cleaner is 20 pounds.

Bissell SpotClean ProHeat Portable Spot Cleaner, 5207F

bissell spotclean proheat

The Bissell SpotClean ProHeat Portable Spot Cleaner, 5207F is a known cleaning device for removing tough, stubborn stains. It is available in the lightweight features for only 9 pounds. The size of the hose is 4.5 feet and 15-foot power cord.

Both deep stain and tough stain tools are given with the machine. Like other cleaners, Bissell Spotclean offers two cleaning formulas with the name of Oxy Boost and Spot & Stain.

A professional and latest feature Heatwave technology is used for keeping the temperature consistent. Extra cleaning formula is included with cleaning device for making carpet neat and shine.

  • Deep cleaning with Bissell SpotClean is easy and efficient.
  • The warranty period is two year
  • Comfort moving is possible with its larger handle.
  • It’s a little loud.

FAQs About Portable Carpet Cleaners

Following are the frequently asked question and their answer for making pictures more clear regarding the best spot cleaning machine.

Q. Is an upright model better than a portable carpet cleaner?

Both types of cleaners are used for performing different cleaning jobs. Upright carpet cleaner or washer used for cleaning the entire area while portable carpet cleaners are used for cleaning the stain from the spot.

Q. Should I clean the tank of a portable carpet cleaner?

For the long life of any cleaner, the water tank should be empty and clean after finishing each cleaning process.

Q. Do professional cleaning companies use portable carpet cleaners?

Big and professional companies use bulky washers for removing tough and hard stains but portable carpet cleaner more useful if the surface is more tricky where bulky machines not able to use. Small machines are easy to use and move from one place to another. Also available in a compact design so storing these machines at a hard and closet place, not a difficult job.

Spot carpet cleaners are helpful in various conditions like easy moving to reach at harder places for cleaning also easy saving at small places. The Cleaner machine type depends on the user’s need. If users want cleaning of the entire home or carpet then upright cleaners are the best option. But on the other hand portable stain remover used for removing stains from specific areas, also very useful for instant stain dealing during parties and family events.

If a big piece of the carpet gets Greece or coffee stain then inexperience and new user start thinking to remove by rinsing carpet or washing but this job will expensive and less efficient. Dealing with instant stains with a spot carpet cleaner is a good practice. Spot cleaners are easy to move from any place because of their lightweight feature. Bulky machines are difficult to reach places where powerful tough stains available. Reaching an affected place with the big machine is more difficult as compared to removing a stain from the surface. Money and effort both can be saved by purchasing lightweight spot cleaner.

Which is the best spot carpet cleaner?

Following are the best spot carpet cleaning machines that we found best during our test. All are good for cleaning now you read carefully buying guide and cleaner review for suitable cleaner.

Bissell 3624 Spot Clean Professional Portable Cleaner

Bissell Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner 

Bissell SpotBot Pet Handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner

COSTWAY Multipurpose Steam Cleaner-Best Steam Cleaner

BISSELL 20037 Pet Stain Eraser-Best Spot Carpet Cleaner

What is the best portable carpet cleaner to buy?

Best Overall: Bissell Little Green Portable Carpet Cleaner Bissell’s

After testing a number of portable carpet cleaners, we found Bissell little Green best of all. Our selection becomes more reliable when we reed reviews and watch different videos, where different users tell the feature of this machine how it is useful and effective for stain and upholstery. Many users admit this machine useful for small and big messes. Bissell Little Green contains dual water tanks one is used for dirty water and the second contains fresh water and cleaning solution. Cleaning of stains, car interior, and other hard-to-reach places are easy with this handy machine. If you want to read more reviews that other shopper given to this machine can be read here.

Are portable carpet cleaners worth it?

Portable carpet cleaners are designed for cleaning spots or upholstery. It can be your choice if you want to use this machine for spot cleaning instead of cleaning the entire area or home.

Spot cleaning is easy and quick with portable cleaners. Their compact design allows easy movement and storage.

Why Should I Buy a Portable Carpet Cleaner?

The answer to this question is the feature of the machine that suits your cleaning requirements. Dealing fresh stains with the portable machine gives more good results. Also, stains will never remain on the surface that later become sticky. Portable machines are light in weight so easy movement is possible from one place to another.

Is an Upright Model Better Than a Portable One?

It depends on the cleaning requirements. If you are buying a cleaning machine for spot cleaning and want to clean the entire home then your choice wrong. Spot cleaning is done by a spot or portable carpet cleaner. Instead of spot cleaning a large area or entire home cleaning is possible with upright or heavy cleaning machines.

What’s the Best Way to Use One?

Safety should be your first priority because during cleaning you play with water and electricity. Follow the precaution measurement that is available on the label of cleaner. Try to plug the unit into the grounded outlet.

Don’t use the cleaning area until confirming the place is dry. The drying process can speed up by running the fan or open the windows for fresh air crossing.

Can I Use It for Routine Cleaning?

The answer is to use but there are some limitations. The portable cleaners contain small water tanks that require frequent refilling.

For small areas or spots, cleaning can clean with portable cleaner regularly. Otherwise upright or heavy cleaning machine needed for cleaning the entire home.

Following you will find the important points that anyone should consider before buying a spot carpet cleaner machine for home or office.

  1. Job Size and Type of the cleaner

A very important point that must notice before taking buying decision on a machine. Check the supporting tools that use for removing stains from different positions like corners, stairs, hard places, under the bed, etc. if you need a cleaner that works as a washer, clean wall to wall all surfaces then pick an upright cleaner. A portable cleaner should be your choice if you don’t want cleaning often or want to remove stain from a specific place instantly. Portable carpet cleaner contains handheld tools to work on stairs, under the bed, or removing the messes of dogs and other pets. Now you think about what your requirement is and decide the type of cleaner.

  1. Weight

Bulky and heavy machines are not easy to carry also move on the surface where cleaning require. Bulky machines are helpful if the entire cleaning of the surface necessary. Otherwise, Portable smart cleaners are more effective and efficient for cleaning and reaching both cases. Anyone from home can carry from the store and start taking action. If you are running a cleaning company or you have a big home and want casual cleaning every Sunday then the bulky machine is the best option. These machines contain large wheels to move on the carpet and other surfaces.

Extra control for moving the bulky machines contains a special handle that allows maneuvering and moving back and forward easily on the carpet. It is necessary to check the machine wheel and handle if you are ready to buy the upright big bulky machine. Small wheels and slippery handles both can make cleaning jobs harder.

  1. Warranty

The warranty period of any product plays a very important role in saving your money. During the warranty period if any part damage or fails the user can claim to the company. Otherwise, your money will waste. Carpet cleaners of different brands contain a warranty from one year to two years. Check the type of warranty means a warranty of product or warranty of parts that the supplier gives. Sometimes parts warranty not given than user has to pay for fixing them when a warranty claim to the supplier.

Dealing with many cases and reading so many articles on different social Media it is noticed only a warranty of a cleaner motor is given not the accessories that can be claimed. For getting more information regarding the warranty of parts and motor must read the company manual or visit their official website put the question that you want to ask. Warranties only cover some portion or just motor of the cleaner not applicable for the entire machine and their other accessories.

  1. Tanks

Portable carpet cleaner contains a water tank for keeping water. They are small in size and easy to carry from one place to another. The cleaning job is very easy if smart or portable carpet cleaner at home. Otherwise bulky units or upright washers are difficult to move from stairs and other hard places to reach the target. Upright cleaners contain big-size water tanks that make more problems when moving to other places. The filling process of a big unit requires carrying big size water tank to the tap and back for fixing with cleaner.

The refilling process is painful that creates more stains on the carpet when they walk to tap and back to cleaner. For solving this issue some people keep the water bucket near cleaner. Portable carpet cleaner removes a stain with an easy hand at the same time provides fast-drying using water heaters for deep cleaning.

  1. Price

Price is an important factor before buying any product. You consider first how much price you want to spend for buying a spot carpet cleaner. In case low budget then tries to buy a device that performs the minimal task. Now minimal tasks mean the cleaning task that you want from the cleaner is available in the selected cleaner. Because multipurpose machines are commonly expensive. Now compare the price with all other machines that contain the same feature that you have selected for buying.

It is commonly noticed high budget machines consider the best but it’s wrong. It’s depended on your need and budget also your right decision for a specific machine. Check all operations of the machine one by one in different brands. The small cleaner is the best choice if you have a low budget. Also good for removing stains instantly from anywhere at home with less effort and time.

  1. Path

The path is another important factor that must consider. In one session the amount of surface that cleaner can clean. For good flow, the standard path size of any cleaner should be three inches. Avoid other cleaners that stuck during cleaning, low efficiency, and wastage of time and money both.

Focus on those cleaners that contain wide cleaning paths for better results on stairs and couches. A wider cleaner path of spot cleaner takes less time to clean a specific area. Maximum dirt can be grabbed in one attempt if the cleaner path Is wide, this is the best practice for saving time. Sometimes stain spread on the surface that difficult to remove with a closed cleaning head. Make your selection wide path portable cleaner for quick and maximum debris up in no time.

  1. Power

The power of cleaner allows deep and fast cleaning. If the power of the motor, not enough your cleaner will never remove stains and pick up spills. In case long use for removing or pulling up spills possible the motor will get fire because of low power. Your selected portable carpet cleaner should enough motor power for removing stains or handling tough jobs.

Extra burden on the motor can damage motor so the power of motor should match the cleaning process mean able to work easily on the surface. Check the amp of the motor that gives you a good idea about the power of the motor. The motor amp should be up to 5amp.


We have described all the important factors that you should notice before buying the best carpet spot cleaner machine. Our guide will help you to buy the best portable carpet cleaner. Our top pick list of cleaners contains quality spot carpet cleaners, selection of any from the recommended list will profitable for you.

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