Rolling chairs are used in offices and homes for comfort and easy position in front of desks and tables. But when we use chairs on our beloved carpet, their wheels wreak havoc on the carpet surface. It is also noticed the chairs without wheels become more dangerous for the floor. Still, if you did not find the best solution for saving your carpet from the chair legs and wheels, you are in the right place. Here we will suggest to you what is the best method and which solution is suitable for your carpet.

A special design chair mat is the solution to this problem. A chair mat is helpful to protect high pile carpet from unwanted situations. Now the question arises about the chair mat for high pile carpets. Following we have arranged the best chair mat for high pile carpets with a review and buying guide for users’ better understanding.

Best Chair Mat For High Pile Carpet List View

AmazonBasics Polycarbonate Office Carpet Mat

best chair mat for high pile carpetAmazonBasics Polycarbonate Office chair mat is designed for the high pile carpet. The first thing noticed inside any mat is the material using that mat build-up. Then explore its next feature. Our first chair mat is made of high gauge polycarbonate, free of lead, phthalates, and cadmium that contain toxins. You notice new mats contain smell because of toxic chemicals; this mat is free from smell.

We chose this mat for high pile carpet because it contains high resistance, so users will never find curl, flex, and cup on the carpeted floor. To avoid slipping or uncontrollable movement, the mat’s top layer contains a texture that provides a good grip.

After protection, the main role of the mat on the carpet is to save the high pile of carpet from any kind of damage by chair wheels and legs. The high-quality polycarbonate material of the mat plays an all-important role that users expect from any mat.

The weight limit on the mat is 250lbs means the extra weight of a human on the chair can not cause any issue. If your weight is out of this boundary, you can choose another option. There are mats available in the market that can carry up to 500lbs loads and provide great protection against heavy loads.

  • Durable chair mat
  • The cleaning process is not difficult
  • Chemicals odor will never eat your brain
  • The warranty period is one year.
  • Stick tight on the carpet floor
  • It comes rolled up, so be careful when unwrapping.

Gorilla Grip Polycarbonate Won’t Crack.

Best Chair Mat

Product Specs

  • Material: Polycarbonate plastic
  • Sizes: 29 inches by 47 inches; 36 inches by 48 inches
  • Thickness: 3 millimeters
  • Best for Low to medium pile

Gorilla grip polycarbonate mat is the best option for those who want their carpet to be saved from chair wheels and leg damage. A durable and sturdy piece of the mat is available in two different sizes. The first size of Gorilla grip polycarbonate is 36 inches to 48 inches and the second size is available from 47 inches to 29 inches. These two standard sizes contain enough length and width to place any big or small chair on it.

The mat’s thickness is claimed to be 3mm, providing good resistance. The wheels of chairs and legs will never touch to thick pile carpet. The best solution is to overcome the problem of slipping durable studs underneath to grip.

  • The gorilla mat contains the extended lip
  • A powerful grip to avoid slipping condition
  • A thick and durable mat provides resistance to save thick pile carpet.
  • Some users demand big sizes
  • The thickness should increase more.

Resilia-Deluxe Clear Vinyl protector for Deep Pile Carpet

Best Chair Mat

 Chair mats are available in different sizes and thicknesses. All types of chair mats cannot cover the thick pile carpet. Resillia-Deluxe clear vinyl chair mat was added to our list because we found it best for thick pile carpets.

The main advantage of this mat is that we can customize it according to need. Just cut it into pieces and spread it in your office or home office; the cutting process is simply done with a knife and scissors.

The material of the mat is built with strong vinyl plastic. thick pile carpet does not mind or tear when plastic vinyl mat comes between office chair and carpet.

Now the carpet is safe next part of any mat to provide protection for a human sitting on a chair. Because the loosened grip of the mat on the carpet can allow the office chair to slip, causing injury. The underneath side of the mat is studded. It’s studs or unsuitable for hardwood floors, so please don’t use it on the tile, cement, or any other related floor.

It is made of heavy-duty or thick plastic vinyl, so it’s strong enough to protect the carpet against wear and tear by the wheels of the office chair, spills, and other possible causes of damage. The underside is studded to ensure it stays firmly in place. However, the presence of studs or spikes means it is not ideal for use on hardwood, tile, or cement floors.

  • The grip on the carpet is remarkable
  • We can customize accordingly.
  • The cleaning process does not eat the brain
  • There is no complaint regarding curling on the sides
  • The best solution to protect the carpet from ruining
  • Flexible mat
  • After spreading on the carpet surface, it takes some time to flat completely.

OFM ESS Collection Chair Mat with Lip


Product Specs

  • Material: PVC
  • Sizes: 36 inches by 48 inches; 46 inches by 60 inches
  • Thickness: 2.2 millimeters
  • Best for Low pile and medium pile (¼-inch thick)

OFM ESS Collection is our next best quality office chair mat that falls in budget-friendly mats. The material used in this mat is PVC, available in two different sizes. The sizes offered by OFM are 36 inches to 48 inches. And the second size is 46 inches to 60 inches. Large size covered the big chairs that possible need of majority users.

Big size mats cover both desk and office chair, extra protection offered by the manufacturer. Like another mat, it contains durable studs underneath the mat to avoid the situation of slipping. The upper layer of the mat is nonslip means better footing.

  • Budget-friendly mat
  • The top surface is a nonslip texture
  • Large size mats provide extra protection
  • Affordable prices compensate by less protection from high piles.

Marvelous 48″ x 60″ Heavy Duty Polycarbonate Chair Mat


Product Specs

  • Material: Polycarbonate thermoplastic
  • Sizes: 30 inches by 48 inches; 36 inches by 48 inches; 47 inches by 53 inches; 48 inches by 51 inches; 48 inches by 60 inches
  • Thickness: 2.54 millimeters
  • Best for Low to medium pile (up to ½-inch thick)

A heavy-duty mat with the name Marvelux is the best choice for the best people. Polycarbonate thermoplastic is a durable material used to produce this chair mat. It can bear a person’s weight along with an office chair and desk without tearing and bunching.

Marvelous chair mat comes in different sizes, 48 to 60 inches, 48 to 51 inches, 47 to 53 inches, 36 to 48 inches, and 30 to 48 inches. Different sizes help the user to select the best option according to need. The carpet chair mat remains half-inch up from the surface just because of the special design of the stud.

  • Available in different sizes
  • Durable chair mat
  • The texture is beautiful
  • A thick pile is not best for this mat
  • The price is high.

Lorrel Tempered Glass Mat


Lorrel Tempered Glass mat is the best fit for those who want an office chair mat that bears extra weight and is best for thick pile carpet.

Laurel used heavy-duty glass to build this mat; the manufacturer claims it can bear 1000lb weight.

The user does not need to fear carpet piles and types of floor. It is useful for all types of surfaces, hardwood, tile, cement, thick pile carpet, or low pile & medium pile carpet.

Tight with a surface, the upper layer is suitable for chair and desk easy movement without fear of slipping.

  • Durable office or home office chair mat built with glass
  • The chair can move and adjust easily
  • It can bear more weight no fear of glass break
  • Best fit for chair and desk
  • Affordable price as compared to other related chair mats.
  • None

Anji Mountain Rug’d Collection Chair Mat.


Product Specs

  • Material: Polyester, PVC
  • Size: 36 inches by 48 inches
  • Thickness: 6.35 millimeters
  • Best for Low pile

Anji Mountain Rug Collection Chair mat is one of the best mats on our list. Anji chair mats are available in different colors and designs. Users can select any best color that best matches.

The durability of any product depends on the material of the product. Anji chair mats contain woven polyester instead of glass or plastic. This Anji model is suitable for low pile and hard surfaces. We never recommend it for thick pile carpets. The bottom side of the mat contains the rubberized dots for holding the surface, an extra PVC layer was added for better support.

  • Available in 24 different designs
  • PVC layer for additional support
  • Tightly woven
  • A thick pile carpet is not a suitable place for this mat.

MuArts Store Crystal Clear Heavy Duty Hard Chair Mat

Best Affordable Crystal Clear Chair Mat

MuArts chair mat is our next selection. The manufacturer designs this mat like glass, but it is not a glass material. It is a crystal clear, heavy-duty hard chair mat.

According to the manufacturer, the material of this mat is free from odor and toxic compounds; they did not mention its type of material.

Some users think it types glass and can never bear more weight. The supported weight is 1000lbs. So you can use it without fear of breaking it, and a heavyweight person can freely sit on the chair.

Heavy-duty crystal clear material that can bear more weight as compared to glass. The bulky and hard material fixed on the carpet surface tightly never slips or moves when the user moves the chair or adjusts the chair. Forget curl or flex. It remains flat on the surface.

Pros & Cons

  • Very easy to clean the mat
  • Crystal clear heavy-duty material is used
  • Remain flat; forget flex and curl.
  • You do not feel it on the floor because it is crystal clear.
  • The warranty period of this mat is 12 months
  • It is bulky and thick best fit for thick pile carpet
  • Suitable for carpet and hardwood both.
  • Manufacturers leave their edges nacked that are Sharpe require bevel the edges.
  • Adjusting the mat on the Low pile carpet sometimes creates difficulty.

 What to Consider When Choosing the Best Chair Mat for Carpet

There are some important points that must consider before the final decision. Like chair mat for carpet contain studs beneath according to pile necessary to consider. Following, we have described all important points regarding the chair mat for thick pile carpets to ease users.


Different brands produce chair mats, each using a different manufacturing material. The most common materials are plastic, rubber, tempered glass, and PVC. Apart from all these, we recommend polycarbonate plastic. According to our experience and thousands of user reviews, this material is awesome. It will never down, break, or bunch just because of its durability.

After passing some time, other materials create different troubles like tempered glass chair mat break and the rubber mats often create difficulty during rolling. Our recommended polycarbonate plastic is super flexible and never breaks nor creates rolling difficulty. Must check the material before buying a chair mat.

Dimensions and Shape

Different shapes and dimensions of the chair mats are available in the market. The selection of a larger mat makes more sense for getting adequate protection, including a chair and desk. A standard size offered by big brands is available from 36 inches to 48 inches. If you want to cover both the chair and desk, you must consider a big chair mat.


Carpet at our home contains different piles that we select according to our comfort level. Thick pile carpets are fluffy and available at a high price with extra comfort. The studs beneath the mat are in different sizes according to the pile. Short stud mats are designed for low or medium-pile carpets that cannot be used on high-pile carpets. In the same way, larger size studs are suitable for thick pile carpets. Consider the carpet pile when you place an order for the chair mat.


The mat’s thickness plays an important role, providing the resistance necessary to protect the carpet. Also, a good mat remains its shape flat instead of ruined or down. The standard thickness is 3 to 5 mm; below this number, don’t accept any brand chair mat.

A thinner mat is not suitable for the carpet surface; consider those containing a minimum 3 mm thickness for better results. A thin chair mat tends to sink underneath the chair wheel or leg.

Bottom Surface

The bottom surface of the hardwood chair mat is different from the carpet chair mat. Hardwood chair mats are flat from the downside, best for hard surfaces.

You will find the studs bottom side of the mat, which means this mat is designed for carpet surfaces. Studs are used for holding the mat tight. Mat will never play on the carpet surface when you will move or adjust the chair.

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 Additional Features

Additional features are considered for the final product that fulfills all requirements we want. The example can clear your mind like the chair mat is antistatic, mean shock received from the laptop during rolling the mat can reduce.

The selected chair mat top layer must check; it should never be slippery. The grip of the mat with sticky carpet help to reduce the chances of unwanted situation.

Some materials of the mat grow mold and mildew, try to buy antimicrobial mats mean fewer chances of mold beneath the mat. Mold situations are often noticed in those areas where the humidity level is high.


We have tried to provide all information about the best chair mats for thick pile carpets. After reading the article thoroughly, we know the question will arise in your mind. So in this section, we are giving the answer to a common question that comes to mind. Jump down and get the information on important questions.

Q: Are chair mats bad for carpet floors?

A chair mat is the best solution for protecting the carpet floors. Sometimes the bulky mats like tempered glass can down carpet sooner. So final carpet chair mat according to the pile of the carpet. It will protect your carpet instead of ruining it.

 Q: How do I choose a chair mat for the carpet?

There are two important features that users should notice. First, check the studs of the mat according to the carpet pile. The second feature is the mat size that best fits according to need. Mean selected mat should fit your chair, and studs beneath the mat fit according to the carpet pile.

Q: What is the difference between a beveled-edge mat and a straight-edge mat?

Beveled-edge mats are those mats that can easily roll on and off. Straight-edge doesn’t allow to roll off.

Are chair mats worth it?

Chair mats are worth considering better when our carpet tears without using any type of mat. The chair mat protects the carpet and creates resistance that helps to avoid any type of unwanted situation.

Do chair mats ruin the carpet?

Chair mats are not used for running the carpet; they are used to protect the carpet. The appearance of a mat between chair and carpet is the best solution for carpet long-lasting.

One important thing doesn’t use a hard floor chair mat on the carpet. It will ruin the surface instead of caring. On the other hand, the carpet mat contains the studded beneath; if we use it on the hardwood floor, it will ruin the hardwood floor badly.

Can you use a hard floor chair mat on the carpet?

No, we cannot use a hard floor chair mat on our precious carpet. They are thin and flexible and cannot resist specially designed thick pile carpet chair mats.

Hard floor chair carpets don’t stick on the carpet surface, especially thick or high pile carpets are not suitable places for hard floor chair mats.


The quality chair mat protects the carpet from tearing and running. Chair mats stick with the carpet tightly, and the front layer is designed nonslip to protect chairs and humans.

Remember that the mat for thick pile carpets is not suitable for hardwood floors. Our guide has provided the number of best chair mats for high pile carpets. Select anyone that makes more sense.

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