Best commercial carpet cleaners are necessary for those who are new in the carpet cleaning business. Everyday Companies launch new carpet cleaners in the market with the latest technology. In this review, you will get enough information about carpet cleaning machines. This complete guide will help you to get the final decision before buying a commercial carpet cleaner.

The carpet cleaner should be strong with enough options that fulfill your cleaning requirements whether you use it for your business or clean your home and office carpets. If you have a large working area and maximum people visit your place then naturally you want to clean your area that requires a powerful cleaner. If you are confused and do have not enough knowledge regarding carpet cleaners then keep tight with us for a complete review of the best commercial carpet steam cleaners.

Heavy-Duty Commercial Carpet Cleaners can perform the following task

In the below section, you will see the top-quality carpet cleaning brands. Each brand claim high-quality carpet cleaner. High quality means a maximum job can be done by these machines. Not only carpets can be cleaned, but you can also clean stained carpets, ugly furniture, upholsteries, tile flooring, bedding, and many more using the below-mentioned carpet cleaners.

Deep cleaning can be performed by these cleaners which means not only eliminating the visual stains removed but other food stains and pet stains are also removed professionally which is not possible with any lightweight or cheap cleaner. In our guide, we have mentioned commercial carpet cleaners that contain a strong nozzle for sucking stains and odor from the root. The odor is not possible if you have a commercial carpet cleaner that we have recommended.

If you have tired of strong stains on carpet and want to make your life easy then buy a commercial carpet cleaner for the perfect cleaning of your home, office, and business.

Commercial Carpet Cleaner VS  Rental Carpet Cleaner

A very common question that is asked by many new customers is “Why do we buy our machine” anyhow we can avail it on rent. There are several advantages to personal machines instead of rented services. You can get quality cleaning with satisfaction but rental services are not good in many experiences. Your invested money on carpet cleaner is returned after a few cleaning processes which are not possible with a rental service.

All cleaning operations are not automatic whether we are using commercial carpet cleaners. For getting perfect cleaning or deep cleaning we need to perform some manual operations like shampoo, soak, Preheat, and deep vacuum. But all the above-mentioned operations are not required in each cleaning process that depends on the condition of the carpet. Sometimes carpet condition requires repeating some process for removing the hard stain.

The repeating process is mostly required in two common situations number 1 high traffic area and number two more pet stains. Rental machines are not good if you don’t clean your full carpet or leave your carpet wet because your rented time cleaner is about to finish. Half clean carpets and wet carpets are not able to use and repair, in most cases these carpets are thrown away. Rented carpet cleaner means a limited period, that does not make sense to clean everything smoothly. You will find many places half clean due to the shortage of time.

In the case of a large working area or a big office that you have to maintain on the daily basis cannot be afforded by rental machines. The bill for a rented cleaner will skyrocket after a one-month calculation. After observing everything we have reached the point that rented carpet cleaners are not suitable. You can get extra advantages with your cleaner machine.

Best Commercial Carpet Steam Cleaner List View

Bissell Big Green BG10 Deep Clean

Best Vacuum For Cleaning Business

Complete Review of Bissell Big Green

Bissell is a well-known brand that has launched several valued products in the market. Bissell Big Green is a strong cleaning machine. Big Green has an equal function to the previous version. There are some major changes to this cleaner. Before going to start it is necessary to point out that Big Green contains two strong electric motors. Both motors perform different functions, one handle the stroke of the cleaner, and the second is used to perform other function of the cleaner.

Double motor means more power which is good for deep carpet cleaning. The cleaning width of this machine is 10 inches.

The total weight of this machine is 43 pounds. We can use this machine commercial due to its strong motors and heavyweight. For making this machine more reliable for customers Bissell has given indicators for monitoring the water and solution level. With the help of indicators, you’re filling process becomes easy. Big Green is easy to store, you can fold its many parts that take less storage space.

Bissell Big Green does not contain extra accessories like handheld cleaners. If you need any extra tools, you have to order them separately. The extra tools help you to reach harder places for deep cleaning. Bissell designs this model, especially for rugs and carpets.

  • This model is considered very strong due to its two powerful electric motors.
  • Its foldable part makes it easy to store in any short place.
  • Hard stains can easily be removed by Bissell Big Green.
  • Extra tools are not available with this giant cleaner. You have to place a separate order for extra tools.
  • The warranty period of the double motor is only one year.

Hoover C3820 Commercial Spotter and Carpet Cleaner.

Hoover Commercial C3820

Hoover has earned a good name in the field of floor cleaning. Like other Hoover household cleaning products, Hoover presented its commercial cleaner series. The performance of Hover C3820 will surprise you.

The weight of this commercial carpet cleaner is 18 pounds with a 7.9 amp electric motor. This Hoover model easily competes with other Giant models due to its advanced features. The cleaning path of Hoover C3820 is 11 inches.

As well as, you will find 3 brush roll speed modes and Spin Scrub technology. Brush roll mode is used for three major operations. The first mode is used for heavy cleaning, the second is used for quick spill pick up and the third one for sensitive surfaces. For making this variant more efficient Hoover has used an auto shut down system that will automatically shut down the system if the tanks are empty or properly not attached.

This model is easy to carry from one place to another as compared to another giant cleaner. Its carrying handle makes carrying function easier that allows moving from one place to another with easy maneuver. The size of the power code is 35 feet long which is enough for any area.

Hoover makes this variant smart which becomes the cause of one big disadvantage. The size of the water tanks is not enough like other carpet cleaners. This disadvantage is paid for by its portability.

  • This is the only portable commercial unit in our guide.
  • The spill-up feature is very useful which makes it more advanced.
  • The automatic shutdown system ensures a long life for the cleaner.
  • Smaller tank sizes are not enough for large area cleaning.
  • Users have to sacrifice a lot of power due to its portability.

EDIC Galaxy Commercial Carpet Cleaning Extractor

Best Carpet Cleaner

A very strong and unique carpet cleaner on our list is EDIC Galaxy Commercial carpet cleaner. There are several advantages and disadvantages of this cleaner that we have recorded after checking on various places.

This commercial carpet clean contains 80 pounds of weight. EDIC powerful cleaner is mostly used for commercial purposes due to its extra power. EDIC Galaxy Commercial carpet cleaner contains 4 big wheels for easy moving on the surface.

The tank capacity of this cleaner is 12 gallons of solution and 11 gallons of recovery tanks. The extra tank capacity feature is not available on other commercial carpet cleaners. A very large area can be cleared with its single filling. You don’t need to refill or remove dirty water tanks from time to time.

Big Green has two electric motors that make it unique. EDIC has other power equipment like an external water heater that helps to clean the carpet deeply in less time. A very large hose is part of the EDIC carpet cleaner.

Extra tank capacity and other powerful features make it more expensive. But in the case of buying, you have taken the right decision because the warranty period of this unique commercial carpet cleaner is 5 years.

  • A very strong and powerful unit as compared to other cleaners.
  • EDIC is the best choice if you have to deal with a large area that is possible with its extra tank capacity.
  • For dealing with large areas you need an extra hose that is available in EDIC Cleaner.
  • In our review, this is one of the heaviest machines.
  • You will never find the heating extension with EDIC.

Oreck ORB550MC Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine

best commercial carpet steam cleaner

Oreck ORB550MC is slightly different from other commercial cleaners on our list. Oreck is specially designed for deep cleaning that possible with its dry cleaning function. Hardwood floors are easily cleaned with Oreck commercial cleaner. Hard stains and deep dirt can easily be loosened from the carpet surface.

Oreck ORB550MC contains 13 inches cleaning width that ensure you no more hard stain, dirt, and food grime remain on your carpet. You will find your carpet new after using Oreck. High-speed brushes rotate very fast on the carpet fiber bringing all dirt from the root and removing hard stains very easily.

  • For dealing maximum area Oreck contains a 50-foot long cord.
  • The weight of this commercial cleaner is less than 25 pounds.
  • Easy to store due to its convenient shape.
  • Extra tools are not available; order them separately if you need them.
  • In some cases, very hard stains remain on the carpet after cleaning with Oreck.

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3

best commercial carpet steam cleaner

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 is a very big name in the cleaning industry. This is a very strong and reliable machine that can fulfill the maximum cleaning requirements of carpet owners. Its advanced features and reliability allow many people to use this machine in their homes. This unit is designed for cleaning the carpets of high traffic areas.

Rug doctor includes heavy machines because this machine contains 50 pounds of weight. Its overall look is very strong and feels like your heavy machinery. The packing of the cleaner is very tight that contains two wheels for easy moving on all surfaces. For reaching harder places you can use its handy upholstery toll and 12-foot long hose. This portable feature of Rug Doctor is liked by many users.

It has enough cleaning path that is 10.8 inches. Rug Doctor has two water tanks, the solution tank capacity is 3 gallons, and the recovery tank capacity is 3.9 gallons that are enough for up to 150 square feet area.

For making your carpet cleaning more efficient and faster Rug Doctor introduced a three-step process spray, Scrub, and extract. A cleaning solution is available with this unit that is produced by Rug Doctor.

If you have pets at your home and your carpet contains pet stains then Rug Doctor takes extra power for removing pet stains and odors.

  • Older stains on the carpet can easily be handled by three steps spray, scrub, and extract.
  • Pet stains and odors are easy to remove using the Rug Doctor.
  • Anyhow this unit is heavy but it can easily pack tightly which is possible with its shape.
  • Rug Doctor takes more time for cleaning as compared to other competitor cleaners.
  • The water tanks are not easy to remove like other cleaners.

Buying Guide for professional carpet cleaners

We have explained the top commercial carpet cleaners above in detail now comes to the topic,  choosing top rated home carpet cleaner or commercial carpet cleaning machine is not easy without complete information.

In this guide, we will explain briefly every aspect of buying a carpet cleaner.

Before buying your cleaner just focuses on three points that are portability, power, and price of the cleaner. In the comparison of residential carpet cleaners and commercial carpet cleaners, you will find extra equipment and features in commercial carpet cleaners. On the other hand, extra equipment can be ordered separately if you need it. There are many other common and simple questions that we will clarify in this guide just follow the below section.

Carpet Cleaner Portability

The portability of the cleaner is necessary to focus on before buying any cleaner. Your total moving area, harder places, and storage space of cleaner that you can afford are depending on the carpet cleaner’s portability.

Before taking your final decision regarding buying a cleaner must ask yourself how much power you require of a cleaner. For example, if you buy any heavy-duty carpet cleaner like EDIC and your cleaning area is very small you can deal with any small machine. Be careful about the power of the machine

Some other important points that you should keep in your mind. If you want a portable machine feature then must notice you will get less cleaning power. Because portable machine contains small water tanks, that are enough for small areas. When you will try a portable cleaner for a large area you have to walk to the sink many times for refilling the water tank. This will take your more time and effort so please check your area and select the cleaner that gives you more sense.

For reaching harder places and cleaning upholsteries you need the cleaner that contain a long hose.

The Storage of Carpet Cleaner

Many people think storage is not a problem but on the other hand, this is a very big issue for those who have a short place for saving the cleaner. If you have a short place then you should buy portable models. Big and heavy machines are not for you if you don’t use a cleaner daily basis. Big machines are difficult to store and drag every day from one place to another. Try to buy a cleaning machine that has foldable parts because you can easily save them in small places.

Confirm the animal presence at your home.

You must notice the presence of animals at home or not, before buying a carpet cleaner. This is very important because all cleaners are not good for removing pet stains and odor perfectly. We recommend Bissell if you have pets at your premises. Using Bissell you can remove pet stains perfectly. Other commercial cleaners can also be used for deep cleaning to remove pet stains.

Animal stains are easy to remove if you don’t leave stains long time on the carpet. A commercial carpet cleaner is good for solving the pet stain problem. The regular presence of animals requires a good unit to remove their nasty smell and odor. These special units use professional solutions for removing the smell of animals. A carpet cleaner that has strong suction will help to remove the smell.

Using the strong suction power of carpet cleaner, animal wets can easily be removed from the roots of carpet fibers. Without a professional cleaning agent, all pet problems cannot be solved. Find the best cleaning solution according to your pet and use it with your cleaner. The right amount of solution and the right way of applying is also important for getting good results. It will be more effective if you buy a cleaner that has an automatic mixing function.

Customer Support and Warranty period of Carpet Cleaners

Warranty policy and support of any product secure your investment. All commercial carpet cleaner on our list is protected by manufacturing companies. Before buying any cleaner must ask for a warranty from different parts. Cleaners companies mostly offer a warranty on electric motors instead of all parts of the cleaners.

If you find any cleaner that offers the warranty of all parts you must give it preference but after checking it’s all features and operations.

Best way to find Additional information about industrial carpet cleaners.

In our guide, we have tried to cover all the answers to major questions. But something may miss in our reviews that can be easily studied by the commercial carpet cleaner’s official website.

All manufacturing companies have built a professional platform on their websites for solving customers’ problems. All manufacturing companies are regularly posted their content on social media and guide their customers professionally. Customers can learn the new operation of cleaners and ways of cleaning. A new question regarding the latest cleaner can be asked and satisfying answers are given by companies.

For example, Hoover makes different videos for learning purposes about better use of their product.

Business with Commercial Carpet Cleaners.

Personal Cleaning Business.

You can start your own business with commercial carpet cleaners. Above mentioned all cleaners are great and good for business purposes. Must buy extra tools with carpet cleaners that customers need to reach harder places. Before starting this business you should ask the question yourself, which type of customers you are going to deal with? Or what kind of cleaning your customers requires? If your customers need a cleaner for their office then massive and strong cleaners are best. Because massive cleaners can produce more power for better cleaning. Also, portability is not a problem for office use because enough space is available in the offices and big halls.

In the case of home-based customers, you need a cleaner with a portable facility. As well as you need helping tools along with cleaner and cleaning agents also. Sometimes long hose is necessary, so be careful regarding hose before taking buying decisions for home-based users.

Start Rental Service

Commercial carpet cleaners can be used for business. You can open your cleaning business and rent out your cleaner to fulfill the customers cleaning needs. According to our experience, you should buy a medium-sized carpet cleaner with full accessories. Medium size cleaners are easy to carry from one place to another and helping tools are used for cleaning harder places.

Try to select simple cleaning units for commercial use because you will experience many customers who are not familiar with the use of the cleaner. For making their cleaning operation simple and easy must buy a cleaner that has simple cleaning steps.  In this way, more customers will satisfy and your business will increase.

Wrap Up

We have explained top-quality commercial carpet cleaners and buying guides with all the necessary points that help you to buy a good carpet cleaner. Anyhow it is not easy to make decisions without knowledge. I hope our guide will help to buy a commercial cleaner for your home and office.

If you are ready to start your cleaning business or want to buy a carpet cleaner for your home and office, our best commercial carpet cleaner guide is helpful for you that contain a list of the best cleaners and other important points that are necessary to know before buying cleaner.

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