Here we are going to describe the best leaf vacuum mulcher. It is important first we understand what the best commercial leaf vacuum is. We will best consider those vacuum cleaners with a powerful motor around 400 CFM airflow at 120 MPH or more. This is the first feature that must be available in the vacuum cleaner. Next, if we go deep, it should contain the speed control variable, a switch that helps shift the vacuum cleaner mode from vacuum to leaf blowers. For the best vacuum, it should be easy to use and convenient. The simple person should be able to use and understand. A vacuum cleaner for leaves should be able to remove the leaf litter and lawn debris from the decided area.

The process should never consume more time; everything should be quick and perfect using the best commercial leaf vacuums.

A quality vacuum mulcher can work according to user expectations, like clearing the yard from leaves. You are right place if you don’t have an idea or want to search more regarding the best commercial leaf vacuums mulcher. You will find everything ready-made here. The list of best commercial leaf vacuum mulchers and buying guide.

Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum Mulcher List View

BLACK+DECKER BV3600 Best Leaf Vacuum Cleaner

best commercial leaf vacuum mulcher

Black Decker BV3600 is the first model we selected due to its dual-speed motor. The suction power of this machine is remarkable. Both mulching and blowing systems are equipped. We can say this is the best of all our outdoor cleaning tasks.

We can use the Black Decker BV3600 machine for different cleaning tasks, home or outdoor. It can work efficiently by its given features. The powerful integrated blower contains 180-230 mph airspeed. Consider high speed best for picking large particles.

When a high-power motor discusses, the noise comes to our mind. Black Decker motor produces 69 dBA; not a noisy machine. It is a corded machine, so the power cord tangling does not feel good. Vacuuming and blowing tubes are separate for better performance.

The cleaning job with the best commercial leaf vacuum mulcher becomes difficult when the machine’s weight is high. The weight of the Black Decker BV3600 is 8.1 pounds. The lightweight machine enables users to move around the house with easy picking and moving.

Apart from home, we can use it in the yard for clearing leaf and garden debris with its 230 mph speed. The disposal process is convenient because of its anti-log vortex dual-stage metal impeller that cuts down the leaves.

  • Blower and mulcher both are integrated.
  • Contain high power motor
  • It has a cord retainer
  • Shift from mulching mode to blowing difficult
  • The corded system is not the best as users expect

Worx WG512 3-in-1 Electric Vacuum

best commercial leaf vacuum mulcher

Worx is the name of quality, providing the best cleaning solution by producing awesome vacuum cleaners. WG512 3 in 1 is the next model we selected because of its awesome features and budget-friendly price. This machine started its journey in 2011 and brings changes in features and technology yearly.

This is the best blower, mulcher, and leaf vacuum cleaner available in its final shape. Users can easily shift their mode from blower to mulcher and mulcher to leaf vacuum. If we talk about its weight, it contains just 8.8 pounds. The impeller integrated metal that can mulch 16 bags into one mean 16:1 capacity.

We can adjust its speed by a selector according to the need. The debris bag of the machine is easy to release.

  • It is an affordable machine.
  • User friendly
  • Attractive design for the users
  • Award-winning product.
  • Maneuvering is not easy as expected.


Attractive and useful machine for getting powerful cleaning inside and outside the house. Worx WG512 is available at an affordable price. You can buy it if you still thinking about buying a new cleaning machine.

Billy Goat KV600 — Premium Push Behind Leaf Vacuum Mulcher



  • Brand: Billy Goat
  • Item Dimensions: LxWxH 62 x 26.75 x 42 inches
  • Power Source: ‎Gas-powered
  • Construction: Breathable hard bottom mesh turf bag with an integral dust cover loads from the bottom
  • debris bag Volume: 40 gal

Goat kv600 includes a top-quality cleaning product to fulfill user tasks like Leaf picking and other debris. Top line models are often pricy, but KV600 is available at an affordable price. The power of the machine allows getting rid of a huge quantity of leaves and debris. Best quality admires by thousands of users.

The size and design of the machine cover the cleaning area; the width of the machine is 27 inches mean we can cover the maximum area without too many turnbacks. The small-width machines create trouble when they start dealing with large areas.

 Leaves cut easily with its integrated well-honed razor-sharp blades; after cutting leaves, compress them as much as possible. The cutting and suction process have done inside the sturdy plastic blower tube.

What’s included:

  • Billy Goat KV600 Leaf Vacuum
  • 190 cc Briggs
  • Mesh Bag with dust skirt

  • Weight not low nor high between
  • It contains compact and portable features
  • The speed of the leaf vacuum is high due to the powerful motor
  • Resilient blades.
  • It is difficult to pull up the bag when it becomes full.

Sun Joe SBJ807E Leaf Vacuum Cleaner

best commercial leaf vacuum mulcher

Sun Joe SBJ807E Leaf Vacuum cleaner has strong wheels that help move the vacuum easily. It contains storage for extra-large Leaves; it can compress and cut the leaves at 16:1 ratios, which means strong cutting and compressing.

Awesome machine with remarkable features choice of those who want quality work. The manufacturer integrates the wheels for moving behind the user easily. The bag size is extra-large, 10.6 gallons; using this machine user can easily cover the long area without fear of refilling.

The mulcher’s quality can be considered by its cutting leaves capacity 16:1 ratio, a very good cut-down rate. Apart from its quality features, this model has a low ground clearance.

SBJ07E is equipped with a strong motor that can produce 1036 CFM suction power, which means the strong ability to pick leaves and much other debris with easy hands. The mouth size of the machine is 7.9 X5.5, which does not allow clogging. The flexible handle of the machine makes the carrying process so easy. We can save this machine in a short place just because of its fold-down feature. A durable and user-friendly machine best for long cleaning operation.

  • The bag size is a large 10.6 gallon.
  • High-power motor integrated
  • The wheel is equipped for dragging and moving
  • Less efficient as compared to another related leaf vacuum mulcher

Greenworks 40V 185 MPH Leaf Vacuum – Best Overall


GreenWorks 40V enrich the features that user expects with any leaf vacuum mulcher. The new technology motor brushless used inside. A Brushless motor has several advantages that old technology motor cannot do. The new way of the motor increases its efficiency and power compared to the motor that is available with brushes. Manufacturers give a battery inside so users who need more power just swap the battery. Using this feature, the user can easily complete its cleaning task without waiting.

The speed selector allows the user to control the speed according to the situation. It can blow up 185 mph and provide powerful suction as well. Some cheap models cannot pick the heavy leaves, which means wet leaves due to their less power. Greenworks 40V contains high power; using this power can suck the leaves that others left.

The weight of Green work 40V is not so high, just 11 pounds with this bag. The low-weight machine puts less pressure on your back and hand, easy to move and handle. The battery time depends on the task. When high power consumes, the battery spends only 20 minutes, while normal cleaning, can remain live with you for 40 to 50 minutes. According to our experience, the battery timing should increase, which will greatly impact the user. Overall the leaf vacuum mulcher quality and efficiency are good and provide better results than we want.

  • The speed controller is given
  • The motor type is brushless
  • Include in lightweight leaf vacuum mulcher
  • Battery included
  • The battery timing should increase by providing a powerful battery

Remington RM2BV Gas Leaf Blower

best blower machine

Remington RM2BV is another powerful vacuum mulcher on our list. It is a gas-powered leaf vacuum.

We can use it as a blower and leaf vacuum cleaner according to our needs. Gas commercial leaf vacuums powerful engine 27cc integrated inside that can produce airflow of 205MPH. The throw of air is 450 cubic feet per minute. A high-speed blowing air can easily shift large debris.

Quick start technology enables a machine to take a quick and easy start with its spring-assisted coil. Apart from this, it can cut the leaves in 10:1 ratios, considered a good and efficient figure that reduces the emptying process. The steam adjuster makes the process easy user can adjust the steam accordingly. Press the trigger to get minimum and maximum airflow.

  • The translucent fuel tank system
  • The handle of the machine is comfortable
  • Included two-cycle oil
  • Lightweight machine for easy move and pick
  • Output nozzle
  • A leaf vacuum bag should be more powerful.


Overall affordable and easy-to-use powerful leaf blower and leaf vacuum cleaner. Suitable machine for working inside the gardens and yard. You can buy it if you still lack a vacuum mulcher.

Patriot CBV-2455H Honda Gas-Powered Vacuum — Powerful Lawn Leaf Vacuum Mulcher

Best Vacuum Mulcher


  • Power Source: Gas Powered
  • Engine: 5.5 hp Honda GX
  • Suitable for: Twigs and small branches
  • Wheel size: 10-inch
  • Construction: Flip the lever to turn the lawn vacuums into a powerful leaf blower

Patriot CBV is the best fit for those who want a small and portable leaf vacuum mulcher. A small machine makes small area covering possible because of its compact and smaller size. Sling stones and short twigs grind down easily with their power utility. We can shift vacuum mode from vacuum to blower by a button available on its handle.

Dampness and corrosion resistance is possible with its stainless steel frame. Another feature is the spacious sack that is made with hard fabrics. So the bag of the machine is durable and does not leak and ruin.

 What’s included:

Patriot Products CBV-2455H 24-Inch Honda Gas Powered Walk Behind 3-In-1 Leaf

  • vacuum mode shift button on its handle
  • Strong holder for clipping the bag
  • The consumption of gas is not high
  • Firm composition.
  • Regular cleaning of the blade is necessary.

Makita XBU04PTV Leaf Vacuum Cleaner


Makita XBU04PTV leaf vacuum cleaner is a cordless machine. Blowing and vacuuming are both features of this machine remarkable. The cordless operation of the machine depends on a need, easy-to-rechargeable, and replaceable battery.

A strong machine Makita XBU04PTV is the best fit for those who want a cordless cleaning unit. We can use it as a blower and leaf vacuum cleaner just by shifting its vacuum mode using a switch. The operation of the machine is user-friendly and easy to use. One available battery option depends on the user’s choice: 3.0 Amp or 5.0 Amp; anyone can be selected according to the choice. The full charge battery can spend 30 to 40 minutes, which is good for handling small areas.

The cruise control function and intuitive fingertip control help the user to get desired pressure according to surface cleaning needs. Matika XBU04PTV can be frequently used because of its heavy-duty chassis and premium material. The machine’s suction power is 473 CFM, and the air blowing pressure is 120 mph, which is considered strong for getting the desired cleaning. The mulching feature of the machine cuts down the leaves 10:1 ratio means 10 bags of the fallen leaves convert into one bag.

  • Fast charging feature is given
  • The design of the machine is outstanding
  • Both mulching and blowing operations are beyond the user’s expectations.
  • Covering long area require frequent recharging.

Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum


Tro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower leaf Vacuum can be your choice if you like strong corded leaf vacuums. We cannot compare corded leaf vacuums with cordless machines. Both options are equipped, with wired and spare batteries. Any cleaning task can handle with this machine using both features. If we talk about its blowing capacity, that is 250 mph. Enough power to blow the Leaf inside the yard and garden. Extra nozzle kits make cleaning easier than moving back and forth without moving the wrist. Using this feature, we can cover more areas with less effort.

Like another leaf vacuum mulcher, the shredder blade is the part of the machine that is short work of any kind of Leaf. Apart from mulching and blowing air, it works as a good leaf vacuum cleaner. Best way to clean the yard and garden with easy hands.

The downside of the machine is its nozzle shape. Not fit for blowing the small fallen leaves in tall grass. There is no kind of problem with the vacuuming system.

Overall powerful machine for blowing and vacuuming. It can be used without fear of any kind of difficulty instead we have described.

  • High-speed machine
  • Corded model
  • It contains the oscillating nozzle.
  • It can shred all shredders.
  • Small fallen leaves are not easy like big leaves.

Echo 2-Cycle Gas Leaf Blower Vacuum


Echo 2-cycle Gas leaf Blower Vacuum cleaner can make your life easy. A quality machine that can use inside and outside of the house as a blower and vacuum cleaner. Users can use its blower feature to clear the garden and yard debris.

Echo 2 Cycle leaf vacuum mulcher contains the 25.4 ccs two-stroke engine. If we talk about its airflow, it is 391 CFM that can reach up to 165 MPH. At the same time, Echo 2 cycle is a good leaf vacuum cleaner. The waste disposal system becomes easy with its built-in rear zipper and two-bushel collection bag.

The trigger in the user’s hand gives control by pressing. According to the debris situation, the user can trigger, and long suction tube ensure the pickup debris efficiency. The leaf vacuum mulcher’s weight is a bit higher than the other, 12.6 pounds.

  • Bag attachment is easy.
  • Included anti-vibration system
  • Fuel tank translucent
  • The bag size does not satisfy all users.


The echo is a powerful outdoor cleaning device. The motor’s power and other features make the machine good for clearing the yard and garden from Leaf and debris. Some qualities are not acceptable to the users of this machine, but the price point of view puts the user’s attention on this machine. If you need a budget control machine, you can buy this.

 Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum / Lawn Vacuum—Buying Guide

Like other products, commercial leaf vacuum cleaners are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Sometimes it is difficult to select the best product from all available products. So for the ease of the user, there are some important factors that users should consider before buying a commercial leaf vacuum cleaner.

Handheld Leaf Vacuums

When we talk about a handheld leaf vacuum, they are small in size and can clear the smaller yard. We can carry handheld leaf vacuum easily due to the handheld feature. Both types were corded electric leaf vacuums and cordless vacuums available. Mulching the leaves, these machines contain the leaf vacuum bag.

Backpack Leaf Vacuums

The other type of leaf vacuum cleaner is a backpack; as its name shows, we can wear it like a backpack. Easy to use, the weight is distributed on the shoulder and back instead of the hand. These machines contain a big bag for holding more leaves than handheld machines.

Electric Commercial Best Leaf Vacuums

A lightweight and quieter machine start working by the plug-in power outlet. We cannot compare their capacity with the machines that come gas-powered. Gas-powered leaf vacuums consider heavy and bulky use for taking strong actions. On the other hand, corded machines are smaller and quieter and require less maintenance.

The problem faces by these machines is difficulty in reaching a power outlet. Some models from them contain the leaf bag used for picking the debris off the lawn. It is also noticed oscillating nozzle is given with some models that make the moving process easier.

Gas Power Leaf Blowers and Best leaf vacuums

Gas power leaf blower vacuum mulcher contains high power easily blow the leaves compared to other models. The vacuuming capacity is the same as blowing suck wet and dry leaves. Professional select gas power leaf blowers and best leaf vacuums for completing their cleaning jobs.

The main reason for extra power is the usage of gasoline and we know gasoline contains extra power instead of any other power source. The gasoline tools require mintiness that some users don’t like. Without proper maintenance, we cannot use them for a long time.

Cordless Leaf Blower vacuum mulcher and Vacuum Models

Cordless models are quiet, with lightweight features available. They usually contain the speed controller that can be set according to the situation. Some cordless brands offer batteries with the machine to ease users. Apart from this separate battery can be purchased and charged.

The standard battery pack can be used mostly used for other tools. You don’t need to buy a battery if you have a battery at home for any other tool. Cordless models are used to overcome the small area unsuitable for the large area because of the battery’s short time. A spare battery can swap with the old one to continue the work.

Commercial Leaf Blower Combos

3 In 1 machine capability of vacuuming, blowing, and mulching. In other words, one machine work as three machines. Combo machines cut costs; you don’t need to buy other machines separately if you have a combo.

Combo contains two separate tubes, one for blowing air and the second for vacuuming, and the mulching feature inside. The machine user can easily switch blowing mode to vacuuming mode using the switch available on the handle.

What Are Commercial Leaf Vacuums?

Commercial leaf vacuum cleaners are designed for outdoor purposes. Mostly used in the garden for clearing the leaves from the area and mulching shredded leaves. Both vacuuming and blowing features are integrated. Some machines are 3 in 1 means mulching, vacuuming, and blowing. So commercial vacuum cleaners use for sucking and condensing huge volumes of leaves. Users can use these machines for clearing the garden and yard on seasonal occasions.

The features enrich most probably 12 amp powerful motors, a heavy-duty power cord that can bear the load 120v /220 v. apart from power corded machine some model runs on gasoline use for long areas but not legal in all areas. Cordless battery-powered leaf vacuums are widely used for covering a small area.

Commercial Leaf Vacuums vs Other Types of Vacuum Cleaners?

Commercial leaf vacuums are designed for outdoor working. These machines use for clearing the garden and yard. Sometimes users use a vacuum, and others try leaf blowers and mulchers. The combo machines contain all properties of vacuuming, blowing, and mulching commonly used in gardens and yards by professionals. Leaf vacuums contain gas engines and electric motors.

Traditional or normal vacuum cleaners contain air pumps that use for suction. Normal vac contains suction and blowing both modes sometimes not in all brand this feature available like a shop vac. Commercial leaf vacuum can also deal with wet and dry debris.

The blowing air of commercial vacuum cleaners generally rated the volume of air movement in CFM. the blowing air velocity of commercial leaf blowers is higher than a normal vacuum cleaner. The airflow noted of a powerful commercial leaf blower is 650 cubic feet per minute.

In other features of commercial leaf blower, dual-stage metal impeller and mulching function included. They also contain separate leaf blowers tubes and vacuum tubes for performing better. These features make the more powerful than normal vacuum cleaners. If the user wants lightweight machines, they are also available in the shape of handheld leaf vacuums and backpack types.

How to Choose a Commercial Leaf Vacuum

The right selection of products can fulfill your requirement. The important factors must be known before buying a commercial leaf vacuum. First of all, consider the area where you want to use the machine. A second important factor is the volume of Leaf you want to dispose of or compress by mulcher.

Analyze which type of Leaf you will pick from the yard or garden, wet or dry. Check the machine’s noise; it should produce noise that you can bear. The last option is energy-consuming, whether the gas-operated machine allows in your area or not, and an electric supply machine requires a power outlet near the operation area.

 How to Use a Lawn Leaf Mulcher Correctly?

Simply put, it is not difficult to use a leaf mulcher that users can set up without any guide. Anyhow some dos and don’ts must follow.

What to Do

  • Pay attention when shifting mode from one function to another mean blowing to vacuuming; give some time for a machine to take action. Otherwise, the tube is clogged if you don’t need time to gear re-adjustment.
  • Cleaning the saw-edges blades of the gas machine must ensure the fuel tank is empty to avoid any serious condition. It is a very important and necessary point that you must follow to keep yourself safe.
  • Don’t wait until the bag is full, and you will dump it out. Overloading the bag can damage the clips that hold the bag. Apart from the damage, it is difficult to handle the full bag. The lawn leaf shredder works like a charm
  • Before starting the engine, ensure the gas compartment cap is tight enough. These precautions are necessary to follow to keep users on the safe side.
  • After finishing the work in the yard and garden, clean the leaf mulcher.

What Not to Do


Should I get a commercial leaf blower or vacuum?

It depends on your need and which machine you want. We recommend a combination of both. Several models available in the market provide both machines mean combo; some provide 3 in 1 blower, vacuum, and mulcher.

On another hand, if you think you don’t need other machines or you have already these machines, then buy a single machine.

A single machine can perform better; their focus ratio is high compared to combo machines. It is noticed blower, and a vacuum cleaner is required simultaneously to clear the surface. So decide for yourself if you have already a separate machine, then buy any single machine; otherwise, go for a combo vacuum and blower.

If you are worried about the information regarding these machines, you can follow our list and buying guide to get adequate information regarding the best vacuum and blower.

 What is the lightest garden vacuum?

There are several lightest vacuum cleaners available on our list. We have to introduce Black Decker, which contains a 6.5-pound weight. It includes the lightest leaf vacuum cleaners.

Measuring the leaf vacuum weight carefully because weight depends on the usage mean vac or blower contain different weight measurements. Most probably, the leaf vacuum is heavier.

Will a leaf vacuum pick up rocks?

Rocks picking is not possible by leaf vacuum. Some powerful machines pick up small stones and gravel, but that is not good practice.

Picking stones, rock, and gravel is not recommended during working in the yard and garden. Avoid doing this job; otherwise, the machine will stop working, and you will lose your money.

Can I vacuum my artificial grass?

Artificial grass is widely used for comfort and easy maintenance compared to original grass. The process of cleaning artificial grass is tricky.

Tricky means you often see artificial grass lose its filling because of improper use. So proper use is necessary for keeping the original shape of artificial grass.

Using a vacuum on artificial grass is not the best idea; as you know, a vacuum sucks up everything; it will suck and put it inside the bag.

Now a question arises what the way of cleaning artificial grass is? Use a blower instead of vacuuming. Don’t increase the speed of the blower to get everything in the right position. The best and safest way of cleaning with hand if you don’t want to lose artificial grass.

Can I use a leaf vacuum to pick up leaves from my gravel?

The process of picking leaves from gravel can be dangerous. Sometimes it depends on the size of the stones and the ability of the vacuum mulcher.

If you want to do it first, try this as a trial analysis machine suck the leaves only or gravel plus leaves.

We don’t recommend you do this practice because stones are different sizes machines will suck and ruin, so avoid using machines on gravel for picking the leaves.

Do leaf vacuums work on wet leaves?

It depends on the vacuum cleaner. Because wet leaves contain weight as compared to dry leaves. Blowing wet leaves is not an easy deal; they require a powerful motor.

Powerful motor integrated into gasoline machine if your requirement wet dry leaves then buy gasoline machine. Anyhow wet leaves clog the bag and create difficulty for the machine.

In garden maintenance, a wet leaf is a difficult part. To overcome this problem, professionals suggest using the mulching feature. Before starting the vacuuming process, break the leaves as much as possible. Repeat the process if you are not satisfied with getting better results.

Important note: wet leaves mean wet, not soaked, or highly wet leaves. If the leaves are fully wet and soaked, don’t attempt with any power multiple tools; just wait until it is a little dry; otherwise, your gardening tool will damage.

Will a leaf vacuum pick up pine needles?

A quality vacuum cleaner can pick the pine needles. It will be better for you to check the manufacturer guideline and manual to get exact information regarding

The powerful motors pick pine needles and related other items easily. The cheap quality machine clogs and gives them out.

Do I need to use safety gear with a leaf vacuum?

Garden tools are not dangerous anyhow; we recommend using precaution while using the leaf vacuum to avoid serious problems.

  • Avoid using open-toed shoes or sandals
  • Cover your arms and legs
  • Don’t forget to wear eye protection
  • Buy good quality gardening gloves to wear when you start cleaning
  • Gloves provide better grip along with protection.
  • Wearing every described thing feel you better when covering the long area
  • In case you are using a gasoline machine must use ear protection
  • Ear protection keeps you safe from any serious injury

Top Commercial Leaf Vacuum Mulchers: Final Thoughts

We hope after reading this useful article, you will understand which one is the best commercial leaf vacuum mulcher. Apart from buying guide, we have provided a list of the best vacuum mulcher for the ease of the user. Describe each vacuum cleaner’s features, pros, and cons for better understanding. Now, this is the user task select anyone from the list that gives him better sense. Our comment box is open for you if you have any queries regarding the best commercial leaf vacuum mulcher.

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