Pet lovers know how the pet looks beautiful at home. Pet owners have to face pet stains and odor as well. In the case of a dog or cat at home, regular urine and pet messes are no stranger. Not only urine or pet messes, but a regular mud also becomes casual.

In this guide, you will come to know the best pet stain carpet cleaner that we have used and got the results. After reading a complete review you will come to know which one is the best pet stain remover. Each remover has its own advantages and disadvantages that we record after testing all removers. The careful reading of our review can give you the best pet stain carpet cleaner. No stain of pets and messes will remain more at your home with the use of the selected cleaner.

Top 5 Best Pet Stain Carpet Cleaner

Save Your Pets From Chemicals

The cheap cleaner contains dangerous chemicals that can harm animals. Animals have to walk on the floor and dangerous chemicals destroy the paws of pets. Pet lick the jaws in the routine that can cause serious problems. All Cleaners leave some cleaning solution on the surface and if the cleaning solution has harmful chemicals then your pet can not safe. luckily some cleaners are available in the market their residue is not harmful to animals.

  • Bleach or any other chlorinated cleaner
  • Ammonia
  • Formaldehyde
  • Glycol ethers

A number of cleaning products are used at home for cleaning different stuff. The use of toxic chemicals in these cleaners make unsafe your children and pets. Be careful with the vapors of chemicals and residue both. Before starting cleaning using cleaning solutions just vacate the animals from that area.

Protection is not only necessary for the animals; you also have to protect yourself with cleaning solution. Any dangerous chemicals can affect you and your animals if you are not protecting them. Our suggestion you should avoid using harmful cleaners especially if you have pets in your home.

Before buying any cleaning solution you just read the label carefully and come to know your selected cleaner is harmful or not. Make your habit, keep these cleaner at places where pets cannot reach and when the cleaner is not in use it must be sealed well.


Sometimes it is mentioned on the cleaning solution packing, this is pet specific. It’s not guaranteed pet-specific cleaner will never harm your pets. Must read the label and confirm the chemicals.

How to Pick the Best Pet Stain Carpet Cleaner

There are some necessary points to ensure that you are going to select the best pet stain carpet cleaner for your home or not.

Type of Surfaces (Hard or Soft )

The surface of the home means the type of the floor made of? Apart from the home floor, you have to confirm which area is mostly affected by pet stains. This is because some cleaning solutions work better on carpets and others are useful for furniture and tiles.

Cleaning solution which has foaming action are best for carpet and rugs. These formulae will perform less in hard places. For getting better results on hard areas citrus-solvent based formulas are best.

Enzymatic vs. Solvent Based

Enzymatic is good for the best cleaning. Enzymatic cleaners are best for removing the stains and odor in safe mode. Also, these cleaners are easy to use. After applying these cleaners on the stains, bacteria break down very fast. Stains and Odor never remain after using enzymatic cleaners.

It becomes a serious matter when the stain remains for a long time. They are difficult to remove also cause the odor which is really disgusting. Enzymatic cleaners are produced sometimes with harsh chemicals. These chemicals give you good cleaning but dangerous for pets. Before buying this type of cleaner you have to close the look of harsh chemicals on the label. In case of use, you must clean the remaining of these cleaner carefully that safe you and your pets.

The Best Pet Stain Carpet Cleaner Reviews

If you are not ready to explore the best pet stain remover in the market that meat all-important points then you just follow here, after checking all cleaner we are going to describe five best pet stain removers in this review.

It is recommended to check carefully before buying any cleaning.

Best Overall Carpet Stain Remover

1#Lambert Kay Fresh ‘N Clean Oxy-Strength Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator, 1-Gallon

best pet stain carpet cleaner
best pet stain carpet cleaner

You will find the result when this solution will reach the carpet surface. You are buying a low cast remover that has professional-grade and top value in the market.

Stain and odor are removed from roots with its foaming and solvent-based action. A result comes in a short time or you can say this is result oriented product. It is more perfect to remove the stain but has low efficiency in case of odors.

Cleaners that have foaming action not work better on hard surfaces, this cleaner works on all kinds of surfaces because of this remover solvent-based formula along with foaming action. The result will be efficient on tiles and linoleum. Hard and soft both surface is easy to clean with this cleaner. It does not contain harsh chemicals so your pets are safe. You will find this cleaning solution great for removing stains.


Oxy-Strength Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator Are best for those who want a strong and professional cleaner. You can make your home super clean with this fantastic cleaner.

best carpet cleaning solution

Best Multi-Surface Pet Stain Remover

Nature’s Miracle Advanced Stain and Odor Eliminator Dog, For Severe Dog Messes, Sunny Lemon Scent – P-96987

best pet stain carpet cleaner
Best Carpet Cleaner

Nature Miracle is well known due to its strong performance. This cleaner is the alternative of many costly cleaners.  Like other professional-grade cleaners, it also works on all types of surfaces instead of hardwood.

This cleaner is also included in the list of enzymatic cleaners. After applying this cleaner on the carpet the solution starts working and killing process start of odors and stains that are deeply available on the specific affected area.

Apart from other features, this is the surface friendly cleaner means it can be used on all surfaces, be careful before using it on fabrics. It is not harmful to all types of fabrics but natural fibers can mind with this cleaner. Odors and stains can be removed from all kinds of surfaces using Nature Miracle cleaning solution permanently.


Nature Miracle can be the best cleaning product for those who have multiple surfaces at home. A better and great result can get from Nature Miracle.

best carpet cleaning solution

Best Odor Eliminator

Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator for Dog and Cat Urine, Makes 1 Gallon of Solution for Carpet, Furniture, and Floor Stains

best pet stain carpet cleaner
best pet stain carpet cleaner

Angry Orange is a professional-level odor removal agent. You will find an “Angry Orange” outstanding product for removing odors. It will never give you good results for removing stains like Odor. For removing masses you have to buy other best stain remover.

Angry Orange is capable to use it on all kinds of surfaces. Anyhow try to avoid the use of cleaner on the hardwood. Angry Orange is not only for home, but you can also use it at a garden for removing, where odors in quantity. This is non- toxic cleaner that means your pets are safe. A very small packing gives you a result where one gallon cannot perform well regarding cleaning and removing odors.


We have found Angry Orange is the best pet odor remover. Keep in mind if you are finding a cleaner that removes stains and odor both then Angry Orange is not for you. You have to buy another cleaner for removing stains.

best carpet cleaning solution

Best Enzymatic Pet Stain Remover

Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator – Enzyme-Powered Pet Odor & Stain Remover for Dog and Cats Urine (1 Gallon)

best pet stain carpet cleaner
best pet stain carpet cleaner

If you don’t care about cheap products and want something professional that removes stain and odor both. Rocco & Roxie will clean your home from stains and Odors both.

A very short time is required to remove stains and odor from the surface. Rocco & Roxie is available in big packing that helps when you have to clean a large area.

This cleaner is extra powerful for newborn stain and odor. If you will use the cleaner without confirming the condition of stain and odor, your cleaning amount will use extra. First, judge the condition and then apply the cleaning solution according to the needy amount. A very worst and disgusting condition is handled by Rocco & Roxie due to its professional performance. In the case of a very strong cat hoarder home, you can use Rocco & Roxie with Angry Orange. The combination of both cleaners will never remain any single stain and odor as well.


Rocco & Roxie is a well-known cleaning solution. It does not care about any kind of stain and odor. Stain and odors are deal in a very short time with Rocco & Roxie.

best carpet cleaning solution

Best Budget Pet Stain Remover

Simple Solution Pet Stain and Odor Remover | Enzymatic Cleaner with 2X Pro-Bacteria Cleaning Power | 32 Ounces

best pet stain carpet cleaner
best pet stain carpet cleaner

Many well-known and best cleaner has discussed above. Simple solution pet stain is best of bests, also best budget pet stain remover that works like a costly and top-rated cleaners

The simple solution is best in a scenario if you have one or two cats, or one dog then you don’t need to run for costly cleaner. Come to a “simple solution bottle” and handle the masses of your pets. A simple solution is not useful for the worst conditions or large areas.

A simple solution is available in spray, foaming, and mist. Select any one as per your need. Small cases can be handled very easily with this cleaner. In the case of the worst and more disgusting condition does not select this simple solution for cleaning. In simple words, the use of simple solution cleaner is only for small areas.


This cleaner is the best fit for those who want casual cleaning of stains and odor. Simple Solution has not the capability to work in large areas or handle huge odor and stains.

best carpet cleaning solution

Train Your Dog:

Cats are easy to handle and train as compared to dogs. Dogs take more time and investment. Long-time require to train dogs regarding making messes at home.

If you are facing difficulty regarding training the dogs just follow this.

  • Just change the routine of your puppy. Start providing them for eating and drinking. After every hour you bring them outside at the same place that will help to understand about the bathroom.
  • Try to force your dog in a positive way to give him sense, when you take your dog outside for the bathroom. Repeat the same number of time for better understanding.
  • Try to avoid negative reinforcement. If you find your dog at home doing bathroom just keep him out and interrupt him. During the training of the dog use pad.
  • Keep your pet stain and remover near to the area and use it regularly.

Cleaning Solution Should be Available.

If you have pets or you are pet lovers, need a solution every time for stains and odors.

Pets at home mean you have to clean the masses that can be tiresome but cleaning cannot be neglect anytime. Messes can also happen when pets having accidents with each other. You should know the solution to all the problems that you face regarding pet stains and odors.

When to Use Commercial Products

A number of commercial products available on the market that is ready to use. Just buy and start cleaning. If you think the situation can be handled with the commercial product just bring and start working with it. A commercial product becomes a need in only one condition. When the house was not cleaned a long time or house was close the previous many days. A disgusting odor and several messes will urge you to bring strong products for making your home super clean.

Be careful before paying a cleaner because the cheap cleaner will never work well. Hard stains and odors can only be removed with a professional and strong cleaner. Bring any well-reputed cleaner for removing stains and odor as well. If you don’t want the worst condition then clean messes as soon as possible without any delay. Handling of messes can become easier if you deal with the messes on time.

Dealing with messes is necessary that is not possible without any commercial cleaner. Buying on spot is difficult when messes happen. This problem can be handled by some homemade solutions instead of commercial products.

Homemade Cleaning Products

A homemade solution for cleaning is a good decision if you find messes and there is no commercial product available at home. You can deal mess with a homemade cleaner. Many experiments proved baking soda and vinegar is the best cleaner. Bring one cup of warm water and put vinegar and baking soda in 8:1 ration. Place this solution on the surface for removing stains.

After applying this combination wait 10-15 minutes according to the situation of stains. Scrub the place and get out everything. Take the absorbent towel and remove the solution from all angles. The combination of vinegar and soda make carpet crusty. This is a very cheap and simple way of cleaning the carpet using home ingredients without buying any commercial product from the market.

For getting better results that you require when you need cleaning of tile and white carpet. Make the combination of baking soda to 2% hydrogen peroxide also add some dish detergent in this combination. Baking soda removes the stains better and hydrogen peroxide is used to remove the odor. Be careful in case of handling colored carpets.  This homemade solution can harm your carpet. Even some professional commercial cleaner don’t care.

Stains and Odors No More

In the presence of any quality pet stain remover at your home, stains and odors will become a story of past.

The very important and key of the full review is, you have to select the remover that understands your stain quality and quantity surface means a type of floor where stains appear. After buying any right pet stain remover at your home, now the handling of stain and messes become easy.

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