What is the Best Robot Vacuum for High Pile Carpet in 2021?

If you are finding the robot vacuum that performs best then you are at the right place. We have arranged the top valued best robot vacuum models of 2020. These best robot vacuums belong to the best-cleaning family-like Roomba, Roborock, and EUFY. Roomba is well known and high-quality robot vacuum brand but Roborock is the new brand. EFUY can give you budget controlled robots.

We will describe all the features of robots and their technology. Follow the below guide for complete detail of the robot vacuum.

Best Robot Vacuum For High Pile Carpet

Best Robot Vacuum For High Pile Carpet Reviews

1. EUFY BoostIQ RoboVac 11S MAX, Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Super-Thin

Best Affordable Robot Vacuum For Carpets

best robot vacuum for thick carpet
best robot vacuum for thick carpet

EUFY produces the budget robot vacuums that are affordable or easy to buy. Robovac 11s Max is the product of EUFY and an updated version of Robovac 11s. This model contains more power as compared to the previous one. The price of this model is low. You don’t need to find any other low budget robot vacuum. Robovac 11s Max can satisfy your pocket. The design is the same as the previous model. It is a very beautiful and attractive model. The size is only 2.85 inches thin. A large wheel of this robot vacuum allows moving easily without stuck on a high pile carpet.

Some robots are not good for high pile carpet due to lack of several advanced features. This model will help you to work on high pile carpets, rugs, and flokati. Floors to carpet and carpet to floor every surface will clean with Robovac 11s Max. A vital part of any vacuum for cleaning is its suction power and EUFY has enough suction power. Suction power in the previous model was less, now Robovac 11s Max has the 2000Pa. you can get the deep cleaning with this model.

Suction Power and Runtime

The efficiency of the robots depends on suction power and run time. 11s Max has an impressive runtime that is 100 minutes on bare floods and 40 minutes recorded on the carpets. The latest robot vacuum cleaner contains two major features that are recharge and resume the cleaning. 11s Max recharges automatically but the resumes cleaning feature is not available in this model. Robovac 11s Max is more convenient and advanced as compared to its previous model.

This model is controlled by a remote control that is given with the robot vacuum. Control by remote is an advance feature; anyhow users have to bear some other features due to the low budget.

best robot cleaner

2. EUFY BoostIQ RoboVac 15C MAX, Wi-Fi Connected, Super-Thin

Best EUFY Robot Vacuum For Carpets

best robot vacuum for high pile carpet
best robot vacuum for high pile carpet

The Robovac 15c Max is one another quality product of EUFY.15c Max is the upgraded version of 15c. EUFY enables the smart connectivity in this robot vacuum that was not available in 11s Max.

Robovac 15c Max is the best fit for those who have a small budget and don’t want to spend more. 15c Max is connected via Wi-Fi with your app also Alexa compatibility available. Robovac 15c Max contains advanced features at affordable prices. And best for cleaning of your loved carpets.

All features of EUFY 15c is available in 15c Max. The three-stage cleaning system are also similar in both models, 15c Max has an advanced feature that is cleaning of high pile carpet. Cleaning of high pile carpet was not possible with 15c. The suction power is high like EUFY 11s Max that is 2000Pa. extra power is activated by BoostIQ.


In the low budget, EUFY tries to cover many advanced features but still needs some more advancement especially in the mapping feature. The robot vacuum left many spots that happen with low performance of mapping features.

Anyhow 15c Max is the best device and fulfills all basic requirements of customers regarding cleaning. Its runtime is admirable that is 100 minutes on the normal surface and 40 minutes with the BoostIQ feature. You can treat your low, medium, and high pile carpet perfectly with Robovac 15cMax.

best robot cleaner

3. iRobot Roomba S9 (9150) Robot Vacuum- Wi-Fi Connected, Smart Mapping, Powerful Suction.

Best All-Round Vacuum For Carpets

best robot vacuum for high pile carpet
best robot vacuum for high pile carpet

Roomba is a well-known brand for producing quality robot vacuum. The S9/S9+ is the high-quality top-rated models of Roomba. S9 is the latest and advance equipped feature robot that has crossed the graph of iRoboti7. You will find everything the latest and advance in s9. This is the robot that you are finding for getting perfect cleaning.

We can declare any model best or good when it definitely contains a powerful suction motor that is necessary for a good cleaning. The suction power of this model is 2200Ps. With this power, we can get the cleaning of low and high pile carpet easily. 2200Pa is enough suction power that is not available in previous models like i7 contain 1000Pa and Roomba980 has 1670Pa.

Every day new technologies come into the market for the easiness of the user. CleanBase technology is newly added in robot vacuums and firstly introduced by the i7 robot. Afterward, S9 adopt this. The clean base feature automatically empties the bin of vacuum. You can make your life easier if your robot has a CleanBase feature or you have an S9 robot vacuum. For cleaning carpet, the brush roll is specially designed in this model. The brush roll feature is not more advance from Roomba because Roomba 9550 and 9150 has the dual brush roll system. This amazing system cleans the carpet by the dual brush roll, one roll agitate the dirt, and the second roll picks up the dirt from the surface.

The advanced mapping system of the S9 robot vacuum is admirable. A smart mapping system allows the user to select the area that they want to vacuum. According to need and situation, the area can be selected for vacuum and skip the area that you don’t want to include in the cleaning surface that possible just because of the advanced mapping system. The Roomba S9 can become your choice if you want an advanced robot vacuum that can clean carpet with dirt and pet hairs.


If the price is not a matter then S9 is the best and advanced machine. S9 is not suitable for those who have a low budget.

best robot cleaner

4. Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum and Mop, Smart Navigating Robotic Vacuum Cleaner 

best robot vacuum for high pile carpet
best robot vacuum for high pile carpet

Roborock is producing a different variant of the vacuum cleaner. A well knows and best model of Roborock is S50/51/52. The low pocket burden with the advanced feature, S5 Max is the best choice. Like other Max robot vacuum, Roborock s5 Max is the upgraded version with extra motor power and runtime.

Your selection is accurate if you are finding the cleaner that can clean a big area that has valued high pile thick carpet. The best robot vacuum is the other name of the strong suction power of a robot vacuum with other advanced features. The S5 robot vacuum includes in the list of advanced robot vacuum because the suction power is 2000Pa. high pile carpet can easily treat with an S5 vacuum. It is also necessary for a robot vacuum to contain an anti-tangle brush roll to work on high pile rugs. Simple vacuum contains Bristles that damage the surface of the carpet

No-mop and no go zone one another advance feature that makes S5 more advanced and user-friendly. This super advanced feature was not available in previous models.


Roborock S5 Max is the valued selection that can make your carpet super clean with easy use. But a deep study on vacuum says mapping system needs more advancement because the latest robot vacuum contains the VSLAM navigation system.

best robot cleaner

5. Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum, Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, and Mop with Adaptive Routing, Selective Room Cleaning

best robot vacuum for high pile carpet
best robot vacuum for high pile carpet

Roborock has discussed in the detail above-mentioned model. Here we have listed another model of Roborock that is S6. The look and feel of this model is like an S5 variant.  There are some advanced features available in an S6 robot vacuum. If you are stuck between the selection of both S5 and S6 models you can check the comparison of Roborock S5 and S6.

Each new machine comes with some new feature that is the sign of the latest and upgrading of technology. S6 model has an advanced feature that is an intelligent carpet ID. Using this feature robot automatically detects the surface of the carpet and activates the turbo mode. Because carpet needs extra suction power for cleaning as compared to the simple floor.

The two main vital parts of every robot are suction power and runtime. If we talk about runtime, the S6 model has left all other latest robot vacuum. It has a powerful battery that helps to run for cleaning around 180 minutes in Eco mode. A big battery means your robot vacuum will run more as compared to a robot that has a cheap or low power battery. Smart LDS navigation is installed in S6 for making it more advance with an extra 14 types of sensors. A quality mapping is possible with this new feature that ensures s6 is an advance robot cleaner for high pile carpets.

Spot cleaning is also possible with S6 that is the quick way of specific area cleaning. This feature includes S6 in the list of i7 and S9 that are super advanced robot vacuum.

best robot cleaner

Buyer’s Guide

Main aspects of this guide to update the user about all important aspects that they should know before buying a robot vacuum. Some Important points that urge you to buy the robot vacuum for cleaning. The robot vacuum is purchased because robots are specially designed for one specific purpose (cleaning) so we have the grantee of perfect working.

This is the experience of many users who are using the robot vacuum that vacuum damage the fabric of the carpet. Damaging of the carpet is possible because the primary goal of any vacuum carpet is powerful suction. High pressure and suction of the vacuum become the cause of damaged fabrics.

Companies continuously are working to solve all those problems that come after experiments of the old users. Latest and advance robot vacuum has no hard bristles more that agitate the surface hardly; they use soft bristles to pick up the dirt. Actually, this feature is not available in all robots so you have to care before buying a robot vacuum for your loved carpet.

The need for Robot Vacuum:

A robot vacuum (for cleaning) is used for an automatic operation that doesn’t need human interaction. Simple vacuum cleaner and robot vacuum cleaner are different in nature. A simple vacuum cleaner needs to use by humans but robot vacuums are automatically performed on the carpet. We can program the robot cleaner according to our needs. We can make our life easy with a robot vacuum cleaner because frequent cleaning of the carpet requires time and effort both but robots need just your program and then work automatically.

Will my regular vacuum replace by a robot vacuum?

This simple and state forward question asked by many people is necessary to clear. You have been getting cleaning results with your casual vacuum cleaner but this job is easier and convenient with a robot vacuum cleaner. Cleaning of the carpet is possible with powerful suction. We know the robot vacuum is small in size and has low suction power as compared to a casual vacuum cleaner.

I hope you understand the answer to this question “the robot vacuum will replace my casual vacuum cleaner or not”. We need a manual vacuum mostly when a robot vacuum fails to satisfy our carpet.

Daily vacuuming of the carpet does not require extra cleaning. But the clean surface of the carpet makes the robot vacuum foul to sense the condition and getting dirt from the root. The accumulation of the dirt requires powerful vacuuming that is possible with a manual vacuum cleaner.


Regular vacuuming by robot vacuum will never disappoint you but there are many conditions where you need a manual vacuum cleaner. If you have decided to sell your old vacuum cleaner after buying a robot vacuum then think one time more and make a decision regarding your old vacuum cleaner.

What’s the best robot vacuum for low and high pile carpet?

In the above-mentioned robot vacuum list, we describe high quality best robot vacuum carpet cleaner. But this is the time to describe the vacuum for different carpet types. You don’t need to confuse about the type of carpet and which robot vacuum cleaner is best for that. There are different types of robot vacuum cleaner available for all types of carpet types.

For understanding this concept more easily way just understand first, different people use different types of carpet that can be categorized into piles like low pile, medium pile, and high pile. Now the question arises what is the pile?  Pile is actually the height of the carpet in simple words. Now it’s easy to say low pile carpet means the carpet that has the short fabric. Medium and high pile carpet contain high fabric ratio that makes these carpets heavier.

The other name of the low and high pile carpets are light pile and dense pile carpets likely.

 How to choose the best robot vacuum cleaner for your carpet pile?

A very important point that you have to keep in mind before buying a robot vacuum cleaner is the confirmation of your carpet pile. You can do your purchasing when you know the robot vacuum is capable for your carpet pile.

From starting to this point we just study the best robot vacuum cleaner that does not make sense regarding our carpet pile. For making this picture clearer follow this portion. Here you can come to know which robot vacuum is best for low and which is suited for medium and high pile carpets. We collected all results after testing robot vacuums on different carpet surfaces that clear our mind regarding the types of the carpet like low, medium, and high. You can find the accumulated result below.


Low pile carpet user does not think more and confusing regarding the selection of a robot vacuum cleaner. Low pile carpet cannot hide more dirt inside and above mentioned all cleaner is able to clear the low pile carpet. the suction of each robot vacuum cleaner is up to 500Ps that is super enough to clean the low pile carpet.


There is no big difference in the case of a medium pile that we have to treat with a robot vacuum cleaner.


A medium pile carpet contains enough space to hide the dust inside. The cheap robot cleaner is difficult to dig out the dirt from the root. Here you need a cleaner with powerful suction.


High pile carpet needs more consideration that we must notice for getting good results.


Each brand tries to come in the list of the best robot vacuum cleaner but apart from some top brands they don’t mention their cleaner according to a pile. As a result, they work on low and medium pile well but fail to work on high pile carpets.

The experience shows mostly cleaner is able to handle low and medium-pile carpet well but not good for high pile carpet. Because handling a high pile carpet vacuum cleaner should have some advanced features like more suction power, big wheels, etc.


First, identify the pile of the carpet. If the pile of your carpets is low or medium than you can use above 5 mentioned cleaner without more research. In case of high pile carpet, we recommend only Robot Vacuum Roomba S9+

Robot Vacuums Runtime on Carpets

A very common question of robot vacuum users that the runtime of the robot vacuum cleaner is very short on the carpet that feels not good. During our number of the test, we also record this problem several times. If you are facing this problem then keep your eyes stick on this guide.

You are really facing a problem if the cleaner runtime is short but keep in mind if you have a high pile carpet then the robot runtime will short automatically.


Apart from casual working of vacuum on a simple floor, the carpet floor requires extra power by robot vacuum to work on it. For solving this problem many brands have extra power mode that activated when robots come on the carpet surfaces. The usage of extra power on the carpet surface reduces the runtime of the robot vacuum.

If you want an example for a better understanding then you can check the performance of Roborock S6. This cleaner contains 180 minutes runtime but medium and high pile carpet make its runtime only 105 minutes. Low pile carpet can get cleaning 125 minutes. You have to keep in mind if robot runtime is lesser due to surface of carpet then this is not a problem but on the other hand, if robot runtime is not good on simple and low pile carpet then this is the time of robot replacement.

Choosing a robot vacuum for carpets

Not all robot vacuum design for carpet there are several changes and features require for working on the carpet surface. If you will buy a robot vacuum without enough information then this decision valueless for you. Same formula you have to follow in robot vacuum because each robot vacuum has designed for a separate purpose like some vacuum deal hardwood floor and some are special for pet hairs.

In this portion of the guide, you will come to know about the robot vacuum cleaner for pet hairs.

  • Design

The design of the robot does not directly affect the cleaning of vacuum but depends on the performance of cleaner. Try to purchase the robot vacuums that are not thick. The design of the robot will consider good if the robot able to reach under the furniture and other tricky places where cleaning is difficult.

There are several models available in the market, they are good at cleaning but you will find them stuck under the furniture and other objects.

  • Carpet Surface

Your selected robot should be able to clean all surfaces. After many experiments, it has seen a robot vacuum perform well on specific surfaces, not on all. If robots are working well on hardwood surfaces at the same time they will not good at cleaning high pile carpets. There are only a few models that have the ability to perform well on all surfaces.


Keep in mind your selected robot is able to clean all surfaces. You can find this feature very easily.

  • Vacuum power

A very important feature that you have to notice before getting the ownership of any robot vacuum that is vacuum power. If the cleaner has many advanced features but vacuum power is not good then your robot vacuum has no value. You have to select the robot vacuum that has a minimum of 1000Pa. try to select the cleaner that has two power modes. These mods of cleaning help you to work on different floors with better performance. On the hard surface, these vacuum cleaners use low power but when they detect the carpet surface automatically enable the power boost option.

  • Brush

Brush plays a very important role in cleaning. But keep in mind hard bristle damage the fabric of your carpet. You need a cleaner that has gentle bristle brushes. Otherwise, the carpet age and look are going to destroy.

Tangling is also happening when a vacuum cleaner has hard bristled that creates a serious problem for you. You have to select the vacuum cleaner that has S9 type bristles. S9 cleaner is best for high pile carpets because it does not tangle and stuck with the bared of carpet.

  • Battery runtime

Battery runtime is a serious aspect that you should notice before buying any robot vacuum. Especially when your robot will run on carpet it needs more power for working, as a result, battery life effect. If the power of the battery is not good then your robot will never work on the carpet for a long time. Buy a robot vacuum cleaner that has a long runtime.

  • Attention

Battery long run time is important also try to purchase the robot that has resume features along with recharging features. Resume feature plays a very important role in cleaning. When the robot needs recharging it comes back on the charging base and forgets to resume the cleaning process if the resume feature is not available in the robot cleaner.

  • Navigation

The selection of best robot vacuum depends on many features some related to cleaning and some are necessary for good performance with quick action.

Best navigation is the guarantee that the robot will never be stuck to any object and not attend the stairs. Fast and efficient cleaning is possible with a good navigation system.

There are two known navigation technologies SLAM and VSLAM. SLAM is old and VSLAM is the latest and upgraded version of SLAM. Try to purchase a cleaner with the latest features that make your cleaning better and quick.

  • Wheels

The wheel is very important when you are purchasing the robot cleaner for a high pile carpet. If the wheel is not enough in size, the robot will be stuck in a pile. Wheels should also be noticed when you ready to buy a vacuum. Though not a primary consideration when buying robot vacuums, the wheels are a crucial aspect when purchasing robot vacuums for carpets.


Big wheels will help you to get a better result on high pile carpets or for long area movement.

  • Smart features

The smart feature makes your life easier. You can program your vacuum cleaner according to your routine. This program can be hourly, daily, or weekly.  A Wi-Fi connectivity throw app is another amazing feature. You can operate your robot using a smartphone.


The smart feature is not super enough nowadays when Alexa and Google assistant playing faster.

What’s the best robot vacuum for carpets?

As per our experience and several tests, Roomba S9+ is number one and best robot vacuum cleaner for carpet.  There are several advanced features that make it more advance and admirable.

Carpet boost mode is a quality feature, which includes S9+ at the top of the best robot vacuum list. The power of this device is 2200Pa when it comes to the carpet surface. You can treat the thick rug with this cleaner.

The latest and advanced navigation system iAdapt 3.0 is the part of this model. Not only cameras are used, but sensors also used for better navigation of the house and room.  The latest technology is not used only in a single part of S9+, full device contains the latest technology like self-emptying bin, etc.

There is only one reason that will stop you from buying this vacuum cleaner, which is a high cost. If you are full of budget and can afford expensive products then S9+ is best from all other robot vacuum cleaner.

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