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Laminate floors are usually used because of their beautiful look. To maintain this look, we need a proper cleaning tool available in the form of a vacuum cleaner. Here the question arises of which robot vacuum cleaner is best for laminate floors.

Laminate floors are plain and smooth, so the dirt and dust do not accumulate inside like carpets. The cleaning process is quite easy; the robot vacuum cleaner can pick dirt and dust from the laminate floors with easy hands.

Laminate floors are selected for houses due to their beautiful design and easy maintenance. The production of laminate floors is done by multi-layered composite. We found them in final shape with durability and a good look. Spending thousands of dollars on laminate floors urges us to spend some money on the best robot vacuums to extend the floor’s life. If you find the robot vacuum cleaner for your expensive laminate flooring, then you are at the right place in our guide. We will help you to select the best robot vacuum for laminate floors.

Best Robot Vacuum For Laminate Floors List View

Best Robot Vacuum For Laminate Floors Reviews

iRobot Roomba 980

best robot vacuum for laminate floors

iRobot Roomba 980 is number one in our selected robot vacuum cleaner list for laminate floors. The primary reason for picking it is its high power which provides extra shine and cleaning on the laminate floor.

Cleaning Performance:

Robot vacuum cleaners like 980 with high suction power are eligible to pick up small and tiny debris which is not possible from low power cleaners. Roomba claims 10x airpower makes sucking, lifting, and agitating the grim from the floor easy. Any robot with maximum airpower means the surety of efficient picking from the laminate floor.

Filtration and Dustbin Size

Laminate floors contain dirt, pet hair, and debris. Roomba 980 provides a cleaning solution with allergens protection through its strong filtration system. It can trap 99 percent of allergens, pollen, and other small particles. The size of the Roomba 980 dustbin is large to handle the worst conditions easily.

Navigation System:

The navigation system is strong enough that allows the robot to reach any place inside the house without sticking. A suitable robot device that works amazingly on all floors, including laminate flooring. We have found the cleaning result awesome, especially on the laminate floor.

Smart Features:

Other smart features include anti-bumping and anti-fall technology. Anti-bumping technology prevents robots from banging with any item. The robot sens the item using the sensor. Anti-fall helps robots to be aware of stairs. The mobile app is given to control the robot’s activities; users can also schedule the cleaning task with the app. iRobot Roomba 980 is easy to connect with Google and Amazon Alexa voice control systems.

Map Feature:

The mapping feature of the robot sends a notification on the mobile app about its current location and cleaning activity. Anyhow, the user itself can see the robot’s activity along with giving commands.


The runtime on the laminate floor of Roomba 980 is 120 minutes after a complete single charge. The auto charging feature enables the robot to refill battery power back to the charging dock.

  • Pet hair easy to pick
  • preferred cleaning schedule set by mobile app
  • Anti-fall sensor avoid falling from the stairs
  • Low profile design helps to go beneath heavy items like furniture.
  • The mobile app can be used for starting and stopping the cleaning job.
  • Work on all types of floors like deep cleaning carpets and hardwood.
  • It Contains a camera.
  • It is an expensive robot cleaner
  • Noisey
  • Best for Laminate and Carpet:

eufy by Anker RoboVac


Top Features

  • Manufacturer: eufy
  • Weight: 5.9 Pounds
  • 1500Pa Super-Strong Suction
  • 100 Minutes Constant Runtime
  • Ideal for Medium-Pile Carpets, Hard Floors.

Eufy by Anker RoboVac is best for laminate floors because of containing the thin design, 1500pa suction power, and wifi connectivity. Other features include auto charging, boundary strips, and quiet operation. Our team found its performance well on the hardwood floors like tiles, laminate floors also best for low and medium-pile carpets. the best results can expect on medium pile carpets. The connectivity with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant is provided.

Voice Control System:

Users can control the robot cleaner with voice control via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Eufy robot vacuum cleaner at home means the regular cleaning is effortless and time-saving. Users can command the robot to clean specific areas possible with its boundary strips.

Suction Power:

Strong suction power 1500pa gives more trust to eufy Anker BoostIQ device. Maximum suction guarantees picking tiny debris from the floor efficiently without leaving dirt. Every cleaning session was done by eufy Anker to ensure no grime, dust, or dirt remained on the beloved laminate floor. It’s single-pass enough to get rid of all unwanted stuff from the floor.

Battery And Quiet Operation:

Eufy Anker is not a noisy device; a quiet and calm operation can enjoy. The runtime of the robot vacuum cleaner depends on the battery power. Eufy can run on the field 100 minutes after completing its charge.

Other features:

Other smart features include its remote control operation, boundary strips, high-quality filter, power cord adapter, four side brushes, and cable ties, including the manual.

Warranty Period:

The warranty period of any device tells how much you are safe, eufy Anker BoosIQ provides a 12-month warranty period.

Eufy history:

Ankle by eufy was introduced in 2016. At that time, it was one of the best devices with full features. Eufy continues its struggle and enhances its technology to provide the best product to its customers. The performance is no doubt admirable.

Navigation feature:

It contains a powerful navigation system that users can control via a smartphone app. Not only app integration, the voice control integration of Google and Amazon Alexa is given. Smartphone apps provide more ease in controlling and scheduling cleaning tasks. Users can make laminate floors super clean using Anker BoostIQ Robovac.

  • Cleaning Scheduling is done by mobile app
  • Not a noisy robot vacuum cleaner
  • Contain multiple cleaning modes
  • Strong battery 100 minutes runtime
  • Remote control for giving commands
  • Manual controlling system.
  • The auto-recharge feature is enabled

  • Charging takes a long time
  • User attention requires for the smooth cleaning operation

Shark ION Robot Vacuum R75


Cleaning Performance:

Shark has been a well-known cleaning brand producing cleaning devices for decades. Super clean laminate floor with Shark ION done by its three brush types. Shark is the first device that introduces the tri brush technology. The dirt and debris on the laminae floor eliminate with its side brushes, channel brushes, and multi-surface brush roll.

Anti Bumping and Anti-fall Feature:

Anti-fall features of Shark work with a strong sensor. When stairs and other tricky places appear, robots stop automatically. Robots’ sensors sens the walls and other items and maneuver around them to avoid any physical damage.

Mobile App:

Mobile apps help users start and stop the cleaning task via an app with a single button touch. Apart from the start and stop, users can schedule the cleaning task.

Voice Control:

Like other quality robot cleaners, Shark ION can connect with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control.

Low Profile Design:

Shark ION contains a low profile design which means easy to reach harder places like under furniture and other heavy equipment that humans cannot treat well without any tool.

Battery Life:

The life of the battery is considered in the field. This amazing robot contains 90 minutes of battery timing on the field. Enough time to clean a long area without any pause.

What User Says:

Our team tested this robot vacuum and checked reviews from the different platforms about its performance. Reading reviews on different electronic platforms, we ensure the performance regarding its cleaning efficiency on laminate floors.

  • Slim and thin design help to reach harder places
  • Hard floors cleaning efficiently along with picking pet hair
  • Tangle-free brush ensures low maintenance.
  • User friendly
  • Connectivity with wifi, Amazon Alex, Google Assistant
  • A cleaning schedule is done by the mobile app
  • Powerful HEPA filter for allergy protection

  • Small Dustbin
  • Come in action, take time
  • Not good for high pile carpet
  • The wifi connection sometimes disconnects.
  • After charging, the cleaning task does not resume automatically.

Best for Pet Hair: Roborock E4 and Mop Robot Vacuum


Top Features

  • Manufacturer: iRobot
  • Weight: 13.11 Pounds
  • 3-stage cleaning system
  • Ideal for Pet Hair, Carpets, and Hard Floors.

In our recommended best robot vacuum cleaner list Roborock E4 contains high suction power of 2000pa. E4-type robots perform vacuuming and mopping. The laminate floor will become super clean and shiny like new.

Mobile App:

Mobile app features make cleaning handier. Users can schedule the cleaning tasks using mobile apps from any place. Starting and stopping the cleaning job any time using an app makes cleaning effortless. Users can spend their precious time anywhere else instead of routine cleaning.

Voice Control Feature:

E4 is capable of connecting with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control.

Roborock E4 contains the latest features and advanced technology to overcome all kinds of cleaning problems that users face in their routine life. Advance sensors inside the robot machine ensure the efficient navigation system using that user can send robots to any place inside the house.

Mapping feature:

Advanced mapping systems bring out the house map that helps to understand the exact cleaning path without bumping and falling. Mobile apps help more in making all functions more amazing.

Mopp feature:

Mopping done by RoboRock E4 is admirable; a unique hydraulic system allows the user to adjust the water flow as desired. In other words, we can say E4 includes those devices that offer deep cleaning of the laminate floor.

Auto Charging Feature:

Auto charging features in any robot mean less human interference required. Because the robot senses the battery level and pauses the cleaning task, goes back to the charging dock, refills the battery, and resumes the cleaning task where it was left last time.

Great Performance:

RoboRock E4 robot vacuum cleaner ensures efficient cleaning in a short time.

  • Auto charging
  • User-Friendly operation
  • efficient cleaning
  • user expect more battery timing.

iRobot Roomba 650 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner – Roomba For Laminate Floors

iRobot Roomba 650 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Editor Rating:

iRobot Roomba offers several cleaning robotic vacuums with different features. iRobot earned a good name in best robot vacuums production. Advance and latest features users can select according to their demand. iRobot 650 robotic vacuum cleaner is one of the best products with good positive reviews and high ratings. Advance features of this machine make it more trusty and useful for the users.

Cleaning system:

iRobot 650 contains a three-stage cleaning system. Three stages mean no need for any other tool to remove the stain on the laminate floor. It works on agitating the stain, brushing,, and suction technology. Roborock 650 provides the maximum result possible.

Scheduling the Cleaning Task:

Cleaning schedules make life easier. Just set a cleaning task for the best robot vacuums, and it will start cleaning automatically without delay. The button does the instant command on top of the body, and the robot comes into action.


It can work on all types of floors. Users do not need to adjust anything; all functions are automatic.

Auto Charging Feature:

Like other latest best robot vacuums, the iRobot 650 contains an auto charging feature where the robot goes back to the charging dock when it senses a low battery.

User Reviews:

During the cleaning test, we found this machine best in all aspects necessary to work on the laminate floor. Apart from this, our team checks the reviews of different users on electronic platforms like Amazon and Walmart. There are thousands of positive reviews on these platforms where users discuss its performance and praise its features. In other words, users are satisfied with its great performance.

  • The latest Navigation system makes it more efficient
  • A cleaning schedule is an easy task
  • Auto charging feature
  • Use 3 stage cleaning system

  • Battery life is not admirable like other features

ILIFE A4s Robot Smart Self-Charge Remote Control Vacuum Cleaner – Roomba Laminate Floors

ILIFE A4s Robot Smart Self-Charge Remote Control Vacuum Cleaner


Editor Rating:

iRobot no doubt produces quality cleaner but is not affordable for all users. The next pick is ILIFE A4s, an affordable cleaning device with enough features to make the laminate floors super clean. ILIFE A4s are suitable for those who want less expensive machines for laminate floors.

Powerful Suction:

The powerful suction of ILIFE A4s makes it reliable, picking dirt and dust efficiently.

Powerful Brushes:

The powerful brushes of ILIFE A4S better work on the carpet surface. Side brushes clean corners and sides and walls as well. Its three-stage cleaning system cleans everything as you want with any robot vacuum cleaner with full concentration.

A small machine provides efficient cleaning results that are admirable. The advanced algorithm help to reach any place with a user command. The user needs to press the button the robot will come into action.

Auto charging feature:

Auto charging makes life easy robot automatically keeps an eye on the battery level when it drains back to the charging dock to get the battery level up.

Anti Fall feature:

Anti-fall feature keeps the best robot vacuums safe from any physical damage. Robot manager from the stair with the help of an advanced sensor that is equipped inside the ILIFE V4s.

  • Contain three staging cleaning system
  • Latest and advanced features
  • Auto charging makes life easier
  • Suitable for all types of floors

  • Some user does not admire its battery life.

Neato Robotics D7 Connected – Robot Cleaner For Laminate Floors

Neato Botvac 945-0211 D3 wifi Connected Laser Navigating Robot Vacuum best for laminate floor


Editor Rating:

Neato Botvac 945 comes in a high-line robot vacuum cleaner list. If you are a person who wants to spend more money to get a dream cleaner, then Neato should be your choice. Easy and user-friendly operation with efficient cleaning is the key feature of this awesome robot vacuum cleaner. Users can use it or give commands using the given mobile app. The cleaning schedule can decide using its mobile app as per user needs. Robots understand user commands and take quick action to reach the target place and start cleaning jobs.

Design and suction power:

The manufacturer designed it in a D shape to get deep results from all types of places, especially corners and sides. Along with its design, it contains enhanced vacuum power or strong suction power which is a plus point for grabbing more dirt and dust from the laminate floor.


The strong battery ensures a long run on the floor during cleaning. Auto charging feature helps more doing effortless cleaning.


We test all devices that we recommend in our blog. During testing, we found this device awesome. We check performance and efficiency and then decide whether it should include our recommended list or not. Laminate floor cleaning is not a difficult process if you have Neato BotVac at your home. After testing, we check product reviews on electronic platforms. Amazon and Walmart earned a good name. A thousand customers leave positive reviews with up to 4-star ratings that tell us about its performance.

  • User-friendly operation
  • Control by given mobile app
  • D Shape ensures corner and side cleaning
  • Battery time is admirable
  • Pet hair picking is efficient, along with laminate floor cleaning
  • The auto charging feature is great

  • High price
  • The bin size should large more.

bObsweep PetHair Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop, Champagne – Best Robot Vacuum For Laminate Floors

bObsweep PetHair Robot Vacuum Cleaner Best for laminate floor


Editor Rating:

Bobsweep robot vacuum cleaner is suitable for those who do not want to spend more money. Expensive robot vacuum cleaners contain advanced features that make life easier. Bobsweep is a midrange quality robot vacuum cleaner best for cleaning laminate floors. With its strong suction power, Pet hair is easy to pick, which is not possible with cheap or low-quality best robot vacuums cleaner. pet hair will resolve when you bring a bObsweep robot vacuum.


A super clean laminate floor is the dream of each laminate floor owner done to its great performance.

Size of Dustbin

It contains a dustbin 1-liter size that considers larger than other related vacuum cleaners. Maximum size of bin means long stay on the floor during cleaning.


A well-known and quality filter, HEPA, is used for better protection. HEPA is best for those who have allergens.

Auto Charging Feature:

Bobsweep enriches the auto charging feature robot automatically back to the charging base when leveling down.


We found this handy robot vacuum cleaner during our test best in all aspects. If you find the machine that cleans the laminate floor, you can buy it without any more thinking. Our trust in Bobsweep increased more when we got good reviews on electronic platforms like Amazon and Walmart. The user of this robotic vacuum was satisfied with its great performance and discussed its feature with praise a lot. the performance of the bObsweep vacuum cleaner is the best as compared to the coredy robot vacuum cleaner.

  • The size of the bin is large
  • Best fit for pet owners and laminate floors
  • Cleaning schedule becomes easier
  • Make the floor neat and clean
  • The size is a bit high and not suitable for tight places
  • Sometimes problems occur in navigation

How To Choose The Best Robot Vacuum For Laminate Floors


The performance of the robot vacuum cleaner must consider if you are buying a robotic vacuum for the laminate floor. The bad performance means the robot’s suction power and battery life are not good. Consider those with good suction power with maximum battery life to work better on the laminate floor.


Convenience means the selected robot cleaner should be capable of performing all tasks without human interference. The vacuum should be able to clean itself. In a new robot vacuum, the cleaner robot can empty the bin itself and auto charge, decreasing human effort.


You are spending on a safe product if the warranty is given. robotic vacuum cleaners are available in different warranty periods and the other parts of the warranty. The warranty protects the user in the given time frame offered by the manufacturer.


Good support helps the user to solve relating problems. Consider both robot vacuum cleaner brands whose support is better than others.

Remote Control

The remote control is one step ahead to control the robotic vacuum without touching it. All new models come with remote control in the market now, and the latest models contain the mobile app feature to control the robot vacuum cleaner.


In our recommended robot cleaner list, arrange all those models that contain auto charging enabled features for making cleaning more effective and easy. Must consider robot vacuum cleaners that contain auto charging features for making life easy. A robot automatically senses the battery level and goes back to the charging dock to get charged.

Battery Life

A very important feature that must check before the final selection of the robot cleaner. Good battery time ensures the long run on the field without pause.

Frequently asked questions

Will Roomba scratch laminate floors?

Roomba contains the first slot in our recommended robots suitable for laminate surfaces without fear of any damage.

Is a robot vacuum safe for laminate floors?

Not all vacuum cleaners are safe for laminate floors because a soft brush is necessary; otherwise, the floor can damage. Safe quiet and efficient cleaning operations should be done with those robot vacuum cleaners that contain suitable brush rolls for the laminate floors.

What kind of vacuum is best for laminate flooring?

All those robot vacuum cleaners that contain stiff brushes can damage the laminate floor. You will find the best from other cleaners in our recommended robot vacuum cleaner list.

Can a robot vacuum clean other types of laminate floors?

We have tried to pick all those robot vacuum cleaners that can perform on all types of surfaces. The cleaning effect on the carpet is not like hardwood floors, especially when we have a high pile of carpet at home. Traditional vacuum cleaners are the best solution if you need deep cleaning of high pile rugs.

What type of vacuum can damage laminate flooring?

A vacuum cleaner that contains the brush roll with harsh bristles can damage the laminate floors. When cleaning starts, brush rolls attach to the dirt and dust; they affect the laminate floor.

The Final Word

In Our guide, we have tried our best to provide complete authentic information regarding the best robot vacuum for laminate floors. All best robot vacuum with their specification and performance we arranged for better understanding of the whole scenario.

The best result is possible with the right product selection. You need a robot cleaner that performs outstandingly on laminate floors, but if you buy a cleaner that is not capable of working on the hardwood floor will never give you the result. Pick one robot cleaner from our recommended list if you want cleaner for your laminate floor.

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