Long hairs of humans or pets are necessary to clean from the floor. Hairs can be found at home in different places, especially on the floor; they must be cleaned. Long hair is more expected to break and come on the floor. Robotic cleaning machines can better perform picking hair along with different other advantages. We can make the floor neat and clean without effort using a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Long hair is difficult to clean because it easily reaches those places where we can not reach. Mostly available under the heavy items of rooms that are difficult to move for picking the hairs and other dirt.

The robot vacuum is designed to fulfill all those cleaning tasks that require human effort and time. a robot vacuum for long hair is different from the traditional vacuum cleaner. In this guide, we are describing the best robot vacuum for long hair. Best robotic vacuum cleaner means a robot that can perform better than others. We have tested our recommended robot several times for making a buying selection easy for the user.

Top 6 Best Robot Vacuums for Long Hair 

iRobot Roomba E5 (5150) Robot Vacuum


iRobot Roomba E5 is our first recommended vacuum cleaner. It contains advanced features and the latest technology that makes it more reliable. The maltiness and cleaning of the robot vacuum itself is an easy task. We found this machine amazing during our test. Mess and long hair can easily be picked by the iRobot Roomba e5. Other features that make it more interesting are described below.


Exceptional Performance:

The performance of iRobot Roomba, according to our experts and other platforms, is admirable. Most pet owners prefer to buy Roomba because of its high performance for removing pet stains and hairs that come out on the floor during the walk and playing. Roomba includes in few cleaners that provide complete pet solutions, anyhow pet fur or pet hairs.

If you are probably worried about human hair or your hair fall, then iRobot Roomba E5 should be your choice. All is possible with a powerful suction motor and multi-surface rubber brushes. A house or apartment is no more difficult to clean if you have an iRobot Roomba E5. It contains three cleaning modes that can be used according to the situation.

Auto-adjust Features:

Auto-adjust features in any robot provide better availability of the robot. It means we can adjust the height of our robot according to need. We often need this feature when we are required to clean the carpet. Adjustment of iRobot Roomba is possible with its given application. The use of the application is easy and helps to perform the different operations with a single click.

Efficient Filter:

The filter is a necessary part that the average cleaner should contain. Filters are helpful for those who have allergens just because they pick small particles, even pollen.

Battery Life

iRobot Roomba contains a powerful battery life that helps to spend a long time on the surface. The capacity of the battery is 1800 mAh. Auto charging feature is also enabled in Roomba E5.

Automatic Recharge and Daily Cleanup:

Roomba E5 is enriched with a pause resume feature like other latest and most advanced featured cleaners. It can run on the surface for up to 90 minutes on a single charge. Users don’t need to involve their toes and knees in the cleaning process if the trusted device runs at your home. Auto cleaning and auto-recharge features are amazing features that do not require human effort. Cleaner automatically senses the battery life and pauses the cleaning process. Go back to the charging dock when the charging level is full, then resume the cleaning at the same place. Using the app, set the cleaning schedule and enjoy where you want the robot to work for you at home.

  • Lightweight
  • Controllable through Alexa or Google Home
  • Auto-adjustable
  • Expensive

ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robots are used to save time and effort. Advance and latest technology introduce new features in robots for solving different difficult issues. Home and office cleaning are possible with robot vacuum cleaners without human effort.

 People who deserve robots want advanced features in robots. They want their home neat and clean using robots, even if they are home or not. Just set the cleaning schedule in the robot and forget typical cleaning. Below we have described its features in detail for better understanding.


Compact Design:

The compact design of any machine attracts the user. ILIFE V3S contains a compact and sleek design. It is a very useful device in the case of hair picking because it contains tangles-free technology. So the short and long hair are easy to pick from the surface. The compact design allows you to pick up all types of debris from the floor easily.

Other features of this robot cleaner include low profile design, durability, and lightweight. Multi surfaces can be cleaned on the other hand cheap or low-quality performance can clean only one-floor type. Home cleaning is easy with the ILIFE V3S robot cleaner because of its user-friendly features.

Programmable Schedule:

Yes, you are listening exact cleaning program schedule. You can adjust the time for cleaning in the robot using its apps or remote. So you don’t need to sit tight at your home, just go out and set the schedule. The robot will start work automatically. Scheduling features make life easy.

Anti-bump sensors:

Anti bump introduces in robots cleaner for smooth cleaning without any damage. Robot cleaner never bangs with other items because of its anti-bump sensor technology. The usage of cleaner is more effective and easy with its remote control. Perfect cleaning is possible with a perfect machine-like ILIFE V5.

Easy Maintenance:

The cleaning of the device itself is necessary for long-lasting. Manufacturers take care of the maintenance process that helps users save devices with easy cleaning steps. Some robots are difficult to clean, so ILIFE provides easy cleaning steps for their robotic machines. Within a few minutes, we can clean the robot when it is free from the cleaning job with easy hands.

The cleaning process starts with emptying its bin then the filter should clean. Make sure the device is clean after each usage. The filter of the robot vacuum cleaners should replace after one month cycle.

  • It is a budget-friendly machine
  • Enrich with sensors
  • Efficient product
  • Affordable price
  • It doesn’t do the best cleaning but is still great.

IRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum

We have found Roomba 960 during our cleaning test best for long hair picking. The strong suction power provides easy lifting of hairs and other debris. Good picking power of robot cleaner enhance the user trust in robot vacuum cleaners.

The strong navigation system ensures the cleaning process has been done. All areas without repetition serve that is possible with navigation technology.

It is often noticed that hair and other related items tangle with robot brushes; Roomba introduces anti-tangled rubbered brushes that help avoid tangles with hairs. If you want clean multi surfaces, the brush roll can adjust according to the surface.

User-friendly control with advanced features is the main key that users trust on this machine. The cleaning device is controlled with Alex and Google Assistant. Roomba 960 can be controlled anywhere using its app.

Why Irobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum Is Good For Long Hair

Less Long Hair Gets Entangled on Brushes

The brush roll of robots is difficult to clean because during cleaning different unwanted debris stuck with the brushes. Roomba 960 provides brushes that are easy to clean because of its anti-tangled technology. Its rubber brushes do not contain bristles, so this brush doesn’t get hair inside that is difficult to remove after cleaning. Hair will not stick or twist when Roomba 960 performs a cleaning job on the floor.

Cleans Different Kinds of Flooring

Carpet cleaning becomes difficult if you buy a cheap or low-quality robot vacuum cleaner. Few robots with high performance can work on multi surfaces. Roomba suction power is 5x helps to work on multi surfaces with good results. Carpet and hardwood floors can both be clean with this amazing cleaning robot.

Hands-Free Control

Robots are purchased to save time and effort. Robot cleaner at home means you don’t need to fold your shirt for cleaning; just command your robot to start working for you. Long hair, short hair, or any other debris on the floor does not mean you start lifting; click the app button and see the magic.

  • User-friendly operation
  • Cleaning job pause and resume when the battery drain.
  • Anti bump technology installed
  • Start cleaning when found dirt
  • Some users do not admire turbo mode noise.

EUFY by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 30

If you are finding the robot vacuum that picks debris and long hair from hard-to-reach places, then EUFY RoboVac 30 is the best choice. EUFY is a quality device available at an affordable price. Other features of this device that make it reliable for long hair picking are described below.

Features of Eufy vacuum cleaners:

Boost IQ Technology:

High sucking power is the only feature that is enough to understand any robot’s cleaner performance. It contains Boost IQ technology that is specially designed for boosting power. Amazing power to deal with daily dirt and dust from all corners and tight areas. It can allow setting the boundary areas when cleaning finish the robot will stop automatically.

Quiet Cleaning:

Cleaning is no more when a robot vacuum runs on your floor. You get up in the morning and enjoy quiet cleaning with a cup of coffee. EUFY robot can perform on all multi floors, so stop worrying about carpet and hard floors. Strong suction power with smooth walking on multi floors can feel crazy. It contains a strong battery; a single charged battery can run 100 minutes on the floor.

Anti-scratch Glass Top:

EUFY robot cleaner admired its performance along with its durability and high-quality material. The extra protection is provided by giving scratch-free glass. A durable scratch-free glass helps to save the device from physical damage.

It includes a low profile design of 2.85 inches, clean under the heavy equipment like furniture and other harder-to-reach places. It picks short and long hair from any place with its fine-quality brushes. EUFY RoboVac 30 is a quality cleaning machine for idle people.

Dirt Sensors:

Auto recharge of any robot vacuum cleaner is another advanced feature. Sometimes users forget to recharge their robot cleaner to get a cleaning job. The auto-recharge feature enables the sensing robot to check the battery level and reach back to the charging dock to get charged; after that, resume the cleaning where it was left before charging. Forget charging; it will charge automatically; you just set the cleaning schedule and go where you want. Real auto cleaning with quality robot-like EUFY RoboVac 30 is possible.

  • Efficient and quick cleaning
  • Boundry strip feature is included
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Users don’t admire noise, especially during cleaning edges.

Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Roborock produces premium robot vacuum. Earn a good name by providing advanced and latest features that users expect from any manufacturer. It contains several features and operations that users admire. Its smart and thin design help to go under the furniture and other tight places. Roborock S5 contains a beautiful design; the interface has three small buttons at the top.

Each side and corner is clean because of its strong navigation and sucking power. Roborock sens the battery level pauses the current cleaning job and reaches back to the charging point. After filling the charge, come to the same place and resume the cleaning process.

 The suction power of this amazing cleaning robot vacuum is 2000 Pa. The strong suction of any cleaner is the surety of extra cleaning. The cleaning scheduling feature is available to help schedule the device for continued cleaning without any delay. Operate Roboroc S5 from anywhere using its app and Wi-fi connectivity.

Multi-surface cleaning and surface deduction system enable the Roborock to come on the carpet surface and hardwood floor according to surface required suction. Shifting suction mode back when leaving one surface is an amazing feature.

Strong battery power helps run up to 150 minutes with a single battery charge. The auto charging feature turns the machine back to a charging point when the battery is low.

The mapping feature helps the user select the specific zone for the robot cleaner. In that specific zone, most robot vacuum cleaner performs their cleaning duties without entering no-go zones.

Robotic S5 is a multi-purpose cleaner that means vacuuming and mopping both possible.

  • 2000 Pa high suction
  • Multi-purpose cleaner vacuuming and mopping
  • 150 minutes runtime.
  • Do not contain HEPA filter
  • Scheduling feature not provided.

Coredy 750 Budget-Friendlier Robotic Vacuum & Mop

We include Coredy 750 robot vacuum in our list because of its strong suction and easy-to-clean interior that help pick the long hairs.

It is not only a robot vacuum, mopping is also done to wipe the floor. Coredy 750 includes the low-profile robot cleaner, which means going beneath the furniture and other tricky items.

If we talk about its feature, it contains the latest and most advanced features that high-line robot cleaners contain. Users can control it using the mobile app and remote control both. Control device using Google Assistant and Alexa voice control.

Other advanced features include anti-drop technology, anti-bumping technology, boost intellect technology, surface identity, etc. these are all features you will find in the high-quality robot cleaner, you are getting in the budget-friendly Coredy R750 robotic cleaner.

Vacuuming plus mopping both are necessary if you need a complete cleaning machine. Coredy R750 performs both operation vacuuming and mopping.

The HEPA filter is a plus feature that protects our environment by picking dust particles. Strong suction and quality brushes agitate the dust and remove it from the surface.

  • Suction: 2,200 Pa
  • Battery capacity: 3,200 mAh
  • Height: 2.77 inches

  • Auto charging system
  • Voice control system Google Assistant and Alexa voice
  • Mopping feature
  • HEPA filter available
  • Virtual wall barrier
  • Camera included
  • Longer vacuum time

Best Robot Vacuums for long hair Comparision Table

Model NameSuction PowerManufacturerWeightRun Time
iRobot Roomba E51700Pa MaxiRobot7.23 Pounds100 Minutes
ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner850PaILIFE4.5 Pounds90 - 100 Minutes
iRobot Roomba 960 900 PaIRobot8.6 Pounds75 Minutes
eufy by RoboVac 11S2000 PaEUFY5.73 Pounds100 Minutes
Roborock S52000 PaRoborock13.07 Pounds180 Minutes
Coredy R750 2200 PaCoredy11.68 Pounds120 Minutes

 Buyers Guide about Best Robot Vacuum For Long Hair

The buyer guide will help you select the best robot vacuum for long hair, all the necessary points you should know before the final decision. Following are the topic that you should consider before buying a robot cleaner.

  • Size of Your House

The size of the home is the first point that users must consider before paying the amount for a robot cleaner. The robot cleaner you are going to buy may be enough for a small area. Some models are designed to work in long-distance areas like halls, big rooms, etc. Now users first check the size of the house and then pick the model according to its need. Check the size of the equipment and consider whether you need a low-profile robot cleaner or a high-profile, selected robot cleaner that should be able to pass under the furniture and other equipment. Sometimes robot cleaners are large sizes that cannot go under the sofa and other items that you have at your home.

  • Carpet or Hardwood

Carpet and hardwood are two different surfaces that all robot cleaners cannot clean. The quality cleaner can work on multi surfaces like we have arranged the list of quality robot cleaners. All advanced and latest models can treat multiple surfaces, but some fail to clean the carpet or rugs. If you have carpet, consider the robot cleaner that works better on the carpet and hard floors.

If you have a hardwood floor, go for a cheap robot cleaner; they are enough to run on hardwood and pick up the dirt and debris. Vinyl and tile floors require mopping, so buy a cleaner that performs multi-task mopping and vacuuming.

  • Strong Suction

Strong suction is a vital feature, like a heart in the human body. All the above-listed models contain high power; that’s why long hair picking by these robot cleaners is like a sip of coffee. High suction drag dirt from small holes and tight places. Strong suction with quality brush rolls runs better on the carpet and other floor types.

  • Cleaning Modes

Different cleaning modes help to clean different types of items. These cleaning modes are often seen with manual cleaning, auto cleaning, and Boost IQ option, spot cleaning. You can select any model according to the running situation. Without a cleaning mode, the user can not deal with dirt better than he can deal with different cleaning modes.

  • Navigation Features

To minimize human effort and interference, a navigation feature is introduced. Users don’t need to supervise, the navigation system automatically drives the robot as per their given areas. It will move everywhere in the house instead of no-go zones, like under the furniture, one room to another, passing the cables without tangling.

Different helping sensors were installed to overcome this problem. Anti-fall sensors help robot cleaners avoid falling from stairs and other tricky places. Anti-bumping sensor avoids banging the robot with any items. The quality of the sensor depends on each model; some robot cleaner sens the amount of dirt and starts operation by automatically shifting the cleaning mode.

  • Filtration System

The filter is the most important feature that should be installed. Users should consider whether the selected robot cleaner contains the filter or not. HEPA is a well-known and quality filter that you should consider. Filters are the best fit for those who want the allergy solution during vacuuming.


Do best robot vacuums pick up long hair?

Yes, the best robot vacuum can pick the long hair from the surface. Our recommended best robot vacuums list contains all those cleaners that can pick the long hair. The long hair of a pet or human will pick by them easily.

Commonly strong suction plays the main role in lifting long hair and other dirt.

Are Roombas good for cleaning long human and pet hair?

Roombas contain top positions in the best robot vacuums that can pick the long hair. Hair, human and pet, and all other dirty material picked by Roomba is not a difficult task. You can make your home super clean with the Roomba robot cleaner.

Can you vacuum up human hair?

Human hair suck by those robotic vacuum cleaners that has strong suction and fine quality rubber brushes to avoid tangling. Any robot cleaner with these two features can easily pick the human hair from the surface.

Which robot vacuum is best for human hair?

This article discusses the best robot vacuum for long hair and introduces those robotic vacuum cleaners that best fit this purpose. You can select anyone after reading the feature of all cleaners, which helps better understand.

Which robot is best for pet hair?

Robots that can pick human hair can pick long pet hair also. So the robot mentioned above cleaners is best for pet hair picking. Pick anyone from the list that gives you good sense.


Long hairs look beautiful but become a challengeable task when you have to clean from the floor. We have described the best robot vacuum for long hair and provided our recommended list of robot cleaners in detail.

Users can select anyone from the list and get rid of long hair without effort. The best robot vacuum cleaners are a helping tool to give you relief from daily routine cleaning. After a specific time cycle, you should deep clean your home with a big upright vacuum cleaner.

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