If you have no time to select the best robot vacuum for you then Neato Botvac D7 connected is one of the best vacuum cleaners that I personally like. The use of the carpets at home is a very old trend that has several advantages like luxury feel, warm underfoot and maintains the heat in the room. There are some other reasons like hiding your bad floor or making a home more beautiful with beautiful carpet designs.

For making carpet clean and fresh, it is necessary to use a vacuum on a regular basis. Now the question arises why we select a Robot Vacuum instead of a standard vacuum. The answer is very simple if you are exhausted like me to vacuum the carpet then the robot vacuum is the very best option. You can make your life easy using these automatic cleaner that doesn’t need your efforts for using them. In this guide, you will find the best robot vacuum for thick carpet.


Do I need to Replace My Standard Vacuum Cleaner?

Using a robot vacuum you can clean the maximum area without using your effort. Besides that, you still need a big cleaner for reaching hard spots that cannot handle the robot vacuum cleaner. Your big cleaning machine will help you to clean all hard and tricky places.

When I Should Clean?

It depends on the situation that requires cleaning.

Is automatic cleaning possible with a robot vacuum?

Yes, you will find automatic cleaning with the robot vacuum. The easy cleaning process will urge you to start cleaning anytime that does not require any effort.

Continue cleaning of the carpet take little effort if you have the carpet area with high traffic. A new robot vacuum with updated software has the ability to clean the specific area.

Thick carpets are possible to clean with the robot vacuum.

You must understand this point before buying a robot vacuum cleaner. Mostly cleaner is best for thin and medium-pile carpet they don’t perform well on high volume pile carpet. They try to work on these carpets but fail to suck the dirt from deep. You must check the following features before buying a robot vacuum for thick carpet.

Key Features Required:

  • Suction Power
  • Large wheels
  • High-Efficiency Filters
  • Tangle-free extractors
  • Navigation
  • Running time

Suction Power

For cleaning the thick carpet the suction power of vacuum should be good. Without powerful suction, the vacuum will never able to suck the dirt between fibers. Powerful suction means noise and extra usage of battery that you have to face. Thick carpet can only be clean with the powerful suction of the vacuum cleaner.

Large Wheels

If it requires cleaning the thick carpet, a vacuum robot should enrich with large wheels. Large wheels help to easily move on thick carpet. The large wheel allows the robot to keep its body extra up for moving freely on the carpet. High pile carpet cannot stop the large wheel robot due to upsizing from the carpet pile. The traveling of the vacuum becomes easier that causes low battery usage.

High-Efficiency Filter

The purpose of a high-efficiency filter to trap the dust that comes from the suction of the robot vacuum. Without the filter, the dust will fly in air or back to the carpet.

Tangle Free Extractors

Tangle Free Extractors is the sign that your robot will never fight with carpet hairs. Actually, this feature is installed in the new vacuum that contains rubber, tangle-free extractors under the vacuum. The concept of bristle has finished in a new robot vacuum so the robot vacuum requires fewer mainlines.

Running Time

The long-running time of the robot vacuum depends on the carpet floor. If the carpet floor is not easy for a robot then it requires extra energy to move on the floor and need the same power for suction of dirt. The standard running time of the vacuum robot on the floor in 120 minutes. The time reduces due to the floor type. A robot vacuum friendly floor gives you extra running time which means more cleaning is possible. All is possible with the best robot vacuum for carpet.


Navigation of a robot vacuum is possible with a camera or laser that uses to scan the room. During the scanning process, the robot identifies the room shape and other objects of the room. Then the robot takes a decision on how to clean the room in the best way. This way of cleaning gives you two types of benefits that are quick cleaning and less battery consumption due to the exact navigation path.

Best Robot Vacuum For Thick Carpet

Neato Robotics D7 Connected Laser Guided Robot Vacuum Featuring Multiple Floor Plan Mapping and Zone Cleaning

best robot vacuum for thick carpet
best robot vacuum for thick carpet

A very attractive and top valued Neato D7 Connected robot vacuum has a large wheel that allows moving in the room freely. The latest and advance features of this robot are laser room mapping and no go lines. The marking of lines becomes possible using your phone app connected with the robot also sets the line where you don’t want your robot vacuum.

Neato brand has some other products,  D7 is a new design of this brand. Users can make cleaning possible 120 minutes with eco and turbo modes. It does not matter you have the carpets at full home or any single place of the house contain carpet, the D7 will deal perfectly.

The laser mapping feature plays a very important role in quick cleaning because the robot scan the room and selects the best suitable path for cleaning. The efficiency of the robot and speed is admirable. A large area can be cleaned with a single charge of battery due to its better efficiency and fast speed. The cleaning process remains to continue until the battery reaches at end level.

Apart from performance other feature includes a large dustbin that is used to hold more dirt. Ultra performance filter is another feature that is used to trap the allergens and dust. Taking breath becomes easy during cleaning, that possible with its extraordinary filter.

You will also find spiral combination brush for strong cleaning and turbo boost feature that is used for extra power on demand. If you don’t want to use your phone for controlling then you can link the D7 with amazon echo dot for voice control. A daily cleaning schedule can also program using the app. This is your duty to empty the bin of the robot on a daily basis and make your floor clear for a robot working.

Neato D7 Connected contains all advanced features that any person can expect from the vacuum cleaner. Thick carpet cleaning was not so easy before this robot vacuum carpet cleaner.

  • It has a large Wheel that good for thick carpet
  • Laser mapping
  • No-go lines that draw with app
  • Cleaning time of this robot is 120 minutes
  • Turbo boost for extra power
  • Ultra performance filter
  • High price
  • Small Filter that requires cleaning before the new use
  • You will find it stuck very often

iRobot Roomba 980 Wi-Fi Connected Vacuuming Robot

best robot vacuum for thick carpet
best robot vacuum for thick carpet

IRobot Roomba 980 includes high quality and top-rated vacuum cleaners. It will work 120 minutes without any pause. For working on the carpet you can activate extra power mod. Actually, Roomba 980 has two power levels that can be used according to the situation.

Like other high-quality robots, this vacuum cleaner has the facility of room mapping that possible with its cameras. The automatic system scans the room and identifies all other objects that help to select the best-suited path for quick cleaning. For dealing edges and corners this robot vacuum cleaner contains a small side brush. You will find 2 powerful brushes under the vacuum cleaner which are rubber blades. During the cleaning process, these brushes pick up the dirt from the pile of the carpet.

For holding dust a dust bin is attached but the size is small as compare to Neato Vacuum cleaner. For making the air clean you will find filter inside. Again the filter is not similar to Neato cleaner. The capacity of the filter is 1 micron only. It can perform well on hardwood places and carpet as well. IRobot Roomba robots are the same in design, body, and wheel. Additional virtual wall comes with this cleaner that is used to shut off the rooms or the portion of the room where cleaning is not required.

  • High-Quality camera for room mapping
  • Cleaning time is 120 minutes
  • Turbo boost for extra power
  • High-performance filter
  • It has large wheels
  • High price
  • Dark carpets and floors cannot deal

iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550) Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dirt Disposal-Empties Itself.

best robot vacuum for thick carpet
best robot vacuum for thick carpet

IRobot Roomba 17+ is the updated version of Roomba 980. In the previous version, the user has to empty the cleaner that was not good. In this version, the company has installed a docking station so the vacuum automatically empties with this feature.

IRobot Roomba will continue its cleaning without taking any input from the user. You will find your carpet clean all the time without any effort. In this version, the company has improved the mapping system. Now you are able to map the specific area. Using advanced settings you can program the vacuum to clean more where you have thick carpet. This advanced feature allows you to get the cleaning according to the carpet type and current situation of the carpet.

Some improvements you will find in cleaning power as compare to the older version. This improvement makes noise more that comes from the base of the vacuum when the sucking process starts. The emptying process is required when bin capacity complete which is automatically performed by  IRobot Romba I7 +.

A very important question, does Roomba 17+ work on the high pile or thick carpet. A number of customers satisfied with its performance on thick carpet. If you don’t mind money then Roomba 17+ is best.

  • Dirt disposal is automatic now
  • Top Quality Filter
  • Turbo boost for extra power
  • High-quality mapping
  • The long area can be cleaned
  • Dual rubber extractors for lifting more dirt
  • High budget robot vacuum
  • You need to buy a disposal bag

Samsung POWERbot R7040 Robot Vacuum Wi-Fi Connectivity, Ideal for Carpets, Hard Floors.

best robot vacuum for thick carpet
best robot vacuum for thick carpet

Samsung is a well-known company that has produced a series of different products. You will find Samsung powerboats in the different price ranges. Here we are describing the R7040 vacuum robot that includes in our list due to its powerful suction and large wheel size at a low price.

The suction power of this robot vacuum is amazing. Camera mapping is strong that help to work better for cleaning. Its large wheel with professional fixing allows this robot to maneuver on the floor easily. The automatic system guesses the surface and starts suction if the carpet floor finds otherwise leave that surface.

Most people like the Samsung robot because this cleaner provides better cleaning at the edges. The company did not use the spinning side brushes, edge clean bar are used for sucking the dirt from the edges.

The device can be controlled by a daily schedule and voice control system if you have an extra device for controlling voice. The automatic system help to reach back at the dock to recharge the robot vacuum to continue cleaning.

  • Visionary mapping
  • Edge clean bar for edge cleaning
  • Large wheels for easy cleaning
  • Carpets detection is automatic
  • High-quality suction power (Cyclone Technology)
  • Sometimes stuck in carpet fibers
  • Battery Life is enough but not long

Shark ION Robot Vacuum WIFI-Connected, Voice Control Dual-Action Robotic Vacuum Carpet, and Hard Floor Cleaner.

best robot vacuum for thick carpet
best robot vacuum for thick carpet

Shark Ion RV750 is one another quality option for those who want the best robot vacuum for thick carpet. This robot is not full of advanced features like other top quality robots but enough to clean your carpets and capable to work on hardwood floors.

There are no mapping sensors available. This robot is used for random cleaning not to follow the linear pattern that possible with the mapping sensor. The height of RV750 is lower because it does not equip with a camera and sensor on top.

For making your room edges clean it contains 2 spinning side brushes. Apart from the spinning brush, there are roller brushes installed under the device. This is a low budget device that means you have to compromise some features like filter and suction of this robot. Low in features but have some good features that can make your buying mind.  Daily scheduling, voice compatibility, and app control system is available in this robot. Better cleaning is possible with this robot cleaner.

  • Affordable price (Low in price)
  • Voice control and an App installation is available
  • Running time of this robot is 90 minutes
  • height is 2.6 inches
  • All surfaces can be cleaned
  • The app creates problem sometimes
  • Power boost for suction is not available


There are many well-known brands available in the market, who are producing valued products for their valued customers. Every day they bring new advanced features for scaling up their product from competitors. You can select anyone robot vacuum as per your budget. If you are interested to get more advanced features you have to pay extra. This complete story is around the budget that you can spend on buying the robot vacuum.

We have described a top-quality robot with features and performance. You can select anyone that gives you more sense. My personal choice is Neato D7 Connected that contains everything that you need. If you don’t mind the price, all advanced features are installed in this robot that makes the cleaning process quick and perfect. Also, thick carpet not so far in front of Neato D7 connected.

The users of this robot are satisfied with its performance. You will find better cleaning on all floors without skipping the objects. The no-go line is an amazing feature and the area where you don’t want robots possible with a virtual wall that is available in D7. This robot makes your life easy with its amazing performance and features. All electronic devices are not free from issues. Sometimes software and other technical issues of these devices are common. The company continues to struggle to solve these problems like updating software and installing new features to figure out the problems. A software updating of D7 is possible with wifi connection. The latest upgrade of the software is given to customers.

If you have made your mind for buying a vacuum robot just select the supplier that gives you a return product facility like Amazon. You can return purchased products in 30 days. You can enjoy the extra warranty that is offered by Amazon.

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