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Vinyl planks floor is used for making home beautiful because these floors are available in attractive designs. If we don’t care about vinyl plank floors after a while, their shine and beauty remain no more. The care includes any aspect; it is not only avoiding moving and dragging heavy equipment on vinyl flooring; sometimes, vacuum cleaners scratch the surface. So the right selection of robot vacuum for luxury vinyl plank flooring is necessary. Our guide will find the best robot vacuum for vinyl plank floors.

Recommended robot vacuums are good for the health of vinyl plank floors along with other surfaces. Mean users can use these robot vacuum cleaners for other floors, not only stick them for vinyl. Quality robot vacuum cleaners provide better cleaning results on multi surfaces.

Best Robot Vacuum For Vinyl Plank Floors List View

Shark RV1001AE IQ Robot Vacuum:

Best Overall Robot Vacuum for Vinyl Planks Floors:

best robot vacuum for vinyl plank floors

Our first recommended robot vacuum for vinyl floors is Shark RV 1001AE robot vacuum with awesome features. If you find the cleaner that gets less care, is smart and capable of fulfilling user cleaning requirements, you should choose the Shark robot vacuum.

Shark RV1001AE is included in a high-quality robot vacuum cleaner. High-quality robot cleaners cannot expect a low price because of the latest technology and advanced features included. Shark RV1001AE is a cleaner that can fulfill user cleaning requirements on the vinyl plank and another floor with professional hands. The design and features are admirable.

The user expectation from any cleaner is cleaning performance, whether it contains the latest or old technology.

Cleaning performance.

We found it well-picking all the debris and pet and human hairs during our cleaning test with Shark. Shark RV1001AE contains soft bristle brushes not harmful for vinyl plank floors. One set of the main brush roller and two side brushes for corners and edges.

Navigation System

Navigation programs make the Shark robot vacuum more efficient for performing cleaning tasks. Lack of navigation system like in cheaper robot vacuum can never provide cleaning at all places. Repeating and leftover places both are not acceptable for efficient cleaning. Shark solves this issue using the navigation system.

RV1001AE contains a quality sensor that allows it to work with the flow without repeating and leftover places. It will never be stuck with a belonging pass over all the items easily, even under the furniture and beds. hard-to-reach places and tricky places are easy to clean because of their strong navigation system.

Mobile App

Quality robot vacuum cleaners contain features often unavailable in cheap cleaners due to their low price. The other main feature users expect is quality robots in control of the cleaner with a smartphone app.

Using smartphones, we can command the robot vacuum cleaner to start the cleaning process, even if you are available at home or not. Set the cleaning schedule for your robot vacuum and go where you want; the robot vacuum will start cleaning at its given time.

The app is used for giving commands along with monitoring the device. Users can enjoy the cleaning task on their screens using the app. The battery level, performance, and position can easily check on the screen.

Auto Charging

Auto charging feature has enabled that sense the battery level automatically. When the battery level is low, pause the cleaning job and go back to the charging station to get the battery level up; after a complete charge, go back to the cleaning place and resume the process where it was left.


The mapping system makes Shark RV1001AE more reliable and attractive for users. It takes the house map and uses a map navigation system to work. Making the cleaning process more efficient, the Shark claim map is updated after every cleaning. So we expect a better cleaning result at all places with Shark RV1001AE instead of the robot vacuum that doesn’t have any navigation system and mapping.

The mapping system in the best robot vacuum means we can command the robot cleaner to clean this room and leave this when we require cleaning. It will go exactly in that room with the help of the mapping feature.

Along with many advanced features, there are some features that users don’t admire. For example, the battery life on the surface after the single charge is 90 minutes. It is not bad, but the high battery timing is available in other cleaners.

Like battery timing, some users don’t like the noise of the robot cleaner when it works on the surface. The noise will never disturb you; otherwise, noise eats the brain.

  • Mapping System
  • Mobile app for easy control
  • Admirable performance
  • Strong navigation system
  • Auto charging system.
  • High price
  • Noisy
  • Battery timing is not admired by all users.

iRobot Roomba 675: Best Overall

After the Shark robot vacuum, the iRobot Roomba 675 is our second pick on the recommended list. Quality features that urge us to select this robot are a full range of sensors, proper cleaning tools, and control with apps. The key features of this robot are described below.

Key features:

  • Voice control operation using Amazon Alex and Google Assistant
  • Auto charging features are available
  • Strong navigation systems work with strong sensors.
  • Dual brushes
  • Three-stage cleaning system.

What Customers are Saying

Many reviews and high ratings have been recorded on the Amazon platform. According to Amazon, the star rating is 4.5 out of 5. This amazing data show it includes ranked the number one robotic vacuum cleaner.

Our team read thousand of positive reviews where users admire this cleaner. Most users praise its long battery time and durability. Some users were satisfied with its deep cleaning, and some were not. Our team found some reviews where users commented about the pet stain performance, as their opinion Roomba 675 is not good for pet stain.

Our Experience

Connectivity & Voice Control

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant both can connect with the Roomba 675. Apart from this, we can voice control using our phone

Cleaning Performance

It contains double brushes for efficient cleaning. Roomba contains a three-level cleaning system. Cheap cleaner leaves the edges. Roomba contains a sweeping edge brush that ensures corner and edge cleaning.

Smart Features

The first indicator tells the robotic vacuum cleaner about the availability of dirt. The robot cleaner reaches the spot and starts the cleaning process. The run time on the field is 90 minutes with a single charge. When the battery level is low sensor senses and commands to reach a charging dock. Strong navigation helps to move in the room for cleaning specific areas. Anti-drop sensors help to detect slippery places.

  • Connectivity with mobile using app
  • it contains the affordable price
  • Wi-fi integration
  • Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice control connectivity
  • User-friendly operation
  • Pet stains are sometimes difficult to remove
  • less efficient as compared to advance robotic vacuum cleaner

eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 15C MAX

Key Features:

  • Weight: 5.9 pounds
  • Rating: 4.4/5 stars
  • Dimensions: 12.79 x 12.79 x 2.85 inches

The Eufy robot vacuum cleaner includes in high suction power robotic vacuum cleaner just because of its BoostiQ feature.

BoosIQ feature

Boosting of power never takes up to 2 seconds. Power increasing help the user to get better result as he wants for the specific spot.

Voice Control

Eufy robotic vacuum cleaner connects with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Voice control connectivity helps to control the robot using voice.

Mobile App

Eufy BoostIQ robovac contain mobile app. Using a mobile app, users can easily command from anywhere else.

As we mentioned above, all advanced features make home and office cleaning easy, like a sip of coffee.

Battery Time.

It can run on the floor 100 plus minutes after one complete charge. It is a long time that the average cleaner should contain. Nonstop cleaning without interruption with good battery time.

Cleaning Schedule

Wi-fi connectivity is provided for operating with a mobile app. Users can set the schedule using a mobile app even available at home or not. The robotic vacuum cleaner will start working at its given time without any delay.

What Reviewers Say

As per user thoughts on different electronic platforms, eufy is a powerful robotic vacuum cleaner that never remains dirt on the floor.

Users admire its automation and other feature in their reviews. A cleaning job is easy anyhow a homeowner is available at home or not.

Some were attracted by its magnetic boundary strips and thin design. All low-profile robot cleaners are easy to beneath the heavy equipment for collecting debris and dirt that is difficult to reach and clean.

Best Runner Up robotic vacuum cleaner for Vinyl Plank Floors:

  • Powerful suction for deep cleaning
  • Best fit for hard floor and medium-pile carpet cleaning.
  • Include in low profile cleaner
  • Surface identity helps to detect the carpet and hard floor.
  • It is a quiet robot vacuum.
  • Sometimes stuck during cleaning claim claims by some customers.

Roborock S4 Max

Roborock is a well-known cleaning brand producing different cleaning devices for decades. The most famous devices are the S5, and S6 got a good name in the market due to their advanced features and durability. Extra features increase the price that some users don’t afford.

Roborock S5 and S6 now turn to finish from the market; we recommend you go for Roborock S4 max if you want to purchase. Because some features, S4 includes that we can buy at a discount rate.

Cleaning performance.

Here, we discuss the best robot vacuum cleaner for vinyl plank flooring. We have found Roborock S4 best for vinyl plank floors. We found its results against dirt, dust, and other debris amazing during the cleaning test, like high-line robot vacuum cleaners. A little difference was noted when the pet hair lifts, the high-quality S9 robot performs better than the S4 Roborock.

Multi-surface Cleaning.

Multi-surface cleaning is possible with S4 Max. the testing process ensures equal cleaning on carpet and hard floors. We have tested both low pile and high pile carpets. The pickup rate was equal on multi surfaces. If S4 Max is your choice, you have to compromise the pet hair picking because it is not efficient as other quality robot vacuums cleaner.

Mobile App Connectivity.

Users can control its operation using mobile apps. The same features are available in high price cleaners. Wi-fi connectivity enables you to operate the cleaning devices as you want. We can monitor robot vacuums cleaner using a mobile app, set the cleaning schedule also view the 2D map.

Roborock S4 Max enriches with LiDAR sensor; this sensor will meat only high-end robot vacuum cleaners. LiDAR sensors provide extra efficiency that is necessary for efficient cleaning. Roborock S4 never accidents with walls and other items and runs on the floor smoothly. The cleaning process stops when the cleaner is stuck with any items, so robots are designed with enough sense to avoid bumping and stocking.

Mapping Feature

The mapping feature helps to make a zone as per your home design. Like we can divide the zone with the name of bedrooms, halls, and dining rooms. Zone division help to command the robot to reach a specific place for cleaning.

In the zone, we can further set the restriction and addition like if you want a robot don’t enter a storeroom, then label it a No-Go zone using the app. The robot will stop when reaching no entry areas that you labeled using the mapping feature.

Battery Life

The battery life of Roborock S4 Max is admirable; it can run on the surface for up to 170 minutes after completing its single charge. The battery time reduces when using the boost power mode of the robot is 110 minutes.

If you are interested in buying this amazing device, you can get it at a discount because of the old version with advanced features. In other words, we can say the best fit for those who want a budget-friendly machine at an affordable price.

  • Best affordable price
  • Cleaning performance is admirable
  • Powerful navigation system for smooth running
  • Extra battery life
  • Operate with mobile app
  • The mapping feature allows zone creation
  • This is not the latest model.

iRobot Roomba i7+: Smartest Robot Vacuum:

After introducing other features, one new feature that becoming popular and available latest models is auto bin emptying. It means fully automated cleaning is possible after this feature. Users don’t need to check or clear the dirt from the bin after completing the cleaning job.

Key Features:

  • Powerful suction with 3 stage cleaning system
  • Automatic bin emptying feature for fully automated cleaning
  • It comes with an automatic dirt disposal feature
  • Mapping features help to understand the layout of your home
  • Operate with voice control by assistants like Google Assitant and Amazon Alexa
  • Capable for multi-surface cleaning.

What Customers are Saying

Roomba i7+ got a good rating and reviews on different platforms like Amazona and Wallmart. According to Amazon, it contains 4.5 stars out of 5 that a sign of its good performance and user trust. The reviews are 8452, great numbers. The warm topic regarding this robot is voice integration, battery life, and map features. The majority of users praise features and prefer to buy.

It is noticed customers mentioned good battery life with low noise. Along with user-friendly automated features, some users were not admiring its pet hair picking, and some claimed about the connectivity with Wi-fi.

Our Experience

Connectivity & Voice Controls

Voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant found our team quality. Our team connected it several times with a voice assistant during testing and gave commands for checking the entire process regarding its connectivity and operation.


The performance of the iRobot Roomba i7 is no doubt admirable. The cleaning process is easier with strong suction power and a three-stage cleaning system. Suction power and cleaning mode are adjustable users can use them according to the running situation. It contains a powerful filter to trap the allergens and dust particles during the cleaning job. The quality brushes ensure efficient cleaning.

Smart Features

The iRobot Roomba i7 is included in top-line robot cleaners. All advanced features are provided in this version. It contains a mapping feature using which we can adjust the home zone and make the navigation system stronger. The cleaning schedule system is set by the user using the mobile app. Self-emptying bin feature, along with other latest features, makes it more attractive for the users.

  • Improved design
  • Better navigation
  • Smart speaker control

  • Loud noise
  • Not budget-friendly

Roborock S6 Pure Robot Vacuum And Mop

Key Feature:

  • Weight: 7.1 pounds
  • Rating: 4.6/5 stars
  • Dimensions: 13.78 x 13.9 x 3.78 inches

Voice control:

Roborock S6 connects with a google assistant to get commands. The connectivity process is easy.

Cleaning Performance:

The performance noticed during a test on hardwood floors was great. We can use this machine for the vinyl plank floor.


The mapping feature is built-in to make the navigation system strong. We can send the robot to a specific place for cleaning using the command.

Sucking Power:

The strong sucking power of Roborock S6 is capable of sucking the sticky dust and dirt from the upper layer of the floor.

Water tank:

The water tank is given that can adjust anytime for treating the floor. Tank adjustment is not a difficult process.

Cleaning Vinyl Plank floor:

Using Roborock S6, we can clean the rooms and other surfaces that contain vinyl plank floors. Not only the vacuuming mopping feature can also be used.

What Reviewers Say

Our team tests this machine and checks reviews and star ratings on big platforms like Amazon and Walmart.

According to reviews and ratings, it got good fame because of its performance. User discussion regarding this machine is available at a lower price than other similar products with the same features.

Users praise its mapping system and simple, user-friendly features. According to reviews, it is a simple and useful cleaning device that we should use for vinyl plank floors at an affordable price.

  • Easy to maintain and user-friendly machine
  • Operate with less noise
  • It is the user trusted Roborock version
  • Built-in sensor to avoid falls from stairs and other tricky places.
  • Internet connectivity sometimes creates problems claimed by a few users.

Eufy RoboVac 11S: Best Budget Robot Vacuum for Vinyl Plank Floors:

Robot cleaner with full features makes life easy but not affordable for all users. There are some budget robot variants with maximum features, so if you find the budget machine that works great on the vinyl floor, then EUFY RoboVac 11S should be your choice. Users can clean floors with less burden on their pockets.

Cleaning Performance:

We tested EUFY 11S on the vinyl floor to check its performance and found it doing well. 11S robot vacuum cleaner picks up small debris and other dust particles with easy hands. Sometimes it is difficult to pick up the big size debris; anyhow best fit for cleaning the vinyl plank floors.

Hair Picking Process:

The EUFY 11S is not specifically designed for picking pet fur and hairs. During our test, pet hairs try to pick from the surface but do not perform well in the collection. So if you consider this machine for your pets, it is not suitable for your home. A user who wants a clean vinyl plank floor can buy it for cleaning.

Performance on Low pile and High Pile Carpets:

EUFY 11S is the best fit for the vinyl plank floor; on the other hand, we can use it on the carpet surface. Both types of carpet, low pile, and high pile can treat well. It can remove dirt and dust from the carpet and hardwood floors.

Navigation System:

Cheap robots or medium-level robot cleaners contain cheap navigation systems. 11S is a medium-level robot cleaner, but its navigation system is admirable. This robot cleaner uses bump technology when banging into a wall or another obstacle. Robot vacuums with less efficiency leave the places or start cleaning twice due to poor navigation systems. We found 11S best during our test; it does not repeat or leave any place.

Low Profile Design.

We need a cleaner that works all places at our home like under furniture and other tight places we cannot reach easily. To overcome this problem, robots require good maneuverability and sleek design. EUFY 11S maneuverability and navigation feature is admirable and helps to run on the floor without sticking to any place. If the power cords come in the way, the 11S becomes stuck, so clean the surface from unwanted things that become the cause of stacking the robot.

Remote control system:

We get the mobile app for different operations in an advanced robot vacuum, but 11S does not have a mobile app. The operation is done by its given remote control. The scheduling and other operation can perform with its remote. Not only the mobile app, other advanced feature maps, and location tracking are not built-in.

Battery Life:

No doubt we are discussing the budget robot vacuum that works awesome on vinyl plank floors; anyhow, features are fewer. The battery life of this machine is good; it can perform up to 100 minutes on the floor. When power enhances using its mode, the battery time reduces by 65 to 70 minutes on a single charge.


As we declared, the EUFY 11S does not contain advanced features. But it is a good budget machine with great performance on vinyl plank floors. We recommend this machine for those who want a budget machine with good working on vinyl floors and those who need a basic robot cleaner with basic features.

  • Cleaning performance is admirable on vinyl floors
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Provide good battery time on the field
  • User-friendly operations
  • Pet hair is sometimes difficult to pick

GOOVI 1600Pa Robot Cleaner: The Modest Robot Vacuum:

GOOVI is a good choice for those who want intelligent robot cleaners that works better on vinyl plank floors.

Key Features:

  • The suction power is 1600Pa
  • It can run on the floor for 120 minutes due to a strong battery.
  • Auto recharge system is given
  • Different cleaning modes for different surface types

What Customers are Saying

Our team explores it on different electronic platforms like Amazon and Walmart to check the user reviews and ratings regarding this best robot vacuum. Earned a good rating of 4.4 out of 5. People were satisfied with its performance on the vinyl plank floor and praised its price and other features.

Everyone doesn’t need to be satisfied at the same time. The claimed were users regarding its lack of memory and stuckness little too on the surface. The overall machine is good and can select for vinyl plank floor as per our experience.

While not all of the people were impressed with its performance. Some people complained about its lack of memory for floor plans. For some of them, the vacuum got stuck a little too frequently.

Our Experience

Connectivity & Voice Controls

All other models in our recommended list connect with Amazon Alexa and Google for voice control. This is the only device on our list that is not capable of connecting with the voice control system.


The suction power of GOOVI is 1600Pa that strong enough to remove dirt and dust from the floor. Hardwood and plank floors can deal with this robot cleaner with full efficiency.

Low Profile Design:

It contains a low-profile design capable of going beneath the heavy equipment at home like furniture, bed, sofa, and other heavy items. You will get good results on the rugs because of their long wheel. GOOVI’s compact design and flexibility allow running all types of floors.

Smart Features

Anti-drop and anti-bump sensors are installed to avoid bumping and falling from stairs and other tricky places. Robots sense the stairs and other high surfaces using sensors. A powerful battery with maximum charge ensures the robot runs for up to 2 hours. Robot sens the battery draining and back to the charging dock when the battery level is down. After getting charged back to the same place and resume the cleaning process.

  • auto charging feature
  • compact design
  • Large wheel
  • it is not suitable for thick pile carpet

Buying Guide for the Best Robot Vacuums For Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors

Users should consider some important points before buying a robot vacuum for a vinyl plank floor.

Brush Type

It is necessary to check the brush type if you are buying the robot vacuum for the vinyl plank floor. The cheap brush can never provide the proper cleaning; scratches will appear that no user wants on its beloved vinyl plank floor.

Smart Home Integration

Robots are used to make life easy and require integrating with different assistants for control, like voice control assistants and mobile applications.

Charging Capacity

The charging capacity is considered for the long run on the floor without pause. Focus on the robot vacuum that contains maximum mAh for better performance. The auto-recharge feature can ease you if your selected cleaner contains.

Dust capacity

The short size of the dustbin requires an empty bin when it fills, so the selected best robot vacuum should contain a large dust bin capacity.


Efficient cleaning is possible with efficient navigation. Robots use navigation systems to move from place to place. Mapping is also an advanced part that quality robot vacuums contain to remember the house’s layout.

Suitable quality sensors will help a robot vacuum navigate the house efficiently. And expensive options also have the ability of mapping, which can remember the layout of your home for effortless cleaning.

Care and Maintenance of Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Maintenance and care of the vinyl plank floor do not require several hours. Vinyl plank floors are durable and water-resistant and can absorb the sun’s heat. Some useful tips are using which we can keep the shine and look of the vinyl floor like new.

  • Avoid using cleaners that contain harsh bristles that scratch the floor.
  • Make it a habit if any spills occur; to remove them simultaneously without delay.
  • Don’t drag any items on the floor, especially heavy items.
  • Cleaning any hard stain with bleach can damage the floor. Use less bleach instead of excessive amounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a robot vacuum on vinyl flooring?

Yes, the robot vacuum cleaner can be used on vinyl plank flooring. It is not difficult for the best robot vacuum to suck the dirt, dust, and other debris from the vinyl plank floors.

Can you use a Roomba on vinyl plank flooring?

Roomba performance on vinyl plank floors is amazing. Costly vinyl is safe because of rubber wheels that avoid leaving scratches on the floor.

What is the best vacuum for vinyl plank floors?

All the above-listed robot vacuum cleaners are best for vinyl plank floors. We recommend Shark RV1001AE robot cleaner personally. All detail about its features and performance are shared with you at the top of the article.


After reading the complete article, we hope you understand to select the best robot vacuum for vinyl plank floors. You can read more if you are interested in getting information regarding the best robot vacuum for allergens. Our article arranged the best robot vacuums that perform better on vinyl plank floors. Contact us if you have any questions regarding the right robot vacuum selection.

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