Best Robotic Vacuum For Thick Carpet

High pile carpet is the choice of those who want extra softness and ultra-plush. Thick high pile carpet keeps your home warm and gives you extra comfort.

What do we have to face?

High pile carpet gives you comfort and beauty but requires extra care and maintenance. Carpet and vacuum can damage carpet if you apply a conventional way of cleaning on a high pile carpet.

So the question arises in mind what is the robot vacuum result on thick carpets.

Is the high pile carpet cleaned by a robot vacuum? Can robot vacuum be capable to work on high pile carpets?

The answer to this question is, yes but not all robots can do the same.

Robots are available in the market, mostly clean low and medium-pile carpets do not perform well on thick carpets. Only a few out of all can clean thick high pile carpets due to their advanced features. First, try to understand which key features should be equipped in a robot vacuum for cleaning high pile carpets.

The following are the key features that must be noticed before purchase.

Key Features:

  • Powerful Suction: due to the high pile, dirt reaches the bottom of the pile that a normal vacuum cannot clean. For reaching the bottom we need a vacuum that suction power is high. You have to select the robot vacuum that can suck dust from the root. It can only be possible with powerful suction.
  • Air Filters (HEPA): The air filter plays a very important role in preventing microscopic allergic particles. You can take breathe easily during cleaning with filters. Try to select the robot that contains a high-quality particular air filter. The quality filter is the guarantee of an allergic-free home.
  • Larger wheels:  cheap quality and badly designed robots get stuck on thick carpets. These robots have small wheels. Your selected robot should contain a high wheel that allows easy movement without tangling up in the carpet pile. The small wheel robot vacuum is not good for thick carpets.
  • Tangle Free Dust Extractors: Many robot vacuums contain brushed rolls and rolled bar, both are not suitable for thick carpet. Fibers of the carpet pulled out with brushed rolls that are the sign of ugly look of the carpet also low age of carpet. you have to select the robot that contains tangle-free dust extractors.

Best Robotic Vacuums for Thick Carpet

The importance of Roomba

Our team spent a lot of the time making the list of the best robot vacuum for thick carpets. Check the feature of each robot, performance, and reviews of customers on different platforms. You will find the following in a robot.

  • Larger wheels.
  • Powerful suction.
  • Rubber rollers (tangle-free extractors).
  • HEPA filters.

iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum- Wi-Fi Connected Mapping, Works with Alexa, Ideal for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors

 Recommended for Thick High Pile Carpets (All round robot vacuum)

best robotic vacuum for thick carpet
best robotic vacuum for thick carpet

Veteran company Irobot is the owner of Roomba 930. Its slim body and eye-catching design allow reaching under the furniture and other objects easily where cheap robots cannot reach. Roomba can move easily on carpets and other floors due to its long wheels and lightweight structure. Roomba height is auto adjustable, so carpet height is not a problem for this robot.

The cleaning of any vacuum depends on the suction power. The suction power of Roomba is 5 times extra from another vacuum robot. This powerful suction helps Roomba to bring dust and other particles from the root of the carpet to make the carpet clean and fluffy All advanced robots control using an app that is connected through Wi-Fi. Roomba includes the top-rated robot vacuum that is available with Wi-Fi connectivity control via an app.

Apart from regular cleaning mostly we need spot cleaning. This amazing feature is available in Roomba 960. The benefit of this feature is, you can select a specific area for cleaning instead of a full room that can with spot cleaning features. High pile carpet needs extra care that possible with Roomba 960. For powerful suction, the robot produces extra noise that some people do not like. Visual mapping is available only in advanced robots and Roomba 960 is one of them. Robots use the camera and sensors for mapping the room or house and select the best-suited path for reaching all places that make cleaning quicker.

Brush rolls destroy the carpet so this robot contains the rubber brush roll. Rubber brush roll robots do not stick in high pile carpets. Cleaning of the brushes is also not necessary due to rubber brush extractors.


We found Roomba 960 very well in performance in the long run. For indicating to users Roomba has extra bells and whistles. If you are good in the budget the Roomba 960 is a top-listed product in our experience that can perform better on all types of surfaces where other robots cannot perform well.

best robot cleaner

iRobot Roomba i7 (7150) Robot Vacuum- Wi-Fi Connected, Smart Mapping, Works with Alexa, Ideal for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors

Expensive Model but the Best

best robotic vacuum for thick carpet
best robotic vacuum for thick carpet

As mentioned earlier Roomba is the number one brand for producing quality vacuum robots. In our list, Roomba I7 is one of the top models with standard and advanced features.

There are few  advanced features that we record in Roomba I7 as compared to Roomba 960

The suction power of Roomba I7 is 10 x but Roomba 960 has 5x. Roomba I7 is the updated version of Roomba 960. It is not a cheap and low-cost model. Also, this model contains some advancements like the schedule of the room.

Apart from suction power, you will find everything the same in both Roomba models. Its suction power makes it top-rated and high-performance that can clean thick carpet.

 Roomba I7+ contains more advancement.

Roomba I7+  contains a more advanced feature that is a self-emptying dust bin. This amazing feature is not available in Roomba I7. Roomba I7+ is the best fit product for those who want a robot vacuum that is super advanced and protects you from allergens.


If you are going to buy Roomba 960 and have a good budget then stop, please. You can make your selection more perfect if you think about Roomba I7 which has more advanced features for quick and automatic cleaning.

best robot cleaner

iRobot Roomba 980 Wi-Fi Connected Vacuuming Robot

best robotic vacuum for thick carpet
best robotic vacuum for thick carpet

Work on Thick Carpets?


Roomba 980 is a quality product and does not need any introduction due to its high performance and customer trust. This model is an upgraded version of 960.

Roomba 980 is equipped with all the latest features that customers can find in a robot vacuum like carpet boost option, powerful suction, and long battery life. The automatic system of this robot detects the carpet surface and activates the carpet boost feature for getting powerful suction that is necessary for removing the pet hairs. A very important and major part of the robot vacuum cleaner is powerful suction. Roomba 960 suction power is 10x that makes which is the best for carpet cleaning.

A quick note regarding the boost option:

When the boost carpet option is active the fibers of the carpet pull out that look ugly and decrease the age of your carpet. Try this option on dummy carpet before the run on the loved carpet. In other features extra side cleaning brush, filter, and handy virtual wall included. The extra cleaning brush is used for cleaning from the edges and the corners of the room. The virtual wall is used to tell the Roomba no-go area.


If you mind the price then Roomba 980 is for you. But if you are looking at a device that is full of advanced features and performs best then Roomba 980 is best for you. In case of a low budget but the robot performs well and is full of basic features that the robot can, then you should fill the order for rumba 960. This vacuum will clean your thick carpet that is your demand.

best robot cleaner

When Should We Clean?

It depends on the situation, mostly if you have a big family and number of pets then you need cleaning of the carpet daily. You can schedule the robot for a daily vacuum.

Step by step guide to vacuum a long pile carpet

The truth is:

The physic of thick carpet is different from the low pile and medium-pile carpets. For getting the cleaning of the thick pile carpet, you have to follow some important points. Thick, deep pile carpets are not like the medium, low pile ones. You have to be attentive

Points that are important to follow.

  1. You have to confirm the dust bin of the robot is empty before starting its journey.
  2. Make it possible to replace the objects that can interrupt the cleaning of vacuum robot-like toys, chairs, cable, furniture, or any other objects.
  3. Forgetting quick and perfect cleaning pick up the big pieces of debris that make the robot move stuck on the rug.
  4. Before starting the robot for cleaning ensure its battery level is full. But in our best vacuum carpet cleaner list, all robot has the feature of recharge and resume. Customers don’t need to switch for charging and unplug after completing the charge. Robots are fully automatic; in case of low battery, they go back to the docking station due to their recharge feature.
  5. After checking all the above points run the vacuum for cleaning on carpet.
  6. You can select the suitable mode but modes are not available in all robots. Like spot cleaning mode that performs cleaning on selected areas.
  7. Cleaning can be repeated twice or thrice if you think the carpet is not fully clean.
  8. Spot cleaning is also not needed more because dirt detects technology guess the dirt and never allow you to command for spot cleaning.

Thick Carpets Maintenance Tips:

  • Don’t be late to empty the dust bin of your loved one robot vacuum.
  • Make it a habit to change the air filter every three months. A low-efficiency air filter can cause an allergy for you or your family.
  • The most important point for the safety of thick gives carpet is that you don’t use brushes or vacuum with a brushed roll. Using brushes means the end of thick carpet.
  • Steam cleaning also helps you for increasing the age and keep the beauty of the carpet. Steam cleaning is depending on the amount of dirt and the number of family members. Once in the month is recommended.
  • For making your carpet super clean and allergy-free use the robot vacuum run more.
  • You can handle odor, take the mixture of cinnamon and cloves and sprinkle on the surface of the carpet before starting vacuum.
  • Several carpet cleaning tips are available on the internet that you will try. Please stop just trying these tips on the small or rough area, after testing and getting the final result then apply on your valued carpets.
  • Now your carpet is clean, this is your duty to keep your carpet clean with walking shoes on carpet, stop children eating on the carpet, in case of stain that comes from any operation can give an ugly look of your carpet. The cleaning process is very boring and disliking.
  • Stain cannot stop that is necessary to remove. For making your carpet stain free you can follow the best carpet cleaning.


Thick carpets are fluffy, smooth, and wooly which give you extra comfort. For making your carpet clean and remain high value just clean your carpet daily with the high-efficiency robot vacuum. Because robot vacuums suck the dirt from the carpet daily and never allow the dirt to accumulate inside the high pile.

Are robot vacuum / Roomba vacuum valuable for high pile carpets?

It is strongly recommended for thick pile carpets owners that don’t use the cheap and low price robot vacuum for cleaning because they damage the fibers of the carpet and make carpet valueless. If you have a high pile carpet then don’t think about low price cheap vacuum cleaners.

After searching and testing many robot vacuums we come to this point that Irobot is the number one robot vacuum cleaner brand that produces the quality of products in different ranges. The main two feature that is best suited for high pile carpets is a powerful suction and auto adjustable height.

What is the solution to Medium Pile carpet? / Best robot for Medium pile carpet.

All vacuum robots can work on medium pile carpet even robots that work on high piles alsoarecarpets best for medium pile carpets. If you need the recommendation and don’t want to scroll and search on the internet, you need a vacuum cleaner that has a whistle, indicator, and powerful suction then you buy Roomba 960. But it is possible Roomba 960 mind your pocket, you can trust on Roomba 890 that is affordable and work better on medium-pile carpets.

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