The owner of high pile carpets knows how much care and maintenance requirements. Besides high-pile carpets, the issues of low-pile and medium-pile carpets are different. The major issues start from the high carpet pile; this type is prone just because sucked up and often stuck by vacuum cleaners.

High piles are arduous to clean, and the fiber size is high and difficult to clean with simple vacuum cleaners. The owner of these types of carpets often notices trying to discover suitable vacuum cleaners. They need a cleaner that works perfectly without damaging or running the carpet’s fiber.

If you are still reading this article, it means you are interested to know about the best shark vacuum for thick carpets. Our expert team knows the solution to your problem, tests some shark vacuum cleaners, and selects those which perform excellently on the high pile carpet.

You don’t need to think about which shark cleaner is best for high-pile carpets. An organized list of the best performer on the surface along with buying guide describes here.

Let s go down with us and come to know the best shark vacuum for thick surfaces.

Best Shark Vacuum For Thick Carpet / High pile Carpet List View

Best Upright Shark Vacuum for High Pile Carpet: Shark APEX Upright Vacuum with DuoClean

best shark vacuum for thick carpet

Shark Apex DuoClean Upright vacuum cleaners are counted among top-class cleaners. A potent machine with some substantial features. The machine’s price is a bit higher compared to another Shark variant. Your dream deep cleaning of high pile carpet comes true with a DuoClean Shark vacuum cleaner.

Numerous surface cleanings like hardwood floors and high piles along low and medium-pile carpets are facile to treat with an astonishing vacuum cleaner.

The key feature requires for high pile carpets is the height of the brush roll that we can adjust facilely of Shark vacuum. The height adjustment feature empowers you to work on numerous surfaces. Shark DuoClean best fits those with different floors at home who want all one solution to their cleaning problem. When you go for a high pile, just set the height accordingly and start cleaning. The user just sets the height rest of the working vacuum will perform.

Dustbin Capacity:

The capacity of the dustbin, along with other superlative features, is .88 liter—a suitable capacity for the majority of the user without several emptying turns.


A vigorous filtration system must equip with a quality vacuum cleaner. The Shark DuoClean contains the HEPA filter. If you have tiny information about vacuum machines, you are familiar with HEPA. The name quality HEPA claims to trap tiny particles and allergens 99.99 percent. A user-trusted filter, most old users, just check the vacuum cleaner equipped with HEPA and decide to buy. The strong suction and HEPA filter both ensure that everything is clean.

Versatility & Ease of Use:

As we know, the cleaning of high-pile fiber is arduous. Here understand two different aspects first, the vacuum cleaner should be capable of cleaning the high pile, and second, the way of cleaning should be easy. You can find both features ins the Shark DuoClean vacuum cleaner. The adjustable height of this astonishing vacuum cleaner solves this issue. This amazing variant will keep the surface or fiber safe when deep cleaned.

High-pile carpet cleaning turns easy when some options are available to deal with the issue. Apart from the high pile, it can work on other surfaces too.

Notable Features:

In the hair-picking process, typical vacuum cleaning devices often face a clogging issue. Shark resolve this issue by providing the Zero-M technology. The astounding technology Zero-M avoids wrapping pet hairs with a cleaning head. Don’t consider this technology will work efficiently as you consider. It depends on the number of hairs that you pick from the surface. If the quantity is low, the self-clean system will work; otherwise, you will find wrapped hairs on the head. Don’t expect it as you previously thought the pet hair would automatically remove. It will handle a small amount or low quantity; otherwise, the user will clean after finishing the cleaning session because it does not contain the self-cleaning brush roll.

Power Rating:

The power of the motor is 11.3 A, a high-power motor sucking fast that users expect with a quality vacuum cleaner.

Accessories Included:

The attachments with cleaners are the helping tools, making the cleaning process efficient with extra access. It contains the 12-inch crevice tool, pet power brush, and upholstery tool. All tools are used in different places according to the situation.

  • It contains the HEPA filter best for fresh and colls environment
  • Powerful, efficient vacuum cleaner for multi surfaces
  • Enriched with Zero-M technology
  • Deep cleaning handle with Duo-Clean dual brush
  • The size of the power cord is 30 feet
  • It contains the LED headlight
  • High pile, low pile, and medium pile handle with adjustable height feature
  • Pet stains easy to manage with a crevice tool
  • Pet hairs are not arduous
  • The weight of the machine is 16 pounds
  • Not affordable for all users.


If your eyes stick on this vacuum cleaner, Shark is your first choice, and you don’t know which will suit you. You buy this Shark variant if the price tag does not matter; your focus is only on quality, nothing else. Bring this Shark variant and enjoy its features.

Shark Apex upright vacuum cleaner belongs to the premium family; there are numerous features equipped that users love. No one can challenge its power, versatile feature, and efficiency if you live in a big house with multiple surfaces that you have to deal with daily; Shark Apex can be your best friend for handling messes and stains. The transition from carpet to a hardwood surface is easy without effort. Users can adjust their height according to carpet type. Tune it according to the surface and start cleaning. Shark Apex will never mind.

Pet lovers can settle the pet messes, and pet hair and deal with high pile carpets that are difficult with ordinary vacuum devices.

Overall one of the top-notch shark vacuum cleaning devices in one solution for houses and offices.

After all, it is one of Shark’s most powerful upright cleaners.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional


Shark Navigator is counted among those vacuums that are powerful, versatile, and easy to maneuver. The process of maneuvering is done by its swivel head. Easy transit from hard floor to carpet by switching on and off the brush roll. The user just needs to press the button; the action will complete. Pet lovers can enjoy the feature of a motorized brush and pick their pet hair ideally.

If you are fretting about hard-to-reach places, the crevice tool of Shark lift-away will never disappoint you. The main concern is thick carpet cleaning; this variant is empowered with a 1200 W strong motor capable of cleaning high-pile carpets. It contains a 30-feet long power cord for easy moving surroundings. High power motor never makes it bulky; the exact weight of the machine is 13.7 pounds. It can easily go under the furniture and other tricky places. The canister of the vacuum cleaners is sealed and contains the HEPA filter. The ability to trap the dust and allergens of HEPA is 99.9 percent.

The suction power of this machine is admirable. The picking power is astonishing. An object located one inch far can grab quickly. If you are a pet owner and want to enjoy this machine’s pet features, you must bring it and experience how efficient it is.

We don’t recommend this machine if you want to clean multiple surfaces at a time. It will never fulfill your cleaning task accurately. Instead of that, the features of the machine outclass.

Shark Navigator is the best fit for high-pile carpets. Using this canister vacuums cleaner users can easily pick the pet hair and other small debris. pet hair is difficult to eliminate from the carpet surface Shark vacuum for high pile carpet can facilely sweep.

Product Specs

  • Form factor: Upright
  • Cordless: No
  • Weight: 13.7 pounds
  • The canister size is large
  • The price tag is affordable
  • High power of suction
  • The reattachment process of the canister vacuums are arduous
  • Delicate area rugs are not suitable for this machine.

Best Shark Stick Vacuum for High Pile Carpet: Shark Rocket Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum HV302


Stick vacuum cleaner without a bag; Shark Rocket HV302 is a dashing, stunning stick vacuum cleaner with many features. It is a lightweight corded vacuum cleaner, facile to use on a high pile carpet with less effort. Easy movement takes less effort than buying lightweight cleaning variants on high-pile carpets.

When stick or lightweight discuss, it means we can never challenge the power of typical upright cleaners, they are more powerful and bulky as compared to stick vacuum cleaning devices. High-pile carpet cleaning is done by its punch feature.

Not fixed for high pile carpets, numerous surfaces can handle with an astonishing vacuum cleaner. Transit between carpet to other any surface is quite facile. Press the button and move to the next concern surface. You are living in a home where numerous surfaces; Shark Rocket has the propensity to work on all surfaces, anyhow high pile carpets or hardwood floors. Some brands have auto-adjusting the height feature, adjusting the height according to the surface; Shark Rocket necessitates pressing the button.

Dustbin Capacity:

It is a lightweight machine; the bin’s capacity is not large like other Shark upright traditional vacuum cleaners. Emptying the bin is done outright by just pressing the button.


The high-quality filter is used for picking the allergens, not a HEPA filter anyhow good in quality. It can trap dust, dander, and pollen too. The integrated filter is washable; which is another plus point.


As we mentioned, it is a lightweight and compact cleaning machine that allows it easy to store at the desired place.

The way of storage is not arduous; it just detaches its stick from the base and stores it at any close or short place. When you need to use just bring it out, reattach the stick, and be ready to go. The other way of storing this astonishing vacuum cleaner is its hook which is available on the handheld vac portion. Just mount it in any suitable place. These extra features help the user for a better experience in each aspect, anyhow its cleaning, maintenance of the machine, or storing process. The design and features will easily meet what users expect from a user-friendly machine.

Accessories Included:

The cleaners’ accessories are the machine’s power, in other words. Extra attachments boost the access and ability of the machine. The following attachments you find with this machine.

  • Hard floor attachment
  • Home + car detailing kit
  • Pet multi-tool
  • 5-inch crevice tool
  • Accessory/Storage bag

The name of the attachments shows you can reach almost every place to get cleaning work done. Commonly tricky and hard-to-reach places leave due to a lack of tools and easy access. When you get new cleaning required at a tricky place, just convert it to the handheld vacuum and reach the action place. These places can be upholstery, stairs, corners, and other related areas.

  • Pet hairs are easy to trap
  • Press the button available on the canister; it will do outright instantly. The process of emptying is facile.
  • Fleetly transform to hand vacuum.
  • The size of the power cord is 25 feet.
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Easy maneuvering is important for efficient results; Shark Rocket provides Swivel steering to overcome this problem.
  • Easy to store in a tight place
  • The weight of the machine is not high.
  • Easy to adjust the power of suction
  • The machine’s weight is only 8 pounds, but when we compare it with other stick vacuums, it is a bit high.
  • Large homes cannot enjoy it due to its small cleaning head of 10 inches.
  • The warranty period is not admirable like other Shark variants offering five years.
  • The size of the dust cup is small.


Shark Rocket is an intelligent choice for those who are living in small areas or homes and want to buy the Shark variant. It will never bother you when storage requires this jarring vacuum cleaner. When we say small home, the shortage of storage does not allow a big bulky machine.

The cleaning path of the astounding machine is not big enough but don’t fret. The 10-inch size is ample for a small apartment. Shark rockets create difficulty for those who want to cover a large area in a short time just because the size of the cleaning path is small. The owner of small houses handles messes with pure fidelity.

You must clean upholstery, pet hair, or stairs, turn on the machine and turn to handheld mode. Tricky and tight places not far from Shark Rocket, hand vac, and wand combo reach the target place with easy hands. Users will admire the spotless environment. It is often noticed the corners are left with typical vacuum cleaners. Shark Rocket will never leave them alone on the surface. Each unwanted will go inside the canister.

Last, Shark Rocket is suitable for those who want a compact, powerful, and versatile vacuum cleaner. Its aptness makes the surface super clean, like new. You can consider this versatile machine for handling high-pile carpets with efficient results.

Shark Rotator Lift-Away TruePet Upright Vacuum


Shark Rotator Lift-Away TruePet upright vacuum cleaner is our next selected vacuum cleaner. It contains a mini motorized rotating power brush. The pet hair can never remain when the Shark Rotator takes action. The other feature includes the two-in-one pet multi-tools with an upholstery brush and bristle brush. These features enable vacuum cleaners to suck pet hairs even if they are small. Empower with LED at the head for easy operation.

Accessories with vacuum cleaners make cleaning operation facile; Shark Rotator Lift-Away contains the crevice tool, pet power brush, and upholstery tool. Some tools like crevice tools use on each surface and place to get stains out.

This Shark variant carries 1150 wattage, considered a high-power machine, used for taking strict action against dirt, dust, and grime. The filtration system empowers with a HEPA filter. The claim of HEPA traps 99.99 percent of allergens from the environment. The transition from one floor to another type of floor is done by a button available at the handle. Easy movement is not possible without a long power cord; the size of an astounding vacuum cleaner is 25 -feet. The weight is measured at 15.4 pounds. It is not listed in the lightweight machines as a bit high weight.

Product Specs

  • Form factor: Upright, handheld vacuum
  • Cord: Yes
  • Weight: 15.4 pounds
  • High suction power
  • Pet hair is easy to see due to its LED
  • Did well in crevices
  • It is not a lightweight machine.

Best Shark Rotator Vacuum for High Pile Carpet: Shark NV752 Rotator Upright Vacuum with HEPA Filter, Crevice Tool, Pet Multi-Tool, and Powder Brush


Shark is undoubtedly an astonishing cleaning brand that produces machines that win the heart of users. It is a Shark Nv752 rotator upright vacuum cleaner; another outclass machine fit for those who search for a high suction machine with efficient picking. Instead of a power feature, the other equipped features enable this machine to work on carpets, rugs, hard floors, and related surfaces.

Easy to use and transit from one surface to another. If the user is working on a carpet he wants to move to a hardwood floor, just press the button to shift the cleaner mode carpet to the hardwood floor. You don’t need to make an effort or change and adjust any equipment of the cleaner, just press the button and come to another mode. A very useful feature, especially when shifting from high pile carpet to hard floor.

A vital feature is suction power, picking, and dust cup size. The dust cup size is large enough for 1 liter to avoid several turns regarding emptying the bin. The user who is living in a small apartment or medium-sized house, the capacity of a bin is enough for them. Instead, if you are concerned about picking a bunch of pet hairs and dirt, emptying the bin requires several. The next step is how empty the bin means with easy hands or difficult to dump. The process of emptying is quite easy. Just push the button, and the bin is empty. Confirm the bin is empty, then go for the next cleaning session.

Shark Apex upright vacuum cleaner is described above; this shark variant is not equally powerful as the Apex model. It is powerful enough never let your expectation down available at an affordable price. The power of a motor is 9.5 A. In other words, high pile carpet not far from Shark rotator upright vacuum cleaner. Efficient results can observe on numerous surfaces using this machine.

Filtration systems become important for those who have pets in their homes. We know apart from HEPA, there is no other quality filter that claims to trap 99.99 percent of environmental allergens. If you want fresh and cool air for easy breathing, HEPA is necessary with a vacuum cleaner.

The following attachments are part of this stunning vacuum cleaner.

  • Pet multi-tool
  • Pet power brush
  • 12-inch crevice tool

Pet lovers are always ready to find products that eliminate pet fur and other pet stains like pet hair. Using above mentioned accessories, you come to know how powerful this vacuum cleaner is. Get the complete image of all features collectively in your mind powerful Lift-Away technology, HEPA filter, and pet tool attachments, and imagine how efficient and useful a vacuum cleaner is for pet owners. We know in this article our major concern is cleaning the high pile carpet; these features tell us we can use it multipurpose.

The next concern is cleaning under furniture and other heavy items, detaching the canister from the base, and reaching the target place to take action under furniture or another tight and tricky place.

It is not fixed, goes under the furniture any hard to reach, and tricky places can handle with its amazing feature. The other places can be curtains, corners, ceilings, etc. it does not require any hard arrangement to do this; detach the grip and attach the crevice tool. Now sit tight at the target place, engulfed unwanted by agitating the stains and vacuum cleaner’s suction power.

The feature we have discussed are its power, affordability, and versatility it has enough size dust bin size. Available in attractive and effective design, the given attachments make it a more powerful and efficient machine.

The filter change and replacement process require extra money; the filter of this Shark variant is washable, facilely wash the filters and go for a cleaning session. Shark produces machines to cover all types of users; it depends on the user which type of machine he wants for his home and office.

Pros & Cons

  • The warranty period is five years.
  • Pet owners accept it with warm hands
  • Empowered with HEPA filter, capable of efficiently trapping 99.99 percent of allergens.
  • Facile to convert stick variant, mean hard and tricky places handle facilely.
  • The bin-emptying process is simple
  • The given attachments are outclassed and more effective for pet owners.
  • Come with a washable filters feature
  • LED available at head
  • Transit from hard floors to carpets easily by just pressing the button.
  • The weight of the machine is 15 pounds consider heavy
  • Onboard storage is not available
  • Pet Hair tangling with cleaning the head is a common issue.

Shark Vertex Cordless Vacuum with DuoClean PowerFins


After the described heavy and bulky Shark variant, we now select the cordless Shark model. Shark Vertex DuoClean is best fit for those who have small space owners. Their major concern is movability, so they decide to go for a smart and small machine like Shark Vertex. The Shark Vertex Cordless Vacuum With DuoClean PowerFins is a suitable option.

Instead of stick and lightweight features, small-area users admire the power of its extra battery. With a single charge, it can run on the surface for 80 minutes. Handling large areas is not a big issue. Just swap the battery and go ahead. The process of storing if you have short places is amazing.

Don’t over-expect all the features; if you imagine the motor is powerful like other Shark upright vacuum cleaners, it’s not true. The motor power is 300W. If this Shark variant makes sense, click add to cart and proceed to order.

Product Specs

  • Form factor: Stick
  • Cord: No
  • Weight: 9.04 pounds
  • It is not a noisy machine
  • Facile to pick from tricky places
  • The machine weight is light, allowing easy maneuver
  • Suction power is a bit low as compared to other upright Shark variants.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Shark Vacuum

A feature that must consider for getting an outstanding Shark cleaner. If you never consider these features, the desired results can never aspect with a selected vacuum cleaner.

Consider Home Size for selecting the best shark vacuum

The user living in a single-room apartment is not required to check the upright shark cleaner. A stick vacuum cleaner or robotic handheld vacuum are suitable options. Instead of that, if large areas like big bungalow houses are your preference, then an upright vacuum cleaner will be the best option.

Be careful regarding the weight of the machine; when you go for an upright vacuum cleaner, their weight is often high; if you live in a multi-floor home, then carrying a vacuum cleaner is a big headache. Multi-story living users should prefer stick vacuum cleaners that are easy to carry and move from one place to another.

Floor Types

Like other important features before buying a decision, floor type includes main concerts. The selected vacuum cleaners should work efficiently on the user’s floor. The major categories of floors are hard floors, carpet, and rug floors

  • Tile, linoleum, hardwood, and other nonfibrous floors
  • Tile or hardwood floors are easy to clean with any Shark variant, not fixed with an upright or any other type of vacuum. The choice will never be useless, even if you want a robot vacuum. Other handheld and sticks can be used with efficient results.
  • Area rugs
  • If you are looking Shark vacuum cleaner for area rugs, then stick vacuums, robotic vacuums, and handheld vacuums should be your choice. Area rugs are arduous to clean and require enough power to complete cleaning.
  • Carpeting
  • Two categories fall into carpet flooring, low and medium-pile carpets, and thick-pile carpets. If you are willing to buy cleaner for thick pile carpets, you must consider upright or high-power vacuum cleaners that clean high-pile carpet surfaces with easy hands.

Corded vs. Cordless Shark vacuum

The Shark vacuum cleaners are available with numerous features. Some are empowered with a cord, and some are cordless variants.

Corded Shark vacuums

Corded vacuum cleaners come with extra power; they are high in size and power compared to cordless stick vacuums. Corded Shark vacuum cleaners is an intelligent choice for carpeting floor. The retractable cord is easy to manage after finishing the cleaning task. Typically the length of cords available in a Shark vacuum is 15 feet to 30 feet. Users have to plug and unplug several times according to power outlet availability.

Cordless Shark vacuums

The cordless stick vacuum looks the amazing best fit for those living in small apartments. Useful for area rugs and hardwood floors. The suction power can never compare with the corded unit. Anyhow cordless will never let down expectations and provide awesome results.

Cordless units use power sources from batteries. Two types of batteries are widely used in cordless stick vacuum: lithium-ion and NiMH. The battery’s runtime starts from 20 minutes to up to 1 hour. The type of Lithium-ion batteries is more powerful than the NiMH type.

Motor for best shark vacuum

The power of the motor tells the sucking of the machine that must consider. Shark models measure the motor power in watts.

Upright Shark vacuums

  • Upright Shark vacuum cleaners are empowered with motors that range starts from 500W up to 1300w. High-pile carpet with upright vacuums can handle with easy hands. After the upright next type of stick is available in the medium power, the range comes from 200W to 600W.

Handheld Shark vacuums

  • Handheld machines are useful for spot cleaning or useful for short area cleaning. A handheld vacuum variant is the best solution to overcome tight areas cleaning issues like upholstery, behind furniture, or a vehicle. The power of motors starts from 100W to 200W.

Robotic Shark vacuums

  • Robotic Shark cleaners are suitable for well-managed smooth, hard floors. The power range starts from 25W goest to 100W. The runtime with this power is high, up to 1 hour.

Air Filtration

A quality filtration system is necessary for making the environment allergy-free. Air filtration considers those who are suffering from allergy issues. The quality filter system with a machine ensures the maximum allergens particle trapping like pollen, dander, and pet hairs. Without clearing the air, fresh air cannot expect.

Vacuum cleaner manufacturers offer divergent filtration systems with strong claims. Consider HEPA filtration if you want quality results. Only HEPA claims to trap 99.99 percent of allergens. The filter should be washable instead of replaced.


The machine’s maneuverability is a must if you want an effortless machine. The important factors are that a capable machine to easily maneuver by its wheel, head, handle, and weight.

Noise Level

The normal noise level is 70 dB; the vacuum cleaner will never disturb if dB is under 70. The continuous noise produces for up to an hour at the same rate will never heart your listening. Instead, that high-noise machine disturbs the entire building, especially neighbors. The sleeping person or available at home will never let you complete the cleaning job. So go for quieter machines; check their dB rating before deciding on them. The latest models are enriched with anti-noise technology.


Accessories empower vacuum cleaners and increase their excess and efficiency. The common accessories are pet hair tools, under-appliance wands, dusting brushes, crevice tools, and upholstery tools. Must consider these tools for getting good results.

if you are curious about the best shark vacuum and want to buy with a safe hand follow the point described in the buying guide one by one. The shark vacuum cleaner is good for picking pet hair from thick pile carpets. Shark vacuums for high pile carpets are available in stick vacuum shapes and handheld vacuum shapes it depends on the user which shape and design he needed.

Final Thoughts:

You are the owner of high-pile carpets and fretting about selecting the best Shark Vacuum for thick surfaces. Your crucial intention is how to find the best machine. You want a cleaner that overcomes all stain issues without damaging the surface of the esteemed high-pile carpet.

Why only Shark? The brand name Shark comes to mind with quality factors. It got a good name and user trust by producing worthwhile cleaning devices. The shark variant is empowered with features that are beneficial for handling high-pile carpets with easy hands.

In our article, we have described the top-notch Shark variant suitable for high-pile carpets. You can select anyone that makes you sense more. If you have any queries regarding the best shark vacuum for thick carpets, feel free to contact us. Our comment box is open for you.


Sharks are generally good on high-pile carpets, but it depends on the specific model and features of the vacuum. Some Shark vacuums are specifically designed for high-pile carpets and have features such as powerful suction and specialized brushrolls that can effectively remove dirt and debris from deep within the carpet fibers. However, other models may struggle to effectively clean high-pile carpets or may require additional attachments to do so. It’s important to research the specific features of a Shark vacuum before purchasing to ensure that it will be effective on your specific type of carpet.
Shark offers several vacuums that are good for carpets, including the Navigator Lift-Away Professional, Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet, Apex DuoClean with Zero-M, and Rocket Complete with DuoClean. These models have powerful brush rolls, strong suction, and various attachments for cleaning carpets, stairs, and upholstery. The best option depends on your specific needs and carpet type, so it’s important to compare features before making a purchase.
To use a Shark vacuum on the thick carpet, adjust the height to the highest setting and turn on the vacuum. Vacuum in straight lines, using a slow and steady motion. Empty the dustbin and clean the brush roll regularly.
If your Shark vacuum is hard to push on the carpet, it may be due to the height adjustment being set too low, a clogged filter, a dirty brush roll, or weak suction. Check and adjust the height, clean or replace the filter, and regularly clean the brush roll to improve the vacuum’s performance on the carpet.

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