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Bedsheets are typically changed and washed on a regular basis. When a lot of time has passed, cleaning mattresses properly is necessary rather than just switching out the sheets and doing the laundry. After a certain period of time, mattresses should be cleaned using any cleaning equipment to remove the dust, filth, germs, and bacteria that have accumulated. The ideal cleaning device for thoroughly cleaning a mattress is a steam cleaner. The finest steam cleaner for a mattress will be discussed after that.

What Is The Steam Cleaner for Mattress?

There are several manufacturers that provide steam cleaners with various characteristics. We have chosen premium brands that can thoroughly clean the mattress. These brands include McCulloch, Ivation, and PurSteam.

If they meet user needs, several more brands may be chosen. But It takes a lot of time to find a mattress steam cleaning. You may choose the finest steam cleaner with the aid of our advice without expending additional work or time. For more information on choosing the ideal steam cleaner, see the section below and carefully read the article.

Best Steam Cleaner for mattress List View

McCulloch MC1375: Best Steam Cleaner 

best steam cleaner for mattress

The McCulloch is a sizable machine with a variety of excellent attachments to handle different cleaning issues. McCulloch, a strong steam cleaner, can remove filth, grime, oil, and stains from a variety of surfaces with its hot steam. Hot steam is used by a steam cleaner with a number of attachments to clean sealed wood, granite, and laminate floors. The greatest option for thoroughly cleaning the mattress, besides the floors, is McCulloch.

Cleaning the Surface

It is not designed just for cleaning mattresses; this awesome machine can effectively eliminate stains and filth from tiles, vinyl, ceramic, granite, laminate, and other hardwood floors.

Steam Pressure Indicator:

We can determine the steam density using a McCulloch steam pressure gauge. To remove the oily and greasy stain from the surface, use the gauge set with a higher number. The stiff, greasy, and tenacious stain is removed with strong steam.

Steam Control:

According to the user’s demands, the steam adjuster assists in adjusting the steam. Otherwise, surfaces might be damaged by hot steam.

Size of the water tank:

McCulloch’s water tank holds 48 ounces of water, which takes 12 minutes to prepare for use and is sufficient to generate powerful steam for 45 minutes on any surface.

Avoid Chemicals:

Any steam cleaner may create hot steam without using any harmful chemicals. For washing any floor and mattress, steam is sufficient.

Size of the Power Cord and Hose

The hose is 10 feet in length and the power wire is 18 feet. A lengthy hose and power cable both aid in covering the most possible area. A long power cord and hose can make it easier to store the inside cleaner.

  • Bundle of accessories
  • Powerful steam produce
  • A steam adjuster use to adjust the steam level
  • Storage is given for keeping accessories
  • Steam gauge for pressure monitoring
  • Best steam cleaner for a mattress.
  • Greater reach
  • Hose creates problems sometimes.
  • Carpet and rugs are not steam cleaner friends.

LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Multifunctional Steam Mop


Without a doubt, Light N Easy is a top-notch steam cleaner with steam mop capabilities. This is our second choice for thoroughly cleaning a mattress. Cleaning the floors is also impressive, in addition to being capable of the mattress. The water heats up in under thirty seconds. Light N Easy’s hot steam offers effective cleaning without the need of any helping detergent.

Anti-Falldown Function

It is an upright type, and when customers want to take a break from cleaning, they may click a button to position the cleaner vertically. This issue is resolved with Light N Easy, which is not present in other upright variants. You may leave it at any moment without worrying about it falling or being hurt.

Steam Control:

Light N Easy has a steam adjuster with three degrees of steam adjustment. Users may choose between low, medium, and high steam levels depending on the surface. In this case, we’re talking about the cleaner for mattresses, but it also works well for many other materials than flooring. A steam adjuster is used to change the steam level from high to low depending on the circumstance.

Light N Easy is the best mattress steam cleaner.

Why did we choose this cleaner for the mattress is a valid question. The portable version of the Light N Easy multi-task cleaning performer tool may be used to clean mattresses and other similar products. A nozzle may be used to thoroughly clean the mattress, removing any stains, dirt, bacteria, and germs.


The portable solution of this cleaner works well for sanitizing bathrooms and other areas. With attached nozzles, it is also used for leather, curtains, and other similar things. The best solution to steam clothes is with hot clothes steamer.

Among the top steam cleaners with excellent cleaning performance. Utilizing its several functions, you may clean and sterilize every inch of your house. It is a deserving machine because of the high steam and sturdy bundle of accessories.

  • Smart switch help to stand the cleaner in a vertical position
  • Steam adjuster
  • Easy to convert into a handheld model
  • Available with admirable accessories
  • The touch sensor is given
  • Handheld versions require a full water tank.

Affordable: Handheld Steam Cleaner by Comforday


Product Specification:

  • Manufacturer: Handletech
  • Dimension: 11.2 x 5.3 x 8.9 inches
  • Item Weight: 3.3 pounds
  • Power: 1050W
  • Attachment: 9 Pieces
  • Max Temperature: 250°F
  • Water Tank Size: 350 ml
  • Heating Time: Not Listed
  • Work Duration: Not Listed

The finest steam cleaner to restore a mattress to like-new condition is the Comfortday portable steam cleaner. For individuals who want a single cleaning device, the Comfortday steam cleaner is excellent.

This fantastic steam cleaner produces steam at a temperature of 250 degrees, which is powerful enough to clean and sanitize. Its low cost makes it more appealing to consumers. Mold, grease, oil, and filth may all be eliminated in one cleaning pass.

Its potent steaming capability may be used to clean various surfaces than mattresses, including floors made of granite, ceramic, laminate, and other hardwoods. This machine is often used by old users to clean the stoves, toys, BBQ, grills, sink, and other surfaces with excellent results.

We may utilize a steam cleaner in a variety of locations for cleaning and sanitizing. A smart cleaner like the Comfortday steam cleaner is portable, so you can use it anywhere to begin sanitizing with skilled hands.

There are nine accessories included with Comfortday. a Comforday was rated highest overall by us and had excellent results for mattresses among other things. If Comforday provides you with a better impression, you may purchase it.

Features of Handheld Steam Cleaner:

  • Triggers are difficult to hold for a long time during cleaning. Comfort provides the trigger lock to solve the problem.
  • The size of the hose is long. The long size provides better and easy cleaning for reaching the maximum area.
  • Steam cleaner quality enables us to steam clean the clothes, curtains, beds, mattresses, and other related items.
  • Better focus steaming is done by its giving jet nozzle. Focus steam eliminates dirt and grime from the root level.

  • Never contain residue that is harmful to humans or pets.
  • Sanitizing is possible on all kinds of surfaces
  • Brushes are given with packing to agitate the hard stain from the surface during the steaming process.
  • Hot steam removes the stubborn stain.
  • Trigger lockers lock the trigger, but the pressure comes down.

Best lightweight: PurSteam Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner


Product Specification:

  • Manufacturer: PurSteam World’s Best Steamers
  • Dimension: 85.8 x 88.2 x 86.6 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Power: Not Listed
  •  Attachments: 9 Pieces
  • Max Temperature: 289.4F
  • Water Tank Size: Large
  • Heating Time: 3 to 4 Minutes
  • Work Duration: Not Listed

Pursteam is a well-known user trusty handheld steam cleaner with awesome features. We have selected Pursteam because of its remarkable performance on the mattress and other items.

Like other quality steam cleaners, the hot steam comes out and removes stains, grime, and greases with no more signs on the surface. It does not require any additional chemicals to fight stains. The power cord size is 9.8 feet, which tells us we can carry our machine for treating long areas inside or outside the house.

Mattress cleaning is the sip of coffee for Pursteam. Useful results were taken during our test on wood flooring, laminate floors and ceramic tiles, and wool carpets. Deep cleaning and hard-to-reach places steam with its given attachments.

Features of PurSteam:

  • It contains 9 attachments that ensure deep cleaning along with those places which are hard to reach.
  • Quick cleaning except because it takes only 3 to 4 minutes to start the process.
  • Cloth steamer and window cleaner are excellent attachments that provide relief in several places.
  • Contains the safety lock system.
  • The water heating process is quick for steam producing
  • Pursteam produces a strong enough stream to eliminate the harder stains
  • Highly versatile
  • It is an affordable cleaning device as compared to other related cleaners.
  • Water leakage problem is claimed by some users.

Who Should Purchase This?

After reading the specification and its performance, you can buy it if it gives you a better sense. After testing, we picked this device and preferred to buy it just because of its quality features.

Best Compact: Sienna Steam Birdie Handheld Steam Cleaner


Product Specification:

  • Manufacturer: And Products
  • Dimension: 10.75 x 10.12 x 6.06 inches
  • Item Weight: 3.87 pounds
  • Power: 1500 W
  • Attachments: 8 Pieces
  • Max Temperature: Not Listed
  • Water Tank Size: 350 ml
  • Heating Time: 30 Seconds
  • Work Duration: Not Listed

The best steam cleaner at home means you don’t need any harsh and dangerous chemicals to get rid of bacteria and germs. Sienna handheld steam cleaner is our next pick after listing other quality cleaners. We have picked Sienna steam cleaner because it is eco-friendly and disinfects mattresses, floors, and upholstery without requiring any harsh chemicals.

Steam cleaners provide cleaning with sanitizing. It can be used in several places inside the house, like the kitchen, bathrooms, clothes, curtains, and mattresses. Often used for cleaning and sanitizing the mattresses.

The steam pressure of this unique steam cleaner is 14,5 PSI, strong enough to remove the grime and other unwanted dust mites. Sienna steam cleaner comes into action in 30 seconds, and hot steam starts blasting the stains.

The water refilling process is easy which enables the cleaning to continue as per user demand.

Features of Sienna Steam Birdie Handheld Steam:

  • Best sanitizing machine for sanitizing the mattress, child toys, pet cages, furniture, and curtains.
  • Mattresses, bedding, and pillows contain bed bugs, dust mites, germs, and bacteria that can kill with steam cleaning.
  • The use of bleach, detergents, ammonia, or any other agent is not required by steam cleaners.
  • A compact Sienna steam cleaner containing high power takes 1500 watts while using.
  • The steam cleaner contains only 5 pounds of weight which s included in the lightweight cleaners list.
  • Tap water can be used in steam cleaning.
  • It is a compact and portable cleaning device.
  • The number of attachments is 9.
  • Wooden surfaces are not fairly treated with a sienna steam cleaner.
  • Who Should Purchase This?
  • A very smart handheld compact steam cleaner for sanitizing daily household items quickly. The proper and regular usage ensures the deodorization, disinfection, and sanitization of the surface.

Dupray Neat: Multipurpose Heavy Duty Steamer


Dupray Neat is best for those who want a multipurpose steam cleaner for their home. Dupray Neat is suitable for deep cleaning the mattress. A unique and remarkable device just because of its advance and latest features.

Dupray Neat entry into the cleaning tools world was a hot topic and got good fame on several electronic platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. The attractive design, a beautiful on/off button on the body, makes it more attractive.

Dupray Neat starts with the “ON” button given on its body that starts operation when green light glows. It comes into action in 7 to 10 minutes to eliminate germs, bacteria, and stains.

Easy movement is done by its retractable handle. Dupray Neat is the best solution to sanitize and clean all types of floors, home appliances, fabrics, and auto cleaning.

Dupray Neat produces 275-degree hot steam that considers strong tacking action against worst cleaning situations. The water tanks can carry 1600ml water. Dupray Neat is capable of producing the steam for 50 minutes. Germs and bacteria kill without using any cleaning agent mean100 percent safe.

The hose size is 2 meters, and the power cord size is 5 meters considering it is long to treat long areas. Coll and quiet steaming operation with smooth-rolling wheels.

  • Powerful steam cleaning machine
  • A bundle of accessories is given.
  • The size of the water tank is big.
  • Awesome compact design steam cleaner
  • Hot mature steam produce
  • Germs and bacteria are 99 percent killed with their hot steam.
  • The heating time is long.
  • The water indicator should give
  • Handle and hose heated.

BISSELL SteamShot: Mattress Steam Cleaner Machine


We include Bissell steam shot steam cleaner in our next pick. A powerful, handy steam cleaner produces hot steam without using harsh chemicals. We can make our home from top to bottom and left to right super clean with sanitizing touch.

Given accessories with Bissell steam cleaner enough, making the sanitizing and cleaning process efficient. Quality brushes and useful tools are included in the accessories kit.

Angel tool concentrated steam throw nozzle, windows and shower door, and all other related places become shiny and fresh when dirt and grime kick off with hot steam.

The flat scraper tool, Bissell uses to clean the microwave oven. Residue never remains on the oven inside and outside. The scraper tool is used for removing wallpaper and other sticky items. Mattress cleaning is our topic here; Bissell SteamShot is a handy machine that makes mattresses condition like new. Bissell SteamShot is proven steam quality for removing the clothe’s wrinkles. Contain good results steaming of curtains, upholstery, and inside the bathroom.

The cleaning process with Bissell is like a piece of cake; just pour tap water inside its water tank, Plugin the device, and wait for the next 30 seconds. When the red light stops glowing, the Bissell is ready for action. Start the steaming process with the use of a trigger.

  • Long size power cord
  • User-friendly operation
  • Take less time for heating.
  • High-pressure hot steam produce

  • The water tank should be large.
  • Large areas are not easy to steam with Bissell SteamShot.

Vapamore: MR-100: Handheld Steamer for Bedding

Vapamore is an old cleaning brand producing results for many years with user trust. They try to bring the latest updates and features to their machines for better cleaning results. MR 100 is one of the best production of Vamapore with great features and innovative design.

All steam cleaner that contains powerful steam does not need harsh chemical to wave off the germs and bacteria from the surface. Mostly chemicals are used for sanitizing and removing oily and greasy stains from appliances and surfaces. Several appliances in our kitchen, including the kitchen itself, require powerful steam. Oily and greasy stains found in the kitchen, steam cleaner hot steam eliminate and make condition fresh.

Mattress cleaning is very easy with MR-100. Dirt, germs, and bacteria accumulate inside the mattress after passing some time, remove with hot steam in some movements.

Vepamore MR-100 contains the solenoid-operated steam control system. The best control system is installed in a commercial type cleaner for controlling the steam system. The control of steam flows mechanically and electrically with a solenoid regulator unit.

Super hot steam produced by MR-100 contains a temperature of 210 degrees. The size of the boiler for providing the steam is 1.6 liter. Mr-100 produces steam continue one hour. Steam adjuster help to adjust the steam according to need.

MR-100 consider a mid-range steam cleaner with average build-up. A good cleaning machine that replaces the normal mop and many manuls and traditional cleaning methods. Users can get level results in the kitchen, bathrooms, mattresses, appliances, curtains, and upholstery.

  • The stem adjuster is given.
  • The power cord is retractable.
  • On-board storage is the plus point.
  • Advance cleaning system for efficient cleaning
  • Big wheels provide quiet operation with convenience.
  • The water level indicator should give
  • Vepamore should provide more wheels for easy maneuvering.
  • Attachments are not durable.

How to Steam Clean a Mattress?

It is often noticed that most people buy a mattress and think their job has finished now. They don’t have any idea about its cleaning and caring. Mattresses need proper cleaning to avoid dust mites and accumulating dead skin.

Stop thinking about how you will clean the mattress or disinfect the affected mattress. Steam cleaner is the best tool for cleaning the mattress with a hundred percent surety of germs and bacteria-killing. Germs and bacteria are commonly removed using harsh chemicals that are not good practice.

Effective cleaning of the mattress can be achieved using the below useful steps.

  • The first step starts with removing all items from the mattress like bedsheets, pillow, or any other item that you have placed on the mattress surface.
  • Take a baking soda and sprinkle it on the mattress.
  • Take a vacuum cleaner to pick up all loose debris.
  • Now the function of the steam cleaner starts from this step..pour water inside the steam cleaner water tank and wait a few seconds to let the water heat up.
  • Using a hose, focus steam on the mattress on all sides.
  • Now leave the mattress to dry.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning a Mattress

Mattresses provide comfort; commonly, we spend our maximum time on the mattress at home. While spending time on it, the mattress gathers dust mites, dead skin, germs, bed bugs, and smells. There is no other best solution instead to use a steam cleaner to get rid of all problems. The use of steam cleaner guarantees to eliminate all above mentioned worst situations.

A steam cleaner can also efficiently remove the tough stains, bad odor, and pest infestation. The regular cleaning with the steam cleaner ensures no dust mites and germs inside the mattress. A fresh mattress gives a healthy sleep and also becomes the cause of long-lasting.

Tips for Maintaining a Clean Mattress

Mattresses keep connected with our bodies for a long time, so cleaning and caring are necessary for better health. A clean mattress can not affect us with dust and allergens. Follow the below steps for making mattress health better.

Here are a few tips for maintaining a clean mattress:

  • Clean your mattress daily using a quality vacuum cleaner. Don’t become lazy because dust mites make the mattress stiff, which leads to ruin.
  • We don’t focus on cleaning the mattress cover, only wash bedsheets and pillows and leave them for a long time. Using a steam cleaner, the mattress cover should treat, and the germs and bacteria will be hundred percent removed.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals for sanitizing or cleaning the mattress. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper cleaning; otherwise, loss of money.
  • Regular cleaning with the vacuum cleaner and steam cleaning should be your habit. Cleaning makes its condition like new and remains for a long time with you.
  • If the mattress condition is not under your control, call the professional for a better solution.

How to Choose the Best Steamer for Bedding and Mattresses

The steam cleaner is widely used everywhere; in other words, become the need of all who want super cleaning with sanitization. Its wide use is that it can work on all types of surfaces like bathrooms, kitchens, hardwood floors, upholstery, auto, mattresses, and many more, apart from cleaning people like its fresh smell. Everything has its characteristics and aspects, so you should know at least some basic knowledge about steam cleaners.

If you select the best steam cleaner, consider the following points before buying a cleaner.

  • Types of Steam cleaner
  • Cost
  • Size and weight
  • Pressure and temperature
  • Noise level
  • Ease of use
  • Effectiveness


Cost depends on the nature of the machine that you are buying. The important factor that increases or decreases the cost is below.

  • Steam cleaner type
  • Specific or multipurpose steam cleaner
  • Built-in quality

Steam cleaners without extra features are not expensive. Their price range starts from 30 dollars and goes to 100 or above. The steam cleaner with mop feature is a bit expensive their price range is above. Cylinder vacuum cleaners contain a high price tag because of bulky machines with more power and feature.

Size and Weight

Size and weight must consider before buying a steam cleaner. A lightweight machine with portable features is easy to carry and perform cleaning tasks with easy hands. A cylinder vacuum cleaner should be your choice if you want a long area clean with your daily routine.

Pressure and Temperature

The steam cleaner stain removal with pressure and temperature. Good pressure and temperature will provide the result that the user wants. The standard temperature steam cleaner produce is 200 to 250 degrees. The water heating by boiler should instant some cleaner takes a long time to heat the water. Good pressure and standard temperature both features contain a great impact. If these two machine features are not good, users can not get results with a steam cleaner.

Noise Level

Large machines containing big motors that expect more noise during operation. On the other hand, small and compact design machines produce less noise. Consider steam cleaner with less noise is a good option for you.

Ease of Use

The cleaning device should be user-friendly mean all operation should be easy to use. The devices with the complicated system are difficult for the users to understand and use. The wrong operation can harm the machine.


The shortlisted steam cleaner can perform all operations as the user desires. If the user satisfies, the device is worthful; otherwise just a pain in the mind. Better performance depends on machine quality, attachments, and user-friendly operation. All features work collectively to provide better performance.

Types of Steam Cleaners

Stem cleaners fall into three categories handheld steam cleaner, steam mop, and cylinder steam cleaner. Each type of machineis  used for a specific purpose.

Steam Mop

A steam mop is a lightweight machine easy to use and contains a mop pad at the bottom and a long wand to work on the floor. Steam mops are generally used for disinfecting the floors like ceramic, hardwood, laminate, and granite.

Handheld Steamer

Handheld steam cleaner is the second type available in lightweight and small size. Handheld steam cleaners are easy to use because of their compact and lightweight feature. Small size allows carrying at any place for an operation like we can use it for curtain, clothes, ovens, grill, furniture, upholstery, windows and many other hard to reach places where bulky or heavy machine are difficult to reach and perform. If users want large clean areas, handheld machines are not for them. Provide outstanding results for spot cleaning and other small areas.

Cylinder Steam Cleaner

Cylinder steam cleaners consider vacuum steam cleaners because they provide strong suction. Cylinder steam cleaners are professional cleaners for treating long areas. Contain water tank with a large capacity run-up to an up-to hour. Cylinder steam cleaners are not quicker as small machines. A bundle of accessories is given to make the cleaning operation effective and efficient on multiple surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions:

After reading the complete guide many questions arise in the user’s minds that are necessary to answer. Below we have arranged the common question related to the best steam cleaner for a mattress.

Are there any surfaces or materials that should not be steam cleaned?

Porous materials such s bamboo, brick, stucco, painting, etc should avoid used. Apart from these surfaces, we can use them on all surfaces without fear.

What is the average pressure created by steam cleaners?

The average pressure is Between 50 to 60 psi.

Are our steam cleaners safe for people with allergies?

A hundred percent is safe for people who have allergens. Because there is no usage of harsh chemicals inside the steam cleaner that can cause the allergens.

What can be added to make steam cleaning even more effective?

The steam cleaner does not require any cleaning agent for increasing effect. The hot steam of the steam cleaner is enough alone for fighting all types of cleaning problems. Anyhow some users use vinegar with steam cleaner for increasing the effect of cleaning.

Can I use steam cleaners to clear out bed bugs?

Hot steam produced by steam cleaner can remove the bed bugs. Hot steam is not only for removing the bed bugs other unwanted like bacteria, germs, and cell membranes can remove with the steam cleaner heat. Mattress cleaning does not need any other tool or method just bring quality steam cleaner and start killing bed bugs.

Are our steam cleaners the same as carpet steam cleaners?

Carpet steam cleaner and steam cleaner are different. A carpet cleaners are a bulky machine that loads the carpet up with hot water to start the carpet cleaning process. Steam cleaners just emit hot vapor; in other words, we can say the functionality of both machines are different, or they are designed for different purposes.

What should I do to maintain my steam cleaner?

It does not take a long time; just a little attention require for reverting the condition. After using a steam cleaner empty the water tank, clean the attachments, and mop. Keep in mind that don’t try to insert chemicals inside the machine.

Final Words

We hope our detailed article regarding the best steam mop for mattresses is helpful for you. The right selection for the right product can provide appropriate results. We arranged all the best steam cleaners that we tested first and picked those which perform better on the mattresses. All given steam cleaners can use on different surfaces along with mattresses for cleaning and sanitizing.

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