A steam mop is commonly used for making our floors clean and sanitized. As its name shows “steam power” is used for cleaning and sanitizing different surfaces. In this guide, you will come to know the best steam mop for laminate floors. Below we have arranged the list of mops that performed best during our test.

Our recommended Best Steam Mop For Laminate Floors

Best Steam Mop For Laminate FloorsBISSELL POWERFRESH STEAM MOP 1940
best steam mop for laminate floors

Reasons to buy:

  • No need to use harsh chemicals because Bissell PowerFresh can clean and sanitize floors without any detergent. Bissell mop 1940 steam power removes germs and bacteria.
  • Steam power can be controlled using a digital steam controller. Adjust the power of steam on low, medium or high according to floor situation.
  • For extra power easy scrubber is used to remove the sticky messes.
  • BisseLL Steam Mop 1940 contains 23 foot power cord along with swivel steering.
  • 1940 Steam Mop is ready to use in just 30 seconds.
  • The packing of Bissell 1940 Mop contains a scrubby pad, spring breeze, microfiber soft pad, carpet glider.
Bissell PowerLifter 1622

List of Best Steam Mop For Laminate Floors.

1.   Bissell PowerFresh 1940 Steam Mop.

best steam mop for laminate floors

Bissell Powerfresh steam mop 1940 is a well-known device to clean laminate floors. You will find the following attachments in the packing.

  • mop itself.
  • one soft microfiber mop pad
  • one scrubber
  • two discs

We recommended Bissell Powerfresh steam mop 1940 because of its user-friendly features. Hard floor or laminate flooring can easily be handled by its given handy flip-down scrubber. For making the environment human-friendly, a heart-touching scent leaves into the air by fragrance disc.

The proper use of Bissell 1940 Mop will never remain bacteria and germs on the floor. This mop can provide user-friendly results in both light and heavy-duty jobs.

Edges and corners are necessary to clean what is possible with a low-profile mop. A maximum area with corners and edges can be sanitized just because of its 25-foot power cord. It is not difficult to remove its distilled water tanks like other steam mops. Bissell Steam Mop 1940 can give you better results as compared to other heavy and costly steam mops.

Why Bissell Steam Mop 1940

Extra tools and features can make any product efficient to deal with specific problems. Fighting with a hard floor scrubber is necessary, using a scrubber sticky and dried dirt can be removed easily. You can enjoy yourself with your family, especially with children on the sanitized floor which is possible with Bissell 1940 Mop. Our expert team has done many operations with this mop and reached the point this steam mop is superior to others. Many other experts also recommend Bissell Steam Mop 1940.

Steam cleaning floors and sanitizing with Bissell 1940 do not require any chemicals, it performs all work with steam.

  • Bissell Low profile Mop head ensures the corner and edges cleaning.
  • The heat produced by steam cleaners can kill germs 99 percent.
  • Distilled water tanks are easy to remove and refill.
  • The size of the power cord is 25-foot.
  • A fragrance disc is also provided with this mop.
  • Bissell 1940 steam mop is user-friendly.
  • It is easy to use and operate.
  • The warranty period is 2 years that is given by the manufacturer
  • Its elastic pads loosen with time

2. LIGHT ‘N’ EASY S7338

Best Carpet Cleaner

Laminate flooring is a type of hard floor, any multi-purpose steam mop can be used on it. Most steam mop contains three common parts that are the steam head, beautiful long bendable handle, and gripping area. Easy S7338 steam head is different in shape. The head shape of this mop is square. The square shape head allows rotation at a 360-degree angle. Light Easy S7338 can reach tricky places without any trouble because of its square shape head.

The fast heating element is available inside the mop head. Steam Mop heats ready to operate in 20 seconds. Water tanks also adjust in the head so that are easy to remove and refill. S7338 steam mop contains automatic hot steam release control. Auto steam work with movement and powerful steam is produced on the faster move.

A long power cord is available with this mop that plugs into the standard outlet. Users will also find a microfiber floor pad inside the packing of the Light ‘N’ Easy S7338 Steam mop.

Light N Easy 7338 Features

  1. The length of the power cord is 20 feet.
  2. 360-degree rotation of the head.
  3. The tap water tank capacity is 9 ounces.
  4. S7338 Steam Mop is available in a 1-year warranty.
  • This steam mop contains a square head that allows 360-degree rotation means the extra and tricky areas can be covered.
  • A very useful feature is automatic hot steam release. The auto system helps to save water that helps to cover a large area.
  • A flexible handle allows for reaching hard and tricky places.
  • Easy storage due to easy disassemble

  • No obvious


You can handle a hard floor like laminate flooring with this steam mop just because of the extra features that we have discussed above. This mop makes your life easy. You can get fast and effective cleaning results with this device. Moving on the floor with the S7338 mop, enable steam, not any other operation that is possible with its motion sensor.

 3. Dupray Neat Steam mop

best steam mop

Dupray Neat Steam is known in the market as a twin tank steam cleaner. The following features are available in this steam mop.

  • clean boost control,
  • spin scrub brushes,
  • Dual-tank technology.
  • lightweight steam mop

A speck of sticky dirt on the laminate flooring can be removed by a spin scrub brush that is available with this Steam mop. Scrub brush can also be used on sealed hardwood, tiles, marble, and laminate floors. For reaching hard and tricky places Dupray Neat Steam Mop contains an adjustable handle and swivel steering head.

The size of the water tanks is extra compared to other steam cleaners. A water tank is easy to remove for refilling. The extra capacity of water helps to work a long time without the tension of the water tank refilling.

Dual tanks are equipped in this steam mop for holding fresh and dirty water in separate tanks. Wash and dry clean mode help to select the desired option for the floor. Sometimes we need extra power to fight sticky areas on the floor; the clean boost control is designed for adding more detergent to remove sticky dirt.

Overall Impression

Hoover hardwood mop include in the top-rated mops list just because of its valued features. A duel tank is one of the best options for this mop also easy detachable water tanks make It more reliable for the users. For reaching tricky places rotating head is provided. No need for extra detergents when you are dealing with laminate flooring. Detergents can cause allergies for someone, so select a steaming mop option and forget all chemicals.

Our team got good results with this steam mop, in addition, thousands of positive responses have been seen on different platforms about this particular hoover steam cleaner.

  • This steam mop contains a Duel water tank for extra water storage.
  • For dealing with sticky spots it provides a clean boost control system.
  • The assembling process is easy.
  • It contains a removable brush that can easily be clean.
  • Its Lightweight allows moving it easily at any place with easy hands.
  • Sanitization does not require any chemicals.
  • 99 % of Germs are killed with its steam heat.
  • Dual and large water tanks help to save cleaning time.
  • The warranty period of this device is two years.
  • You need to bend or kneel to switch it on because the power button is located below the handle.
  • This steam mop cannot be used on the carpets.

Our Opinion:

A useful feature adjustable heat control allows for working on different surfaces. These surfaces can be plastic, glass, wood, or laminate flooring. Less effort requires during working with the hoover steam mop because of the long power cord and wide head. If all the above features meet your requirements you can buy this steam mop.

4. Bissell Powerfresh 1806

best steam mop for hardwood floor

In this guide, we have arranged all the best steam mops that are useful for laminate flooring. Bissell Powerfresh 1806 is one of the best steam cleaners to work on sealed hard floors. This multi-purpose device can be used on rugs. The user needs to select the mood of the machine by touch control that is available right on the handle. Bissell 1806 is equipped with two tanks. One tank is used for fresh water and cleaning solutions, a second tank contains dirty water.

If the floor needs an extra cleaning solution, is a special trigger button available, which prevents the extra usage of the solution in unnecessary places?

Bissell’s 1806 key features include:

  1. Dual-action brush roll.
  2. Dual water tank system.
  3. Smart-touch controls.
  4. Swivel steering head
  5. lightweight steam mop

As mentioned above Bissell 1806 is a multi-purpose device. It can make your life easy in your daily cleaning routine. Keep in your mind Bissell 1806 is not useful if you want it for large area cleaning.

More about Bissell 1806 Steam Mop:

Bissell 1806 includes those machines list that can be used for multipurpose. Apart from the steam mop, we can use Bissell 1806 as a spot cleaner. Because its features make it possible to convert upright cleaner into spot cleaner. For better cleaning under the furniture and other tricky places, Bissell 1806 Steam mop contains a swivel head. This machine can help you for cleaning different surfaces and areas.

  • This mop is a specialist to work on different surfaces.
  • The length of the power cord is 19-foot.
  • Easily adjustable steam level according to floor need. Bissell will produce steam low if You use a low steam level for the laminate floors.
  • Water filter available in packing.
  • Easy maneuver just because of swivel head.
  • Carpets can refresh with the carpet glider feature.
  • Heart touching fragrance is possible with its multi surfaces solution.
  • The warranty period of this machine is 2 years.
  • Users need to buy brushes from time to time.
  • During spot cleaning, you need to press the control button continuously which is quite difficult.

5. Sienna Luna Plus SSM-3016

steam mop

A very useful and eye-catching machine known in the market Lune Steam handheld steam cleaner. Lune plus mop cleaner was equipped with sonic micro pulse vibration technology. You will find the following accessories with this machine.

  1. carpet glider kit to refresh carpet and rugs.
  2. It contains 2 eco-friendly pads and a reusable microfiber pad.
  3. A custom fill cup,
  4. Twelve-piece accessory kit and a storage bag with a steaming head,
  5. Window squeegee
  6. Two brass brushes
  7. A shoulder strap
  8. Four nylon brushes.
  9. Concentrator nozzle
  10. Extension flexible hose

Luna Plus SSM 3016 contains LED light that helps to prominent dirty areas easily. Also, you will find steam control levels for different surfaces. Sonic micro pulse vibrator loosens the dirt inefficient way that works on different types of surfaces equally. Mean you can use this powerful steam mop on laminate floors, hardwood, tiles, etc. Luna Plus SSM 3016 handheld steam cleaner is safe for laminate flooring.

The user doesn’t need to use a manual tool for scrubbing the dirt from the surface, its sonic vibrator loosens the dirt from laminate floors and other tile floors easily. it can be used on hardwood floors, laminate floors, and marble because of its lightweight technology. Luna plus SSM is useful for steam cleaning on other different surfaces like car interiors, bathrooms, windows, counters, etc.

Our Opinion:

Sienna Steam mop is a durable and eye-catching machine. The user doesn’t need any extra effort to handle this machine for mopping. For making your house clean you can use a Sienna steam mop because we have tested it on many different surfaces, especially on the laminate flooring, also have seen several positive reviews on different digital platforms. Sienna steam cleaners earned a good name on the Amazon market.

  • Microfiber pads are easy to wash and reuse.
  • This steam mop is Eco friendly.
  • You will find this steam mop at a low price as compared to other mops.
  • Germs on the floor will never remain because of its steam heat.
  • The assembling process is easy.
  • Due to the lightweight users can move and carry easily.
  • The warranty period is 2 years.
  • A steam mop at your home means you don’t need to worry about your floor, mirror, car interior, etc.
  • The small tank size will never help you to work on a large area.
  • You cannot use this mop in tricky places easily because of the mop head.

6. Shark Professional S3601D

steam mop for hardwood floor

Shark Professional S360 is a versatile steam mop in our arrange list. Different cleaning tasks can be performed with this handy machine. Long size power cord helps to reach the maximum area during the steam cleaning.

Shark is a well-known steam mop in the market that can dry laminate floors faster. Shark mop at home means no dirt at home. It can reach easily hard places to remove dirt. You can save time and effort with the help of the Shark steam mop. This device can work very fast is the guaranty of saving user time and water

You will find excellent results of shark mop during steaming, mopping, and dusting. Small size mops can perform several cleaning tasks alone. The mode selector is used to change the mod according to surface conditions. If you are dealing with high traffic area high steam mod will better help to revenge the dirt. The medium and low steam modes can select for a normal floor. Upholstery, car interior, window, and mirrors need a nozzle that is part of a Shark steam mop.

laminate floor surfaces require extra attention. If you will put the selector on high steam and focus on the surface long time the lamination of the floor will damage.

More about Shark Professional Steam Mop:

Shark is a reliable house cleaning product for making the house extra clean. You can save your time and extra effort for cleaning with the help of this pocket mop. With the help of a manual, you can make sure the assembling process is easy steps. Like the above-mentioned mops, Shark does not need detergent to kill germs and bacteria. 99% of bacteria kill with the steam heat.

  • The capacity of the water tank is 300 ml that is enough to work on a large area.
  • Steam mode selector helps to control steam as per floor situation.
  • 99 percent of germs and bacteria kill without using any detergent.
  • Ready to use in 30 seconds.
  • A shark steam mop can refresh the carpet with the help of a carpet glider feature.
  • It works very fast to dry the floor.
  • The heavy-duty mop is eligible for a large area.
  • Shark S360 is not a light machine.
  • To continue steaming, the user needs to put it down and then again the start heating process.

7. O-Cedar Steam Mop with Extra Refill

steam mop for laminate floor

Clean laminate floors or hard floors are possible using different procedures. In this guide, we have arranged a number of the best steam mops, that are useful to deal with different floors, especially laminate floors. Apart from all other cleaning procedures steam mop is one of the best ways that ensure 99 percent killing of germs and bacteria, also provides you best cleaning results.

If you are worrying about laminate floors or sealed hardwood floors then stop worrying, O Cedar Steam mop has key features that can deal with sealed hard surfaces like laminate floors and hardwood floors. Making cleaning process with easy hand O Cedar mop is available in lightweight and swivel head features. Users can reach easily under the furniture and other tricky places due to the rectangle head of this versatile steam mop. Sometimes we need to use a steam mop on different surfaces that require steam adjustment. O Cedar mop contains a steam adjuster to solve this problem.

Note: If you are a new user or don’t have enough knowledge then you should use steam adjustment on low mode because high steam can damage the laminate wood floors.

Above mentioned steam mops contain detachable water tanks but O Cedar contains a water tank that is not able to remove. The company has given a 200-ml cup for filling the water tank. This steam mop uses less water that does not require visiting a water tap for filling. If you need better results, use always filter water. Tap water can also be used for filling the water tank. The company provides a user manual for better understanding.

O-Cedar Steam Mop contains a plastic glider and microfiber pads. A plastic glider can help you to refresh the carpet. Microfiber mop pad of O-Cedar steam map is easy to wash. Also, pads can be used up to 25 times each.


O-Cedar Steam mop is the best option for your home and office cleaning. The best feature of this mop is user friendly, lightweight, and quite ergonomic. Deep cleaning is possible with a proper vacuum cleaner. Sticky spots, debris, and dirt at home always require a vacuum cleaner. A steam mop is an easy way of quick sanitation and refreshment the floor.

  • O-Cedar steam mop heating is ready to use in 20 seconds.
  • A steam adjuster and plastic glider are the best options to refresh the carpet.
  • A water tank with enough space allows for dealing with most of the floor.
  • O-Cedar steam mop allows reaching harder places than is possible with its swivel head.
  • The weight of this steam mop is 5 pounds.
  • The long handle help to use a mop without bending.
  • Many users dislike the power cord size which is 20 feet.
  • Water tank level indicators help to check the water limit. This steam mop water tank is out of indicator which causes a problem when the mop stop steaming due to the water empty tank.

8. Light’ N’ Easy 7688 ANW

Best Steam Mop For Laminate Floors

Light N Easy 7688 steam mop is the best option for floor refresh. It can better option for those who perform their work on the floor. They need floor cleaning instantly. N Easy 7688 is mostly used by people whose children are small they crawl on the floor and also for those who exercise on the floor and want floor cleaning instantly.

Some key feature of this mop makes it more reliable and attractive for buying. This mop contains a smart sensor that allows the mop to release steam when your mop is in motion. This feature stop mop from working when you are not using a steam mop like you start talking on the phone or removing furniture from the room.

Like other above-mentioned steam mops, this mop can also be used on hardwood and laminate floors. Users will find a mode selector with this mop to handle different surfaces.

Some people think a steam mop work like a vacuum cleaner. It is necessary to mention here steam mop is not able to pick up the debris and other dirt. It is used for mopping only and sanitizing the floor. The use of a steam mop kills the germs and bacteria 99 percent.

Features of Light N Easy 7688 ANW

A very useful point of this mop that allows us to put this mop in our best-selected list is its user-friendly operation, its lightweight, and ease-to-use features. Apart from other features, this steam mop includes the following attachments.

  1. A jet nozzle.
  2. Window squeegee
  3. Scrub brush.
  4. Cloth soft pad.
  5. A cylinder upholstery tool.
  6. lightweight steam mop

Light N Easy steam mop can be used at home for performing daily cleaning tasks. This mop gives good results in the kitchen like a kitchen oven, kitchen grills, and kitchen floor. A steam mop is the best way to refresh the kitchen floor also remove and messes and grout with the help of a scrub brush that is given in packing. You will find all one solution for cleaning several things in your home like the kitchen, upholstery, pillows, and fabrics using its feature and tools.

  • multi-purpose;
  • safe;
  • smart;
  • easy-to-use;
  • large water tank (about 340 ml);
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Some users dislike the size of the power cord.
  • There is no indicator for water level.


Our expert team checks this steam mop several times to perform different cleaning tasks. They conclude this is the best steam mop with smart features. Users can easily use this steam mop on laminate floors and hardwood floors. Other attachments of this steam mop help to clean many household things.

9. PurSteamThermaPro 10-in-1

Best cleaner

If you are searching steam mop that can perform multi-cleaning tasks at home then you are in right place. Pursteam ThermaPro is a multipurpose steam mop with advanced features. Less time and less effort are required for making your floor and toilet super clean using ThermaPro 10 steam mop. Buy a Pursteam mop and forget manual scrubbing to remove sticky dirt from the floor.

Removing dirt and grout from ceramic tile harsh chemicals and scrubbers are used. This practice damage floor tile and also faint the colors of the floor. You can find the amazing results of ceramic tile with ThermaPro steam mop. Bacteria and germs were removed from the floor 99.9 % without using any chemicals.

The capacity of steaming on the floor depends on the water tank. A small size water tank allows less time working which is not good. The water tank of this steam mop is small not so good. Steam moping with ThermaPro is possible for 20 25 minutes just because of its water tank size. Heating is ready to use to work on the floor in 30 seconds.

Without attachments, steam mops are not extra efficient. Attachments help to deal with different areas like kitchen grill, mirrors, clothing, windows, etc. if you are ready to buy a ThermaPro steam mop you will find the following accessories.

PursteamTherma Pro 10 in 1 Accessory

  1. Straight and bent nozzles.
  2. Several nylon brushes.
  3. Microfiber mops pads.
  4. A window squeegee.

All the above-mentioned attachments can be used to refresh rugs, carpets, and especially upholstery. Without attachments, it is difficult to reach tricky places. Also, brushes that are part of the attachment help to remove sticky stains and dirt from the surface. The size of the head is wide enough to perform cleaning fast.

If we talk about laminate floors or hardwood floors then this is the best steam mop for hardwood floors with the best results if just your floor is sealed and you have selected the right steam level. In case you select the high steam mode, the laminate floors will damage. Our team has found this steam mop reliable, durable, and sturdy. We recommend ThermaPro steam mop for your house cleaning assistant.

  • handy;
  • versatile;
  • child & pet safe;
  • maneuverable;
  • lightweight.
  • you are to replace and wash the pads;
  • I wish the cord was a bit longer.


A Therma steam mop is the best option for those who want a handy and multipurpose device. This device is professionally good for your home and office. You can save your time and effort.

10. Dupray Home Steam- Best Steam mop for hardwood floors.

dupray steam mop for laminate floor

Dupray Home Steam is the last steam mop on our list. Dupray is the heavy-duty steam mop for extra cleaning and shine of the floor. If you have tried several other ways to clean the floor then try Dupray and forget dirt and dust on floors. Without control, no device can perform better so the Dupray steam mop contains a steam controller for fighting dirt on different floors.

Dupray is not lightweight like other mops that we have described above. The weight of this device is 10 pounds. Dupray has been produced for performing heavy and challengeable tasks. We include this machine in the heavy-duty steam mops list. Anyhow it is easy to use and also able to perform portable mop tasks.

A Dupray steam mop is a European model. You will find this machine perfect and durable. The production company claims a 3-year warranty for this steam mop. Maximum heat and power of any steam mop can expect with a Dupray mop. The heating of water is up to 293 Fahrenheit. Maximum heating and power as compared to other steam mops means super cleaning and sanitizing of kitchen and bathroom floors.

Features and Benefits

  • 34-oz. boiler.
  • Electric cord length: 7’5”.
  • Steam hose length: 5’7”.
  • Childproof safety lock.
  • 14 accessories included.

In case of comparison with other steam mops like Neat Steam mop, its boiling capacity is not so high. But we found the better results of this steam mop. Users can get outstanding results with Dupray on laminate floors as well as furniture upholstery. All other house areas like kitchen, mirror, grill, and clothing can deal with Dupray.

Dupray is equipped with advanced features like auto shuts off when the tank is out of water. No need for any harsh chemicals for sanitizing.

  • durable;
  • adjustable;
  • versatile;
  • childproof;
  • heavy-duty.
  • no water level indicator;
  • weak, plastic handle.


Our expert team has found Dupray Home Steam Mop best for your home and office use. Its work on the laminate floors is outstanding. The floor will never scratch if you use a microfiber cloth. A Dupray steam mop is the best choice for making home floors clean and disinfected.

Top Best Steam Mop for Laminate Floors

Buyer’s Guide

Steam mop includes household cleaning products for making floors neat and clean also shiny and disinfect. Common areas that we treat with steam mops are floors, carpets, rugs, stairs, etc. The use of different harsh chemicals is the common practice of the majority of people on the other hand steam mops claim the killing germs and bacteria a hundred percent. Extra dirt or high traffic area is often clean with mops that contain solutions like hoover steam mop.

Best mops for laminate floors are used on different surfaces also different areas. a very smart and easy way of floor refreshing is a steam mop. In Addition, steam mops are effective for laminate floors.

The following steps can help you to buy a steam mop for your personal or commercial use.

  • We recommend don’t trust a single brand or a single shopkeeper. Because several brands are available in the market. Without enough knowledge selected steam mop can never give you a good result.
  • A steam mop can perform different jobs if you select the right one. Before buying a decision must notice steam mop can vacuum, sweep and pick up debris from the floor.

Needs for Steam Mop:

A very important point that can make your decision right, is the exact cleaning need that you require from the steam mop. Commonly two things should consider before buying a steam mop cleaning surface and the cleaning area. You require a steam mop just for hardwood floor, or laminate flooring, or want to use it on all types of surfaces. Your calculated area where the steam mop will work is small or large. Also, focus on some other questions before buying a steam mop.

  1. Steam mop maneuverability is necessary for cleaning corners and hard places easily. Some heavy mops are not able to move easily. The steam mop should be easy to move and carry from one place to another.
  2. Mops are designed for different purposes. Some mop is useful only for hard floors not good for all types of floors. Try to select the multipurpose steam mop for getting cleaning the kitchen floor, grill, mirror upholstery, etc.
  3. Sticky dirt on hard surfaces can remove by steam mops that have good pressure and scrubbing. Your selected steam mop should be able to remove sticky dirt from the laminate floors.
  4. Safety is the priority of any device. Without safety, no device is useful and safe. Protect yourself during high steaming on the laminate floors that can cause any serious problems for you.

Quality of Steam Mop

Key points that should be focused on before buying a steam mop.

  1. Try to buy an upright steam mop instead of any other design. Upright mops are easy to use on floors. But these upright mops will never allow you to work under the things.
  2. A very important tool especially for laminate flooring is a standing tray. This tray is also known as a cooling mat. Laminate floors can be saved by heat using a standing tray. You must find this tool with a selected steam mop that you are ready to buy. It is also used as a reservoir to collect water that comes with the device.
  3. A power cord is necessary to check. Commonly 16 to 30 feet power cord steam mop is available in the market. Short-length power cord creates problems during mopping because of changing outlet.
  4. A steam mop is useful for refreshing carpets and rugs if a carpet glider is available in packing. Some user thinks carpet glider can clean carpet deeply which is wrong. For deep cleaning of carpet heavy-duty steamer or carpet cleaner is required.
  5. The steam mop should contain a faster heating feature. The selected steam mop should be able to ready in a short time. Its heating time must be 20 to 30 seconds for operation.


Big changes have been seen in steam mops models from the day first when they were introduced in the market to till now. Different companies launched steam mops with rich advanced features. The latest and fully advanced steam mop is Morphy Richards Luna Plus 15-1. As its name shows this steam mop is introduced with 15 different activities.

We have arranged a big list of steam mops for the ease of new users. Check one by one all mop features and advantages then select one steam mop for cleaning.

A complete buying guide can help you to purchase a steam mop for laminate floors. All important points and cautions are mentioned in the above-described buying guide.

 I think this is the best chance for you to buy a steam mop if you don’t have a mop at your home or office. Steam mop saves you several times and effort as well.

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