The 7 Best Steam Mop For Vinyl Floors Reviews In 2021

Buying any product without knowledge and experience is not profitable. For example, you are finding the best steam mop for vinyl floors then you should explore first, read reviews on different platforms for getting ready to buy the best mop for the vinyl floor. It is possible to blind buying of mop damage your vinyl floor because you don’t have adequate information about the mop types.

If you are finding the best steam mop for vinyl floors then you are in the right place. In this guide, we will describe which steam cleaners are best for vinyl floors. Other features of these steam cleaners can help you for getting results on other surfaces. Just stick your eyes and follow our article.

Do steam mops damage vinyl floors?

A very frequent question raised by the owner of vinyl floors, is steam mop damage vinyl floors? There are several advantages of steam mops like a fast cleaning process with less effort. Also, steam mops providing non-toxic cleaning. The cleaning process is the same for all types of floors but creates a problem for vinyl floors. After testing different steam cleaners on different floors it is noted only a few steam mops can damage your floor.

There are different brands available in the market with different uniqueness and power. Each brand claims their steam mop is best for your floor. Some of them are budget devices mean easy to afford for anyone. The rest of the machines is high in the budget but contain different features that are not available in cheap machines.

Here we want to describe the best steam mops for vinyl floors. You will update the best machines that you can use on the vinyl floor without any hesitation. Following are the top 5 best machines for vinyl floors.

Top 7 steam mop for vinyl floors reviews

The best way of cleaning vinyl floors with the best steam mops. You can find the steam mops job that they can perform for you on your beloved vinyl floor. Below is the list of 5 top steam mops that ready to help you on vinyl floors.

1. Smart Living Steam Mop Plus White and Green  – steam cleaner for vinyl floors

best steam mop for vinyl floors
Smart Living steam mop is a top-rated mop with advanced features. It contains number one in our steam mop list due to several reasons. The steam temperature of this machine reaches up to 110C. A smart living steam mop is best for vinyl floors, tiles, and laminate floors. The handle of this machine contains a good grip that helps to work on any floor easily. The easy or good grip of any machine provides better maneuverability on the tough floor like vinyl.

Another feature of this machine like its lightweight helps to work maximum time on a large floor with easy hands. The weight of this machine is 7.05 pounds only. Attend all corners and hard places with lightweight mops is an easy task. If you have a short storage place “Smart Living Steam Mop” easy to store short and small places.

Starting cleaning of any surface needs to fill the water tanks and attaches necessary accessories like reusable microfiber pad. Pad plays an important role during cleaning, they able to use over the limit but it’s good to replace the pad when the limit expires. Quality steam mops like “Smart Living Mop” contain the ability to perform the standard task on vinyl and other floor types.

Smart Living Steam Main Features:

  • Smart Living Mop ready to use in few minutes.
  • Steam mop temperature reaches up to 110 C.
  • Hard floors are able to clean with this cleaner without using harsh chemicals.
  • Outstanding performance has noted on vinyl, wood, and ceramic floor.
  • Easy moving on hard floor Smart Living Steam mop contain a green ergonomic handle.
  • Water tank filling and microfiber pad reuse both are easy operations in this amazing steam mop.
best steam mop for vinyl floors

Reasons to buy:

  • Harsh chemicals do not require for cleaning hard floors like vinyl floors.
  • Smart living Steam map sanitizes laminate, hardwood, and vinyl floor.
  • The steam mop cleans the surface with steam, the steam power of this cleaner is up to 110C.
  • Both types of filtered and distilled water can be used.
  • Steam mop cleaning is an easy process that requires filling of water tanks, attachment of microfiber pad, set the steam mop, and ready to start cleaning.

Bissell PowerLifter 1622

2. Bissell Spinwave, 2307 – vinyl floor cleaning machine

best steam mop for vinyl floor

Bissell Spinwave 2307 is second on our list. This Bissell variant is cordless that reach any place without using a power plug. Powerful lithium-ion battery installed for working on surface 15 to 20 minutes. This type of cleaner requires 3 to 4 hours to continue charging. The size of the cleaning head of Bissell Spinwave 2307 is 14 inches.

Bissell Spinwave contains some unique features like solution spray on demand. Yes if you have tough messes on the floor trigger solution on the mess and remove it. As we mentioned above it is a cordless unit so easy to reach at hard and tricky places with this outstanding unit.
Our team has tested this machine on different floors especially to get a good result on the vinyl floor. During cleaning, there is no noise produce, a very quiet and user-friendly machine. Not only vinyl floors other floors like hardwood, tile ceramic can treat with Bissell Spinwave 2307 with easy hands.
Bissell Hard Mop Main Features

  • The pressure of steam high reduces human efforts during the cleaning of any surface.
  • Mostly power cord becomes the issue, this variant is cordless so reaching hard places is not a problem.
  • A powerful 18V lithium-ion battery keeps the charging of 20 minutes to work on the surface.
  • Treat tough messes with a multi-surface formula that can be triggered on the demand.
  • Dual mop pads come with the washable features placed at the dual-purpose storage tray

best steam mop for vinyl floor

Reasons to buy:

  • The use of Bissell Spinwave 2307 steam mop reduces the human effort for cleaning the floor.
  • Easy to reach places where corded mop difficult because this cleaner is cordless work with a powerful battery.
  • Battery charging allows work 20 minutes on the surface after charging for 4 hours.
  • The cleaning path width is 14 inches of Bissell Spinwave 2307.
  • Cleaning solutions trigger on-demand that prevent extra usage of the solution.

Bissell PowerLifter 1622

3. Shark Genius Powerful Hot Steam Mops – steam mop for vinyl floors

best vinyl floor

Shark is a popular and user-trusted device. Shark is the choice of those who want a powerful steam mop that contains 212F steaming to clean and sanitize the floor. Its rotating head makes the cleaning process easier. Mopping with sharks is an easy task due to 6 in 1 multi-function design.

Shark Genius Powerful Hot Steam Mop work on all kind of surfaces like hardwood, tiles, vinyl floors with its multifunctional feature. It contains washable microfiber pads so wash pads when required. Storing of shark mop becomes easy with its foldable handle feature.

Dealing different surfaces Shark contains the steam selector low, medium, and high. Select desire steam mop and start working. According to the floor situation attachments available like microfiber pads.

Shark Genius Main Features:

  • Shark contains powerful steam that reaches up to 212F hot.
  • It contains a steam selector to select the steam level low, medium, and high.
  • The ready-to-use time of the Shark steam mop is 30 seconds only. The power of steam kills the germs 99% also sanitizes the floor.
  • Cleaning with a Shark mop requires little effort just because of its swiveling head and lightweight feature.

best vinyl floor

Reasons to buy:

  • Washable pad available at both sides to grip dirt.
  • The water tank capacity is 220 milliliter.
  • Steam mode selector for low, medium, and high pressure.
  • The power of steam does not require any harsh chemical or detergent to clean the surface.
  • User-friendly design.
  • Quality cleaning head.
Bissell PowerLifter 1622

4. ThermaPro Elite 12 in 1 steam mop –  steam cleaner for vinyl floors

vinyl floor

Therma Pro Elite provides a handheld steam cleaning process. Therma Pro claim 12 in 1 Steam mop that works on all kind of surfaces anyhow vinyl or hardwood. The action of ThermaPro is not fit only for floors but carpet, garments and other cleaning stuff can treat with this amazing steam mop.

Its unique design will realize you how it can be affected for all types of cleaning. It contains a triangular shape that allows reaching hard and tricky places as compared to other relevant steam mops. All corners and unreachable places clean with its easy maneuver triangular steam mop.
The water tank capacity is enough to clean a specific area. It contains a 250 ml water tank inside. You will satisfy with its cleaning result, thousands of old user has given their positive reviews and stories on different platforms. The steam power of TharmaPro cleaner kills the germs 99 percent and sanitizes the floor that does not require any kind of harsh chemicals.

The size of the power cord of this handy machine is 16-feet.

ThermaPro Elite Main Features:

  • ThermaPro contains a triangular shape that best for reaching tricky places at home.
  • Carpet and garments cleaning possible with this handy device just because of its multifunctional features.
  • House and room cleaning very easy with its handheld cleaning system.
  • ThermaPro is a pet-friendly machine.
  • Sanitize the floor with steam power without using any detergents.
vinyl floor

Reasons to buy:

  • ThermaPro is the best choice for those who want their house super clean. Maximum cleaning results with less physical effort and time. Cleaning and sanitizing both admirable with ThermaPro Elite. Its special design prevents you from bending and scrubbing during the cleaning process. You will find traditional mop no more in front of ThemaPo Steam mop.
  • It contains lightweight along with a triangular shape. Both features help to reach places where another mop not easy to reach. Stop worrying about the places like under furniture, under the bed, and other tricky places because ThermaPro will never leave them. The water capacity of this amazing steam mop is 250ml that consider enough for a steam mop to deep clean the entire home.
  • ThermaPro is a multifunctional steam mop that can be used safely to clean and sanitize all surfaces like hardwood floors, tiles, ceramic, and vinyl floors as well. Its attachments allow cleaning your entire home like garments, carpet, etc. this device is useful for different cleaning purposes with outstanding results.
  • It contains steam selector to select mode low, medium, and high according to the surface. It is safe for humans and pets. Floor sanitizing with its steam possible that does not require any harsh chemical. The power of mop steam kills the germs and bacteria 99.9 percent. The power cord size is 16-feet long for easy and quick action on the surface.
Bissell PowerLifter 1622

5. LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Floor Steamers – Vinyl floor steam cleaner

best steam mop for vinyl floor

LIGHT ‘N’ EASY is a standard steam mop admired by thousands of old users because of its cleaning results and quality features. Its attractive design and portability attract each new customer. Not only design its weight also user-friendly 3.5 pounds without water. Less effort and time required to cleaning and rinsing the home with Light ‘N’ Easy steam mop. Provide quality results on vinyl and hardwood floors.
Ready to use in less time just take 20 seconds. Require 1150W power for producing high-temperature steam to clean and sanitize the floor. Its operations are user-friendly take few minutes to set up and ready to work on any floor. Like another high-grade steam mop, the size of the power cord is 20-feet for covering the maximum area of the home.

It’s an amazing feature force to anyone to replace its old and bulky mop that requires maximum physical effort for a long time. Quality results produce with a reusable triple-layered microfiber pad. Hard stain on the floor removes easily with microfiber pads. The bad smell of the carpet can also be removed by using a Light ‘N’ Easy steam mop.

LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Floor Steamers Main Features:

  • The weight and head of any steam mop help easy move on the floor. It contains 3.5 pounds weight without water.
  • Light ‘N’ Easy contains a flexible head for easy movement also a long power cord 20-feet for reaching the maximum area.
  • High-pressure steam produces that take 1150W power. The mop comes in ready condition in just 20 seconds.
  • It provides quality results on all types of floors especially the vinyl that you are looking for.
  • Light ‘N’ Easy contains triple-layered microfiber pads that work on the surface without getting stinky because they are reusable.
best steam mop for vinyl floor

Reasons to buy:

  • Steam mop
  • floor steamer
  • Outstanding cleaning results come with Light N Easy steam mop with its quality and user-friendly features. The weight of this machine is 3.5 pounds only without filling water inside the tank. Steam control by the manual pump to save the finishing of the beloved floor.
  • The power of steam helps to clean the floor and sanitize as well. It takes 1150W power using that produces powerful steam to kill the germs and finish the hard stains. It requires putting water inside and starting working on the surface in a safe and easy way.
  • Long size power cord 20-feet along with a flexible cleaning head to ensure cleaning at unreachable places. Quality cleaning with Light N Easy on all types of surfaces like vinyl floor, hardwood floor, tiles like a high-grade steam mop.
Bissell PowerLifter 1622

BISSELL Deluxe Steam Mop- Bissell Steam Mop

bissell deluxe steam mop

Cleaning is not less than like fun in front of Bissell Deluxe Steam Mop just because of its quality features. All types of surfaces are easy to sanitize with a user-friendly system. Steam helps for cleaning dirt and stain as well germs from the household. Bissell Deluxe Steam Mop is the choice of those who want their home always neat and shiny.

Bissell steam mop is a hundred percent safe and can be used in any environment. Users not only bound to use this mop for the vinyl floor, useful for other surfaces. While cleaning making the room environment user-friendly it disperses the aromatic scent. Fresh and shine floor appear after using Deluxe mop.

Forget about danger with the device it is completely safe anyhow kids around you. Natural steam produces by this machine does not contain any type of side effects. If you find a tough or stubborn stain on the floor spot boost brush will help you for treating it.

Long hose and long code both are demanding features by all users for free movement during the cleaning jobs. The size of the power cord is 25 feet. A long power cord helpful if the power plug is not available near the cleaning place. A steam adjuster is used for selecting the steam level as per floor demand.

A measuring cup is an amazing tool for filling the tank as per need. The long starting time of any mop does not like by any user. Its starting time is only 30 seconds. All harder and difficult-to-reach places are easy with swivel steering. Washable mop pads allow using them again after washing.

  • Maneuverability is excellent
  • Swivel steering helps to reach tricky places.
  • Good for animals
  • Cool and safe atmosphere
  • Mop pads are washable
  • Not that durable

BISSELL Spinwave Powered Mop- Best Mop For Vinyl Floors

BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor

The main reason for including the Bissell Spinwave mop in our best list is its exclusive design. It contains a shiny and trendy body with 11 pounds weight only. Bissell Spinwave is a useful cleaning device for making the home neat and clean. It does not require any physical effort during the cleaning process.

Using the power button turns the device on, the mop will start scrubbing to clean the floor. Powerful steam plays an important role in cleaning dirt and stain. It contains power spin pads that work continues until you want. The stubborn stain remains no more at front of this powerful steam mop.

There is no restriction about cleaning solutions. Any useful solution can be used with this machine. It has the ability to spread the solution on the floor automatically that proves Bissell Spinwave mop is a professional device as compared to other frequent mops. Extra cleaning job and quality of cleaning expect with this professional mop.

Mop pad can be used several times because it is washable. Use it any time after wash when you need it. Different types of surfaces can be treated by mop pads. If you want to clean a hardwood floor soft pads are used for cleaning.

The cleaning solution is unique that use for cleaning any kind of surface. Many worst conditions of the floor often sort by its given unique formula. Powerful steam mop with many advanced features that performs cleaning jobs like a professional cleaning agent. Easy to reach harder places like under furniture because of its swivel steering.

The water tank is used for containing cleaning solution and water. The indicator helps to check the level of water.

  • Different surfaces treat with its different pads.
  • Maneuverable with easy hands
  • Fewer efforts needed
  • Tank water filling is an easy process
  • Spray on demand.
  • Relitively Costly

How to Pick the Perfect steam mop for vinyl floors?

The names of vinyl floors force us to select the quality steam mop that prevents any damage to the floor. Actually, vinyl floors are expensive so people fear using any cheap quality mop on them. Cleaning vinyl floor requires a quality mop with advanced features. Following are the steps that can help you to pick the perfect mop for the vinyl floor. Safety choice:

Safety depends on the pressure of the steam mop. There are two type number one steam mop contain low pressure and second steam mop contains the heating adjustment. Apart from heating mopping pad leave scratches on the surface that should be gentle to work on the surface.

Different Types of Steam Mops

Before selecting a steam mop first you realize which mop is suitable for your cleaning job to mean the nature of the job depends on the type selection. Vinyl floor cleaning job can be done by three types of a mop. Each type of mop rich with different types of features.

Upright Steam Mop:

An upright steam mop is one of the best types that perfect for hardwood and vinyl floors. Water tank and stylish handle for easy movement is the part of upright mops. Cleaning job easier with lightweight devices so upright are designed with low weight feature.

Tight and tricky places are not easy to treat, require attachments for cleaning. Carpet cleaning with an upright mop also requires attachments.

Handheld Steam Mop:

Handheld steam mops are available in a compact design. This type of mop easy to store because of its compact feature. Also, it is a portable and affordable machine. Tricky and harder places are easy to treat just because of size features. Handheld steam mops useful for cleaning carpet, windows, and other tricky places.

Handheld models are small in size so they are not good for cleaning large areas like another cleaner.

Cylinder Steam Mop:

The cylinder steam mop is larger in size and an expensive cleaning machine. Large water tanks of cylinder steam mop allow cleaning entire home without any pause or breaking. Water refilling does not feel good by any user during the cleaning job.

Different types of floor can be cleaned with cylinder steam mop because of its available useful accessories. The heavyweight of these mop does not allow them to move easily.

 Killing Germs and Grimes:

A good steam mop contains high pressure that cleans the surface also provides a shield against germs. Powerful steam helps to kill germs and bacteria from the surface.

 Steam control:

Continuous steam coming from the steam mop can become the cause of vinyl floor damage. Select the steam mop that contains a steam adjuster or digital controlling system to control the flow of steam according to condition.

Tank capacity:

The low size of the water tank in the steam mop allows treating the small areas. You need extra effort and time for cleaning the entire house. Try to buy a steam mop that contains a minimum of 250ML water tank to ensure travel large area.


Keep in mind maneuverability is very important that you should notice before buying a steam mop for your floor. Easy maneuver possible with lightweight steam mops so selected mop should be low in weight. The second important point is power cord size these two features help you to easily move on a long area. The corner and edges of the vinyl floor clean well if the padded head shape is suitable for them.

Water Tank Capacity

The water tank capacity of any cleaner decides how much time you can spend on the floor. The water tank capacity of a cleaner start from 250 ml and goes to litter. A large water tank recommends by an expert for a long stay without a refill of a tank on the floor.

But important point keeps in mind the cleaner that contains large tanks take more time to heat up. Also, increase the weight of cleaner that becomes the cause of harder to move.

Weight And Size

Like other features that are important to decide the selection of cleaner weight and size also play an important role because heavyweight machines are difficult to move from one place to another. Lightweight cleaning devices are good for cleaning the entire home and reach harder places.


How to properly use a steam mop for vinyl floors? 

First, we want to clear the steam mop never damage the vinyl floor. We have experienced many steam mop users who hesitate to use a mop on their beloved vinyl floor with the fear of damage. A quality mop that contains steam adjustment never damages the vinyl floor. For getting cleaning results following are the instruction that can help you.

Step:1 Quality cleaning requires sweeping the floor first. Pick up things that mop leave or stuck during cleaning. That can be a big part of the debris and other easy dirt.

Step: 2 after completing the above step now you have to remove the beater bar. That can save the surface from scratches.

Step:3 Now take warm water and start putting it inside the steam mop. For quality, result mixes some soap, Lysol, or vinegar into the water.

Step:4 Mix gently water and Lysol, the size of the water tank is 250ML if the water is excessive remove it first.

Step:5 Start the moping process with a steam mop.

Step:6 After mopping the final step the use microfiber pads for drying the floor. Don’t use soap that makes the floor slippery. If you are working on the vinyl floor select the steam mode on medium, also don’t scrub more because extra scrubbing can damage the surface. If you try the above all points carefully on the vinyl floor, the floor will never damage and the cleaning result will amaze.

Frequently asked the question:

We have described the use of a steam mop and the best steam mop for vinyl with detail, still if you have any query you can read below frequently asked questions.

Are steam mops safe for vinyl floors?

High-pressure steam can damage the vinyl floor easily. But modern and high-quality steam mops contain a steam adjuster. Using that heat can be set on medium mode for saving the vinyl floor.

Is steam mop good for vinyl floors?

All steam mops in the market are not good for vinyl floors. Only those that contain a heat adjustment system or steam selector control the situation.

Can you use Lysol on vinyl floors?

Lysol is a good practice to disinfect the surface from germs. It should be used on the vinyl floor while cleaning.

Can you use a steam mop on luxury vinyl floors?

The answer to this question is the same as above. A steam mop can be used on any surface if it contains a heating control system. Your steam mop should contain a feature that helps for working on any type of floor.

Are steam mops better than regular mops?

From our experience and old user reviews, steam mops are better than a regular mop. You will find extra comfort, more cleaning, sanitizing, and killing off germs with steam mops that regular mop not able to provide.

What is the best way to clean vinyl flooring?

Apple cider vinegar is the best cleaner for vinyl flooring. Dirt and grime on the vinyl floor remove with the acidity of vinegar without leaving a backlog of wax or soap. This cleaning carpet cleaner solution requires one gallon of hot water and a cup of cider vinegar. Now take a mop and rinse it with hot water for starting the cleaning process of the vinyl floor.

Vinegar quantity can be increased for deep cleaning. Liquid dishwashing soap can also be added to the mixture before moping. Some users want the shine to the vinyl floor just add some baby oil drops in the mixture.

Will vinegar damage vinyl floors?

Regular use of vinegar can damage the top surface. It will reduce the brightness and darkening them with regular use. Try to avoid continue usage of vinegar on the vinyl floor.

Do steam mops damaged floors?

For making surface durable engineered use adhesives for bonding hardwoods. Powerful steam of steam mop can affect the adhesive. Actually floor layers contain moisture that becomes the cause of weakening the bond. So vinyl floor permanently damage. Hardwood floor should be avoided using steam mop regularly.

What to Avoid When Cleaning Laminate?

Cleaning laminate floors require several points that should be avoided. If you want to save the floor from any worst condition then follow below tips

  • The moisture and heat of steam cleaner affect the glued layer so avoid using a steam cleaner. The use of steam cleaner can damage the floor.
  • A drippy mop should not be used for soaking the floor.
  • For a long life of floor use microfiber dry mop because bristle broom always leaves particles that become the cause of surface damage.
  • Don’t use any kind of shiner on the surface because the waxy buildup is not easy to remove.
  • Avoid using any wood cleansers its residue on the floor looks streaky.
  • Cleaning should not do by abrasive scrubbers like steel wool or scratchy. Also, aggressive rubbing after applying baking soda can damage the laminate floor.
  • Regular use of vinegar and some other homemade recipe that contain the high acidic, damaged laminate floor so prevent you from harsh chemicals and homemade carpet cleaner solution.

How to Protect Laminate Floors?

  • Wet spills should immediately remove from the surface.
  • On the bottom of furniture use pads and glides
  • During carpeting under the furniture or during moving other stuff don’t drag directly because laminate floor become damage
  • Place the mats under your friend’s water bowl and consider a mat under your baby’s high chair.

Conclusion / Bottom line:

In our guide, we tried to cover all possible ways of cleaning the vinyl floors with the list of a steam mop that performs best on the vinyl floors. After testing different steam mops and reading thousands of reviews of experience users on the different electronic platform we reach the point ThermaPro Elite is the best steam mop for vinyl floors.

There are several unique and advanced features that make it more reliable like multi-functionality, perfect cleaning, heat management, handheld condition after detaching to the main body for reaching hard places. The cleaning of garments, carpets, and furniture is possible with ThermaPro Elite Steam Mop.

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