Best Vacuum and Mop Combo Cleaners In 2021

We need to clean our floors which requires spending some time vacuuming. After strong vacuuming, we have to mop our floors. Vacuuming and moping eat much time and after that, we have to wait for the drying of the floor. We need a quality vacuum and mop for saving our time. Big cleaning brands offer the best vacuum and mop combo to deal with the floors with easy hands.

Vacuum and Mop Combo Cleaners Introduction.

We can reduce our cleaning time by using the best vacuum and mop combo. Forget your typical vacuum cleaner and mop. Use a vacuum and mop combo for better cleaning in a short time.

These floor cleaners are actually robots that contain enough electrical cords and rechargeable batteries. There are several other advanced features of these robotic cleaners that you can study in our review. Our complete guide will help you come to know about the features of these combo cleaners. Also, you can get a final decision before buying a cleaner for your home.

Best Vacuum and Mop Combo

Best Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo Cleaners

4. ILIFE V8s Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop Combo

best vacuum and mop combo

Vacuuming and mopping both are possible with ILIFE V8s. water reservoir and dirt bin is attached for vacuuming and mopping. The capacity of the water tank is 750 milliliters. Dust and pollen become the cause of allergy that is not possible with ILIFE V8s because it contains a high-performance filter.

This cleaner contains a CycolonePower system with Gen 3. We can get powerful suction using its vacuum mode. For mopping there is an intelligent system, which is designed to detect different floor types.

Cleaning of large areas is possible because ILIFE has a big dustbin. Pet owners can use this cleaner for sucking the pet hair and dirt that is possible with its unique suction structure. Different adjustment is available for different floors. For easy operation, a beautiful LCD is part of the ILIFE cleaner.

In the packing of this cleaner, you will find 1 robot, cleaning brush, water tank, side brushes, Mop, Battery, and user guide. Timely service and a 12-month warranty is offered by the company.

best robot cleaner

3. Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid 2-in-1 Sweeping and Mopping

best robot vacuum and mop

Eufy comes with iPath laser navigation. It can run on the floor for 2.5 hours with efficiency. Map technology allows maximum efficiency. For target cleaning real-time mapping is available. Using your phone you can set virtual boundaries. We can easily exclude the areas where cleaning is not required.

Eufy RoboVac 170 has a reservoir that ensures the mopping of the floor. The water pump of the reservoir pushes the water to outlets.

Buy the best Vacuum and mop combo allows vacuuming of multi surfaces and mopping hard surfaces. Deep cleaning of the floor is ensured by EUFY combo cleaner. The power of the motor is 2200ps with strong sensors to reach the desired places. This cleaner will reach all those places where you want.

EUFY RoboVac 170 box contains a charging base, adapter, waterproof pad, mopping module, buying guide, and manual. The warranty period of this cleaner is 12 months.

You will find a 5200 mAh lithium-ion battery. EUFY can perform up to 2.5 hours easily.

best robot cleaner

2.Roborock E35 Robot Vacuum and Mop

roborock robot vacuum

Roborock E35 is equipped with the latest features. A strong and top-loading dirt bin is the part of this cleaner that can contain 640 milliliters of dirt and houses. Like another cleaner, it also contains an allergen filter.

The power of the motor is 2000pa with a V-shaped brush roll and a single side brush. The power of the motor is used for suction during the mopping of the floor.

Roborock E35 robot vacuum and mop are intelligent and efficient which is possible with its dual-gyro system and motion tracking sensors. Cliff sensing is easy now because Roborock has to combine thirteen types of sensors.

This cleaner contains a 5200 mAh lithium-ion battery. The run time of this cleaner is 2.5 hours. A big house can clean in a single pass with the help of a generous dustbin.

Vacuuming and mopping both are performed perfectly and professionally by RoboRock vacuum cleaner.

All operations of the robot can be controlled by a phone app. You can run, start, stop, and resume the cleaning process with your mobile.

best robot cleaner

1.Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

best vacuum and mop combo

Roborock S6 got good reviews in 2019. This is the best robot vacuum that you can buy for your home and office. Using Roborock S6 room cleaning process becomes very fast.

This cleaner allows you to save multiple maps for different areas along with no-go zones. Each zone is recognized by the robot and starts working on that efficiently. Roborock S6 allows customization for a specific cleaning process.

A powerful mopping of different floors is done by this cleaner with full efficiency. It contains a 140-milliliter reservoir that is attached bottom of the S6. Two powerful filters are also part of Roborock S6 that prevent minerals from clogging the waterline.

Cleaning with Roborock is possible any time day or night. Making mapping strong SLAM technology is used. All operations of this robot can be viewed on your mobile app and controlled very easily. Via Alexa and assistant audible comments are easily understandable by S6

best robot cleaner

Best Upright Vacuum and Mop Combo Cleaners

4.Tineco iFloor Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

best carpet cleaner

Tinceco iFloor is a well-known brand, designed for dealing the hard floors like hardwood and laminate. We can control the power of the vacuum and mob combo by using the handle touch button. The cleaning solution is sprayed by squeezing the trigger. Making the floor dry takes 8 to 10 minutes.

It contains two water tanks one for dirty water and the second for clean water. The clean water tank cleaning solution is also used. Tinoco has its own powerful cleaning solution.

It is very easy to handle the water tanks because of the recessed grips. The soft-touch brushroll of Tineco can easily be viewed by a wide window.

Tineco iFloor weight is 6.5 pounds that are suitable for easy cleaning. The maneuverability of any cleaner depends on its wheels and good control. The grooved wheels and loop handle of Tineco iFloor allow good control and maneuvering. This cleaner can run on the floor for 20 to 25 minutes after a single charge. It contains a lithium-ion battery. Using its adapter we can recharge its battery again which takes 3 to 4 hours.

Cleaning of the cleaner itself is necessary. Tineco iFloor provides the facility of self-cleaning by pressing the power button for some seconds.

For removing the difficult messes push the spot clean button. The brush roll speed becomes increases from its standard speed which will remove the messes.

best robot cleaner

3. Bissell Symphony 2 in 1 Vacuum and Steam Mop  Cleaner (1132A)

best robot vacuum and mop combo

Bissell Symphony makes your sealed hard floors sanitize with the power of steam. Viruses and bacteria no more live after using the Bissell Symphony. Water turns into steam only in 30 minutes that can be used for vacuuming after mopping.

The debris collection is possible with its cyclonic suction. A special stopper is used in its 12.8-ounce tank to prevent entering the moisture. It contains a wide cleaning path; an 11-inch cleaning path ensures maximum cleaning in a single pass. The big cleaning head of any cleaner is the guaranty of fast cleaning

Bissell Symphony has a beautiful triangle handle that can be adjusted in 5 different positions for better cleaning results.

The thumb press button is available in the handle for controlling the suction. Also, the steam level is selected from the handle. The power cord size is 25 feet enough for cleaning the maximum area.

The fragrance is also part of cleaning. Bissell symphony 2 in 1 is specially designed for making scented demineralized water.

best robot cleaner

2. Bissell CrossWave Floor and Carpet Cleaner (1785A)

best upright vacuum and mop cleaner

The real-time suction of Bissell CrossWave dries the low pile carpet and hard floor in minimum time as compared to other competitors.

Bissell CrossWave contains a D-Shaped beautiful handle. Inside the handle, a trigger is available for water spray. Apart from the trigger pair of touch control available for selecting area.

CrossWave Vacuum mop combo cleaner contains two different water tanks. The capacity of a dirty water tank is 14.5 ounces. The capacity of the clean water tank is higher than 28 ounces.

Bissell produces cleaner as well as a cleaning solution for dealing with different conditions like pet odors, rug areas, and multiple surfaces. These cleaning solutions can be used in Bissell CrossWave cleaner.

The weight of this cleaner is 11 pounds. Its floor nozzle allows the user to reach harder places with an easy maneuver. The size of the power code is 25 feet and the nozzle width is 12 inches. A special puddle-preventing tray is designed to restore this combo cleaner.

The brush roll speed matters for better cleaning. Bissell CrossWave contains the 4.4 amp motor that spins the brush rolls very fast. Microfiber strips are used with a brush roll that absorbs the water.

Cleaning the brush roll is possible by lifting the removable window. You don’t need to turn over the Bissell CrossWave cleaner and clean the brushrolls.

best robot cleaner

1. Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro All-in-One Wet Dry Vacuum  Cleaner(2306A)

best carpet cleaner

Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro wet dry vacuum cleaner is designed for cleaning any type of floor and carpet.

Vacuuming and mopping at the same time are possible with CrossWave Pet Pro Cleaner. A handle contains a trigger for spray and also contains a selector for selecting the area.

Like other combo cleaners, CrossWave has dual water tanks that contain fill lines and hand grips. Afloat stack and strainer are available in the tank to prevent dirt.

Better dealing with pet odor Bissell provides two cleaning solution bottles of freeze-infused. Nylon and microfiber are used in brush rolls. The long hair of animals cannot tangle with brush rolls due to its special design. Cleaning the cleaner is necessary but is not an easy process. But Bissell CrossWave makes it easy just lift the clear cover and reach the removable brush roll

A long-size of power code is available for reaching the long area. You will find 25 feet long power code. Corners of the wall can easily clean by its swivel action. To carry an 11.5-pound combo cleaner, a beautiful lifting handle is available. Floor try is given with cleaner to save the cleaner inside.

best robot cleaner

Buying Guide for best vacuum and combo cleaner

The vacuum and mop combo is designed for saving the user time. These cleaners are specially designed for performing vacuuming and mopping at the same time. Combo cleaners have different advanced features like killing germs and dust mites.

This is the user chooses which cleaner he will select a robot or upright. In the case of an upright vacuum and mop combo user will see the electrical cord instead of the battery. Batteries are installed in all robotic combo cleaners with an auto charge option. An advanced robot has a resume operation facility so they start the same operation after completing their charge.

In our guide, we have explained briefly the basics of vacuum and mop combo. Other important points that you should know like cleaner types, power source, and tank speed are explained briefly. This complete buying guide will help you to buy the best vacuum and mop combo for your home.

Vacuum and Mop Combos Cleaners Categories

There are several types of vacuum and comp that you should know before starting to discuss the features of the cleaners. There are two major categories of cleaners one is upright and the second is robot combo cleaners. Each category of cleaner contains different features and advantages.

First, we talk about the upright vacuum and mop combo. These cleaners look like our traditional vacuum cleaners. Mostly the weight of these cleaners is calculated between 10 to 15 pounds. Some upright cleaners’ weight is half of the standard vacuum cleaner.

In single-pass, a large area can be covered using combo cleaners. The tank size is big which allows you to run on the floor for maximum time instead of walking to the sink.

Our second vacuum and mop category is robotic which contains less weight as compared to upright cleaners. Robot cleaners work automatically that we command using specific applications installed on our mobiles. These cleaners don’t need to work physically with them. Robotic cleaners of smaller sizes require you to refill and empty the tanks more often as compared to upright cleaners.

Upright cleaners are available with and without cords. Some upright cleaners have a power cord as a power source. Robotic vacuum and mop cleaners are only available in rechargeable batteries.

You must notify the cleaning area before buying upright cleaners. In many cases, users need to clean a long area so they plug cleaner in multiple outlets. Must buy vacuum and mop combo upright cleaner that contains a long cord minimum of 20 feet.

If you have selected a cordless vacuum and mop combo upright cleaner then you should know the total working time of the cleaner is 20 to 30 minutes. After that, you have to recharge. The charging time of these cleaners is 4 to 5 hours they need an adapter after discharge.

The robotic best vacuum and mop combo is equipped with batteries. They are smaller in size as compared to the upright cleaner. They perform all tasks automatically. They charge automatically when they need it. Robot vacuum Come on the dock and start charging, advance robotic vacuum, and mop cleaners have the resume facility so they start their operation after completing the charging process.

Steam and Steam-Free Combo Cleaner

The wet mopping function is the part of each cleaner. Only some cleaners are designed for creating steam. If you have pets at your home or small children then steam cleaners are best because you can get the sanitizing facility that is possible with steam.

Uprights vacuum and mop cleaner are available with the steam facility. No, a single robot vacuum is available with the steam facility.

Steam vacuum and mop combo cleaner should contain the adjustment if you are ready to buy. Because without adjustment of the steam it is difficult to increase and decrease the flow of steam. Also, notice the indicator that tells you when the steam is ready to use. Must notice before buying the decision of cleaner, mop pad should be easy to attach and detach.

Water Tanks of Combo Cleaners

Each robotic and upright vacuum and mop has a different design and configuration of water tanks and dispersion. If we talk about robotic models, mostly robot vacuum tanks slide onto the bottom. The flow of water in robotic models is different some offer adjustable water flow and others offer automatic, manual, or both.

The upright vacuum cleaner has a different water tank system. There are two tanks available for upright cleaners one for dirty water and the second for clean water. Trigger or press buttons available to disperse the water. On the other hand, steam units use a single tank.

Type Of House Floor

Hard surfaces of houses can easily be cleaned by combo cleaner. These cleaners are specially designed for sealed floors like vinyl, marble, tile, and linoleum. Combo cleaner performs very well on hard floors.

Select the robot or upright cleaner that has wheels with tread. Because on the wet floor cleaner may slide. Upright best vacuum and mop combo cleaner can be used on barber carpeting or low pile carpet. Keep in mind that don’t use your robotic cleaner on this type of flooring.

An upright cleaner can give you performance on medium-pile carpets but don’t expect you will get deep cleaning with these cleaners.

Don’t use your upright or robot vacuum and mop combo on the unsealed and plush carpet. Wet mopping on these kinds of floors becomes the cause of damage. Steam and vinyl are also prohibited for unsealed and plush carpets with combo cleaners. Select the no-go area using a robotic vacuum and mop using virtual markers and magnetic strips to stop working the robot cleaner on these floors.

Area Of House

Any size or area of the home can be cleaned using combo cleaners. But each cleaner contains a different tank capacity that you should notice according to your cleaning area. The larger tank and width of the nozzle play a vital role during cleaning. Fast and efficient cleaning can make it possible with a larger tank and nozzle of the cleaner.

Normal size houses like 1000 square feet can easily deal in one day with a combo vacuum and mop cleaner. If the area of your house is large then select the robot cleaner that contains enough battery for running on the floor. The robot combo should contain auto charging and resume cleaning operations.

Best Vacuum and Mop Compo Comparison Table

For better understanding below chart is designed to get an overview of combo vacuum and mop cleaners. This chart will help you to get the buying decision for the best vacuum and mop cleaner.

Upright Vacuum/ MopCordSizeWeightMore Info
Bissell Crosswave 1785A
25 -FT46x11x1211 LbsMore Info
Bissell Crosswave 2036A
25-ft46 x 12 x 11 11 Lbs.More Info
Bissell Symphony 1132A25-ft47 x 11 x 9 10 LbsMore Info
Tineco iFloorCordless44 x 11 x 107 LbsMore Info
Robot Vacuum/ MopCordSizeWeightMore Info
140-min12 x 2.765 Lbs.More Info
Roborock E35
150-min14 x 3.67 LbsMore Info
Roborock S6180-min14 x 3.815 Lbs. More Info
 Eufy RoboVac L70Cordless44 x 11 x 107 LbsMore Info


A vacuum and mop combo cleaner help you to spend less time on the floor. You don’t need to use two different cleaners one for vacuuming and the second for mopping. Vacuuming and moping with upright cleaners are easy with full control, any time upright cleaner can be used. A robotic cleaner is best for those who don’t want to spend time physically due to their busy routine life.

The upright cleaner contains a dual tank with stoppers which means reservoir water is hygienic. Cordless and corded upright cleaner have different advantage that depends on the user’s requirement. There are many other features that we have described in detail in our guide. Upright combo cleaner makes your life easy.

If we talk about the robotic cleaner that has a water reservoir and dirt bin. For extra dirt lifting, many robotic cleaners contain brush roll. Mapping and Wi-Fi features make a robotic cleaner more demanding.

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