Vacuum cleaners are used for picking dust from the floor. When we talk about hair, vacuums try to pick but do not succeed at all. The vacuum cleaner has to pick the hair differently because of its separate shape and size from all other debris. Some cleaners fail to pick up hair perfectly. Our article will try our best to give you the solution of the best vacuum cleaner for long hair with detail.

In this guide, we have arranged different types of vacuums like canister vacuums and stick vacuums. Each type of vacuum contains different features for performing multiple tasks. Other features like their weight, usage, warranty period, and cleaning efficiency describe in detail for the ease of the users. A thorough read of the full article makes you a better sense of which one is the best fit vacuum cleaner for long hair at your home and office. The right decision for any product saves your pocket.

Actual results with a clear picture regarding the best vacuum for long hair, our team started to collect information from different platforms Amazon, Youtube, and eBay. User left their reviews on these platforms that sens better for making decisions about selecting any product that we are ready to buy. The vacuum cleaner for long hair list with a complete description and a buying guide can help you decide.

Best Vacuum Cleaner For Long Hair

Top vacuum for long hair Review



Picking long hair for the vacuum cleaner is not difficult if it has the capability. The Shark Apex is our first recommended vacuum for long hair that can perform better without tangling. Shark Apex picks the hairs with its powerful airflow and strong suction power. Shark Apex is the best fit for those who want to use a vacuum cleaner to pick hairs and other debris. It is an affordable cleaning machine compared to other related vacuums.

The hair picking process wraps the hair with a brush that can easily remove with protrusions at the nozzle. Air pressure and suction complete the cleaning process on time with great efficiency.

Shark Apex is no doubt a quality vacuum for long hair that uses DuoClean technology. Cleaning the hard floor becomes easier with this technology with its roller attachment. Small and big debris both collect with Shark Apex properly.


  • Hair picking becomes handier when the (Zero- M anti-hair wrap) removes the hair from the brush roll or beater bar automatically.
  • Hardwood floor and carpet both can clean with its DuoClean technology. Deep cleaning is considered with Shark Apex.
  • Quality HEPA filters are installed, and HEPA filters are suitable for those who have allergens issues.
  • Hard-to-reach areas like furniture are easy to clean with a detachable canister that extends the cleaning head’s reach.
  • The brush bar auto-cleaning process is amazing and admirable
  • Shark Apex is easy to maneuver just because of its active glider.

  • Given attachments are easy to attach and remove
  • All types of surfaces are easy to clean with given useful attachments.
  • The latest features are used to make the cleaning area process easy and efficient for the users.
  • Floor polishing after proper cleaning and picking large and small debris from multiple surfaces.
  • Shark Apex contains large rubber wheels instead of plastic.
  • Rubber wheels are easy to maneuver on surfaces.
  • Shark apex considers a bulky machine that some users don’t like.

Shark Navigator Pet Pro With Zero-M ZU62


Shark Navigator Pet Pro Zero is our next vacuum for long hair. This shark variant can pick the pet dander and hairs using the latest features. Zero-M cleaner removes the hairs from the brush rolls automatically.

Pet owners can buy this cleaner without thinking more. The size of the bin is 2.8 quarts, which is considered big enough compared to other related vacuum models. The small bin requires emptying the bin after filing; Shark Navigator provides relief by providing the big dust cup.

Carpet cleaning is the same as that we get on the floor. Cheap and low-quality cleaners become fail while working on the carpet surface.

The lift-away feature is not given in the Shark navigator, so the user cannot clean the entire house. If you need a handheld cleaner, this one is not the best fit because it contains 12ft long hose. Portability is not possible. That is the need of the majority of users. More vacuum falls down when the hose is stretched more. The other reason for falling down the vacuums for long hair is its sturdy hose.

Shark Navigator is the best fit for those who want a cleaner that works on the carpets that contain the hairs of pets. Pet Pro by Shark is an awesome hair cleaning machine if the user compensates for its portability feature.

  • The hose size is 12 feet, enough for cleaning a long area
  • A big dust cup tells more area can be cleaned.
  • The stiff hose of the Shark navigator falls down the cleaner when bent more.
  • Lift-away mode is not given.




SEBO X5 is a similar cleaning machine to Shark Apex. Amazing features with an awesome durable component best for long-lasting and efficient working on different floors.

SEBO contains the brush that the user doesn’t need to adjust; electronic and auto-adjusting of the brush is given for smooth cleaning.

Auto-hide adjusting can be better understood with this example. If you are cleaning the floor, want to move under the furniture. Just push down the cleaner it will sens automatically and adjust its height according to the surface.

Vacuum smell doesn’t like any user SEBO solves this problem by providing the latest filtration system. The cleaning performance of this machine is remarkable. SEBO X5 contains big-size bags 1.4-gallon capacity.

Airflow plays an important role SEBO improves the airflow by providing the sealing strip behind the brush. SEBO X5 consider a useful machine for picking hairs from multi surfaces.


  • Vacuum bag checking eats the brain, user doesn’t need to check the bag continuously if SEBO X5 cleaner is in their hand. Because specific light glows when the bag is full, and the motor turns off.
  • A long cord of 40 feet is best for covering a long area
  • The wheel material is rubber, durable and long-lasting. Plastic wheels are not strong enough.
  • The belt warranty is lifetime with 5 years cleaner warranty.
  •  The cleaner can automatically adjust the height according to the surface or user’s need.
  • Quick and efficient floor cleaning with its wide cleaning head of 14 inches.
  • Strong filter in the shape of multi-layer bags. Its bag contains 3 to 4 layers that work efficiently.
  • The bag emptying process is not a headache; just a few steps and the bag is empty.
  • Best suitable for the people who have allergens issues
  • Easy to reach hard and tricky places just because of its latest features.
  • The size of the cord is long too but not easy to manage. No cord rewind is given that sometimes feels complicated.
  • The hose size is not long like a power cord.
  • Some users claim it is expensive to machine
  • Vacuuming becomes hard after passing some time due to a lack of swivel steering.

Shark IZ363HT Anti-Allergen Vacuum Cleaner


The air filtration system of Shark 1Z363HT contains a multi-level air system that provides the best protection by picking small particles from the air. Picking hairs is a sip of coffee for Shark 1Z363HT, making it more attractive for the user when the tangle-free brush roll removes tangled hair by self-cleaning feature. Users don’t need to check the brush and remove pet and human hair and other particles. It is included in the low-profile vacuums for long hair

A beautiful, slim, and quality vacuum cleaner, Shark 1Z363HT is available with amazing features. Best for those who are searching for affordable machines and also the best fit for human hair picking. Shark given mountable charging holster that matches will all environment make it more attractive for the users. After a single charge, it can work continue 50 minutes on the floor for the picking process. The charging time is better than other related models. Long run on the floor user must compensate by long charging time that takes 4 hours.

Dislodging stains from the hardwood floors becomes easier with its multiple motorized brush. hair removal from the floor with a powerful motor is simple and easy. Shark 1Z363HT brush head contains anti-tangling technology. Mean user does not need to clean the cleaning brush head after finishing the cleaning job, the cleaner itself self-cleaning the brush head. Cheap or low-quality vacuums for long hair require full attention to prepare for the next cleaning session by removing human hair and debris from the cleaning head. Easy to convert into a handheld version that is best for cleaning and easy to carry anywhere.



MIELE CX1 is our next selection of the best vacuum cleaner for the long hair list. These vacuums for long hair were awesome during our cleaning test, especially the human hair picking process. The other feature is high air-cyclon for the vacuuming process; the bin size is large enough to attract the user to buy this machine.

MIELE CX1 provides 4 stage cleaning process that enables by the knob given to its body. It does not contain the bag means the bagless vacuum cleaner that most users want.

It is easy to control during the cleaning process due to its curved handle, which gives less wrist pressure. Easy movement of any cleaning machine ensures cleaning with an easy hand. This variant contains articulating neck that makes the moving process easier.

The design of the machine is beautiful with user-friendly features. It contains strong tubes with extended capability so the user can extend according to its need.


  • The length of the power cord is 6.5 meters.
  • The bin size is 2 liter, which does not require frequent emptying.
  • Contain 4 stages cleaning process that enables with its given knob.
  • Powerful cleaning is done by 1200 Watt ensure the desired cleaning.
  • Remarkable for picking the pet hairs, also considered a good machine for carpet cleaning.
  • Hard floors treat by SRD head.
  • It’s not a noisy machine. A vacuum cleaner that contains noise eats the user’s brain.
  • A quality filter with fewer maintenance features means the user does not need to worry about spending money on the filter.
  • If you have stairs, a cleaner weight will not allow you to bring them up and down several times.
  • The size of the power cord should be longer.
  • Apart from the main filter secondary filter is messy.



MIELE Bagged canister is a trusty device that performs best for picking long hairs. The cleaning head is rich with turbo brush, awesome for agitating the stain from the floor. The size of bin 4.5L considers a big size. MIELE contains a special pet odor filter for making the environment fresh.

The cleaning process becomes more efficient if the machine maneuvers with easy hands. the MIELE rotating neck moves easily on the floor. 6 different speeds of the cleaner make it more attractive and user-friendly. Users can adjust speed according to floor type and need.

The maximum speed of Miele C3 expects more noise, but it produces only 79 dB. When the vacuum runs at a slow speed, the noise reduces more. Producing slow noise includes it in the quietest vacuum cleaner list.


  • Pet odor filter relief from the bad smell that nobody like. The filter effect can understand better when we use cleaners without filters. The quality of the Miele pet odor filter is remarkable.
  • The size of the hose plays a role when we need to cover a long area. The size of the hose is 7.5 meters consider long enough. The hose comes with flexibility along with metal tubes extending 3 meters, so the final length the user can utilize is 11 meters.
  • The cleaning head contains the turbo brush.
  • Consume the same electricity as other related cleaners but produce extra power due to the latest technology.
  • a Self-cleaning HyClean bag. self cleaning can solve user cleaning of the cleaner itself problem.
  • Speed adjustment at 6 levels allows work on different surfaces.
  • Quieter machine good impact on the user.
  • Hard floor cover with its AirTeq head
  • Effective and efficient for human hair picking
  • Turbo head great for floor cleaning, creat problem sometimes on the stairs.
  • An expensive machine that all users cannot afford.
  • The turbo head is a bit large for stairs;



vacuum cleaner for long hair

Dyson V11 cordless stick vacuum is the last vacuum cleaner on our list. It is a small cordless and compact design vacuum cleaner with great efficiency. Cord problem-solve with a cordless vacuum cleaner; just remove the cleaner and start vacuuming. Amazing Daily vacuuming machine that can make home super clean.

The V10 model of Dyson is similar to the V11; there is no big difference in their look. Dyson V11 cordless stick vacuum contains an extra 3.5 kg just because of its big battery. The pick of a machine in hand during vacuuming is fit for usage.

Dyson enhances the 20 percent motor power in the V11 model compared to V10. This difference can also be judged in the airflow system. These changes in the new model enhance the efficiency and performance of the machine.

The LCD display is a new feature that was added to the V11 stick vacuum model. Sometimes it does not give a good feeling, but after some time, the user realizes the usage of LCD. Users can check the current vacuuming mod on display. The V11 model by Dyson contains 3 different modes eco mode, medium mode, and boost mode. Each mode is used for a different purpose. If the user wants casual cleaning, then the eco mode is enough, but powerful cleaning or specific cleaning is done by its Boost mode.


  • Dyson V11 is a cordless unit that does not require cable, making the vacuuming process more convenient.
  • Wall dock supply — user, finds full battery when vacuuming needed because leaning on the wall provides constant charge.
  • Treating different floors, three power floor heads are given.
  • It takes 4.5 hours for one complete charge, enough for one full hour working in eco mode.
  • Boost mode takes more power that drains the battery fast.
  • Powerful suction performance for hair picking
  • Suction power adjusts automatically in Dyson V11.
  • LCD shows the remaining battery and current mode of the vacuum cleaner
  • Best vacuum cleaner for carpet, stairs, pets, and hair picking.
  • The size of the bin is large and easy to empty.
  • High prices are not affordable for all users.
  • Battery time is great but not enough for the long run.

Things to Consider for the best vacuum cleaner long hair

The right selection for any product provides proper results. Only buying an expensive product is not enough to get results for a specific purpose. Each machine has different advantages and disadvantages that need to check to select the best from others. If your old vacuum cleaner is not capable of picking the hairs from the floor and you are finding the best vacuum cleaner that best performs, then you are at the right place. After providing the complete best vacuum cleaner list, this is our buying guide using that you can select the best product for your home and office.

Reasons to get a vacuum for Long Hair.

Hairs are not removed from the surface after vacuuming, meaning a lack of right features. You need a vacuum cleaner that is capable of picking up the hair. Hairs come from humans and pets, which are necessary to collect. You need a professional vacuum cleaner with the feature of hair picking from the floor.

Hairs can be found anywhere in the home, mostly where humans and pets spend time, like bed, furniture, sofa, and carpet. At the same time, we think about vacuums that pick up hairs and other dirt and debris properly. If the vacuum cleaner is strong enough to pick the hair will eliminate all debris from the floor and provide a shiny look that the user desires.

Features to consider when choosing a vacuum cleaner for Long Hair

Buying Guide

Searching for a vacuum cleaner with hair-picking features is not an easy task. The important factor that users should consider before finalizing the product. The right selection is impossible if users do not have specific knowledge. In our guide, you will find the solution to the vacuum for long hair with a step-by-step guide.

Type of vacuum

Our market is full of vacuums with different features. Each type of vacuum cleaner contains advantages and disadvantages. Below are the types of vacuums.

Robot vacuum – the robot vacuum cleaner is a vacuum that performs cleaning jobs without human interference. They get commands from the user using electronic platforms like mobile apps and start doing the cleaning. This type of vacuum is expensive and not suitable for all types of customers.

Handheld vacuums – Handheld vacuums are portable for vacuuming furniture, cars, upholstery, and other surfaces. Handheld steam cleaners are useful for spot cleaning.

Canister vacuum – canister vacuum is a compact form vacuum cleaner affordable for the majority of users. canister vacuum contains the hose for focusing on the surface constantly.

Upright vacuums – upright vacuums are widely used because they are easy to use. Upright vacuum cleaner makes your home super cleaner. Upright cleaners are often converted into portable cleaners for spot cleaning. Handheld pet vacuums easily reach harder places for picking hairs and other debris properly. Our recommended vacuum cleaner list contains the cleaners that are convertible.

Now it’s the user’s responsibility to understand the type of cleaner according to its floor and select the right product.


More power means more efficient vacuuming ex-pats. The type of handheld vacuum cleaner consumes less power. Many big brands produce handheld vacuums with suitable power, so their work is better on the surface.

Generally, we cannot come to know about the power of a vacuum during vacuuming. The best way to realize the power factor is by reading the reviews of consumers. Power factors must be considered before buying a vacuum cleaner. Because the low-power vacuum cleaner is not capable of picking up hairs.

Vacuum weight and dimensions

Weight and dimension ease the consumer if selected according to available storage. If you live in a small apartment with a tiny space for storing the vacuum cleaner, then a bulky machine will be difficult to store. Consider a vacuum that is efficient for hair picking and easy to store in any hard place.

The weight of the vacuum does not only matter during vacuuming. Apart from vacuuming, we need to carry it from one place to another, sometimes up and down the stairs, so the big bulky machine cannot handle by a single user.

Corded or cordless?

The price of a corded is less compared to a cordless cleaner. They don’t require a battery for charging; just plug the cleaner and start cleaning. Corded models are the best choice; just select those with a long power cord. Cordless models are expensive and contain less power than corded vacuums.

Bagged vs. Bagless

Bagged or bagless depends on the need. Users can select anyone according to its cleaning situation. If you use a regular cleaning agent, a bagless cleaner is suitable; otherwise, a dust collector is necessary. Sometimes users live in areas where a lot of dust particles cannot be handled without a bagged cleaner. Consider a cleaner that best fits you.

We recommend bagged cleaners because spending money cannot change or replace them after passing sometime. So suddenly, if you need a bagged unit, there is no solution in your hand. People avoid buying bagged units because emptying several times does not make sense. Modern cleaners are easy to empty.

Anti-allergen filters

Filtering is the most important feature that must be considered before making a final decision. The vacuum cleaner’s strong filter can pick up the allergens during vacuuming and dump them inside the vacuum bag. The filter is suitable for those who have issues with allergens.

Performance on other surfaces

The type of surfaces is necessary to consider. The selected vacuum should be able to work on all surfaces that you have at your home. It is noticed people use different flooring so the vacuum should be able to work on them. The best vacuum cleaner will cover all floors and provide a complete dusting package with hair picking.


The warranty of any product tells us how much time our pocket is safe. The maximum warranty period means more safety offered by the manufacturer. Vacuums offer different types of warranties, replacements, or parts.


Price of any product put the first impression on the pocket and ask you can pay me or not. Different price ranges like under 100$ and 200$ depending on your pocket size and required features. We have arranged recommended vacuum for between 150$ to 400$. Spending more money on vacuums provides better cleaning for a long time.

If you want to buy a cleaner capable of picking the long hair from the surface, then the price should not matter.


What Are Vacuums for Long Hair?

Vacuum for long hair is those cleaners that contain strong suction power and tangle-free brush rolls. Hair picking becomes easy for them from the floor using these two main features. A vacuum is likely the best robot vacuum for long hair. Picking up long hair does not mean these cleaners will not pick up other debris and dirt from the surface.

Vacuum for Long Hair vs. Traditional Vacuum.

Traditional vacuum cleaners or old cleaners available in your home cannot pick up the hair. On the other side, the vacuum in the market picks hair efficiently; this is just because of the big differences between both types of vacuum. The difference in their technology and power. A vacuum that can pick up the hairs contains strong power and the latest brush roll tangle-free technology to avoid clinging to the hairs with the cleaning head.

Traditional vacuum cleaners pick up the debris and other related stuff from the surface but are not efficient in picking up anything like hairs. The latest vacuum cleaners contain specific designs, features, and functionality that perform better.

How Vacuums for Long Hair Work

Vacuum cleaners vacuum everything inside the home; the difference is sucking power and tangle-free cleaning head for picking the hairs. The motor blows the fan fast, enabling it to efficiently pick the hair and other dirt from the surface.

Do You Really Need a Vacuum for Long Hair?

The availability of humans and pets at home means hair must be available on the floor that needs to pick. Pets shed more hair as compared to humans. Both types of hair come on the floor collectively. Without a machine, it is impossible to remove all hairs efficiently; we need a proper machine for removing hairs.

The old models and cheap quality machines cannot pick the hair or tangle with their brushes. You need an efficient machine that picks hair from the surface without tangling. Users can select any machine according to choice from our recommended list. Picking long hair requires two main features strong suction power and a tangle-free cleaning head.

What’s the best way to clean a bagless vacuum?

Cleaning of cleaner is necessary that avoid any disgusting situation. Take out the cleaner and remove residue from the dust bin. Outside areas are chosen because the emptying process can spread dust particles again. Empty the bin with a safe hand, take a piece of damp cloth with warm water and then move it inside the dust cup. Now everything is done, wait for dry your vacuum is ready for the next go.

How do I know it’s time to change or clean the filters?

Filter condition depends on the usage; anyhow maximum of once a year user should change the filter for better results. Apart from fixing the time cycle, some other reasons urge us to change the filter right now, like the funny smell from the vacuum. The filter inside the vacuum is easy to change or replace, manufacturer guide can help you better for an exact way of removing and replacing the vacuum filter without damaging any other part.

Why do I get static shocks while vacuuming?

Vacuum rubbing the carpet and furniture creates friction that becomes the cause of static shocks. To avoid unwanted situations, the antistatic spray is the solution. Spray it on the surface before starting vacuuming.

Our Verdict

We cover all those models in our list which perform best during our testing process. If you want to get our recommendation then Shark Apex AZ1002 is the best of all, with positive user reviews and a good star rating. You are searching for a vacuum for long hair, so the Zero-M technology of Shark Apex is incredible. We recommend it because three patented systems work, making it over efficient.

If Shark Apex is out of range or you don’t like then the second-best cleaner is Bissell Cleanview Upright 1831. Useful cleaner with several credible features, especially if we talk about its pet hair picking, users blindly trust this machine. Bissell Crossview can make your home super clean. It is available in an affordable price range, not much expensive.

After discussing all-important buying tips, and providing a list of the best vacuum cleaner, Disclose our choice now the next step is the final decision that will lead you to the buying process. It depends on the user, which machine contains the feature that he demands, and whether it is available in the user’s price range.

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