A vacuum cleaner is necessary for home and business if you want to see everything clean with less time and effort. Vacuum cleaners are available in different types and shapes, so we need a perfect selection for our business cleaning needs. If the selected vacuum cleaner is unsuitable, then money will be lost. The functionality of the vacuum cleaner should be awesome, along with easy-to-use features. In other words, it should be user-friendly. The latest technology enables the vacuum cleaner to perform outstandingly with less weight and size. The old version was bulkily and equipped with fewer features.

The right vacuum cleaner requires less effort and grabs your less energy while working with it. The lightweight latest vacuum cleaner is easy to handle and move from one place to another with easy hands. The long cord of these vacuum cleaners makes them more versatile; users can freely move around the house. Day by day, manufacturers introduce the latest features that reduce user efforts.

The right selection of vacuum cleaners for business makes the casual cleaning process easy. So if you are worried about selecting the best vacuum for the cleaning business, then you are at the right place. In our guide, you will find the solution to this problem. We have arranged the complete list of Vacuum cleaners for business and buying guide as well. Stick your eyes to our article and get to know each aspect of this topic.

What is the Best Vacuum for a Cleaning Business

Several users ask a common question: “what is the best vacuum to buy for business.” If we explore the market with some vacuum cleaners and brands available, it is very difficult for the new user to select the best vacuum.

First, understand the difference between a business vacuum cleaner and a home vacuum cleaner. The business vacuum cleaner requires more usage instead of household usage. You don’t want interruption during cleaning your business. The strong and durable vacuum cleaner works efficiently long without losing its suction.

Best Vacuum For Cleaning Business List View

 Hoover C2401 Commercial Lightweight Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

best vacuum for cleaning business

Hoover C2401 is a portable commercial vacuum cleaner that performs cleaning tasks without noise. Quality accessories are included to make the cleaning job perfect. Hoover C2401 is equipped with the HEPA filter. Consider high filtration with HEPA filter, making the environment dust and dirt free.

Hoover C2401 is our first selected commercial vacuum cleaner in this list. It is a lightweight machine with some remarkable features. C2401 contains the 9.2 weight allowing easy movement around the house. The dirt carrying capacity of the machine is 6 liters.

The accessories of this machine make it more reliable and user-trusted. Hoover C2401 contains the 11-inch turbo floor tool, crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery tool. Users can move freely inside the house with its long power cord 48-foot. The connectivity of accessories with the wand is not easy to understand for all users.

Cleaning operation by HOOVER C2401 never eats brain because its quieter machine. The filtration system relay on HEPA media filtration. We know HEPA is the name of quality; manufacturers claim it can trap tiny particles from the environment 99.9 percent.

Numerous surfaces can be handled by small devices like carpets, wooden and hard floors, bare floors, tiles floors, concrete floors, and upholstery.

Hoover produces noise of 66 dB, considered very low. The dust cup lid crystal clear user can analyze the inside situation. We have the operation of machine awesome if you still out of commercial vacuum cleaner you can buy it for your business use.

  • The cleaning task is quiet
  • It is a portable and lightweight machine
  • Bundle of Attachments
  • The connection of attachment with the wand is not easy to understand for some users.

Shark Apex DuoClean with Zero-M No Hair Wrap (ZS362) Stick Commercial Vacuum Cleaner


Shark is a well-known brand producing cleaning products for decades. Shark DueClean is a well-known stick vacuum cleaner. A lightweight machine makes users feel easy when vacuuming and easy to go under furniture and beneath other heavy items. Shark Apex DuoClean is the best choice for business and home. Shark ZS362 stick vacuum is terrific for small businesses and provides quality results, instead, that stick vacuums are good for home use.

  • The canister vacuums emptying process is easy
  • It is a lightweight stick vacuum
  • Easy conversion from hard floors to carpet
  • The length of the power cord is 25 feet
  • Self-cleaning of roll brush.
  • The size of the Shark ION stick vacuums canister is small
  • Some users don’t accept its price.
  • Attachments should be extra durable.

Hoover Commercial CH 30000


Hoover Commercial CH 30000 is a machine that you need for your business. It comes with a handheld vacuum design, a perfect solution to your cleaning issues.

Users feel cool after using this handheld vacuum machine because it provides efficient cleaning. The attachment of Hoover CH30000 boosts cleaning job quality and access. The selection of this cleaner will never let down your expectation.

Attachments of the machine reach those places where difficult to reach and clean. The investment in this machine makes your life easy.

  • The suction is excellent
  • It is a handheld cleaning tool best for business
  • The price tag is acceptable for the users
  • Strong machine with quick response
  • Suitable for small business
  • The size and power should increase more


We found Hoover CH30000 premier for business usage. It will provide great results and fulfill daily cleaning tasks without pause. Best fit for those who want a small and compact design machine for their business.

ProTeam 107423 Commercial Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

best vacuum for cleaning business

ProTeam 107423 is a commercial-grade backpack vacuum cleaner that performs cleaning duties without reducing the noise.

A commercial backpack vacuum cleaner with a 50-feet long power cord is good to maneuver around the house. A quick operation is possible because the manufacturer claims it can perform a cleaning job of 7,407 square feet only in one hour.

Instead of all other features, one quality feature is its HEPA filter. The name of quality, HEPA can trap maximum from the air, after using commercial vacuum cleaner you will feel a big difference. Numerous surfaces can handle this astonishing commercial vacuum cleaner, like hard floors, carpets, and upholstery. It is useless for wet surfaces; avoid use on wet floors.

The Proteam commercial backpack vacuum cleaner’s weight is 11 pounds, which is not arduous for anyone to carry and move with this weight. It is pretty cozy for new users to operate the machine with easy hands. The filtration system is necessary for trapping dust particles from the air; the ProTeam backpack vacuum filtration system divides into four-level that facilely traps pollen, mold, dead skin, and dust mites.

The manufacturer equipped the safety; the motor turns off when the machine overheated. The noise production during vacuuming is 66 dB; a backpack vacuum cleaner will never eat your brain.

  • Portable and lightweight backpack vacuum
  • It is not difficult to adjust the harness
  • Not a noisy backpack vacuum
  • Wet surfaces are not for ProTeam 107423 commercial vacuum cleaner.

Shark Rotator Professional Upright Corded Bagless commercial vacuum cleaner

for Carpet and Hard Floor with lift away Hand Vacuum and Anti-Allergy Seal (NV501)


Shark Rotator is a professional machine widely used in businesses. It is an upright vacuum cleaner’s leading choice for business cleaning.

The suction of the Shark Rotator upright vacuum cleaner is admirable; there are some ups and downs that cover its price tag. Instead of working on the floor, the corner and hard-to-reach places are also not arduous to handle with Shark Rotator.

Quick and painless action on the surface done by Shark Rotator commercial vacuum cleaner. Additionally, converting from hard floor types to carpeted surfaces is not arduous. Common thinking brings two separate machines, one for carpet cleaning and another for hard floor cleaning; stop thinking, use the Shark Rotator and forget about the separate machine concept. different floor types are not difficult to maintain by Shark Rotator.

  • The suction of the Shark Rotator upright vacuum cleaner  is remarkable
  • The size of the hose is 8 feet
  • Attachments are easy to use
  • Hard floors, including carpet, are treated well.
  • Integrated with HEPA filter
  • The size of the power cord is 25 feet
  • Bitsy heavy from the canister vacuum cleaner.
  • The operation beneath the heavy items is not possible.

Kenmore Pet-Friendly Vacuum


Kenmore pet-friendly commercial vacuum cleaner is a big relief for those who want a perfect machine for their business. Kenmore is efficient and easy to understand for any simple user. The given attachments enhance the approach of machines in harder places. Like a telescoping wand, users can get awesome performance to reach tricky places where arduous to reach manually. Pet lovers can enjoy this machine, the picking pet hair facile. Instead of using the feature, the other feature is easy to pack and carry from one place to another.

Commercial vacuum cleaner for those who love cleaning with less effort. It is possible with a quality machine that does not care how big or small your place is.

  • Kenmore belongs to the canister type
  • Pets stains no more with Kenmore commercial vacuum cleaner
  • It is easy to use.
  • Lightweight machine
  • Big business does not complete their cleaning with small unit
  • Some users don’t admire its attachments.


Kenmore is the best option for business cleaning, just because of its strong suction. No doubt pet hairs can communicate easily with this machine. Cleaning sessions become handy when suitable accessories are available with the machine. It is a bagless unit easy to clean after finishing the cleaning session.

Sanitaire EUKSC679J Commercial Shake Out Upright Commercial Vacuum cleaner


Sanitaire EUKSC679J commercial vacuum cleaner is available in this guide because of our selection criteria. It is a lightweight machine with some quality features.

The Sanitaire professional-grade commercial vacuum cleaner is equipped with a bag used for accumulating debris inside. The capacity of the bag is 18 qt. The machine’s weight is 12 pounds; easy to hold and move with this weight. Suction can consider with its 5amp motor; it can produce 120 CFM airflow. The Sanitaire vacuum cleaner easily moves the entire room due to the long power cord of 30 feet. Pet owners can enjoy this machine; the ability to pick hairs along with other debris is remarkable. There are no attachments available in its packing.

Baggage vacuum cleaners are arduous to empty. Users often worry about the emptying bin process; instead of the Sanitaire vacuum cleaner being different from others, the emptying bin process is quite simple and facile. The belt and roller brush get issues, but the replacement process is not arduous. The height adjustment feature is done by its knob; the user can adjust the height according to the surface. Forget about its maintenance for a long time; no need to worry about this issue. Additionally, the extra belt is provided if something is wrong with the first one; it can be used alternatively. The Sanitaire commercial vacuum cleaner offers a good warranty period; the user can replace or change the machine if something goes wrong.

  • The size of the power cord is long enough
  • Sanitaire EUKSC679J upright vacuum cleaner is a portable and lightweight machine
  • Cleaning head height adjustment feature for working on different surfaces.
  • Attachments are not included in packing.

Bissell Big Green Commercial Vacuum Cleaner


Bissell Big Green commercial vacuum cleaner is the best cleaning solution for businesses and homes. A professional-grade machine with enough power provides ease to the user by working on multiple surfaces. Bissell Big Green is a bagless unit that looks versatile in your hand with an efficient pick. A useful tool kit is offered for making the cleaning process trouble-free. It will clean all surfaces; you don’t need to go for any other machine.

Provide cleaning inch by inch no matter which surface you are cleaning. Awesome results you will enjoy with Bissell Big Green commercial vacuum cleaner.

  • The size of the power cord is 30 feet
  • The strong suction power
  • It contains no bag, bagless cleaning unit
  • Easy to use for any simple person
  • Wheels are not sturdy and break after some time pass.
  • A long area covering requires other heavy machines.


Bissell produces machines with quality, and an outstanding unit works great as a user expects with a vacuum cleaner. Its great performance and reasonable warranty period attract the users. You can never expect more performance from any other machine. If you are still out of a vacuum cleaner, buy Bissell Big Green vacuum cleaner for your business and make your life easy.

Perfect Products C105 Lightweight Portable Commercial Vacuum Cleaner


Perfect C105 Portable commercial vacuum cleaner is our last machine in this article. This machine is the owner of strong suction power that key factor of any vacuum cleaner. Available with a bundle of accessories.

According to the survey, it is noticed users want a lightweight, compact design for dealing with daily routine cleaning tasks. The C105 vacuum cleaner is one of those that offers a lightweight and compact design to its users. The weight of this astounding machine is 10 pounds only. The exact number of accessories that come with this machine is 9. The facile movement with the machine is viable of its 30-feet long power cord. For enhancing quality, the manufacturer has used HEPA filters. There is no other alternative to HEPA filters in the market. After using a machine with this filter, the user can feel a big environmental change.

This commercial vacuum cleaner’s substantial suction power provides awesome surface results. The process of carrying the machine is facile. It produces noise during vacuuming.

  • Strong suction power
  • Bundle of accessories
  • The size of the power cord is 30 feet

Buying guide for the best vacuum for cleaning business

A vacuum cleaner for the business requires extra durability and power. The home-based vacuum cleaner does not disappoint you because they use less than the business vacuum cleaner. The following importance must consider before finalizing the vacuum cleaner for the business.

Suction power

Suction power is the first factor that considers high. Check high suction power commercial vacuum cleaners one by one; after a shortlisting, then check their customer reviews and come to know which one is best from all that contains high suction power. The high suction power cannot expect with cordless vacuums and robot vacuums cleaners. Instead, you have to visit home by home, so you don’t have the time to charge.

Ability to change from carpet to hard floors seamlessly.

The selected vacuum cleaner should convert easily from hard floor to carpet. Business vacuum cleaners have to perform a task in the entire home, so they don’t have extra time to wait for transition. Some people use a separate vacuum cleaner for hard floors and carpets. It is difficult to maintain; your selected vacuum cleaner should be all in one, able to work on numerous surfaces perfectly.

Easy to dump the canister

When we go for the best, we recommend the bag-less canister vacuum cleaner. Finish your cleaning task and dump the canister. Canister vacuum cleaners are easy to use and maintain compared to bagged vacuum cleaners.

When moving home, this is the best idea just finish work in one place, dump the canister of canister vacuums and go to the next task. Instead, that bagged unit creates difficulty.

The canister vacuum cleaner easily picks and packs after dumping the canister; there is no big headache. Otherwise, you will pick up the garbage bag carry it and throw it at a suitable place, it is not a suitable option.

Easy to clean filters

Filter cleaning is necessary, like emptying the canister. After finishing the daily routine at night, mostly wash all filters for the next day. Multiple filters are necessary because one filter is clean at night and possibly not dry completely till morning.

So the selected vacuum cleaner filter should be easy to remove and wash. Buy separate 2 to 3 filters for running the business smoothly.

 Attachments to vacuum furniture and high and low.

The attachments should be easy to access with the vacuum cleaner. The selected vacuum should be able to work the corners of walls and ceilings. The access of the cleaner at all surfaces for covering everything

Longer Power cord length.

Consider the vacuum cleaner that contains a long power cord. New or unaware users don’t focus on these features and face difficulty using machines. A long cord avoids the user from plugging and unplugging the cleaning unit; otherwise, searching and performing this job is a pain. A long cord offered by the manufacturer is 50 feet; go for the maximum option instead of a 20 to 25 feet long cord.

How much power should your professional vacuum provide?

The power measurements of the vacuum cleaner offered by different manufacturers come in CFM, Water Lift, and Air Watts.

  • CFM: The CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. When we turn on the machine, this is the measurement of vacuum cleaner air intake. In other words, we use the word airflow of the machine. The high number of CFM machines is more powerful.
  • Water Lift: The power of lifting water when we switch on the vacuum cleaner. The other word used is static pressure.
  • Air Watts: air watts measurements tell us the combined results of CFM and water lift. Higher air watts mean the vacuum cleaner contains more suction power.

Do you need a corded vacuum or a cordless vacuum for your business?

Corded or cordless vacuum cleaners are both equipped with useful features. We have to select the machine according to our needs. The exploring market tells some cordless units to come into the market that offers useful features and extra performance compared to corded vacuum cleaners. On the other hand, corded unit cleaning companies claim our cleaning machine can run more and provide better results where cordless units fail to perform.

A complete war situation between both types. The cordless unit is not able to perform better or have equipped with fewer features. There are several surfaces where cordless units work better.

In our aspect of selecting the vacuum cleaner for the business, we recommend the corded unit should select. This selection is because cordless unit battery time can never meet your working. You have to perform a cleaning job at one house and go to another where possible the battery time finish and you need charging time. majority of commercial cleaning companies prefer corded machines.

How much should the dust cup capacity of your vacuum cleaner feature?

From the business point of view, Vacuum cleaner dust cups should be large. Because when you run on a large area, this feature will avoid you several turns for emptying the bin. So go for those vacuum cleaners that contain the large dust bin cup size.

The next step that comes to mind is whether the selected vacuum cleaner should be bagged or bagless. Both are good there is no right and wrong between these two features. Nowadays, bagless vacuum cleaner units are commonly used and come with great features.

Going for a bagged vacuum cleaner will require extra cost to replace the vacuum bag. The advantage of the baggage units, the dust saves separately inside the bag. They require less maintenance and run for a long time. A big amount of dust can be saved inside the bag. If you have a baggage vacuum cleaner, it requires a regular dust bag clean to avoid any difficulty.

What kind of vacuum attachments and extra features should you consider?

It depends on the surfaces and messes that you are going to clean. Vacuum brands offer different accessories for vacuum cleaners. You consider those which make you sense better for getting cleaning results. The most common type of accessories is listed below.

  • Crevice tool
  • Pet tools for pet hair and fur
  • Upholstery cleaning tools
  • Brush roll
  • Extension wand
  • Floor nozzle
  • Swivel steering

Best Vacuum for Cleaning Businesses FAQs

Why do vacuums lose suction?

It happens just because of blocked filters. If you want a vacuum cleaner that never gets clogged, wash or replace the filter on time. A fresh filter will increase the cleaning results that allergens a person can especially feel.

Do I have to own a vacuum for my house cleaning business?

Starting a cleaning service, a personal vacuum cleaner is necessary. There are multiple types of messes that you can not clean without the help of a vacuum cleaner. If the cleaning results are unacceptable to the customers, you will never run a house cleaning business.

Will an inefficient vacuum cleaner negatively affect my cleaning business?

Of course, it will have a great impact on your business. You will not be able to perform as customers want with you when the negative output comes, how they will consider you for the next turn. A proper vacuum cleaner is necessary for good business.

Are expensive vacuum cleaners worth the price?

Expensive vacuum cleaner equipped with extra features and strong power. We can perform something extra just because of a wide range of accessories and functionality.

Final Thought:

In this article, we tried our best for providing all information about the best vacuum for the cleaning business. If you are a new user and have no idea, pick any one vacuum cleaner from our arrange list and start working. Another option you can read the buying guide and select the vacuum cleaner that makes you sens better.

If you have any queries feel free to contact us our comment box is open for you.

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