If you have allergens, problems like itching, sneezing, and running nose may be the problem inside the mattress or furniture. You should try deep cleaning using a dust mite vacuum to avoid a disgusting situation.

Dust mites are very small particles difficult to remove without a perfect solution. A special vacuum can trap tiny particles using UV light. If you are finding the best vacuum for dust mites, here we have arranged the list of best vacuums. You can select any desired device from the list to eliminate this problem. Dust mites vacuum cleaner comes in different types like corded, cordless, and many more. Just go deep with us for complete detail regarding the best vacuum for dust mites.

Best Vacuum For Dust Mites List View

Top Quality Best Vacuums for Dust Mites

 Raycop Lite Handheld Allergen Vacuum Cleaner

best vacuum for dust mites

Raycom lite Handheld vacuum cleaner is our first selected cleaner equipped with a HEPA filter. HEPA’s top-listed filter traps debris using a pulsating pad with an efficient and quick rate.

The RayCop included in quality vacuum cleaners kill germs and bacteria 99 percent. The availability of germs and bacteria will zero after using the RayCop around your home. A powerful filter HEPA is the part of a machine that ensures the capturing of tiny size dust mites that we can’t see with our naked eyes. Provide a quick sucking process that eliminates germs in minimum time. During vacuuming, pulsating pads vibrate 3300 times, the eliminating process quicker and faster. The only feature not liked by old users is its noise.

A vacuum cleaner is a terrible tool to overcome the problem of dust mites. These specific vacuum cleaners use UV. Very useful and effective cleaning machine that can effectively remove dust mites after 5 minutes 80 percent. And ensures the killing of bacteria 99 percent after 10 seconds. Don’t worry germs will never remain after 4 minutes 97.8 percent. Achieving this amount is not possible with any method any tool.

  • It contains the UV for killing the bacteria
  • Vacuuming is easier with pulsating pads
  • Equipped with a HEPA filter that can capture dust mites 0.3 size microns
  • It a is noisy machine.

BAIDREN Mattress Vacuum Cleaner



  • Type: corded
  • Power: 350W
  • Filter: washable, HEPA
  • UV lamp: yes
  • Pulsation: yes
  • Weight: 3.86 lbs
  • Dust chamber: 600ml
  • Chamber rotation: 8500 cycles/min

The BAIDREN Mattress Vacuum Cleaner is the best fit for those who want a perfect solution to dust mites. It contains an advanced filtration system for making a suitable environment. BAIDREN is equipped with HEPA strong filter with a washable facility. Washing makes machines more convenient. Easy maintenance and cleaning are possible with its removable dust collector.

Best for removing dust mites, fit those who want a budget-friendly vacuum cleaner. Users can grip the machine perfectly due to the lightweight feature. Dust mites will never remain on furniture and upholstery after using this machine. The rotation frequency of BAIDREN is 85000 cycles per minute, which is considered very strong.

Why are we impressed?

We found this machine powerful against dust mites along with user-friendly operation. A normal user of this machine can operate and adjust the setting according to need. A lightweight machine can easily move anywhere inside the house with easy hands.

What negatives must you be aware of?

Overall great model best for killing dust mites efficiently. Some user claims it blow air back onto the user’s face. It is a dangerous thing when air blows on the face dust particles will enter the eyes that cause any injury or serious condition.

LivePure Ultramite UVC HEPA Allergen Vacuum Cleaner

best vacuum cleaner for dust mites

LivePure is our next quality vacuum cleaner for dust mites. We have included this machine because of its efficient performance and quality results. When LivePure vacuum cleaner goes to clean surface, its ultraviolet light lamp activates. The dust bin emptying process is easy.

Dust mites eliminate with the use of Live pure Ultramite Vacuum cleaner. The killing ratio is 98.1 percent consider high. Sometimes we operate in tight and hard places, and an extendable nose of the UltraPure machine reaches easily tight places for taking action.

Vacuuming with this machine is like an amazing game; simple users can use it easily and understand its operations. The best solution to remove the dust mites is the high killing rate of bacteria.

The design of the machine is awesome, allowing users to pick with an easy grip and be ready to take action against dust mites. Like other dust mites vacuum cleaners, its UV light activates to kill the bacteria. The dust bin emptying process becomes easy with its detachable bin. The weight of the machine is 6.4 pounds mean not a bulky machine.

  • Strong UV to eliminate the bacteria
  • The vacuum cleaner weight is lightweight
  • We have included it in this list because it contains the strong HEPA filter
  • Suction power is good, but it should increase more as users expect with this machine.

Ergo Life Bed Vacuum Cleaner


Ergo, Life Bed Vacuum Cleaner has suitable features, the best fit for killing dust mites. The weight of the machine is acceptable for the users. During vacuuming, its pad vibrates 8000 times per minute. It can easily loosen the debris with its high speed. The power cord size is 13 feet, ensuring easy movement inside the area.

A good vacuum cleaner at a reasonable price. The motor power rating is 350W, strong enough to suck dust and high-speed airflow. The dust and debris can never remain life at the front of 8000 rounds per minute speed. Efficient cleaning can expect with this cleaner. The dust and dirt will loose without harming the cleaning surface. UV is a necessary part of dust mites vacuum cleaner that ensure the killing of dust mites, bacteria, and viruses with a 99.99 percent ratio.

The other important feature that provides an ease to the users is its rotating handle that rotates 90 percent. Users can easily clean the narrow spaces with their rotating handles. The cord size is 13 feet; using this great length, the user can cover long distances without plugging and unplugging the machine. If we talk about the machine’s weight, it is only 2.4 pounds, easy to use and hold. The capacity of the dust cup is 0.2 liter.

  • It contains a long power cord for better movement
  • Ergo Life Vacuum cleaner is easy to handle due to its lightweight
  • Strong UV is equipped for killing bacteria.
  • The size of the dust cup is not admirable

Dibea Bed Vacuum Cleaner with Roller Brush



  • Type: corded
  • Power: 300W
  • Filter: HEPA
  • UV lamp: yes
  • Pulsation: yes (3,300 cycles/min.)
  • Weight: 4.1 lbs
  • Filtration system: 6 stages
  • Dust bin: 400ml
  • Brush: 10,000 cyclon suction

Dibea Bed Vacuum Cleaners, the name quality, provide a facility that users expect with a vacuum cleaner. First, we start with the motor power; the motor’s capacity is 300W. A powerful motor provides a perfect result. The vibration produced by this machine is 33,000 cycles per minute. The filtration system is very important for the vacuum cleaner; it contains the 6-stage filtration system that ensures the killing of 99.9 percent of dust mites. Users can move with this cleaner inside the room without fear of finding the power plug because it contains the 15-feet long power cord.

The weight of the machine is admired by users, including the lightweight machine. And we know the lightweight machines are easy to move in a specific area.

Why is it special?

In the previously described model, the dust bin capacity was unsuitable; the Dibea Bed Vacuum cleaner contains a dust cup capacity of 400 ml. The dust cup is transparent, so users can easily check the level of the dust cup and empty it as needed. This remarkable model can use outside for the furniture, removing dust mites and extra shine that gives a great look to furniture. The 6-stage filtration system makes the machine more worthy.

What are the flaws?

Overall the machine is admirable; there is no fault if we discuss its suction power; as per our experience, the machine’s suction power should increase more. It can be used at home without breaking the deal; the user must compensate for some issues and causes in each model.

Iris USA Mattress Vacuum Cleaner

best vacuum cleaner for dust mites

Iris USA vacuum cleaner can make your surface clean as you want. We found this machine for taking action against the dust mites.

It is a powerful bed mattress machine that provides quality results. Its broad cleaning head makes cleaning more efficient. The broader head saves time along with efficiency. The strong vibration of 6000 times per minute can loosen the debris easily. A quick way of trapping the pollen, dust, and mites, bring this machine and start cleaning. Manufacturers produce these machines with less weight, so users can easily handle and move them anywhere inside the home. The machine is lightweight, but its looks like a bulky machine. Don’t worry if you are going to buy this model; it is not a bulky machine.

The sensor is given inside to detect the level of dust on the surface; the sensor feature is not available in all Bed cleaners. The machine’s light indicates different messages like red light glow mean the dirt is detected and needs to clean, a yellow light glow indicates improvement, and a green light glow means the surface is clean. A double filtration system contains two types of filter systems, one for dust filtration and the second for air filtration. The dust cup capacity is 0.2 liters consider easy to washable and maintain.

  • Iris USA is a lightweight machine
  • It contains the double filtration system
  • Sensor technology makes sure the level of cleaning.
  • Some users feel its a bulky machine

SWDK KC101 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

best vacuum cleaner


  • Type: cordless
  • Power: 100W
  • Filter: stainless-steel, HEPA
  • UV lamp: yes
  • Pulsation: yes (8,000 times/min.)
  • Weight:1.3 lbs
  • Filtration: double filter system
  • Suction power: 6000 Pa
  • Battery life with charge: 25 minutes

The SDK KC101 handheld vacuum cleaner is our next pic in this amazing vacuum cleaner list. The size and body of the machine are liked by users. A very convenient design and weight, it contains only 1.3 pounds. SDK is the best fit for you if you are interested in cordless units. The double filtration system makes it a more worthy vacuum cleaner. The machine will never eat your brain during vacuuming because it contains noise reduction technology. This amazing technology allows users to act against dust mites without disturbing others.

SWDK got more popular because it is a cordless machine that is often user-liked. The majority of the cleaners in this line contain cords that some users don’t seem able to manage. A cordless vacuum cleaner does not require effort from the user; just bring the machine from the shelves and start the action. The machine’s features are the same as another vacuum cleaner; one add-up is a cordless feature.

What do we love it for?

The sensor of the machine really works great. Automatically detect when the machine idles from 5cm away. The sensor feature comes into action when the machine comes near to surface again. The light will glow, and the vacuum will start working. Manufacturers add this feature to save energy; otherwise, the battery consumes, and we can not stay more on the surface. The stain-removing efficiency considers by its speed of 80000 times per minute. The stain will loose and come out from the surface.

What were we disappointed with?

It is a cordless machine praised by some users, including us. On the other hand, the suction is less compared to other related cleaners. If you need more suction, you can not expect it with this machine. If you want a high suction power machine, then this machine is not suitable for you. You can go for another option.

Dorvin Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

best vacuum cleaner

Dorvin Handheld vacuum cleaner known for its high suction and remarkable filtration system. Specific for dust mites batter from an upright vacuum. Dirt and debris remain no more when Dorvin takes action. The pulsating brush agitates perfectly, never leaving any unwanted on the surface. The dust cup’s capacity is large compared to other related models.

A smart and easy-to-use beautiful vacuum cleaner comes with a 350W motor. The suction power of the Dorvin handheld vacuum cleaner is 12kpa consider high. It contains the HEPA filter, and we know the HEPA filter can remove the bacteria 99.9 percent. The small tiny particles are easily trapped by the HEPA filter. The power cord size is 4 meters, enough to move inside the room. A casual cleaning task can perform with this length. The dust cup capacity is 0.4 liter; this capacity is large compared to other related vacuum cleaner models.

Many quality features efficiently fulfill cleaning jobs, but one feature is missing UV light. Dorvin does not contain the UV light lamp.

We can use this vacuum cleaner to get a good cleaning at our home. Casual cleaning tasks become easier with it equipped with a NANO brush. This cleaner does the cleaning to ensure nothing remains on the surface you want to clean.

  • Absolute design
  • The suction power high
  • The dust cup capacity is large
  • It does not contain UV light.

How to Pick the Best Dust Mite Vacuum

The best dust mite vacuum cleaner can be at your home if you consider the following factors before buying a vacuum cleaner.

Below we have arranged all-important factors necessary to confirm before the final.

UV Light

The first feature that should consider is the UV light. UV light kills the dust mites and bacteria that users want with a vacuum cleaner. Some models claim the equipped brush will eliminate the dust from the bed or mattress. Yes, the brush will do, but UV light kills the germs and bacteria from the surface that the brush cannot do. The selection of cleaners with UV light should be a choice for those with allergens and asthma problems.

Note: pay attention to the UV light quality; some models available in the market contain UV light but do not work on dark colors. If you have dark color bedding, that machine will be useless.

If you want a vacuum cleaner with powerful UV light, you can buy a LivePure Ultramite UVC HEPA vacuum cleaner. It will never remain dust mites and bacteria on bedding and other desired places where you will use it.


Pulsation means the vacuum cleaner’s ability to remove dust and mites. It is an important factor that must check before buying a vacuum cleaner for dust mites. If the vacuum cleaner offers more pulsations, it will be stronger. It is noticed the smaller size vacuum cleaner contains less Pulsation. Make sure you buy a machine that contains many pulsations if you need a powerful machine.

For the ease of the users here, we recommend a high pulsation rate vacuum cleaner. The cleaner’s name is RAYCOP RS Pro Handheld vacuum cleaner which contains 18000 pulsations per minute.

Suction Power

When you check the UV light, Pulsation, now time to check the vacuum cleaner’s suction. More suction power means better performance can assume. Several models available in the market contain high suction, like the YJ-3005DH handheld vacuum cleaner. The suction of this amazing machine is 8.5kps. Apart from strong suction, it is a compact and lightweight machine.


The filtration factor should be your top priority when you are ready to buy a vacuum cleaner for dust mites. Put your eye on those models that contain HEPA filters because the quality of HEPA can never challenge. Several models in our list contain the HEPA filter to make your home super clean. HEPA can trap tiny particles with easy hands.

Corded or Cordless?

Both corded and cordless are good for clearing the dust mites. Cordless consider better because easy to handle and convenient. Move around the room without handling the power cord of the machine. Sometimes when the vacuum starts working, the power trip or switches unbalanced. Cordless cleaners require charging on time; if you think you can do it, then cordless cleaners are the best fit for you.

If you consider the corded vacuum cleaner, select a cleaner with a long cord instead of the short one. Because short code will require a plug and unplug several times while working.

Our list includes mixed corded and cordless cleaners; you can select anyone according to your choice.


Like other features, weight should also be considered because the lightweight machines are easy to carry and hold in hand. A lightweight machine-like ERGO LIFE bed vacuum cleaner can make your life easy. The weight of this machine is just 2.4 pounds.


Price varies from model to model and features offered by the manufacturer. Consider those machines available at an affordable price with the same features that high price machines offer. The LIvePure Ultramite vacuum cleaner falls in this category.


Warranty factors are mostly user neglect. Focus on those models that provide a long warranty. At the time of warranty, the machine can be replaced and returned according to the warranty policy.

What is a Vacuum for Dust Mites?

A vacuum for dust mites is different from a traditional vacuum cleaner. The main feature of this cleaner is the same suction, but it is equipped with a HEPA filter. So the combined action of strong suction and quality HEPA filter kill dust mites.

Actually, the full story moves on to the HEPA filter. The dust mites trap 99.97 percent by the HEPA. The performance of this filter is measured by its capturing rate; it can capture the smallest particle size is 0.3 microns. So if we include strong suction with a HEPA filter, the final vacuum cleaner will bring a quality product to remove the dust mite feces.

Dust mites can be removed by cleaners available in different sizes, shapes, and designs. Some models contain bags, and some are without bags, likewise corded and cordless models. So now it depends on the user which type is the best fit for him; if you have no idea, then you can read our buying guide for a better understanding.

Vacuums for Dust Mites vs. Other Vacuums

There is no big difference between traditional vacuum cleaners and dust mites vacuum cleaners. You may never find the advertisement with the name of dust mites vacuum cleaner. You have to find it yourself from other appliances. Actually, a vacuum for dust mites contains the HEPA filter. The working of the HEPA vacuums is described in our articles in many places; it can trap 99.97 percent of particles with a minimum size of 0.3 microns.

A cleaner for dust mites removes the dust mites with powerful suction and a HEPA filter. Normally it is noticed cleaners for dust mites are available in the market with the name allergy-approved or vacuum cleaner for dust allergies. Apart from sucking, these vacuum cleaners depend on the filtration system and UV light. Also approved by different organizations that ensure these products are good for allergy reduction or asthma reduction.

Different brands produce dust mite vacuum cleaners with strong suction and HEPA filtration system, a top-quality vacuum cleaner we have listed in our article, so if anyone wants to buy, pick from our list. HEPA filtration equipped inside the vacuum cleaner guarantee trapping allergens particles at maximum level. The use of a dust mite vacuum cleaner will give you relief from allergens symptoms.

Some models available in the market contain HEPA filtration and strong suction, but no bags mean bagless canister vacuums. Experts recommend bringing the dust mite vacuum with the bag for better results.

How to Get Rid of Dust Mites with a Vacuum?

Apart from vacuuming, some ways to reduce the chance of dust mites. Below we have discussed these points using that dust mites can remove. The dust mite vacuum is the best tool for efficiently reducing or eliminating dust mites. A specific vacuum line is available that is designed to overcome this situation. This vacuum cleaner contains the HEPA filter that traps dust and other tiny particles from the air. Apart from the HEPA feature, some vacuum cleaners use UV light to eliminate bacteria and germs.

A dust mite vacuum commonly uses the vibration suction system and rolling brush technique to loosen dust mites and allergens. When the dust mites and allergens loosen, the UV light takes action and kills them.

Why Do I Need A HEPA Filter

HEPA filter uses just because of its quality performance. Without using filters, tiny particles available in the environment can affect. It is often noticed that the person with allergy symptoms gets sware condition when the vacuuming process starts.

During vacuuming, dust and dirt blow, and allergy particles start taking action.

It is not a necessary filter is only for the person who has allergens issues; apart from allergens people, other members start affecting and feel difficulty taking a breath. If we don’t overcome this problem, later on, dust and dirt will lead to asthma and other dangerous medical problems.

HEPA is the name of quality; after many experiences and user reviews, it is confirmed dust mites, larvae, feces, and other tiny particles are trapped easily. HEPA inside the dust mite vacuum means you are in the safe hand. It will handle the dangerous situation. HEPA can capture from the air

  • Mold
  • Animal/Pet dander
  • Pollen
  • Dust mites

Very small size particles 3 microns easily from the air. After describing, I hope you understand why you need the HEPA filter and what is its qualities. Widely used by those who have allergies and asthma problems.

Home Remedies for Dust Mite Allergies

Apart from using a dust mite vacuum, some other steps are used that you can reduce the chances of dust mites and pet dander.

  • Dust Mite Proof Bedding

Spend some money on buying dust mite-proof covers. Use these covers on mattresses and pillows to avoid dust mites. Dust mite-proof cover will take your money but provide you relief from this pain.

  • Heating and AC Allergy Filters are Underutilized

If you use the air conditioner, change the HVAC filter with high-quality allergy filters. Some users consider low-quality filters, and high quality does not contain any difference. But experience and studies prove high-quality filters trap the particles that become the cause of allergens.

Using a quality filter inside the air conditioner will give you the perfect result. The true quality filter eliminates the bacteria and odor from inside the room.

  • Reduce Carpeting

If you don’t like cleaning the carpet, reduce the carpet at your home. Carpets accumulate dust mites, pollen, and pet dander inside.

The carpet should be cleaned twice weekly to avoid dust mites and dirt stuffing. Otherwise, be ready for worse conditions that can affect you.

  • Laundry Detergent and Essential Oils

First, make regular cleaning habits; start using anti-allergy laundry detergent and essential oils. These products kill the dust mites easily. To keep bedding and other surfaces safe, make cleaning your regular habit.

  • Dehumidifier for Humid Regions

A dehumidifier is necessary for your home if you live in a humid area. It is very easy for dust mites to reproduce in a humid environment. They get moisture from the air, and their surviving cycle starts. Dust mites thrive in hot and humid environments, so having a dehumidifier or an air conditioner will keep them at bay.

Plant a Dehumidifier in humid areas and save yourself from unwanted situations.

Best Vacuums for Dust Mites FAQs

Why do I need a True HEPA filter?

 Ture HEPA term used by the manufacturer of the dust mite vacuums. It means the HEPA filter can trap the particles 99.99 percent; these particle sizes minimum are 0.3 microns. During a vacuum, a true HEPA filter will pick tiny particles that can be pollen, mold, or pet dander allergies. So you need a true HEPA filter to filter your indoor environment.

How can I prevent dust mites?

You are wrong if you think the dust mites will suddenly be removed. It takes a long time and complete effort. First, you make a habit of regular cleaning, it is often noticed people leave several places during cleaning like furniture, curtain, mattress. Don’t leave any single place. Clean everything carefully. Use dust mite vacuums on a regular base along with a good air purifier to get quality results.

How often should I vacuum if I suffer from allergies?

It depends on the situation; the worse condition requires dust mite vacuums often. But in a normal situation, the vacuuming process should be twice a week.

Can UV light kill dust mites?

Yes, the dust mite vacuums use UV light to kill the dust mites. Killing dust mites takes some time for effective working. According to research, adult dust mites take one hour to eliminate direct exposure to UV light. So this time should keep in mind getting proper results expectation.


Care from dust mites is necessary, especially if you have an allergens problem. If we don’t properly care, the small causes can lead to sware conditions like conjunctivitis, rashes, congestion, and asthma.

We can reduce the presence of dust mites by purchasing a vacuum cleaner. The home environment with regular usage of specific dust mite vacuums becomes cool and fresh. The best vacuum for dust mites contains HEPA filters. The dust mites, pet dander, dust, mold, and pollen are easily trapped with HEPA. Don’t go with any other type of filter; just bring a vacuum cleaner that contains the HEPA filter.

Spend some money on the vacuum cleaner to make your life safe. According to studies, we spend 1/3 life on the bed; if a bed is in a dangerous condition, then how we can live safely?

Apart from vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters, some other tools can reduce the chance of allergy-like HVAC filters, laundry detergents, dehumidifiers, etc.

After reading the entire article, we hope you can choose the best vacuum for dust mites. If you have any queries, our comment section is open for you.

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