Carpet is purchased for making flour beautiful along with getting comfort. Like other floors, carpet requires casual and deep cleaning; both types of cleaning are necessary for long-lasting. Wool carpets are often preferred because of their beautiful design and extra comfort.

Now the question arises in mind how can we clean wool carpets properly? Is Traditional vacuum cleaners good for cleaning the wool carpet? Stop everything here; in our guide, you will get the answer to all questions regarding the best vacuum for wool carpets. We start with the best vacuum for wool carpets list and then move on to the buying guide; you just stick your eyes with this article.

Best Vacuum For Wool Carpet List View

Shark Navigator Vacuum, White and Silver

best vacuum for wool carpet


  • Weight: 13.7 pounds
  • Dimensions: 11.96 x 11.42 x 45.47 inches

Shark Navigator is the best choice for cleaning wool carpets with perfect results. ‍The given dust bin is enough for the long run, users can reach hard-to-reach places with easy hands. Other features are included lightweight, easy maneuverability, and hold. The weight of the machine is only 13.7 pounds. A new user can easily use this machine.

Shark Navigator is the best fit for those who want a powerful machine for their wool carpet cleaning. We found its results awesome during our testing. Besides our personal testing, thousands of customers have placed positive reviews with 5-star ratings on Amazon and eBay stores. This indicates how popular and result-oriented cleaner is.

What Reviewers Say

When we started to read the Amazon platform’s reviews, people praised its features and performance. Most customers discussed, its performance on the carpet as amazing, and some talked about its assembly. Customers were also satisfied with the Shark Navigator’s corner and side cleaning job.

Shark Navigator can make your rug look new, remove all stubborn stains from the root level, and bring it back in new condition with less effort.

  • Hard to reach areas are easy to clean
  • Shark Navigator contains the large dust bin
  • A filter is equipped to avoid allergens issues
  • It is not difficult to maneuver
  • The design is simple
  • Lightweight cleaning machine
  • It is difficult to vacuum on hot days due to producing hot air during vacuuming.

SharkNinja Rocket DuoClean HV382


SharkNinja is the next vacuum cleaner on our list. Using the Shark Ninja vacuuming process becomes handy. Wool carpets and other high pile carpets can easily be treated with Sharka Ninga vacuum cleaner.


The main two features that wool carpets require to clean perfectly are vacuum flexibility and agility. Both quality factors are available in SharkNinja Vacuum cleaner. The design matter when you have to reach hard areas, slim and flexible cleaners can easily go to hard places instead of thick and bulky machines.

 Handheld component

The handheld feature of any cleaner makes the cleaning process easy. Convert the machine into a handheld version and start cleaning stairs and other hard-to-reach places where an upright vacuum cleaner is difficult to reach. Shark Ninja includes one of those machines that can detach from the front roller and wand and convert into a handheld machine for reaching tricky places.


Brushes of cleaning machines play the main role in collecting debris from the surface. Wool or high pile carpet treats well with Shark Ninja, especially when the power cord is inserted into the power outlet and suction power catch everything from the surface. The working on battery suction power reduces, so direct supply ensures powerful cleaning. Shark Ninja is not only designed for wool surfaces; all other surfaces are clean perfectly.

  • The weight of Shark Ninja is 5 pounds only.
  • All surfaces can treat with efficient results
  • Slim design helps to reach harder places
  • Flexible cleaning power head focus best
  • Conver into a handheld machine.
  • Sometimes problems faced in the front roller
  • Best for small uses.

Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner – Vacuum For Wool


Dyson is a well-known user-friendly machine. Its name includes the big brands, widely used with user trust. Dyson is the best choice for cleaning wool products.

After getting a complete charge, the strong suction continues for the next 40 minutes. Dyson is a cordless machine available in a beautiful design. It reaches root level and sucks out dirt perfectly. Max cleaning mode is used in the worst condition. Dyson lives 8 minutes in max mode. Dyson work on fade-free power that allows the carpet to maintain its original color anyhow you work on it in Dyson power cleaning modes.

Dyson is not an upright vacuum cleaner; it is designed portable so we can easily carry it from one place to another. Clean the areas that feel difficult with upright vacuums. Handheld machines are compact and contain small bodies that allow entering in a tight place. Spot cleaning on the wool carpet is like a piece of cake, just bring out the machine and start working. Cordless machines easily move without fearing cable interweaving or tangling with other items.

Dyson V8 is a money-saving machine; it is a perfect and user-friendly cleaning device that should be available at our home for handling any cleaning situation with harsh hands. Spot cleaning is super easy; stains come and go within a few minutes. Dyson gave a HEPA filter to avoid allergies issues. HEPA is the name of quality that captures tiny particles amazingly. Dyson V8 is no doubt an amazing cleaning device best for Wool carpets.

  • The suction power is super strong
  • Dyson V8 available without cord, credible portable cleaning device
  • The filter is equipped to make the environment allergy-free.
  • The filter is washable, a user does not need to buy it after the fix time cycle.
  • Battery saves by trigger system.
  • User-friendly cleaning device
  • The price of the Dyson V8 is high as compared to other related cleaning models
  • Maintains is the necessary part for long-lasting and perfect working.

Hoover Carpet Cleaner Machine – Vacuum For Wool Carpet

hoover vacuum cleaner


  • Weight: 18.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 21.25 x 14.25 x 22.88 inches
  • wool carpet vacuum

Hoover has been a well-known brand producing cleaning machines for many years. Earned a good name and user trust due to quality products. Wool carpet surface with Hoover can clean effectively and gently; it removes all unwanted things from the carpet surface with harsh hands.

After completing the cleaning job with Hoover, you will never find pet hairs, food particles, and other related things on the wool carpet surface. Perfect cleaning with Hoover is done by its spin scrub brush roll system that intelligently moves 360 degrees and collects all unwanted from the surface.

We include this model in our list because it contains strong suction that sucks everything.

We tested this machine and found good cleaning results on wool rugs. Our next step to ensure the product performance is to check the Amazon and eBay reviews to clarify the picture. Thousands of positive reviews with 5-star ratings are available there, ensure other users also recommend this machine for cleaning.

What Reviewers Say

We found positive reviews people were saying “awesome product”, also commonly available comments were “results of Hoover are incredible”. Someone praising its assembly cleaning. Customers were also making a topic about its water extraction and weight of the machine.

Testing the Hoover machine and reading all comments on Amazon, we reach the point Hoover is the best machine for Wool carpet cleaning.

  • Hoover contains strong suction power
  • Perfectly cleaning done by its dual V nozzle
  • Easy to pick up and use just because of its lightweight design
  • Its spin scrub brush roll system makes hard and sticky stains easy to clean.
  • Attachments ensure the cleaning of tricky places.
  • Design should be change

Soniclean Soft Carpet –  Vacuum For Wool 


The vacuum cleaner is a perfect cleaning tool that helps clean daily routine items. If you are still confused and don’t know which cleaner performs better on the wool loop carpet, Soniclean soft carpet cleaner is the best choice.

Soniclean soft carpet cleaner is our third pic available with several useful features. Bring this amazing machine to your home and make home super clean.

Wool carpet or any other carpet treat with harsh hands using Soniclean carpet cleaner. It contains enough sucking power to suck everything from the root level. Additionally, the user can adjust its height accordingly mean another plus feature.

It contains the indicator that tells us we need to empty the bags. Apart from this HEPA filter is the part of the machine that ensures zero allergy issuance by cleaning. A large area can cover with Soniclean carpet cleaner because it contains a long power cord. Users forget to plug and unplug several times when covering a long area with cleaner.

Large wheels offer easy movement on the carpet surface. The easy movement help to complete work in a short time. This amazing cleaning device contains nylon brushing for handling tough and hard situations on the surface.

If something is wrong, the jam condition machine automatically shuts off the brush rolls. Its design allows the machine goes under the furniture and other tricky places. We found this machine awesome during our test, Users can buy it if it makes sense better.

  • Deeper wool carpet cleaning is done by powerful sucking and vibration
  • Cleaning with harsh hands is done with efficient energy
  • Soniclean provides quick maneuverability on the surface
  • Movement on the carpet is easy due to the long wheels
  • The size of the power cord is 35 feet.
  • Good user trust
  • It is a noisy machine
  • Suction should increase more
  • Some users don’t admire its design

SEBO X5 Upright Vacuum Cleaners –  Wool Carpet Vacuum



SEBO X5 is a well-known awesome cleaning machine. The result on the wool carpet is remarkable. A high-quality vacuum cleaner work with efficiency.


Wool carpet or any other high pile carpet is well treated with SEBO X5 because it contains a double brush roll that goes deeper for sucking.

Extra scrubbing can damage the carpet, so the SEBO X5 provides its solution. This amazing vacuum cleaner adjusts its brush roll height according to the pile to avoid damage. Use SEBO X5 without fear of ruining the wool carpet.

Solid Build

SEBO X5, built with solid material, provides extra durability and quality to its users. No, any user can challenge its durability. After buying this machine, the user cannot replace the vacuum


The other features include its filtration system that contains a HEPA filter for quality cleaning. A wide cleaning head of 15 inches to cover the maximum area in a short time. It is not difficult to maneuver the SEBO X5. using this vacuum cleaner, users can reach under the furniture and other tricky places. Once a week use SEBO vacuum in high-traffic areas.

  • The design allows covering hard places
  • Brush height adjusts automatically according to the situation
  • Strong suction
  • Maneuvers well
  • SEBO X5 is a pricy machine
  • Weight is not an admirable claim by some old users.

Miele Complete C3

vacuum cleaner

Miele Complete C3 is the best solution for vacuuming wool rugs. We can make a high pile or wool pile carpet super clean. A powerful motor that consumes 1200 W. Maximum power-consuming means producing more power than needed to work on wool rugs. Miele Complete C3 is easy to operate for a normal user.

The cleaning head performs well on rug surfaces, especially when working on wool rugs. It goes deeper to dig out all unwanted particles from the root level that cause the disgusting situation.

Accessories help to cover those places where humans are difficult to reach. C3 provides 3 accessories to overcome hard and tricky places cleaning. These accessories are a dusting brush, crevice reach tool, and upholstery cleaning tool.

 A filter is given for a better environment; it contains the motor protection filter, exhaust filter, and filter bag system to clean the air. We can expect an air filtration maximum level when using a vacuum cleaner.

Make your home clean and dust-free using a quality filter. It becomes more necessary when we have pets and children all the time. Allergens and mold spores are filtered out when we use a vacuum cleaner equipped with a HEPA filter.

The HEPA filter is best for those who have allergens issues. HEPA filters trap small and tiny particles from the air and store them in the vacuum bag system during the cleaning job. The best machine makes wool rugs super clean and protects them from allergens.

  • Contain quality filter
  • Contain the power adjuster to increase or reduce vacuuming power
  • Hardwood carpet can clean with this cleaner contains parquet
  • The power switch is given
  • Height regulator provided
  • It is a noisy machine as compared to other models
  • Sometimes difficult to understand inside problems
  • The price is high and not good for all types of users.

Bissell Pet Hair Hand Vacuum



  • Weight: 3.59 pounds
  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 16 x 5 inches

Bissell Pet Hair vacuum is a small but powerful machine that works admirably on woolen rugs. Collect dirt, pet hairs, and dust efficiently.

A small handy machine picks up particles like pet hairs and other items like a big cleaning machine. A small tank is given to store sucking unwanted from the surface.

Bissell Pet Hair vacuum cleaner is the best fit for those who want an affordable machine with strong power to eliminate stains and dust from the woolen carpet and rugs.

Not only sucking dirt is enough, but the filtration system also provides actual cleaning. The triple-level filtration system is installed to enhance home cleaning. The dust bin emptying process is easy.

We found this machine performs remarkably on the woolen carpet. Strong sucking brings dirt, dust, and food crumbs from the root. The lithium-ion battery is installed for a long run on the surface.

 What Reviewers Say

After testing this machine individually, our team checks the reviews and star ratings on Amazon and eBay to clear the picture. Customers leave thousands of positive reviews regarding this vacuum cleaner. After studying the information, we are confident to select this cleaner for including in our best vacuum for wool carpet.

  • Bissell Pet Hair is a budget-friendly machine
  • Best spot cleaning machine.
  • Perform awesome on the wool carpet
  • Its motorized power brush tool eliminates the pet hairs and stains
  • The battery type is lithium-ion, considered long battery life
  • Not useful for covering large areas.

Bissell 4122


Bissell, as know everyone produces powerful cleaning machines. Quality machines finish cleaning jobs in a short time. So if you need a machine that completes work in a short time, then Bissell 4122 is the best fit for you. The woolen carpet can treat with this machine gently.

The first feature is the Bissell portable machine. The portable feature allows moving inside the house where cleaning requirements are easy. It includes low-weight machines so that you can easily hold it in your hand. Pick this machine in hand and move around where cleaning require. Portable machines are suitable for spot cleaning. Quick action with the machine saves time for the user.

The cleaning performance is awesome, eliminating hard and tough stains from the woolen carpet. Sucking power sucks dirt and dust, so you don’t need to second or third pass for satisfaction. One single pass is enough to get rid of all unwanted. Bissell 4122 makes woolen carpet super clean. We found this machine overall best.

Each vacuum cleaner is available in different bristles for agitating the dirt from the surface. For the woolen carpet surface, we need soft brush bristles that Bissell 4122 contains. We can use it on our beloved woolen carpet without fear of damage. The cleaner’s wheels are strong enough but made with material that does not harm the carpet fibers. The other advantage of soft bristles is that they dig out pet hairs more easily, which is impossible for hard bristles vacuum cleaners.

  • Bissell 4122 is a portable machine
  • Easy to store in a short place just because of its compact design
  • Woolen floors super clean by its strong suction power
  • Tricky and hard-to-reach places treated with telescopic wind
  • Bissell 4122 contains the automated cord rewind
  • Users need a strong force to press retract and power button
  • The noise of the machine is not admirable.

Checklist for finding the best vacuum cleaners for a wool carpet

  • First, the main and important point is the vacuum cleaner’s sucking power. Consider a vacuum that contains a suction adjuster. So you can adjust the power according to the wool carpet.
  • Check the size of the wheel, which is often not considered. Wheels show their magic when you push the vacuum cleaner on the surface. A selected vacuum should contain large wheels.
  • The brush goes deeper to bring out hidden particles. Motorized brushes with nylon bristle perform better on the wool carpet surface. The best way of deep digging.
  • The nozzle of the vacuum should be adjustable. Using a nozzle, we can focus better on the wool carpet surface. The height adjustment feature of the nozzle is remarkable.
  • Find all those features that are suitable for cleaning the wool carpet surface.

What to Look for When Purchasing a vacuum cleaner for a wool carpet

Finding the best product is difficult; it takes time and eats the brain. We are here to help you with our experience and research regarding the best vacuum cleaner for wool carpets. Important factors displayed here that must consider for making sure the best selection of vacuum cleaners.

Brush rolls

The brush rolls or beater brush bar agitate the dirt and touch each carpet fiber separately to get out unwanted. Consider the motorized brush for better performance.

Suction Power

Sucking power brings everything like dirt, dust, and other small particles bringing a vacuum that contain the power, but too much power can ruin the surface of the wool carpet.

Other things to know…

Brush rolls and suction hot features need your focus before bringing the vacuum to your home. Select the cleaner that contains the soft brush bristle instead of hard or sturdy. You need a vacuum for a wool carpet; it will damage the wool fibers. The second best option is to buy a vacuum cleaner without a brush roll or beater brush.


Attachments help to perform different cleaning tasks with easy hands. Buy those vacuum cleaning brands which offer maximum attachments. According to the situation, we can use any suitable attachment to overcome the running problem.

 More tips for selecting the best vacuum cleaner

Consider a vacuum cleaner that contains the feature of brush height adjustment. The proper height of the brush provides a better result than the fixed cleaning head. Adjustable height goes inside the pile according to need and never ruins the carpet, nor remain any dust particles inside.

Wool carpet is available in different pile sizes: low, medium, and high. Apart from reaching the fiber depth and cleaning brush, the next important factor of a vacuum cleaner is its sucking power. The good suction of the vacuum ensures no dirt available inside the carpet.

Small particles that we cannot see from our nacked eyes go deeper and accumulate, creating a disgusting situation after passing time. So it is necessary to clean the wool carpet deeply with efficiency. We feel nothing is available on the carpet; on the other hand, everything is available inside the carpet fibers.

Penetrating carpet fibers with a rotating brush become the cause of running carpet. If you want to save your carpet, bring a vacuum cleaner with soft bristles instead of hard ones. A vacuum cleaner brand knows this situation, so they provide cleaning machines with strong suction and soft bristles.

The bag emptying process should be easy for the selected vacuum cleaners.

 Frequently Asked Questions

How do you vacuum a wool carpet?

Start vacuuming from carpet fiber against direction when finished, then vacuum according to the fiber direction. This way will cover the entire wool carpet along with a beautiful look at the end you will find. The vacuuming process should be a little slow instead of a fast pass.

How often should you vacuum wool carpet?

Wool carpet should be treated 3 to 4 times a month. Carpet accumulates dust inside that becomes the cause of the disgusting situation, so everything inside rugs eliminates on time.

Should you vacuum a wool rug?

Vacuuming a wool rug or any other carpet is necessary to avoid any disgusting situation. If you want a fresh, neat, and good-looking wool carpet, vacuum it a minimum of 2 to 3 times a month. The best vacuum cleaner can be selected from our recommended list.

 Final Verdict

Without a powerful cleaning machine, woolen carpet is not easy to clean. In our guide, we have tried our best to provide the solution of the best vacuum for wool rugs. Each vacuum cleaner in our articles was tested by our team and got good positive reviews on different platforms that ensure our right selection for your ease.

If you are finding the best vacuum for wool rugs, you can select any one cleaner from the above list. Only one thing remaining is your decision regarding the vacuum cleaner. If you have any questions feel free to contact us; our comments section is open for you.

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