The vacuum cleaner is the need of those who want their home neat and clean with less effort and time. There are different types of vacuum cleaners available on the market. Exploring the market or any digital platform, you will find bagless, robot vacuum, stick, and canister vacuum cleaners that can be selected as per need. A quality vacuum cleaner is available for under 300 dollars.

If you don’t have an idea or you are confused, don’t worry here; we have arranged the complete solution of the best vacuum for under 300 dollars. We test these vacuums before adding them to this article.

Important factors must be considered before selecting a vacuum cleaner under the $300 range. It depends on the user; check its requirements like type of the floors, space of your home, and condition of cleaning. When you bring the picture of all factors to your mind, selecting the best vacuum cleaner will be easy.

Our team has done this headache work for you. We spend several hours gathering this information, checking the model and their specifications one by one, then comparing features and prices. Finally, read the reviews of customers to counter-verify the selection. Apart from the vacuum under 300 dollars list, we have described the buying guide. This guide will help the user to find the targeted vacuum cleaner.

Best Vacuum Under $300 List View



best vacuum under 300

MIELE is our first best overall vacuum cleaner; it will sound crazy for some users familiar with known brands like Dyson and Shark. We know MIELE is not a known brand, but here we need the performance, not good branding. MIELE is a german brand that started its journey in 1899.

MIELE C1 belongs to the canister vacuum type. We can clean multi surfaces with this cleaning machine. The power cord size is long enough to be useful for 29.5 feet radius. The automatic cord rewind feature help to maintain the cord without creating trouble. Attachments are given for covering the maximum area.

  • The suction power of the machine is strong.
  • Efficient cleaning expects due to the vortex motor.
  • The exposure to dust and debris reduce by its air-clean system.
  • MIELE C1 contains a wide cleaning head for covering the maximum area. Suitable for both low pile carpet and hard floor.
  • Switch from hard floor to low carpet; it contains the pedal on the floorhead.
  • Users can select desired suction power by six power settings.
  • Onboard storage is an amazing feature; attachments can save inside like upholstery tools, crevice nozzle, and dusting brush.
  • Vacuum bags not included with the machine
  • Carpet cleaning tools are not admirable.
  • Electric brush tools with this machine are not suitable.
  • MIELE contains an air cleaning system but lacks HEPA standards. Anyhow, contain a quality cleaning system for making the environment better.

The machine’s performance is awesome; MIELE C1 can overcome user problems. The manufacturer provides 7 years warranty on motor and housing means your pocket will remain safe for the next 7 years after buying this product.

Shark Navigator NV356E



  • Type: Upright
  • Power: 1200W
  • Cord length: 30 ft.
  • Dimensions: 15 x 11.4 x 45.5 inches
  • Weight: 13.7 lbs.
  • Warranty: 5-year limited
  • More features: Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology; HEPA filter

The Shark NV356E is our favorite and recommended vacuum cleaner because of its awesome feature and performance on the floor. Easy to use and pick due to its lightweight features. A shark can convert upright to handheld vacuums if users want to go for a handheld vacuum. Using handheld devices, users can handle hard-to-reach places.

It is the best fit for those with allergens symptoms because it is integrated with the HEPA technology filter system. HEPA is a proven filter that can easily trap pet dander and pollen and reduce the chances of allergens. A washable filter and foam are installed, and users can wash them every two to three months to keep the machine’s performance best. Users don’t need to wash the HEPA filter; think about HEPA after two years or depending on the usage of the machine.

Shark is lightweight, but it does not mean it contains less power, equipped motor powerful with 1200W. The weight of the machine is 13.7 pounds only, and with this weight, the user can move easily around. There is one other feature necessary for free moving, which is the power cord. The power cord size is 30 feet, so users don’t need to find the power outlet anywhere in the room. Sharks can be used on hard floors and carpets by turning on and off the vacuum cleaner’s brush roll.

The warranty period will be happy your pocket five-year warranty offer by the manufacturer. If something mishaps user can get the machine repaired or replaced. It is noticed roller brush of the machine break so the user can claim the warranty.

  • A shark is a lightweight, powerful machine
  • Convert upright vacuums to a handheld model
  • Both hard floor and carpet can handle
  • The size of the power cord is long
  • The brush roller should focus more
  • Topple over easily

Best Stick Vacuum Tinoco A11

best vacuum cleaner


  • Type: stick/handheld, cordless stick vacuum
  • Power: 450W
  • Runtime: up to 60 min.
  • Dimensions: 10.4 x 11.2 x 43.7 inches
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs.
  • Warranty: 2-year limited
  • More features: rinse-free filter cleaning tool; 4-stage filtration system

The Tineco A11 is our next selected best vacuum cleaner for under 300 dollars. The features that attract the users are cordless vacuums, which are easy to use, and spend a long time on the floor with a single charge. The Tineco integrated with detachable batteries provides up to one-hour runtime. One-hour runtime is enough for cleaning an entire small home. The machine’s batteries charge simultaneously; do not worry about two batteries that will charge separately. As we know, max mode consumes more power; Tineco spent 24 minutes with max mode.

Brushless motors are a new technology used in this amazing cleaning machine. User does not need to worry about their noise. Anytime can be used without disturbance. Washable filter require washing, and other is replaced; Tineco introduces self-filter cleaning technology, meaning the machine will clean the filter for you. Users don’t need to wash or rinse after some time, best fit for those who are lazy to do this job. It can trap easily small particles just because of its four-stage filtration system. The best solution for those who have allergens issues. The dust bin emptying process is quite easy; just press the button, and the bin will empty. The capacity of the dust bin is 0.6 litter. The Tinceco vacuum cleaner can be used in a dark room; it contains light that helps to find the dirt and debris in a dark room.

If you want to treat the hard and reach places that are difficult with an upright vacuum or stick vacuum cleaner, the machine’s stick is easily removed; after removing, the user can use the cordless stick vacuum to reach harder places. After converting into a handheld unit, the machine’s weight is just 5.5 pounds.

  • It contains two strong batteries
  • Cordless vacuum cleaner
  • Lightweight machine
  • Both upright vacuums and handheld features
  • Batteries’ life reduces after using some months.



Vacuum Cleaner

The Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away is our next vacuum cleaner that falls under 300 dollars. It is considered a medium-range vacuum cleaner available with strong features and amazing performance. The Shark Rotator earned a good name plus positive reviews on digital platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, ensuring its reliability. The features of this machine can never challenge, suitable for getting casual cleaning tasks on time. The price of Shark is affordable as compared to other related models. The following pros and cons will help you better understand the machine’s features and performance.

  • Integrated anti-allergen seal technology that ensures protection from debris and dust.
  • The suction power is strong.
  • Pet lovers can use this home machine to deal with pet stains and pet hair.
  • Air quality improved after using this machine just because of its equipped HEPA filter.
  • Users don’t need to replace the filter often because it is washable.
  • Shift mode from hardwood floor to the carpet by fingertip; perform awesome on both surfaces.
  • It contains a light on the handle and nozzle useful for when cleaning requires in a dark room.
  • Increasing cleaning capability by providing the bundle of accessories like pet tools, duster crevice, Trumpet mini motorized brush, and many more.
  • The dust bin capacity is higher as compared to other shark models.
  • The operational switches and buttons are given in the handle, and the user can easily use them accordingly.
  • Handheld units reach harder places for cleaning tasks.
  • The weight of the machine is just 15.4 pounds.
  • The power cord size is 30 feet, allowing easy movement inside the house.
  • The location of the extension wand not good
  • Lack of active glide technology.
  • Like advanced machines, it does not contains noise reduction technology.

If you are interested to read about the best vacuum cleaner for allergens, you can read it here.

APEX DuoClean Powered Lift-Away (AX951).


Apex Duo Clean Powered Lift-Away is best for those who want an affordable cleaning machine with reasonable features. Power lift away, as the name shows, lift the dirt and debris from the surface perfectly and provide expected results. The best cleaning tool can make your home clean with less time and effort. You don’t need to buy any other device to fulfill cleaning tasks. Attractive vacuum cleaner designed for getting maximum results. It is assembled and used by a common person. It will be your best experience with this machine if you buy it.

best robot cleaner

Kenmore Pet Friendly 31140

best vacuum cleaner

Kenmore Pet-friendly 31140 is available for under 300 dollars with great features. If you are pet lovers, we know pet sheds, Kenmore can help you for picking the pet hair and stains. Serving with Kenmore gives you mental relief; pick unwanted from the surface as you expect. Not only perform on the bared surface but provide remarkable results on the carpet surface.

Kenmore comes with a hose, which is useful for extra focus at hard-to-reach areas like curtains and upholstery. Available with a bag, put everything sucked up inside it.

Equipped with a HEPA filter means trapping small particles from the air during vacuuming. Kenmore Pet-Friendly 31140 is a user-friendly machine that earned a good name and got positive reviews on digital platforms like Amazon and eBay, ensuring the machine performs awesome. If you are interested in going with this machine, just reach at Amazon and bring it to your home for a cleaning experience.

Dyson V7: Best Vacuum Cleaner

best vacuum cleaner


  • Type: Handheld, cordless vacuum
  • Power:350W
  • Runtime: up to 30 min.
  • Dimensions: 8.11 x 5.17 x 12.45 inches
  • Weight: 3.77 lbs.
  • Warranty: 2-year limited
  • More features: includes a mini motorized tool, a combination tool, and a crevice tool.

When the name Dyson comes to mind, we imagine a quality machine. Dyson V7 is the next machine that selects because it fulfills our criteria. It is a cordless vacuum, so we can reach tricky places with this machine. Also, clean those areas that are difficult to handle with an upright vacuum and other bulky machines.

The other benefit of a cordless vacuum during the cleaning job is that they don’t need to find the nearest power outlet to plug the machine inside. The runtime of the machine is 30 minutes with a single charge. When the battery empties, charge it again and start doing the next task.

It takes a long time to charge not acceptable for all users. Same like 30 minutes charging time is not a big deal for all types of users.

A powerful sucking ability allows the user to clear cars and boasts easy hands; normally, these places are difficult to clean. The bin emptying process is remarkable press the button bin will empty. Users don’t need to dirty their hands and clothes by emptying the bin.

Extra attachments of any vacuum cleaner make cleaning process at different surfaces where normally we can not perform better without attachments, like mini motorized tool available for clearing the ground dirt and pet hair efficiently. If you are worrying about corner cleaning crevices, tools help better. All tools collectively enhance the efficiency and cleaning ability of the machine. pet hair is difficult to remove with a cheap quality vacuum, Dyson D7 can pick up pet hair with easy hands.

  • Compact design handheld useful machine
  • Attachments for reaching more places
  • Power adjustments
  • The recharge time of the machine is not acceptable.

Bissell Hard Floor Expert Canister Vacuum | 1547



  • Type: canister; bagless
  • Power: 840W
  • Cord length:18 ft.
  • Dimensions:12.9 x 19.2 x 15 inches
  • Weight: 9.3 lbs.
  • Warranty: 2-year limited
  • More features: 2L dust box; 11-inch cleaning path width

Like the human experts in different fields, machines are also experts in performing their duties. The Bissell 1547 is counted in the expert list cleaning hard floors. Two important features make vacuum cleaners acceptable, powerful suction and picking debris from the floor. The Bissell cleans hard floors and never remains anything on the surface, meaning clean debris and pet hair without damaging the floor. Not only useful for plane surfaces, but its telescoping wind also reaches any tricky place where you want cleaning like under furniture, bed, etc. onboard storage equipped for placing the accessories inside, it is often noticed during cleaning job we find these accessories.

Hard floor expert is not limited to hardwood floors it can perform on rugs and carpets efficiently. Don’t expect it for high pile carpets; low and medium-pile carpets handle perfectly.

Like other quality features, lightweight is another awesome feature. It contains only 9.3 pounds which is easy to carry and maneuver.

The power cord size 18-foot, this feature of the machine does not feel good. Using Bissell, users need to find the power outlet to switch the machine. The cord rewinding is done by a button; just pressing the button machine will automatically rewind the cord without human interference.

The dust bin capacity is 2 liters. The Bissell 1547 cleaning head is wide, 11 inches, to ensure fast cleaning. The warranty period of the machine is 2 years. Users can feel free after paying its cost if something happens between the time user can claim the warranty.

  • Realtime lightweight machine
  • The button is used for cord rewinding
  • Hard floor efficiently clean
  • The size of the power cord is short.
  • We can use this Bissell variant on low pile carpets and rugs.

Features to consider while choosing a vacuum cleaner

When we talk about the best vacuum under 300 dollars, each feature should best, like the power, capacity, runtime, length of cord, noise, weight, dimension, etc.; following we have arranged a complete guide that will help you to select the vacuum under 300 dollars.


Types of best vacuum cleaners depend on the user’s cleaning needs, which means which type of work he expects from the vacuum cleaner and selects the type accordingly.

  • Handheld Vacuum

If users want to deal with small areas, then a cordless vacuum or upright handheld Vacuum cleaner is the best. cordless models reach facilely reach those places where corded models are difficult to reach. upright Handheld vacuum cleaner and cordless models are good for treating small areas.

  • Canister Vacuum

On the other hand, if he wants to deep clean, then an upright vacuum cleaner or canister vacuum should select. canister vacuums consider good if dirt and dust accumulate on the surface. the performance of canister vacuums will never let your expectation down.

  • Robot  Vacuum / Best robot vacuum cleaner

Automatic cleaning is like many users, so robot vacuum cleaners are available for cleaning. the robot vacuum is not suitable for all types of homes. because robot vacuum cleaner requires a suitable floor where they run smoothly if the floor is not suitable, a robot vacuum will never perform well. Normal homes and deep cleaning are done by powerful upright best vacuum cleaners. Robot vacuums require a suitable place for cleaning so in ordinary places we recommend Shark upright vacuum NV356E.

  • bagless vacuum

There are two types of vacuum cleaners bagged vacuums and bagless vacuums cleaner. Now it depends on the user whether he needs bagless vacuums or bagged vacuums for the complete cleaning task.



Power is an important factor that must be considered; otherwise, low-power machines take more time to clean because a single pass with these types of only vacuum cleaners is not enough. We prefer a high suction machine if you live in a home with high foot traffic and pets. Again Shark NV356E will fulfill your cleaning task efficiently. The power level of this machine is 1200W, considered a high power machine. Other vacuum cleaners with low power can consider in case your living space is small and there is less traffic you gain.


After power and type third factor is capacity. The dirt bag or canister during cleaning fill. The user empties the bin to continue the cleaning job. If the bin capacity is small, the user will empty it several times. We have arranged bagless units that are easy to empty in our list.


If you like cordless vacuums or it is your requirement, then you must check the runtime or battery life of the selected machine. The cordless vacuums contain rechargeable batteries with different capacities. If the battery life is low, it will not provide good runtime during the cleaning task.

Short areas can cover easily with cheap quality batteries. If you want to clean a large area or an entire home, you need battery life in hours, then go for those models that offer long runtime. In our list, Tineco A11 is the best vacuum cleaner with quality battery life available for under 300 dollars and contains two rechargeable batteries that provide long runtime.

Cord length

Corded best vacuum cleaners provide powerful suction, but the problem is cord length. Consider the cord length; users often get into trouble when finding the power outlet. Enough size cord length can cover a long area.

The short length of a vacuum cleaner in a large house does not make sense. Plug and unplug often or buy a separate extension to solve this problem. Instead, if you bring the vacuum cleaner with a long cord, you don’t need to do something extra.

Noise level

A vacuum cleaner normally produces noise that comes from the motor. It’s impossible to machine run and does not produce noise; anyhow, it can be low or high, varying from machine to machine. Some machines now contain anti-noise technology that reduces the noise of the machine. The second option you go for the robot vacuum cleaner. Robot vacuums are silent and equipped with quality and advanced features. robot vacuums consider a good machine if you have appropriate home floors mean the floor where robot vacuums are easily run.


The warranty period tells users how much time their pocket is safe from their next buy. If the warranty period is long user does not need to worry if something is wrong with the vacuum cleaner claiming the warranty and replacing and repairing the machine. Shark NV356E contains a five-year warranty, a long time to make your pocket happy.

Extra features

After considering all the above features, some other features make vacuum cleaners more suitable and efficient. Like if we talk about Dyson V7, which comes with three different nozzles and a detachable head, using these features, we can do something different that other vacuum cleaners can never perform. Our arranged list contains vacuum cleaners with useful features that users require for completing difficult cleaning tasks.


Which type is the most energy-efficient?

If you are looking for an energy-efficient cleaning machine, handheld devices are for you. These devices contain rechargeable batteries. Handheld units are best for you if you want casual cleaning or live in a low-traffic area.

Which model is best to use on carpets?

Strong suction is required for carpet, especially if you use a high pile carpet. You should buy the upright version; they contain strong suction and easily remove the dirt from the carpet roots. Handheld devices run with batteries not capable of working on carpet surfaces. They just perform simple cleaning tasks. Deep cleaning is done by upright vacuum cleaners.

Is the more wattage, the better?

The wattage consumes by vacuum cleaners tells how much suction they have. Extra wattage means the input supply that we provide to the vacuum cleaner, as a result, gets strong suction. If more wattage machines are available, the suction will be strong. Sometime wattage measurements are given in amps.

Our Verdict

Vacuums are used to make our homes clean. Without cleaning the living place is not able to live. It will user decide which type of machine is suitable for him robot vacuums are simple automatic machines. Each type performs better on the surface.

In our article, we have tried our best to cover each aspect regarding the best vacuum under 300 dollars. Now, in the end, it depends on the user what decision he will take to finalize the vacuum cleaner for his home. We recommend Shark NV356E, which falls under $300 along with features that users expect from the best vacuum cleaner.

If your pocket doesn’t allow you to buy Shark, then go for the Dyson V7 budget-friendly best vacuum cleaner that price exists for under $300. Shark’s big variant includes expensive vacuum cleaners that are not affordable for all users.

It contains attachments that can make your life easy. A heavy-duty and user-trusted machine works perfectly, making the home super clean and available with 30 minutes of runtime. Dyson V7 is a handheld machine that can do other tasks like inside car cleaning, boat cleaning, and many more.

If Dyson does not make sense, then the final product available in handheld and upright shapes is Tineco A11. a remarkable stick vacuum cleaner that can perform each home task superbly. If you want to go for a tricky place, just convert it into the handheld unit by detaching its stick and start your cleaning task. Don’t worry about battery life; it contains two rechargeable batteries ensuring long runtime compared to another cordless vacuum that contains less battery life.

We hope you understand everything; if you have any queries regarding the best vacuum under 300 dollars, keep in contact; our comment box is open for you.

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