As we know, it is easy to clean the hardwood floor with the right vacuum cleaner. The cleaning process takes time. Cleaning of hardwood floor starts with vacuuming the whole floor means a dry wipe. The second step of this cleaning is a wet wipe. In this article, we will describe the wet dry vacuum for hardwood floors. A wet wipe is necessary once a week if you live in an area with low or medium traffic. But in some cases, like high traffic where pets and children live, it requires regular wet mopping. It’s not good practice to increase the number of dry wipes to get qualified cleaning results.

Plenty of options are available in the market regarding wet/dry vacuum. It is arduous to decide which vacuum cleaner will perform best. We expect super and perfect cleaning of the floor when we invest in any wet dry vacuum cleaner. Consider those vacuum cleaners that are lightweight and converted into portable versions. The selected vacuum cleaner should be able to perform difficult tasks like removing the worst stain and messes from the surface.

If you have no idea or have no time to explore all wet/dry vacuum cleaners, you don’t need to worry. You are here in the right place; we have arranged the list of quality vacuum cleaners that you need for your precious floor. Instead, a buying guide will help you suggest the best vacuum for yourself. Stick your eyes to this article and learn about the best wet dry vacuum for hardwood floors.

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Hoover Power Scrub Elite Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

best wet/dry vacuum for hardwood floors

Hoover Power Scrub Elite Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner is our first selected vacuum machine for floor cleaning. Hoover Elite can dry briskly served surfaces. It contains separate tanks for clean and dirty water with a large capacity.

A powerful feature of Hoover Elite that attracts us is its strong motor and antimicrobial spin brushes. A special design brushes move 360-degree ability to grab the debris maximum. It is not arduous to go deeper with these brushes inside the carpet fiber to dig out the dirt and dust. Hoover Power Scrub Elite commercial grade vacuum cleaner enriched with HeatForce technology. The expected cleaning time with this astonishing cleaner is 45 minutes. The water tank capacity is 1.25 gallons, and keep clean and dirty water in separate tanks.

The feature of this machine is designed for carpets and rugs but can perform on hardwood floors. Hoover Elite consider a strong and bulky machine just because of its high weight. The weight of the machine is 20 pounds. Power Scrub elite is considering the multi-surface cleaner. instead, a stick vacuum is used for lightweight working.

  • The water tank capacity is enormous.
  • The drying time with Hoover Elite is 45 minutes.
  • It contains the antimicrobial 360-degree spin brush.
  • The weight of the machine is 20 pounds.

BISSELL CrossWave Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner 


Bissell CrossWave Wet and Dry Vacuum is a choice for those who want a quality cleaning machine. The picking efficiency of the Crosswave is wonderful without damaging the surface. Users can make hardwood floors marvelous with Bissell wet dry vacuums. You will not find dust, dirt, and debris after using this quality machine. Crosswave cleaner is considered a multi-surface cleaner that provides efficient results.

This single machine does the washing and vacuuming of the hardwood surface. The presence of Bissell Crosswave floor and area rug cleaner does not demand a separate vacuum mop and bucket. the bucket and vacuum mop operation is done by this single machine.

User-friendly operation, a control given on the handle user just press the button for getting desired control. The transition from hardwood floors to carpets and rugs is quite easy, just pressing the Bissell wet dry vacuums button and shifting to crave.

Bissell ensures cleaning inch by inch; it is possible that by steering technology, the user can move quickly in any direction without wrangle.

Like other quality cleaners, it contains two separate tanks for dirty and clean tanks. This feature confirms the cleaning with pure water.

  • With the easy press button integrated on the handle of Bissell wet and dry vacuum, the user can shift the mode of the machine according to the surface type.
  • Picking wet and dry debris from the hardwood flooring is facile just by dual-action brush roll that allows using a nylon brush and microfiber cloth.
  • Removing the storage tray, brush roll, and brush window is not arduous; that ensures the facile maintenance of the cleaner.
  • It contains two tanks, one for clean water and the second for dirty water.
  • Picking pet hair using a cleaner is sometimes stuck inside the water tank.

It is necessary for the health of the vacuum when finishing the cleaning job to remove all parts and wash them thoroughly, ensuring no pet hair and other debris cling to the parts because pet hair stuck the operation often. Try to clean the water tank regularly for fresh cleaning each turn.

Why You Should Get It:

Bissell wet and the dry vacuum is the best choice for those who want a quality cleaning machine for hardwood floors. It is equipped with the latest technology to fulfill user cleaning demands perfectly. User can clean their hardwood floor without facing any damage to the floors.

Bissell 2554A CrossWave Cordless Max


Bissell 2554A is a cordless wet dry vacuum best fit for those who want a machine without a power cord. The run time of the Bissell cordless vacuum cleaner is 30 minutes on the surface. The cleaning head is 10.5 inches ensuring powerful cleaning goes deeper inside and digs out debris and dirt from the surface. it contains high suction power.

The vacuum cleaner’s spinning brush controls the agitating process according to the mess type. The operation of the cordless wet dry vacuum overall is simple. Start by spraying the solution, a mixture of cleaner and water; when the brush rolls soak starts to eliminate the stain.

The cleaning process becomes more convenient and efficient when it’s given a WiFi alert about replacing the filter and formula. Go back to the charging port when charging become finished. The cleaner is ready for the next turn to ensure the fresh and cool floor. this cordless vacuum cleaner is considered a multi-surface cleaner.

best robot cleaner

BISSELL CrossWave Pet Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner


Hardwood floors are not facile to build; the proper care and maintenance reduce the chances of damaging the floor. Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro wet and dry vacuum is the best option that cares for the hardwood floor.

As we know, excessive water can damage our beautiful hardwood floor. To overcome this problem, we need a vacuum that performs cleaning tasks and vacuuming without running the floor surface. the multi-surface cleaner is good for different surfaces.

Dirt, dust, and debris no more remain on the surface when Bissell Crosswave wet and dry start taking action using nylon and microfiber brush. The capacity of water tanks is awesome at 14.5 oz.

Apart from carrying a dirty water tank, the capacity of carrying freshwater is 28 oz. The clean water tank is used for the wet vacuuming process. The stain on the hardwood floors like food spills, liquid, pet messes, and the rest of the other things was perfectly removed using the Bissell Crosswave wet and dry vacuum.

Note: BISSELL is pleased to support the BISSELL Pet Foundation and its effort to save stray animals.

  • Proper hygiene enables with its two separate water tanks. One tank contains the dirty water, and the other is used for freshwater help to perform a wet wipe.
  • It is integrated with docking try.
  • The power cord length is 25 feet, ensuring a long cleaning area.
  • Bissell pet pro is designed for hardwood floor cleaning, perfect cleaning without leaving any residue.
  • It comes with a convenient docking tray for keeping cleaners and formulas.
  • Long area covering is difficult with a given fresh water tank. The water will finish before completing the cleaning job.

The water supply issue can solve by carrying water on the docking tray. When the water level is low replenishes the water supply.

Why You Should Get It:

Covering all hardwood floor issues is not a piece of cake, especially if you have pets and small children. Bissell Crosswave wet and the dry vacuum is the right solution to overcome the hardwood floors issues.

 Ridgid 50353RID Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner


Ridgid 50353RID is a commercial and professional-grade wet and dry vacuum. Best choice for those who want a heavy-duty cleaning machine. The capacity of the motor is 6.5 HP. Outstanding quality hose, large wheels, and push handle attract users very well.

The Ridgid 5035RID is included in a powerful machine, the best option who want a strong cleaning device. The power is considered by its 6.5 HP equipped motor. The dirt, debris, and stain never stay when Ridgid takes action. No burden on the user’s hands when moving on the surface due to large wheels and push handles. Several useful attachments are part of machine packing, like a very strong and sturdy hose used for the instant cleaning process. We have selected this vacuum just because of meat our selection criteria.

Ridgid is counted in a commercial and industrial grade vacuum cleaner. Commercial cleaners need the extreme power that Ridgid 5035RID contains. Users compensate for some features like the motor’s noise during cleaning and the large and bulky design. If cleaning is only your matter, these features do not mind you. You need proper space for storing because not small to store anywhere.

  • The hose is durable and flexible
  • The strong, powerful motor 6.5 HP
  • Easy transport is done by its large wheels and pushing the handle
  • Ridgid 5035RID is a noisy machine
  • Big and bulky


Tacklife Wet/Dry vacuum cleaner is our next selected vacuum in the current series. Hardwood floors are easy to maintain by Tacklife wet/dry vacuum. A unique feature of this amazing machine is that it can fulfill all cleaning tasks that you expect from wet/dry cleaners.

If you lack power outlets in your area, don’t worry; the long power cord of 17 feet will help you continue work without plugging and unplugging several power outlets. The owner of Tacklife enables to handle the spills, dirt, dust, and many other unwanted on the floors.

Hardwood floors need care; excessive water or long sit of water ruins the floor. The Tacklife can suck the spills and also dry the operation surface perfectly.

Filters play a very important role in vacuum cleaners. Tacklife provides multiple filters, so they are easy to wash and maintain.

Tacklife is no doubt counted as a big brand name, but the majority of users does not familiar with this name. We found its performance on the floor outstanding and gathered information from the electronic platform where users appreciate its work. Along with quality features that maximum clean types of messes, the Tacklife vacuum is enriched with lightweight and user-friendly features.

The given accessories with this cleaning machine empower to handle messes anywhere inside or outside with easy hands. If you still lack the best wet dry vacuums and are searching for the best machine for hardwood floors, bring the Tacklife Vacuum cleaner; it will make your life easy.

Prolux Professional Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner


Prolux professional wet and dry vacuum has outstanding specifications like a strong motor with 162 CFM. The best choice is to handle dirt and dust on hardwood floors.

Prolux wet and dry cleaner come with vigorous features. The key role in any vacuum is its strong motor; it contains a motor with 162 CFM, considered high power. Both blower and inflator features are integrated for the ease of the users. Awesome results have been noticed on kiddie pools and air mattresses. Undoubtedly, the given accessories are useful for getting results on different types of surfaces. Its extension wands, auto detailing tools, and crevice tool are outstanding. The attachments and motor power make this stunning cleaner the best vacuum for high pile carpets.

The manufacturer has provided the facility of wall mounting charging feature. The user needs to set the assembly of the wall mount itself. The machine’s weight is 25 pounds, including it in the heave cleaner list. If you are searching for the best cleaner, Prolux wet/dry vacuum cleaner can fulfill your cleaning task efficiently.

  • Numerous attachments for performing different tasks
  • The motor capacity is 162 CFM
  • The blower and inflator both feature
  • High weight machine without wheels
  • Assembly is required for mounting with the wall.

Bissell Garage Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner


Bissell Garage Pro wet and dry vacuum come with caliber accessories. High power 12 amp motor is the best part of this machine—a wall-mounted user-friendly cleaning device.

Hardwood floors will never stay messy when you bring the Bissell Garage Pro Wet and Dry vacuum to your home. Quality accessories make cleaning more efficient and increase access to the best wet-dry vacuums. The useful accessories are crevice nozzle, automobile kit, 32-foot hose, etc.

 Other features are a powerful blower function and a multi-stage filtration system. Users can enjoy an easy wall mounting feature with a strong motor 12 amp machine. The results on hardwood floors are dominated. Instead, that astonishing results can enjoy on carpeting, rugs, and other surfaces.

The heavyweight 30 pounds machine counted in bulky best wet dry vacuums. The process of transportation and portability is arduous. The lack of wheels means transportation with this vacuum is not a joke. Deep cleaning with Bissell Garage Pro is the guarantee of hardwood floor cleaning.

  • High power 12 amp motor
  • It contains a dual-stage filtration system.
  • Easy wall mounting
  • Lack of wheels
  • The weight of the machine is 30 lb.

Best Wet Dry Vacuum For Hardwood Floors Buying Guide


First, start from storage, a feature mostly neglects users when they buy a wet/dry vacuum. Consider the vacuum that is easy to store, and at the same time, it should be available to get out when a mess appears. The space inside the vacuum where tools are easy to store for next use should be enough. Amazing way of storing tools; otherwise, finding tools eats the brain during cleaning.


The purchasing of a powerful motor produces noise during the cleaning process. To overcome this problem, some users use earbuds, but the rest of the people living at home come into trouble. It is not a solution; the latest technology solves this problem, the latest cleaner equipped with anti-noise technology. robot vacuum produces less noise because they contain a small motor.


Weight of the machine matter when you are living smart or double-story home where vacs are difficult to drag from the lower portion to up. So try to buy a vacuum that is less weight. There are manufacturers or brands available which are producing cleaning machine that is more powerful with less weight.


Consider the surface of your home that you are ready to clean with a vacuum. The selected wet/dry vacuum can work on your home floors. Double-check the specification of the vacuum regarding its dealing surfaces.


The vac should be durable in normal cases; vacuum damage when handling corners and tight places is noticed. So don’t compromise on the durability of the vacuum. These features enable the vacuum to live long with the user; otherwise, you lack a cleaning tool and start searching for the next machine.


The emptying process in previous models is hard; when the user dumps the bin, the particles blow into the air, causing pollution and coughing. The latest models offer self-cleaning; they probably separate dirty water into separate tanks that can drain inside the toilet.


Some quality cleaners often come with minimum attachments; it’s not good for the user. Attachments of the best wet dry vacuums enable users to reach maximum surfaces with easy hands. Buy those machines which contain quality accessories. Attachments are the best way of getting a quality cleaning job.

Cord vs. Cordless:

Cordless machines come with astonishing features; users can enjoy them by moving them easily anywhere without fearing the cord tangling issue. The cordless unit’s disadvantage, they soon out of power users need to recharge their battery for the next session. On the other hand, corded units are big with more power. Professionals prefer to use corded units due to their strong power and efficiency.

Liquid Cleaning Solution:

Each cleaning brand offers a cleaning solution that can be used inside the machine to get desired results. A sensor alert user when the amount of solution is low. Some vac requires only water. They work with steam and avoid to use of chemicals.

Wet and Dry Vacuum FAQs

What is the best wet and dry vacuum?

The word is best considered for vacuums capable of handling wet and solid messes. It can be possible with a powerful wet/dry cleaner motor. It should contain enough features to minimize the user’s effort with full access.

Are wet and dry vacuum cleaners good?

A good, wet/dry vacuum is the best solution for handling messes on hardwood and other surfaces; messes are wet and dry. Daily routine cleaning can handle effortlessly.

What should I look for when buying a wet/dry vac?

The main feature that must consider is the power of the motor. The selected wet/dry vacuums should be able to excel the wet and dry messes. The machine must be durable for long-lasting, and portable features make it handier for the user. Additionally, go for machines that contain long sturdy wheels and wall mount features.

Can a wet/dry vac pick up water?

The major cause of wet/dry vacuums is picking up water and liquid spills. They are multipurpose devices used for wet and dry messes as well—two-in-one machines help solve double problems with one machine.

How noisy are wet dry vacuums?

Manufacturers produce cleaning brands with different noise dB rates—some use anti-noise technology to reduce the noise of devices. Big bulky machines produce more noise when they turn on at max mode for deep cleaning. A noise rate dB up to 85 records bulky, heavy motor machines. Quality brands work on noise and try to produce devices with less noise.

Can a wet and dry vacuum work on carpet?

A carpet cleaner is specially designed to deal with the carpet surface. Anyhow wet/dry vacuum work perfectly to suck out the water and liquid spilling from the carpet surface.

What accessories do you need for a wet/dry vac?

Accessories help enhance the access of cleaning and depend on your need and the surface that you want to deal with. Accessories that must need are crevice tools, extension wands, and brushes. Instead, a long extension power cord length is necessary to cover a long area.

How often do you have to change the filters on a wet and dry vac?

The filter condition demands the process of changing. If the vacuum is regularly used for a long time, the maximum time interval should be six months then the filter should change. Some brands offer washable filters.

How long do cordless wet dry vacuum batteries last?

It depends on the brand offering a battery; commonly, a wet-dry vacuum offers two batteries. Each battery gives 15 to 20 minutes maximum after a complete single charge.

What do wet and dry vacuums do?

The functionality of the wet and dry vacuum is to clean the liquid and dry messes from the hardwood floors. We can use them with efficient results on different surfaces. The most common picks that users want to pick are pet messes, water, drinks, liquid spills, and oil spills that are perfectly handled with a wet vacuuming system.

Wet/dry vacuums, as the name shows, can handle both types of messes; on the other hand, dry or traditional cleaners cannot handle wet messes. The dry vacuum does not mean not good they are perfect for picking the dry debris from surfaces.

How effective is a wet-dry vacuum on hardwood floors?

If you don’t want to spoil the hardwood floor, then use a wet-dry vacuum on the floor to remove liquid spills. The best variant of wet/dry vacuum cares for the floor and handles the messes. A wet/dry vacuum is the best and most efficient alternative to a bucket and mop.

Each floor, hardwood or other, gets different stains and messes necessary to clean. If your precious hardwood floor gets liquid messes, use a wet/dry vacuum. Instead, that dry messes dirt, dust, and other related particles handled with a wet/dry vacuum efficiently.

Should you use a wet or dry vacuum on your hardwood floors?

The excessive amount of water on the hardwood floor damaged the surface. Both types of vacuum, wet and dry vacuum and alone dry cleaners, can be used on the hardwood floor.

If you have to deal with a liquid spill or wet stain on the hardwood floor, you must use a wet and dry vacuum. Apart from wet messes, dry particles like dirt and dust can clean with a dry vacuum.

Floor damage with the water and dry vacuum also damage with the water use. For handling wet messes, use a wet and dry cleaner.

Is it easy to clean the wet-dry vacuum after using it?

Wet/dry vacuums are available in the market with two separate water tanks. One tank holds the dirty water, and the second carries fresh water. It is very easy to clean out the water tanks due to separate portions. After cleaning the water tanks next turn is brushed clean. A wet/dry cleaner contains an easily removable brush window. Users can detach the brush roller from the vacuum and wash it for the next session.

Storage tray of wet/dry cleaner easy to remove. Remove it from the cleaner, wash and dry, then place it back. The cleaning process of wet/dry cleaner is super easy; a common person can facilely clean a wet/dry cleaner.

How is the wet and dry vacuum better than a regular cleaner for hardwood floors?

Regular or traditional cleaners used for dry surfaces can pick dirt, dust, and other related articles from the hardwood floor. Non-recommended cleaners even can damage the surface.

The wet and dry wet dry vac is specially designed for handling hardwood floors. These cleaners pick up both types of spills, wet and dry, without any issue inside the machine.

What kind of cleaner can you use in the wet and dry vacuum for cleaning your hardwood floors?

If hardwood floors require a cleaning solution, it can be used inside the wet dry cleaner. Instead of using ready-made cleaner, user can use their self-made DIY formulas for handling stains on the floor. Before applying any unknown homemade formula, confirm otherwise the floor can damage.

Can wet dry vac pick up water?

Absolutely yes, a wet/dry vac can pick up the water from the surface. Don’t use a simple cleaner to suck the spills like water. A specific design wet/dry cleaner is used for removing the wet stains. Liquid spills can be removed without affecting the health of the wet dry vac.

Confirm you are going to use a wet/dry cleaner on a liquid mess; otherwise, the vac will ruin. The water will go inside that can damage anything in the cleaner. A wet/dry vacuum is the solution for handling liquid spills.

Does a wet and dry vacuum cleaner wash carpets?

The answer is yes; users can clean the carpet and rugs using a wet/dry vacuum. These types of vacuum contain water, and some contain water and solution, which helps clean the carpet efficiently.

Vacuums with wet/dry features are just like carpet cleaners and can remove dust, dirt, stains, and allergies from the carpet surface. Remember that they will never wash the carpet like traditional carpet cleaners. Regular cleaner usage on the carpet surface keeps the carpet neat and clean that does not require carpet cleaner. Carpet cleaners specifically can be used for deep cleaning after a time cycle.

Disadvantages of wet and dry vacuum cleaner

After enjoying the advantages of wet/dry vacuum, it is necessary to know the disadvantages of wet/dry vacuum. Some common disadvantages are listed below.

  • Wet/dry vacuum cleaners require proper cleaning and maintenance. The lazy owner of wet/dry cleaners starts emitting odors, germs, and bacteria.
  • Wet/dry vacuum cleaners contain large separate water tanks; on the other side, these features increase the weight of the machine that allowing arduous movement of the machine.
  • After finishing the cleaning job, it does not make sense for some users to clean and refill the cleaner itself.

Final Thought

In our article, we have described each aspect of the best wet-dry vacuum for hardwood floors. The special arranged list of vacuum cleaners is the easy and best way to understand which one is suitable. If the listed vacuum cleaner does not make sense then follow the guideline and suggest a vacuum cleaner yourself.

We hope you understand how you have to select the best wet and dry vacuum cleaner if you have a query please feel free to contact us. Our comment box is open for you.

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