Reasons to buy:

  • Tank capacity 1.75 gallons.
  • Extra large dirt lifter power brush.
  • Heavy duty suction power aids in fast drying time. 
  • Two large tanks for full room cleaning
  • Professional formula
  • Power Cord Length: 25 feet
Bissell PowerLifter 1622

Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaning Machine 86t3 Review

Product NameBissell Big Green
Separate tanks
Carrying handleYes
Calculated coverage area (Sq. ft.)
Hose length (in.)
Weight (Full) (lbs.)
Weight (Empty) (lbs.) 
Weight (Solution tank) (lbs.)
5 years

The users of Carpet cleaner know very well how it is difficult to clean carpet. It’s a very hard and difficult process if you don’t have any tools or machines for cleaning the carpet. You will never get desired results if you spent a lot of time cleaning a carpet because you don’t have the proper tools, machines or formulas.

Using some products in other word carpet cleaner you can solve carpet cleaning problems very easily. Now the question arises which product or carpet cleaner is best and suitable. In my experience, the Bissell Big Green carpet cleaning machine 86t3 is the best and valued machine in the market. Here you will find the complete detail and features of this machine.

Size And Weight of Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaning Machine 86t3

bissell big green
Bissell big green

Actually before buying any product everyone should determine its need. In the case of carpet cleaner, you have to check your current desire whether you need big or heavy carpet cleaner or small and portable carpet cleaner. Here we are going to describe the big size carpet cleaner which enough for large area cleaning.

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Bissell big green carpet cleaning machine 86t3

The measurement of this machine is 20.5 by 11 by 42.2 inches. As earlier I said this is a large or heavy machine that you can imagine from its measurement. For making this machine more comfortable a pushing handle can be folded at 90 degrees. This feature makes the machine more compact and can easily be stored in any tricky place.

At the time of using this machine, the height of the handle can be easily adjusted due to its adjustable handle option. This feature is really admirable. The exact weight of this machine is 40 pounds that is lighter as compare to other heavy carpet cleaners.

Accessories of Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaning Machine 86t3

bissell big green carpet cleaner
bissell big green carpet cleaner

This carpet cleaner no doubts one of the best and highly valued in the market. There are several reasons that make it a more reliable and user lover. According to its price, I had not expected any extra accessories. But Bissell big carpet cleaning machine 86t3 contains 9 upholstery, 6 stair tools and one single bottle of Bissell cleaning formula.

Using these accessories users can easily get their desire or unique result that they want or expect from any best carpet cleaner.  Carpet cleaning formula is not available with all other carpet cleaners. But in the case of Bissell, you don’t need to worry about cleaning formula.

 Functionality and Performance

bissell big green clean machine
bissell big green clean machine

Functionality and performance of any product is the key to success, on the base of these two points user trust on product and give it rating and values. The performance and functionality I personally observe this machine before buying it for my personal use. This machine is specially designed for carpet cleaning and has the ability to clean tricky and difficult surfaces perfectly.

best carpet cleaner
bissell big green carpet cleaning machine 86t3

There are several other carpets cleaner available in the market each model has different advantages and features. But I found BISSELL big green carpet cleaning machine 86t3  best from all. I personally impressed with the functionality and performance of the machine.

I feel very ease during the carpet cleaning with the BISSELL machine because I can easily clean stairs and upholstery along with the normal cleaning of the carpet. Some places are very hard to reach but the BISSELL stain tool unit gives us easy access to clean any kind of place. Its rounded shape gives it more value according to my experience.

If you want fast cleaning and drying the surface then this model of carpet cleaner is the best choice for you.

I don’t trust other people so I decided to start experience regarding what is true and what is false. I arrange the stopwatch and found one big patch on the carpet for testing purposes. Using this machine took 1-3 hours to dry which was a very rapid and short time process. Using other machines you will never get this result. Some other elements also affect the time duration like the temperature of your room and humidity.

Ease Of Use

We buy several products from the market for our easiness. We actually want to save our time using different products. Some products are very difficult to use on the other hand the BISSELL model is very easy to use. There are several features and accessories that make it more easy to use for all kinds of users.

bissell big green carpet cleaner
Best Carpet Cleaner

We have to move the Carpet cleaner in the room for cleaning the carpet, for that we need long-distance cable. Without long-distance cable, it’s very difficult to reach all the places in the room. BISSELL cleaner contains a long-distance cable for easy moving at any place in the room without any extra arrangement. It’s suction head also very wide and contains 9 hose that is maximum wideness as compare to other available models in the market.

bissell big green
bissell big green

The capacity of the tank is 1.75 gallons. This tanker capacity is admirable and also very easy to refill the tanker as compare to other cleaners. Using this model you don’t need to wait for filling the tank during the cleaning process.


This is one of the best carpets cleaner in the market that I admire as compare to other available models in the market. There are several advantages that we have described in full detail. The maneuverability of this machine is very professional,  which has impressed me the most!

I experienced this model is designed like a vacuum cleaner. It is very easy to move and push this unit in the room without facing any trouble and hardness. The extra heavy and thick machine is difficult to move and use like you are fighting someone. This well-designed unit will never feel your body tired after cleaning.

Moving forward and backward technology you will get an extra and deep cleaning of your precious carpet. it will also save your time due to forward and backward moving technology.


This is one of the best cleaners that contains many features in an affordable budget. You can easily remove stains and dust from the carpet that other model remains left. The price of this product is affordable. Along with all other features, the warranty for this machine is 5 years. This long warranty and all other features will never let down your purchasing decision.

  • A long-time Warranty 5-year
  • It contains Dual-Tank that is removable
  • Power Brushes for Dirt lifting
  • 9-foot hose
  • Stair tool that is 6-inch
  • User-Friendly
  • A very beautiful adjustable handle.
  • Its weight is high 50 pound
  • Difficult to move on stairs due to heavy size
  • Expensive
  • Regular Mainlines


This is a great cleaner especially for those who have a large size of the carpet. The BISSELL model is the right decision because of the affordable price and features.

Should You Buy It?

 Bissell Big Green carpet cleaner machine 86t3 is one of the best machine after experience many other carpet cleaners. You should buy it because of its design user-friendly, affordable price and high-quality performance. Last but not least its warranty period is 5 years.

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