Reasons to buy:

  • Multi Surface Machine
  • Dual Action Multi Surface Brush Roll
  • Two Tank System Keeps Cleaning Solution
  • Smart Touch Controls
  • Vacuums And washes your floors at the same time
Bissell PowerLifter 1622

Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro Specification

Product NameBissell CrossWave Pet Pro
Blue, Titanium
Power560 Watt
Width30 CM
116.8 cm
23 cm
5.2 kg
Cord Lenght7.5 m
Dirt Capacity0.62 l
Water Capacity0.82 l
BrushRoll Type1x Multi Surface

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro Plus Carpet Cleaner


The Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro is the middle range cleaner regarding price. Its price is not so high nor cheap. This is the best carpet cleaner that can clean your carpet and floors by washing and vacuuming. Each cleaner is super effective for a specific purpose. Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro can be perfect for you if you need the following.

  • Bissell Crosswave pet pro is easy to carry.
  • Its price is not high as compared to competitors’ cleaner.
  • Perfectly clean floors and carpets.
  • This Bissell variant has a limited design.

For cleaning our home we need a vacuum cleaner and carpet cleaner. These two different products are difficult to buy and carry as well. You have to spend money on both and then need enough space for saving each product at home. Bissell CrossWave pet pro has solved this problem by providing a 2 in 1 solution that can perform both tasks very effectively.

Bissell Crosswave pet pro is a 2 in 1 device that can be used as a vacuum cleaner when vacuuming require, also it can be used for cleaning the carpet and floor that is possible by its power cleaning solution. You will never find this combination of cleaning solution in the market that Bissell Crosswave is providing to its customers. It’s both operation vacuuming and washing are admirable. Find the complete detail and the price of this machine below.

Bissel Crosswave Pet Pro Price and Release Date:

bissell crosswave pet pro
Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro

Bissell Crosswave‘s release date is May 2018. You can check its current price here with other detail and customer reviews. For US customers its cost is $249. You can covert this price for UK and Austria if you are not living in the US. This variant is cost-effective and admirable by US citizens.

Design of Bissell Crosswave

Design is the first thing that attracts customers. Many people use different gadgets and then save them at a home like a beautiful showpiece because of their beautiful design. Many vacuum cleaner users are doing this practice.

the best carpet cleaner
Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro

The functionally of the Bissell Crosswave is perfect but the design is not admirable. Actually this is not a heavy machine that difficult to handle and move, also not easy to save in cupboards because of its thin body. The size or length of this machine is tall. It contains a beautiful handle on top with a flexible rubber grip. Using handle you can move this machine easily at any place in the room. The handle is connected with the main body of the cleaner.

During our experience, we discover its handle is not enough strong that can cause any failure, but we did not face any issue at the time of cleaning. For easy movement and perfect cleaning, Bissell made this cleaner lighter and portable. Bissell Crosswave is easy to use as compare to other competitor cleaners.

You will find a bin at the bottom of the cleaner that is connected with the main pole. This bin is designed to collect things from the floor and save it in the bin. A press down button is available to remove the bin from cleaner for emptying the bin. it is not difficult to adjust the bin again with cleaner.

best carpet cleaner
Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro

It is probably seen after finishing the cleaning process some remnants remain on the floor, that is really frustrating for everyone. Now the cleaning process has finished using any cleaner, in the end, you have to collect the remnants using a dustpan or some other extra tool. This process is not admirable or you can say it is very disliked by all users.

You will find a plastic container on the top of a bin. The plastic container is used for saving hot water and cleaning solution that is used for floor washing. The bottom area of Bissell Crosswave is similar to other vacuum cleaners that have multi-surface. Its bottom surface is very strong and contains extra power for washing the floor. Its surface consists of two portions, one portion contains the fabric and the second portion contain the powerful brushes to scrub the stain and dust.

If you want to replace or clean the brushes or just want to remove the extra things that stuck at the bottom portion of the cleaner during cleaning, just remove the plastic lid from the bottom and get the access of this portion. Bissell Crosswave allows you to reach the bottom of the furniture. You just have to handle down flat alongside the cleaner that allows you to reach bottom areas. this feature will help to clean the area from bottom sides but not enough effective like Shark IF250UK.

Bissell Crosswave is the best cleaner that is portable and easy to carry. The design of this machine does not attract users.

The cleaning performance of Bissell Crosswave

The cleaning performance of the Bissell cleaner is strong. You will never listen about the performance, but some time user claims about its suction power. for getting a good result of the suction just wait for a few seconds more on the surface during the suction process. it is a very useful tip that can solve the suction power problem. Multi-surface brushes reach the surface effectively when you vacuum that area.

best carpet cleaner
bissell crosswave pet pro

The suction of the vacuum will never work effectively at the corner where a vacuum cannot reach easily. You have to spend extra time and effort both for cleaning well.

The Bissell Crosswave works better for a large area within a short time. As mentioned above this cleaner is able to wash both carpet and floor, also this cleaner can be used for vacuuming. For getting a good result you must use liquid provided by Bissell. You will never get a good result if you use any other cleaning solution instead of a recommended solution.

For starting the cleaning process you have to insert hot water and cleaning solution into the plastic bottle. The amount of water and liquid depending on the area that you are going to clean. The cleaning solution goes down into the cleaner and applies on the surface that you are going to wash.

It has two different modes that work differently and leave different amounts of liquid on the surface. One mode is used for carpet and second mod for the floor. For each mode, the cleaner uses a separate amount of liquid automatically. During cleaning, we have to deal with different areas, using a selector we can make the cleaning process better.

During cleaning, you have to handle hard stains and more mess. Bissell provides the button that is placed in the handle, using this button user can release more liquid on the floor for extra cleaning. If you require a cleaner for perfect cleaning and vacuuming that fulfills your cleaning requirements then Bissell Crosswave pet pro is the best right option for you. A big true, the cleaning and vacuuming efficiency are not sound professional, anyhow you will find both machines together in one single machine.

The Bissell Crosswave pet pro cleaner is portable. It does not have a battery inside for charging this machine. This cleaner requires plugging in to a wall for cleaning. If you don’t have power, you cannot use it. This variant of Bissell is designed as a portable but it does not allow you to work without power.

  • Can clean carpets and floors
  • Cheaper considering competition
  • Easy to carry
  • Tethered to the wall
  • Limited design
  • Removing bin isn’t always clean


The Bissell Crosswave is able to perform both function washing and vacuuming, but this is not the most favorite product as compare to other cleaning devices. This cleaner is the best fit for those who have a low budget and want extra cleaning functionality then they should buy Bissell Crosswave.

If you don’t mind its low vacuuming efficiency then you can take the decision to purchase Bissell Crosswave cleaner. Because it can clean your carpets, floor, rugs because of its dual function, that other cleaners can not perform with a single function.

Users can use it like a vacuum cleaner that is one of the big advantages of this machine. This special feature is not available in any other competitors’ cleaners that are available in the market. If you have a tight budget and don’t want to buy both machine vacuum cleaner and washer then this machine is the best choice because it will solve your both problems together.

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