Best Carpet CleanerBISSELL BIG GREEN

Reasons to buy:

  • HeatWave Technology
  • Two (2) Bottles of BISSELL 2X Spot&Stain Formula
  • Stain Trapper Tool for cleaning extra-gross
  • Tool sprays, scrubs and stores messes in a separate removable container
  • 3-inch tough stain tool
Bissell PowerLifter 1622

Bissell SpotClean Proheat Specification

Product NameBissell SpotClean
330 Watt
Width32 cm
36 cm
18 cm
4 Kg
Cord Lenght
4.6 m
Dirt Capacity (Litre)
1.4 l
Water Capacity (Litre)
1.1 l
Heater Type
HeatWave Technology
Floor Type
Carpet and area Rugs

Bissell SpotClean Proheat Carpet Cleaner is a well-known cleaner also has a great market value. This machine is lightweight and can be carried at any place easily. There is no storage problem for this machine because it takes less space. If you have a spot on the carpet at any place in the room you can easily carry this cleaner and use it for removing the spots.

bissell spotclean proheat
Bissell spotclean proheat

Some lightweight cleaner is not capable to remove sticky stains but Bissell SpotClean carpet cleaner is the specialist for removing the spots because of the stain trapper tool. This is the good news for the pet lovers because using this machine you can easily remove the urine and pet hairs from the carpet. Bissell carpet cleaner is the best budget cleaner that makes your cleaning easy. Read the complete review below of Bissell SpotClean Proheat Carpet Cleaner and clear your mind picture regarding this product.

Bissell SpotClean Proheat Carpet Cleaner 97491 Review

What makes Bissell SpotClean Proheat Anywhere Portable Carpet Cleaner, 97491 stand out?

There are several devices available in the market using that you can clean your carpet. Bissell carpet cleaner is one of the best-valued cleaners that is used for cleaning carpet deeply. If you have made a decision about purchasing cleaner then you don’t go through any hassle just select Bissell SpotClean Proheat Carpet Cleaner. What is the reason for selecting this cleaner,  just visit some review of this cleaner on Amazon, your mind will clear from all confusions.

This cleaner can be used for multipurpose; users can clean upholstery, cushions, and sofas along with carpet. Bissell provides you the complete package for removing all kinds of stains from carpets.

This is the specialist cleaner for all tricky places. Bissell carpet cleaner is the best choice for those who have small children at home and they tend to wet the sofa. If any kind of liquid has reached the underside of the sofa using a crevice tool you can handle it perfectly, this tool is available with this machine. This special tool is also perfect to remove stain from hard places where we cannot reach easily. Its smart design and size make it easy to store at any close and small place like your office and home corner.

Some time it is very difficult to remove the tank of the cleaner but Bissell has provided the tanks that can easily be attached, removed and empty. One tank contains water and second tanks are used for storing the dirty water. Strain trapper tools also provided with this cleaner that is used to clean stubborn stains easily that is difficult to remove manually.

Benefits of Proheat  – Why Should You Buy This Cleaner?

bissell spotclean proheat
Bissell spotclean proheat

There are several advantages of this cleaner that will definitely attract you to buy it for your personal use.

  • You will never find extra messes in the contaminated water tank because its stain trapper tool sucks all vomit, poop and other all messes. The stain trapper tool is highly admirable. Water tanks can be easily cleaned after using it. It also prevents the backflow of wastewater on the floor.
  • According to the need and area, bottles can be fitted that you get in different sizes. Some carpet cleaner has the issue of uneven fluid but Bissell Carpet cleaner doesn’t have this kind of issue.
  • Bissell carpet cleaner contains a vacuum and a crevice tool that are the best tools for getting better results. Users can easily find the parts of this machine-like Hoover carpet cleaner.
  • It’s very easy to clean the water tank of this cleaner like Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 pet pack.

How to use it?

If you want to get a good result then you have to sock your carpet in the water before cleaning.

  • Using a cleaning bottle solution that is available with this cleaner, add some solution in the cleaner and fill the tank with water.
  • You are now ready to clean the carpet.
  • Just push the ON button for starting the cleaning process. A cool and very easy process it is.
  • Now just reach the messy area of the carpet and move stain trapper, see the result of how it is working and removing stains from the carpet.
  • After using Bissell Spotclean Carpet cleaner, you will find your carpet fluffy, fresh and smell free.

How to clean it?

After carpet cleaning, you must have to clean all the tools along with two water tanks. Use freshwater and detergents for cleaning them. Wait for dry and pack them back for the next use.

  • Stain formulas bottles are available with this machine that sizes are eight and sixteen ounces.
  • This carpet cleaner is counted in a lightweight cleaner list. The weight of this cleaner is ten pounds only.
  • Some extra tools like upholstery tool, stair cleaning tool with vacuum are available totally free with this cleaner. A crevice tool is also provided with this machine.
  • The warranty period of SpotCleaner is two years that is the extra warranty period as compare to Rug Doctor Cleaner provide.
  • Its tanks are easy to attach, fill and empty as compared to other competitor cleaners. Even some expensive cleaner don’t provide this facility like Bissell Proheaat 2X carpet cleaner.
  • Spot cleaner cannot be used for a large area. Actually this carpet cleaner is designed for small places.
  • Its suction process is not so strong like Bissell Big Green cleaner.
  • You need to refill the tank at a regular time period.

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