Bed bugs are commonly available in places where they can hide easily. Apart from other places like mattress folds, behind hardboards, pillows, and sheets they reside near the sleeping areas.  They don’t have a fixed living place, at any part of our home like floors, carpets, bed, furniture, etc they live where they can survive.

Can Bed Bugs Live in Carpet

A favorite and most suitable place for the bed bugs where they can live that are hard to reach and unseen places. We found them in cracks and small holes in the wall and surface. Carpet is not a specific place for them. For survival and reproduction, they need food supply, so they prefer those living places where bed bugs can get food and hide also.

bugs live on the carpet like other hard-to-reach places because the carpet is a suitable place where they can hide easily.

Now the question will arise in our mind: how do you get rid of bed bugs on the carpet?

How do you get bed bugs out of your carpet?

can bed bugs live in carpet

Using Bed Bug Carpet Cleaner

Carpet cleaning is the best way of removing bed bugs from the carpet surface. There are several specifically formulated shampoos available in the market that help to get rid of bed bugs. The special formula is used in shampoo that never allows bed bugs to live more on the carpet.

Before applying any product, especially where humans live, you must read the instructions because it can be harmful to your children and pets if you don’t take precautions.

Using Steam Cleaner

best steam cleaner

If you don’t want to use carpet cleaning shampoo then a steam cleaner is a useful device to kill the bed bugs with heat. Steam cleaner produces high-temperature steam that becomes the cause of bug removal along with killing other pests. Cleaning and killing are both done by steam cleaners.

When steam cleaning kills the bugs now you need to hoover them.

Using Iron

how to make carpet fluffy again

Bed bugs can be removed using different ways, select anyone method that feels you best. After describing carpet shampooing and steam cleaning, iron is another best way of removing bed bugs using extreme levels of heat. The steam cleaning technique can burn your carpet if you will never control the heat of the iron. Must hoover after killing bed bugs and ensure the hoover is empty.

Using Tidy Up

Regular cleaning of any place contains several advantages and one of them is bed bug removal. Entire cleaning of all places will stop spreading the bed bugs not only from the carpet but all other areas where they live. If you think tidying up is not enough then use carpet cleaner shampoo for treating bed bugs with harsh hands.

Using Hoover

The availability of bed bugs on your carpet means you need to take strong action against them otherwise they will increase and spread to other areas. The first action that you should take is vacuuming that place where you find them. After vacuuming an empty hoover because you have to get rid of the bed bugs along with their eggs that generate more bed bugs. If the condition is not under control then use the bed bug shampoo to get rid of the worse condition.

Using Diatomaceous Earth

The Diatomaceous earth method is not known by all. The use of food-grade diatomaceous earth neutralizes the bed bugs easily. Keep in your mind, must use diatomaceous food grade not any other.

The process of using the diatomaceous earth.

Before starting the vacuuming first sprinkle the diatomaceous earth on the carpet surface. The vacuum will get both bed bugs and diatomaceous earth during sucking. So bed bugs have no chance to survive using this way of vacuuming on the carpet surface.

It is difficult for some people to buy diatomaceous earth. They confuse which quality or which type they have to buy. Just remember you have to buy only diatomaceous earth food grade not any other.

Can bed bugs live in carpet Detail View?

can bed bugs live in carpet

Yes, bed bugs can live on the carpet as we told earlier. But proper cleaning and vacuuming is the best solution for removing bed bugs from any place. Apart from simple step cleaning and vacuuming if you feel bed bugs are not under control then must apply carpet shampoo. Sometimes cleaning the carpet with hot water provides better results.

It is necessary to examine bed bugs still available on the carpet or other places like furniture, and beds because during vacuuming they try to hide in other places. HEPA filters should be used with a vacuum to avoid the allergens from bed bugs.

When the cleaning process finishes, clean the vacuum chamber carefully. It is possible bed bugs are still alive inside the vacuum chamber and start spreading again. So empty the vacuum chamber and rinse it with boiling water.

How Did Bed Bugs Get in Your Carpet?

It is obvious and simple to say bed bugs move from one place to another just for hiding themselves and second for food supply. So bed bugs available in your bed move different hidden or hard-to-reach places like furniture, under the bed, beneath the carpet, etc,

The main problem is how to get rid of bed bugs on the carpet and bed. Commonly our mattress is placed on top of the carpet. When we drag the mattress on the carpet bed bugs start a moving process to hide and enter different places.

While killing or removing bed bugs don’t try to leave a small number of bed bugs. For example, you explore the maximum area and start removing them but leave a single place where bed bugs are available. The remaining single-place bed bugs start laying eggs and increase their number again.

Sometimes bed bugs are found in clothes so be careful when you get news about the availability of bed bugs in clothes. Don’t mix these clothes with other clothes to avoid spreading bed bugs.

Same like if bed bugs are available on the mattress don’t take lazy action against bed bugs because they rapidly increase and are available on the carpet and other hidden places. The fast-growing process will never allow you to control them easily. The availability of single-piece bed bugs means this is the time of killing bed bugs.

Can Bed Bugs Live Under Carpets? – How to remove bed bugs

Bed bugs as names indicate the animal that lives in the bed. But it is not true bed bugs only live in beds they can live where they like. They try to find a place where they can hide and feed themselves easily. So remove this concept from your mind bed bugs are only available in beds, they can be available at any place like carpet, under the carpet, on furniture, and many other places.

When bed bugs feel hungry and start finding their target. So the hunger of bed bugs takes them out from different places and then goes back to their living places.

Bed bugs love different places like offices, apartments, and rooms. This is a great example of their living in different places instead of only beds.

Every creature has different properties: bed bugs hide easily in any short place where we cannot observe them. So if we say bed bugs live in the carpet or under the carpet, that will never be false.  You may wonder why they live in carpets or other places instead of beds. Then you should ask the bed bug what you like inside the carpet that you don’t like in the mattress.

Anyhow, we have the answer to this question. The reason for living under the carpet instead of a bed is a suitable environment for them. Carpet at our homes is available in the middle of the room.

Not fixing their boundary with the wall, open edges carpet provides them an easy way of transport from one place to another place. They go under the carpet from the edges due to their small size and flat body. This is the best living place for them. Carpet thickness does not matter for bed bugs.

These creatures find some worn places in the carpet for quick transportation. The small holes and tears on the carpet are the best places for moving from one place to another along with laying eggs.

Can Bed Bug Live in a Carpet Cleaner?

A very important concept and the question is ”can bed bug live in carpet cleaner”. As you know above we have described that after using a vacuum cleaner you must wash it with warm water.

In many experiences, it is noticed the use of vacuum cleaners against bed bugs can never kill. The vacuum cleaner just carries them in its bucket. So bed bugs can still survive in that bucket and start increasing their numbers if we don’t kill them.

They will come out when they feel hungry and move back to their hidden places for living. They can live inside the carpet cleaner but never survive because for eating they have to leave the cleaner and reach the target place. After reaching their target, bed bugs search for new tricky places for living like carpets, beds, furniture, etc.

It is important for you after using the vacuum must empty the container and wash it with boiled water. Otherwise, a bed bug will remain alive in your home and it is difficult to get rid of bed bugs inside.

Can Bed Bug Eggs Live in a Carpet?

bed bugs

Not only bed bugs, but even the eggs of bed bugs also can live in a carpet cleaner. Vacuum cleaners are used for removing the bud bugs from any place but we don’t care about emptying the container of cleaner that becomes the cause of bed bug eggs remaining inside. Later on, these eggs convert to bed bugs and start spreading again.

Wood or plastic are suitable places for bed bugs to lay their eggs. in other words, we can say bed bugs lay eggs on carpet, clothes, mattresses, and bed frames.

Bed bugs’ increasing process is very fast. Male bed bugs have a duty to pregnant female bed bugs and move to their work. Females lay eggs more and more and this process continues until male bed bugs come back to females.

When this process continues for a long time you think about what will happen with your carpet. Be careful and don’t take lazy action to get rid of bed bugs from your house.

Does Bed Bug Lay Eggs In Carpet?

As told earlier, bed bugs can lay eggs where they can survive. Anyhow where they are available they can lay eggs. The size of the eggs is very small and it is not possible to see eggs directly on the carpet. It is difficult to judge whether it is carpet debris or bed bug eggs. You should be familiar with the eggs with the availability of the adult bed bugs on the carpet.

Preventing Future bed bug Infestations

Future safety is necessary for carrying any type of pest control at home. Otherwise, we should be ready for any damage just neglecting the pest control measures. Following we have arranged some steps that can help you prevent bed bug infestation.

  • Use protective covers for mattresses
  • Don’t leave any cracks nacked
  • Be careful when you bring new furniture home first inspect it and then place it at home.
  • Proper cleaning and vacuum cleaning should be your habit.
  • Vacuuming processes can help to kill bed bugs otherwise single adult bed bugs become the cause of spreading on the carpet. bed bug infestation can lead to serious issues so it is necessary to get rid of bed bug bites as soon as possible.
  • focus on a bed frame kills bed bugs living on the carpet and other places regularly. don’t leave dead bed bugs, dump them when finish cleaning the job.

Should You Remove Carpet If You Have Bed Bugs?

It can be a good idea for some people to throw away carpet just because of bed bugs. And the second idea is that we should try to get rid of the main problem. So throwing away carpet due to bed bugs is not recommended. Because there are several solutions available to kill bed bugs using that we can remove bugs easily.

The price of a new carpet is high as compared to hiring some professional that will restore our problem. Replacing a carpet with a new one is not a solution because you need to replace the carpet along with furniture and other stuff that is infested with bed bugs. The total cost of all items will never equal the hiring professional in the worst condition.

Replacing carpet and other items creates a chance for bed bugs to move to other places. The spreading process again will restart after establishing at a new place. Smart people think smart and get the solution to problems instead of making problems bigger and bigger.

This story concludes that first, you kill bed bugs and then start thinking about replacing carpet or other items that you want to replace.


We have described in detail can bed bugs live on the carpet in our guide. All possible solutions for removing them from home and other related questions are covered with different examples.

If you have bed bugs then you can try any described procedure. In case you don’t satisfy with one method, try to use the other. Follow the steps “preventing future bed bug infestation” carefully to avoid bed bugs on your carpet and other areas.

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