Can You Use a Carpet Cleaner on a Mattress

A quality mattress allows better rest, especially during the night. In other words, the mattress is our night companion. Fresh morning can be enjoyed after the comfortable sleep that quality mattresses provide.

In this guide, we will discuss “can you use a carpet cleaner on a mattress”. An ugly or dirty mattress does not provide comfort feeling. There are two options to replace the old dirty mattresses or clean mattresses with any cleaner. It is possible to clean the mattress at home using a carpet cleaner. The following is a useful detail regarding mattress cleaning.

Mattress Cleaning With Carpet Cleaner

A carpet cleaner is used for cleaning carpet at home. We can use carpet cleaner for multipurpose like upholstery cleaning, car interior, sofa cleaning, etc. all mentioned operation is possible with a portable carpet cleaner. Now come on the point mattress can be cleaned with carpet cleaner but it should be portable.

A portable carpet cleaner is able to clean stains that developed by dirt, dust, bedbugs, sweat, etc. urine and vomiting can be eliminated easily from mattress by a carpet cleaner.

Hiring professionals for mattress cleaning is costly as compared to cleaning at home with a carpet cleaner.

Advantages of Carpet Cleaner

  • A carpet cleaner is not only useful for removing the light stain from the surface of the mattress. Deep stains can be removed by portable carpet cleaner because the water extraction function helps perfectly to get rid of hard and deep stains.
  • In the case of a steamer at home that is used for carpet cleaning, also useful to make the mattress surface allergens free.
  • Disgusting liquid like urine vomiting goes deep inside the mattress, which is not possible to remove using a steam cleaner. A portable carpet cleaner has the ability to remove urine and other disgusting liquid inside the mattress surface. Carpet cleaner solution also used with a professional carpet cleaner to remove stains.
  • Professionals are higher if the mattress condition is worst. But if you have steam cleaner then routine sanitization is the best choice for cleaning to avoid the mattress condition at the worst level.

Best Portable Carpet Cleaner

Mattress Cleaning Procedure.

Cleaning with different cleaning solutions that contain harmful chemicals is not a good practice. Some natural methods can be used for cleaning that is completely safe. Natural methods are safe for children and pets also.

Homemade cleaning requires a steamer, enough amount of baking soda, and a vacuum cleaner.

can you use a carpet cleaner on a mattress

Step-by-step Procedure

following is the mattress cleaning procedure.

  • Remove everything from the mattress like its cover, sheet, pillow.
  • Take enough amount of baking soda and spread on the surface of the mattress. Now, the minimum wait 30 minutes to 45 minutes. This wait will help to remove the odors.
  • The next step starts with the vacuum. Attach the upholstery with a vacuum and start using a vacuum to remove the soda and dust from the mattress.
  • After using the vacuum, now take the steam cleaner and start using it on the surface of the mattress. Take your upholstery again to blow the steam.
  • The cleaning process of the mattress has finished now, leave your mattress for a long time to dry it completely. The mattress will take 4 to 6 hours to dry.
  • Steamer helps to remove moisture but in many cases, moisture remains on the mattress due to heavy steaming for removing deep dirt. So the mattress should be used again after evaporating moisture completely.

Carpet Cleaner Without Upholstery.

In case if you have carpet cleaner without upholstery then the question arises can we use carpet cleaner on the mattress without upholstery?

This problem can be solved by taking a towel and wrap on the head of the steam cleaner. The steamer is ready for use without upholstery.


A good result can be obtained from steam cleaner if the water of steamer heated at least 212 Fahrenheit degrees. The mattress will disinfect with this heated water completely.

When mattress should be cleaned?

best portable carpet cleaner

Cleaning is necessary for all items, regular cleaning gives good results instead of a long time gap. Many harmful things accumulate on the surface of the mattress if we don’t clean it. You can be affected or face serious problems without cleaning a mattress.

Small children and pets leave urine on the mattress that accumulates inside the mattress. Our mattress loaded with enough amounts of children urine and other liquid that goes deep. It is necessary to clean the mattress to prevent any serious problem.

We should make a habit to clean the mattress two times in one month. You will feel more comfortable when your mattress will free from dust, dirt, urine, and other disgusting things.

How can we feel our mattress is not able to use?

If you are not sure regarding your mattress cleaning then you can judge the condition of the mattress by dirt and dust stains, urine stains. These things definitely make sure the cleaning of the mattress is necessary or not.

Otherwise, you can judge it by the allergy symptoms that you got after sleeping on a dirty mattress.

The bad and worst smell is another sign that indicates to start cleaning your mattress. Don’t leave the mattress for a long time without cleaning. Sometimes you will never feel any above-mentioned sign but long gape accumulates many things that require to clean mattress.

Important Point

The use of a steam cleaner for mattresses should be careful. Because extra heated water inside the steamer can damage the mattress. Be careful and keep water medium heated for better results, must check the mattress guide. All possible instructions and cleaning details are available in the matters guide.


It is very important to keep the mattress clean for safety and comfortable sleeping. The cleaning of the mattress is possible with the carpet cleaner that we have mentioned above in detail. Regular cleaning means there are no bad stains, dirt, dust, urine, and allergy on the night sleeping surface.

The use of chemicals as a cleaning solution and hiring professional services both are costly as compare to the use of carpet cleaner on the mattress at home.

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