How Can you use a Carpet Cleaner On Tile Floors?

The carpet cleaner is designed for cleaning the carpet. Using cleaner, we can remove dust, and dirt from the carpet efficiently. Many people ask a ubiquitous question: “can you use a carpet cleaner on tile floors.” It will be amazing if the carpet cleaner works on hard floors efficiently.

It does not make sense; the carpet cleaner works on a tile. After reading the following article, a clear picture of a carpet cleaner working on tile can be understood.

Use of carpet cleaner on different surfaces /areas


can you use a carpet cleaner on tile floors

Carpet cleaners are available with suitable tool and cleaning solution that allows for removing stains from furniture. The user must select a cleaning solution that is compatible with the furniture material. Otherwise, you have to bear the loss.


Carpet cleaners are available with helping tools to clean the curtains easily. These cleaners are portable for better operation during cleaning.

can you use a carpet cleaner on tile floors


Carpet cleaners can clear the urine from mattresses, dead skin cells, and mold. Clean the mattress sides one by one. Clean and dry one side of the bed and then start cleaning another side.

can you use a carpet cleaner on tile floors

Car Upholstery

Car upholstery is easily cleaned using portable carpet cleaners. Stains on the car seats can be removed easily. A portable cleaner contains hand tools that allow you to clean below the seat and cushions.

can you use a carpet cleaner on tile floors

Can You Use a Carpet Cleaner on Tile Floor?

As we mentioned above, it does not make sense for a regular carpet cleaner allowed to work on the tile floor. A question arises in our minds about why carpet cleaner is not suitable for hard floors or tile floors. Or if there is any specific tile cleaner available in the market.
The use of carpet cleaners for cleaning tile floors can damage the floor. Carpet cleaners contain scrubbers and harsh brushes that become the cause of scratches on your beautiful tiles.

can you use a carpet cleaner on tile floors

In some cases, a harsh brush and scrubber of cleaner can break the tile. The shine of tile using carpet cleaner finish, and your floor looks like an old floor. Losing brilliance and tile breaking is not affordable for any person.

Apart from floor tile damaging and shining, carpet cleaner breaks the cleaner itself. When you put the force and try to move the cleaner on the floor, it damages the carpet cleaner.

It is not recommended, but if you are ready to use your carpet cleaner on the floor and carpet, then the following carpet cleaner can be used. These carpet cleaners can give you better results than other carpet cleaners.
Hardwood floors can be saved by using the following natural and straightforward tips. Keep in your mind to avoid using steam mops on engineered hardwood floors.

Without Carpet Cleaner Which Tool Can be Used on Tile Floor

You can make your tile floors fresh and cool without carpet cleaner using the below cleaning devices.

Wet Dry-Vacuums

A wet-dry vacuum cleaner is the best way to remove dirt from the tile floor. Several vacuum cleaners are available with different features and benefits that work for cleaning tile floors effectively.

Steam Mops

An efficient and valuable tool called a steam mop is used for cleaning a tile floor. As its name show, “steam mop” produces hot steam that comes from the head of the pad to clean the surface.

Steam mop technology is different from the simple mop. Its steam can easily remove tough and stubborn stains. Tile floors and other hardwood floors can be cleaned speedily using the heating technology of steam mops. Best steam mops are available in different color sizes and styles; select which one fulfills your requirement.

Keep in mind that before using steam mops to clean tile floors, your tile should be sealed; otherwise, the tile can damage.

Different Tile Floor Cleaning Without Carpet Cleaning Machine

Porcelain Tiles

Different types of tiles require different ways of cleaning and maintenance. Porcelain tiles can be cleaned efficiently using this formula.

  • 2 cups of white vinegar
  • Dishwashing soap
  • 2-gallon warm water

porcelain tile cleaning

Now mix everything in a bucket and start cleaning loose dirt after dipping the sponge inside the bucket. Start scrubbing the entire floor with the help of a sponge. After finishing this practice, now take fresh water and rinse the whole tile grout. Now dry the floor and enjoy a relaxed environment.

Stone tiles

Stone tiles require extra care as compared to porcelain tiles. Proper care will not let down its shine. Stone tiles can be cleaned using a well-balanced cleaning solution and non-abrasive tools. Please take a few drops of dishwashing soap and pour it into one-gallon warm water for tile grout. Take a sponge and start cleaning using this mixture. After finishing the cleaning job, now take fresh water and rinse the entire tile surface.

Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles are difficult to buy but require no maintenance. Proper care can give you different results in the form of long-lasting. The vinyl tiles cleaning procedure can be followed below.

  • Cup of white vinegar
  • 1-gallon warm water

Mix them gently and start cleaning using a sponge. This formula will give you extra shine after drying the vinyl floor using a mop or dry towel.

can you use a carpet cleaner on tile floors

Note: some people use dirty water to clean, so avoid using dirty water to clean vinyl and ceramic tiles.

Ceramic Tiles

cleaning ceramic tile floors need more care for their long life and shine. Ceramic tile is expensive as compared to a vinyl tile. It requires deep cleaning regularly. Washing and scrubbing are part of its cleaning procedure. Follow the below procedure to remove stubborn stains using natural cleaning products for the long life of the ceramic tile.

  • Cup of alcohol
  • 1-gallon warm water

Mix them both for making a cleaning solutions and start cleaning with a mop. After finishing this job, dry the ceramic tile floors and enjoy the beautiful ceramic tile grout.


Take 2 cups of baking soda and 1 cup of white vinegar. Mix both ingredients properly. Then add 3 gallons of cold to hot water (8 parts of water and four parts of vinegar). Make sure you do not add too much amount of water.
If needed, you can add another glass of water to get the proper ratio. Let the mixture stand overnight. Now spray the mixture onto the stain. Scrub the area in a circular motion until the stain disappears completely from the ceramic tile. Wash off the remaining.

General DIY solution for cleaning the floor

Method 1:

  • Floor dust can be removed using a vacuum and sweeping. After vacuuming, use a mop that is better than a broom.
  • Moping is necessary for a neat and clean floor. Sponge mops can give you better results instead of rag mops. Always use clean water for mopping.
  • After completing the cleaning session, make sure there is no soap residue. Use a mop for drying instead of air drying.

Note: Keep in mind that all carpet cleaners cannot use on tiles. As Hoover and Bissell mentioned above, only a few of them can be used for tile cleaning.


Following, we have described the best way of tile floor cleaning.

  • Ingredient for tile Floor Cleaning.

Tile floors need vacuum cleaners or bristled broom, mop, dustpan, baking soda, vinegar, orange oil, commercial tile cleaner, and dish soap.

  • Sweep or Vacuum the Floor

First, start with a sweeping or vacuum cleaner to remove the debris and dirt. Start from the opposite side of the door and move forward the door to avoid leaving any corner or place. Make sure you have covered all areas.

  • Prepare Cleaning Solution
  1. Preparing the solution takes 2 gallons of water with a quarter cup of baking soda.
  2. Include 5-10 drops of essential oil.
  3. Distilled vinegar in one cup
  4. Mild dish soap one teaspoon.
  5. Take one bowl and mix 1 cup baking soda and three teaspoons vinegar and mix it well.
  • Mop the Floor

Find the stain on the floor and apply the soda paste that you prepared in a bowl using a bristled brush. Now, could you wait 10 to 15 minutes to set it? After completing the cleaning job, must use a mop to remove tough stains from the tile flooring.

  • Use Damp Mop to Rinse the Floor

After cleaning, rinsing with a damp mop is necessary to ensure no residue is left behind on the floor.

Best Carpet Cleaner that can be used for cleaning the tile floors.

Bissell Carpet Cleaner

The question asked by many new users is whether Bissell carpet cleaner can be used on tiles or not. The answer to this question is yes! Because Bissell cleaner does not contain any metal piece in the cleaning head that damages tile or floors. Bissell attachments make it more convenient for using it on tiles floors.

Hoover Carpet Cleaner

After Bissell Carpet cleaner Hoover is another helpful device that can use on both carpet and tile. Hoover carpet cleaner is not specifically designed for cleaning the tile floor, but it can be used on a tile floor without any fear because its bristles will never damage the floor.


Below question asked regarding whether can you use a carpet cleaner on floors.


Q: Can you use carpet cleaner on hard floors or how do carpet cleaners work?

Ans: Yes, it can be used.

Q: Can vinegar remove stains on tile floors?

Ans: the use of vinegar for floor cleaning is efficient. It can be used as a cleaning agent.

Q: Can I clean the mattress with a carpet cleaner?

Ans: carpet cleaner is not limited to carpet cleaning. We have mentioned above the use of carpet cleaner on different surfaces.

Q: Can a mop keep a tiled floor clean?

A: Yes. A mop is a useful device to make your floor clean and fresh.

Q: What cleaner is safe for Tile and grout?

Ans: Natural cleaners like baking soda, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and hydrogen are safe and long-lasting for the Tile and grout. Tile and grout remain secure with the natural ingredients of these cleaners. Or try to use those cleaner that contains fewer chemicals.

Q: Is steam cleaning safe for Tile and grout?

Ans: steam cleaning of Tile and grout is not harmful. This is the best practice to remove the dust from the top of the surface but don’t turn the steam high also, avoid using harsh chemicals inside the steam cleaners.

Q: What is the best way to clean tile floors?

Ans: The best way is to remove all items from the surface, use a vacuum cleaners, and take soda or vinegar with warm water and dishwashing liquid. Use this liquid on the Tile for better cleaning.

Q: How Well A Carpet Cleaner Works On Tile Floors

A steam cleaner is an effective tool for cleaning floors. You can use it to clean all kinds of flooring. These machines come in different sizes and shapes. Some are compact, while others are large. With this tool, you can easily clean your entire house without much effort. Steam cleaners are also easy to maneuver around your home. You can clean stairs as well as hard-to-reach areas.

How Many Machines Do You Need?

If you want to save money and space, buy a single machine that can clean both carpets and tiles.

Can you use a Hoover cleaner on Tile?

This product isn’t designed for flooring but instead for carpets and upholstery. It would help if you used the Hoover Floormate Deluxe instead. Find out more information here.


After many experiments on different floors, we have reached one point where the use of harsh chemicals for cleaning can damage tile floors and grout. Also, a steam mop should not be used because the floor surface becomes damaged with the cleaning machine’s extra heat and scrubbing tools. If you want to save your Tile, use the method mentioned above and enjoy a long-lasting beloved floor. We tried to answer with detail in this guide. Also, provide the solution to this cleaning problem.


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