How Can you use a Carpet Cleaner On Tile Floors?

The carpet cleaner is designed for cleaning the carpet. Using cleaner we can remove dust, dirt from carpet efficiently. A very common question asked by many people is “can you use a carpet cleaner on tile floors”. It will be really amazing if the carpet cleaner works on hard floors efficiently.

It does not make sense, the carpet cleaner work on tile. A clear picture of a carpet cleaner working on tile can be understood after reading the following article.

use of carpet cleaner on different surfaces /areas


can you use a carpet cleaner on tile floors

Carpet cleaners are available with suitable tools and cleaning solutions that allow removing stains from furniture. It is necessary for the user to select a cleaning solution that is compatible with furniture material. Otherwise, you have to bear the loss.


A carpet cleaner is available with helping tools using that we can clean the curtains easily. These cleaners are portable for better operation during cleaning.


Mattresses can be cleared by urine, dead skin cells, and mold using carpet cleaners. Clean the mattress sides one by one. Clean and dry one side of the mattress and then start cleaning another side.

Car Upholstery

Car upholstery is easily clean using portable carpet cleaners. Stains on the car seats can be removed easily. A portable cleaner contains hand tools that allow you to clean below the seat and cushions.

Can You Use a Carpet Cleaner on Tile Floors?

As we mentioned above, it does not make sense for a normal carpet cleaner allow to work on tiles. A question arises in our minds about why carpet cleaner is not suitable for hard floors.

The use of carpet cleaner on the tile floor can damage the floor. Carpet cleaner contains scrubber and harsh brush that become the cause of scratches on your beautiful tiles.

In some cases, it is possible a harsh brush and scrubber of cleaner break the tile. The shine of tile using carpet cleaner finish and your floor looks like an old floor. Losing of shine and tile breaking is not affordable for any person.

Apart from floor tile damaging and shining the use of carpet cleaner break the cleaner itself. When you will put the force and try to move the cleaner on the floor, definitely damage the carpet cleaner.

It is not recommended but if you are ready to use your carpet cleaner on the floor and carpet then the following carpet cleaner can be used.  They give you better results as compare to other carpet cleaners.

Best Carpet Cleaner For Tile Floors

can you use a carpet cleaner on tile floors

Carpet cleaner alternative solution for cleaning the floor

  • Floor dust can be removed using vacuum and sweeping. After vacuuming use a mop that is better than a broom.
  • Moping is necessary for a neat and clean floor. Sponge mops can give you better results instead of rag mops. Always use clean water for mopping.
  • After completing the cleaning session make sure there is no soap residue. Use mop for drying instead of air drying.


  • Keep in mind all carpet cleaner is not able to use on tiles. Only a few of them can be used for tile cleaning like Hoover and Bissell that we have mentioned above.


Q: Can you use a carpet cleaner on tile floors?

A: Yes it can be used.

Q: Can vinegar remove stains on tile floors?

A: the use of vinegar for floor cleaning is efficient. It can be used as a cleaning agent.

Q: Can I clean the mattress with a carpet cleaner?

A: carpet cleaner is not limited to carpet cleaning we have mentioned above the use of carpet cleaner on different surfaces.

Q: Can a mop really keep a tiled floor clean?

A: Yes. A mop is a useful device to make your floor clean and fresh.

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