Can you Use Bissell CrossWave on Carpet?

Bissell CrossWave is no doubt an amazing cleaning machine. The majority of users ask questions after buying Bissell CrossWave can we use this machine on the carpet. The answer to this question will be easy to understand when you learn about the machine and its feature. In our guide, we have tried to cover this question in different aspects for better understanding.

Your main question, “can you use Bissell CrossWave on the carpet” is described below.

Can You Use Bissell CrossWave on Carpet?

can you use bissell crosswave on carpet

The simple answer is yes; we can use this amazing cleaning machine on our beloved carpet surface. It is not only limited to carpet cleaning; we can also use it on hardwood floors. Thick carpets are easy to treat just because of their strong suction power. The size of the power cord is 25 feet long. A long power cord helps the user to cover a long cleaning distance without unplugging from one power outlet.

 Carpet cleaning never remains difficult if the Bissell CrossWave is available at your home. Grime and dirt on any surface are loosened or eliminated using the different available helping tools given in its packing.

 What is the Bissell CrossWave?

Learn More about Bissell CrossWave

can you use bissell crosswave on carpet

We consider Bissell CrossWave a quality vacuum cleaner for several reasons. Bissell CrossWave is a multifunctional cleaning machine that can perform washing and vacuum along with hard and soft flooring. Amazing cleaning machine with amazing results on different surfaces.

Bissell CrossWave contains two separate water tanks. One water tank is used to clean water with cleaning solutions like soap, detergent, or any other cleaning formula you trust. The second tank saves the dirty water that sucks from the surface during cleaning.

The cleaning process starts with vacuuming and then spraying the cleaning solution on the floor that is available inside the first canister. The second canister starts filling when the cleaner sucks the dirt and debris from the surface.

A cheap cleaning machine has a difficult process of emptying the water tank. Bissell CrossWave provides push-button for releasing the water tank.

 Mopping, vacuuming, and carpet cleaner is not so far from Bissell CrossWave. If you love your hardwood floors and carpet Bissel CrossWave should be at your home. Apart from a water tank and other features, the main cleaning part of the machine that makes it good for cleaning is its brush. Bissell CrossWave contains a dual-action brush roll that efficiently works on carpet and hardwood floors. Wet and dry surfaces require separate cleaning machines, but CrossWave can treat them. can you use bissell crosswave on carpet

We are not limited to only wet or only dry messes in our daily routine life. Both types of mess happen for several reasons; Bissell CrossWave never remains any single type of mess on our beloved surface. The brush roll is easy to remove if cleaning or maintenance is required. If you feel the floor needs vacuuming pick your machine and start vacuuming, and at the same time, washing needs to start washing.

Special care is required if a costly carpet is placed in your rooms. Carpet and laminate hardwood floors need to clean when something happens to them. If any quality machine like Bissell CrossWave is available in your store, the floor remains happy. You can treat high piles or thick carpets because of their high suction power, which is difficult to clean with less suction power. Buying a thick carpet eats our minds about how we will clean it or vacuum loose debris, buy Bissell CrossWave and get all in one solution.

Bissell CrossWase contains a user-friendly operation with lightweight and upright design features. Lightweight machines are easy to handle and move from one place to another—the compact design help to save the machine after cleaning at any short place with easy hands.

  • Washing and Vacuuming both features included
  • Easy to switch from hard flooring to carpet
  • We can use it with or without water
  • The moisture control feature is available for hard floors and carpets.
  • Wet and dry messes were both picked up using its special designed brush rolls
  • Contain two water tanks, one for clean water and the second for dirty water
  • Upright machine
  • Easy to move due to lightweight
  • Maintaining is easy
  • Pet hair some time difficult for CrossWave
  • Noisy machine
  • Not contain batteries


Does the Bissell CrossWave Deep Clean Carpet?

 A question arises in mind Bissell CrossWave deep clean carpet or not. It is a multifunctional machine with useful features suitable for many conditions. But if we talk about deep cleaning, it is not possible to deep clean our carpet with Bissell CrossWave. We can perform everyday cleaning work with it if you are ready to buy Bissell CrossWave for deep cleaning you will never get admirable results.

 Can You Use the Bissell CrossWave on Area Rugs?

Thick carpets or high pile rugs are difficult to clean with CrossWave. All low piles and small area rugs are the best friend of Bissell CrossWave instead of high piles. You can not get quality results on high pile rugs. This concept is the same mentioned earlier in our guide; deep cleaning is impossible.

How to Use Bissell Crosswave on Regular Carpets

Most people buy Bissell CrossWave just because of its several useful features. Bissell includes a new feature inside CrossWave cleaner; this feature is called FlexClean. This system performs cleaning tasks using two agitator brushes and a “spot and scrub” solution.

The new version enriches with a large water tank enough for maximum cleaning area without refilling problem following; you will find how to Bissell CrossWave on your carpet.

 Rinse the CrossWave’s dirty water tank under warm running tap water

Start by rinsing the dirty water tank of CrossWave. Go to a warm water tap and rinse the dirty tank.

Empty the CrossWave’s dirty water tank and rinse it under warm running tap water.

A special handle is provided to lift the tank from the cleaner. Turn the tank counterclockwise for detaching from the machine. Remove or empty everything from inside the tank. Go to warm tap and start rinsing it. Dirty water tanks contain dirt and different debris that become the cause of blockage when you empty their tank.

Fill the dirty water tank with clean, cool tap water.

Please bring back the water tank to the cleaner and attach it back after filling the water inside.

Add Bissell sport cleaner solution.

It is time to add a cleaning solution to use Bissell’s recommended Bissell spot cleaner solution inside the dirty water tank. The amount of cleaning solution increase and decrease according to the carpet condition.

 Activate your Crosswave Carpet cleaner

Before starting the process on the carpet:

  1. Start cleaner with the button given on the top of the cross wave.
  2. Just press and hold the cleaner will turn on.
  3. Come on the carpet and start the cleaning process.

Verdict: Can the Bissell CrossWave Be Used on Carpet?

The answer is yes but with limited results. If you have bought this machine with high expectations like deep cleaning, it will never fulfill your expectations. You can treat low pile carpets or wall-to-wall rugs but are not suitable for high pile rugs.

If you find a cleaner that is good for deep cleanings, like heavy and bulky machines used by professionals, you should try Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution. We have found this machine good for deep cleaning.

Does the Bissell Crosswave work on the carpet?

According to the Bissell officials, this product can be used on the area rugs and hardwood floors and is not recommended on carpets.

Does the Bissell Crosswave use steam?

Bissell Crosswave is not like a steam cleaner; it does not use steam. It is cleaned with Bissell CrossWave by its dry brush roll and two water tanks.

Does the Bissell Crosswave clean grout?

Grout cleaning is possible with Bissell CrossWave but limited to casual cleaning deep cleaning performance of this cleaner is not admirable.

 How Long Does it Take for Carpet to Dry After Using Bissell?

It depends on the procedure that you adopt. Did you use only the Bissell CrossWave vacuum cleaner for drying the carpet, or did you do something else? Normally the use of Bissell CrosWave carpet takes 6 hours to dry. This time duration is not final; it can reach up to 48 hours if the large size and the pile are thick. If you are curious about drying your carpet fast, read this “how-to dry carpet fast after cleaning.”

Can I Use Vinegar And Water In My Bissell Crosswave?

Bissell recommends their special cleaning formula to use for cleaning. Please avoid using any other cleaning solution within the warranty period because it can void the warranty. The cleaning solution produced by Bissell is more effective for all kinds of surfaces than another DIY cleaner.

Vinegar is considered a good cleaner but not safe for each type of stuff. It is often noticed stone tiles leave color with the use of vinegar. Vinegar has proven to be a good cleaner for carpet and hardwood if we use a small amount instead of an excessive amount. If you want to use vinegar in the water tank, the best practice is five teaspoons of vinegar in the 28-ounce water tank.

Does it remove dog & cat hair?

Bissell cross wave can remove pet hairs like cats, dogs, and other debris. But it cannot goes deep for deep cleaning of the carpet.

Final Thoughts.

 Floor cleaning is done by Bissell cross wave using its nylon brush and microfibers. Depp carpet cleaning is not possible because it does not contain long bristles. Just carpet flooring is done well; the dirt and debris go deep, not possible to pick by Bissell CrossWave.

Hardwood floors or tile floors are safe with crossWave because soft bristles do not leave any scratches. Apart from cleaning or washing moping feature make it more amazing. We can use it on the carpet surface for picking up casual debris that we leave during our different daily tasks. If you need something hard or quality cleaning, it will never satisfy you. It would help if you had a different cleaner with features that help to work as a deep cleaner.

Hight traffic carpet like children and pets play on the carpet and make carpet dirty Bissell CrossWave will never help you dig deep dirt from the carpet.

Bissell CrossWave is undoubtedly a good multifunctional cleaning device, but we can replace our traditional vacuum cleaner with it. A strong suction vacuum cleaner brings the debris, pollen, or dead skin cells from the root level.

Regular cleaning with Bissell CrossWave will never allow the carpet to accumulate dirt and debris inside. After some time, when the number of hidden dirt increases and we need deep cleaning, then Bissell CrossWave 2XRevoulation will help you best.

The design and features of CrossWave are not suitable to go inside the deep and agitate the grime. It contains the best and most efficient results for the upper layer of floors.

The ending words of this story, Bissell CrossWave, are helpful for cleaning, washing, and moping daily routine life dirt and debris, but its results are not admirable for deep cleaning.

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