A common question arises in the mind of new users “can you use fabulous on laminate floors” the answer is yes. Avoid using an excessive amount of fabulous because that can cause issues; try to use a small amount of amazing cleaning laminate floors.

Hardwood floors can be clean with fabuloso but must ensure they should be sealed/finished. The fabuloso cleaner is often used for a different purpose; in other words, it is a multi-purpose cleaner that gives a long-lasting scent after applying to the surface. You will find no residue on the floor when you clean it with fabuloso cleaner.

Cleaning plus shining are both provided by the fabuloso cleaner that can never get by any other type of cleaner. Users can make their laminate floor super clean with great shining using a small amount of awesome cleaner.

Is Fabuloso good on the laminate floor? / Can You Use Fabuloso on Laminate Floors

can you use fabuloso on laminate floors

Before proceeding next, we should understand what fabuloso contained inside actually; Fabuloso has neutral pH that is the best cleaning solutionfor getting super cleaning and removing dirt, grease, grime, or other stains. Ammonia is an ingredient that can harm laminate floors; the good news is this fabulous does not contain ammonia.

We can freely use great multi-purpose cleaners in washrooms, fabrics wall, and hard surfaces. The fabulous cleaner is a safe product for sealed wood floor; it does not contain any ingredient that harms wood floors claimed by the Fabuloso manufacturer. Spray a small amount of cleaner on the floor and start moping to make the entire floor clean and shiny.

It is often noticed that laminate floors are sealed, and we can use fabuloso cleaner on them safely. Be careful before starting cleaning the laminate floors. It should fill/be finished.

Some people have no idea about their laminate floors, whether sealed or not. They should first confirm their floor type before using any product on it.

How To Use Fabuloso For Floor Cleaning?

laminate floor cleaning

The use of fabulous for cleaning is not a difficult process. The below steps can help you to clean the laminate flooring effectively.


  • Fabuloso all-purpose detergent
  • Warm Water
  • Home Bucket
  • Traditional Mop

Before cleaning anytime with any detergent, it is necessary to pick loose debris from the surface and use a plastic scraper or vacuuming if it is available. Fabuloso is the best laminate floor cleaner.

Take your home bucket and put warm water plus a fabulous quarter cup. Don’t avoid warm water because warm water kills germs and bacteria and increases cleaning. Warm water helps dissolve the greasy stain from the surface.

Rubbing alcohol is added if you consider the floor contain tough stains. Avoid using excessive amounts of rubbing alcohol; otherwise, the floor can damage. Start moping and enjoy a fresh, clean floor with the great scent of fabuloso.

 8 Best Practices For Cleaning Your Laminate Floor

laminate floors

  1. Laminate floor manufacturers provide cleaning guidelines to their buyers. Users should follow these cleaning guides line while cleaning the long-lasting floor. This is the best way that every user should adopt. If you don’t have the necessary information related to your floor, then visit the flooring company’s website, explore the question and answer section read the reviews of other users.
  2. Don’t use aggressive cleaning tools on the laminate floors. Dent and scratches appear when we drag objects on the floor, so it should never be your practice. Some users try to use harsh sponges or abrasive tools, which is another cause of destroying laminate flooring.
  3. It is noticed damp mop increase the chance of laminate flooring damage. Instead of this laminate flooring having the ability to resist water, a damp mop slowly damages the top layer of the laminate floor, leading to the worst condition. If you have a laminate floor, buy microfiber mops instead of simple traditional mops.
  4. Make cleaning habits quick anyhow a few drops of water on the floor remove them. Moisture fades laminate floors and leads to damage. In other words, we can say moisture is not a good friend of laminate floors.
  5. A foot mat must place at the doorstep to prevent dust and dirt from entering with shoes and feet. We carry dirt and dust with our shoes; keep your shoes clean when you visit the laminate flooring to reduce the chance of landing on your beloved floor.
  6. Some instructions for pet lovers: big nails of dogs and cats can easily scratch the laminate floor so trim your pets’ nails. It is possible when they walk and play on the floor, nails scratch the floor. Keep your floor shiny and long-lasting, shortening your pets’ nails on time.
  7. All heavy items on our floors should contain a footpad. The pad helps to protect the surface; otherwise, the top layer will also damage the shine will remove.
  8. Laminate floor effect with a cleaning solution that contains ammonia and oil ingredients. Ammonia and oil-based products damage the coating of laminate floors. Other harsh chemicals, including wax and polish, should be avoided on laminate floors. Vinegar is not dangerous and can be used for cleaning.

Can we use Fabuloso safely on laminate floors? Is Fabuloso good on the laminate floor?

Most laminate floor owners use fabuloso on the floor without fear; they think their base is wrapped and will never be damaged by this floor cleaner. Dirty and oily floors or worktops may be cleaned using ordinary cleansers. Fabuloso is the ideal floor cleaner for your unclean surfaces since it leaves them glossy and clean.

If the right amount and right way do not use, then fabuloso can affect the protective coating of the floor. The correct course of using it provides better cleaning and shining. The main cause is harshness and moisture. If the floor carries moisture from water or cleaner, it will damage. Laminate floors produce wood that can absorb the moisture inside.

It will never suddenly ruin, but when you do not care for some time, the floor color will fade and go through a destroying process. Fabuloso is a great cleaner to remove stains as well as provide shine. It never remains residue on the floor and finishes with a great scent in the environment.

After using fabuloso floor cleaner on the beloved laminate floor with a reminder of a small amount, mop with a microfiber mop to dry the surface quickly.

4 top reasons why you can use fabuloso on laminate floors

fabuloso floor cleaner is a common detergent often available in our homes for cleaning purposes. It provides better cleaning with great shine on the floor. If you are the owner of a laminate floor and thinking about why you can use fabuloso fabuloso multi-purpose cleaner on laminate floors, then stick your eyes below points for a reasonable answer.

 Can clean the laminate floors well:

There are different cleaners available in the market but in comparison with fabulous, understand us this cleaner is amazing for stain removing and shining.

The shine of the laminate floor becomes double with efficient cleaning results. In the end, a great fragrance has a great impact.

May not cause the floors to warp:

The floor faces the warp when moisture contact increases. Fabuloso is not a cleaner that increases moisture; it is a liquid cleaner that provides better cleaning results on laminate floors.

If you want better cleaning with better detergent and extra shine, then the tip is to use a small amount of fabuloso multi-purpose cleaner on the laminate floors. If you need additional, then use a small amount twice or thrice.

Nonharmful chemicals used:

Some detergents contain harmful chemicals; fabulous Cleaners contain nonharmful chemicals that make our home environment safe. Feel free to use fabulous even if pets and children are surrounding you.

We have studied the ingredient of fabulous from their official website and other resources; it does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Has a good fragrance upon use:

Apart from another benefit, a fabuloso multi purpose cleaner contains an amazing fragrance. Cleaning with pleasant sent not less than with any gift. Instead of that other cleaner just cleaning floor we buy extra air fresher if needed.

Does Fabuloso need to be rinsed on laminate floors?

In our cleaning routine, rinsing is included. We clean our floors and rinse at the end to eliminate the residue of cleaner and remaining dirt.

Rinsing itself is the best way to remove residue along with bacteria and germs with ending touch to the floor. The same practice user performs with fabulous cleaner. They clean the floor and rinse at the end for cleaning satisfaction.

Fabuloso does not require this traditional practice that we often practice. Users can use it directly on the floor without ending rinsing touch. This cleaner is enough itself never remain its residue on the floor. Open the bottle and use it as written on its label without fear.

 If someone considers it necessary to rinse the floor just because of its previous routine, nothing special and harmful can do this.

 Can You Use Fabuloso on Carpets?

carpet cleaning

Fabulous is a multi cleaner that can safely use on various floors. In our experience, its performance is outstanding on the carpet. Fabuloso use on carpet brings back its condition like a new rug.

  • Step 1: Sprinkle the small out of fabulous on the carpet where you have a stain.
  • Step 2: Now, bring a white piece of cloth and put on the stain with little pressure on it.
  • Wipe off the stain using a cloth that the paint has dissolved from the surface. Repeat the process until stains leave carpet fabrics.
  • Put water in a spray bottle and spray on the affected area.
  • Bring another piece of cloth.
  • Using a piece of cloth, wipe off the area.


Does Fabuloso damage hardwood floors?

The detailed answer to this question is given at the start of this article. Anyhow fabuloso multi-purpose detergent without containing ingredients that damage hardwood flooring. This detergent is completely safe to clean wood floors, including color and shine, and remains safe.

Can you use Mr clean on laminate floors?

Mr clean is name showed good cleaner for different floors, including laminate or hardwood floors. It will be more effective if you take half a bucket of water, including ¼ cup of Mr. clean. Wet microfiber with this mixture and start mopping the beloved laminate surface.

What to use for cleaning laminate floors?

Several cleaners with different benefits available in the market, we recommend multi-purpose Mr, clean and Fabuloso cleaner. Both are safe and the best performer on laminate floors and cleaning wood floors.

How Do I Use Fabuloso?

We recommend taking a single gallon of lukewarm water and inserting ¼ cup of fabulous multi-purpose cleaner. Use a microfiber mop or take a microfiber wet cloth with the mixture and start mopping the floor. Spot cleaning requires putting the mixture directly on the stain and starting moping with a piece of cloth.

 What Can I Use Fabuloso to Clean?

Different floors of homes can clean with fabuloso cleaner. These surfaces include our living rooms, bathrooms, walls, etc. Fabuloso quality has proven best for all characters.


After reading the article thoroughly, we hope you understand the question, “can you use fabuloso on the laminate floor.” The short answer to this question is yes; we can use this amazing detergent on our floor without fear. Just keep in mind the better practice is to use small amounts instead of excessive amounts.

Keep your body safe with fabuloso cleaner; in some cases, it becomes the cause of irritation and allergy. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding flooring, carpet, and carpet cleaners.

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