Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner FH52000


Reasons to buy:

  • 2 in 1 Pet Upholstery Tool 
Bissell PowerLifter 1622

Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner FH52000 Specification

Product NameHoover SmartWash Automatic Carpet Cleaner
19 lbs.
Cord Length22 ft
HeatingYes - HeatForce Technology
2-in-1 pet tool
Tank size
1 gallon clean water tank
20 oz solution tank
Cleaning path
Removable nozzle coverYes
Warranty5 years

Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner FH52000

Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner FH52000
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We use the carpet for making our floor soft and luxurious. At the same time, we also have to face the cleaning problem because the carpet gets enough dirt and stains. In the case of a high pile carpet, you have to fight with dust and stain more. Using any vacuum cleaner the upper surface of the carpet can clean easily. But this cleaning is not enough because the vacuum is not capable of removing rich stains, food particles, and other liquid messes deeply. The vacuum cleaner has to work hard for getting dirt from the carpet surface. Actually the vacuum cleaner is not designed for this, you need shampooing.

You need a carpet cleaner for super cleaning. The Hoover SmartWash FH5200 is a well-known machine that can shampoo carpet perfectly. This cleaner is a valued and trusty device that you can buy for your house. Like other Hoover products, this is one of the most powerful and unique feature machines. In this Guide, you can update yourself with complete detail of Hoover SmartWash with pros and cons. You can come to know why this device is useful for you. After reading this review I think you will never miss the chance to buy this super handy device for your home.

Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner FH52000
Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner FH52000

Main specifications

Cleaning Power

Actually we can count the efficiency of carpet cleaner by its way of shampoos on the carpet surface. For better shampoos on the surface require a powerful motor that provides the effective delivery of cleaning solution on the carpet. Also strong suction needs for best performance. In the end, brush roll plays its role to scrub the dirt and stains from the carpet. Hoover SmartWash contains all these features that make it a more powerful and best performance machine. The power of the Hoover SmartWash motor is 10A that is considered enough to suck dirty water during cleaning. It contains double rolls of brush that are specially designed to agitate the dust and other stains that are stick with the carpet surface. For cleaning any kind of surface company has designed its brush hair too long for agitating stains perfectly. Deep cleaning of the carpet requires vacuuming up the surface first and then starting cleaning using a carpet cleaner.

Input Power

Hoover SmartWash uses 120V and requires 1200 watts for running. The reason for taking high wattage is that the cleaner motor needs to suck water with power for getting better results. Along with this power suction of cleaning water, it also has to perform other functions that are the cause of this high wattage. The size of the power cord is 22 feet that is available at the backside.

Dust Capacity

Some cleaner in the market contains a dust bin or bag for collecting debris. Hoover SmartWash does not clean dry dirt, so the company did not provide extra bin with this cleaner. Using its powerful suction the dirty water picked up into the tank also debris that filtered out during suction. The capacity of the tank that uses for containing the dirty water is only 1 gallon. If you have to clean a large area then this capacity is not enough. You will find this capacity enough if you are going to clean an average size carpet. The second water tank is used for containing clean water; its capacity is also 1 gallon that contains a 20-ounce cleaning solution too.

Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner FH52000
Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner FH52000

Separate tanks

Filtration Efficiency

The Hoover SmartWash contains a special filter inside the dirty water tank. This filter does not require any extra maintenance. This filter can be clean when you are cleaning your dirty water tank. In case of any blockage in the filter, your suction unit will be affected, so clear all blockages before using the cleaner. The filtration level does not matter because the Hoover SmartWash does not deal with dust and debris. Mostly vacuum cleaner present allergens danger, using Hoover you don’t worry about allergens.

Weight and Dimensions

This is not a heavy cleaner regarding weight. The weight of this cleaner is 18.9 pounds that are easy to carry. A user of this cleaner can easily move it from one place to another place. A very beautiful and attractive handle is available at the backside for moving this cleaner. It has smooth wheels that allow you to move easily on the carpet surface.


The warranty period of Hoover SmartWash FH52000 is 5 years. The warranty period is enough, that not like other manufacturers who offer only two year warranty period and saves their backs. You can claim warranty only if you are using a cleaner in the home environment. If you are ready to buy Hoover Smartwash then you must select a trusted seller to enjoy its full warranty period like Amazon.


Each carpet cleaner box contains a different type of accessories depending on the variant for which purpose it designed. Hoover SmartWash contains the main unit also cleaning solution bottle, 2 in 1 pet tool and 8-foot hose. All accessories can be stored in one bag that is available with this cleaner. Users can order some following extra accessories according to their needs.

  • For removing tough and hard stains from the carpet a SpinScrub can be ordered.
  • A very important and useful tool is a stair tool. Using this tool cleaning becomes easy on stairs and other tricky areas.
  • For getting good results you need crevice tool that is used to clean the cushions around and corners as well.
  • According to your needs, you can order an extra cleaning solution with this cleaner.

Special Features

There are some special features available with Hoover SmartWash. These extra features make this cleaner more admirable and give this cleaner more value. You will never find these extras with any other cleaners that are available in the market. Using these extras you will get more ease for getting super cleaning of your precious carpets. These features are the following.

Auto Mix

Using this cleaner user don’t need to measure or count everything, its automatic system mix everything during cleaning according to the carpet surface. If you are an old carpet cleaner user, then you can understand how it was difficult to measure everything. The water and cleaning solution was inserted according to the carpet situation that was not quite an exact measurement. You will never face all the above-mentioned problems in Hoover Smartwsh cleaner. You just have to insert water and cleaning solution inside the tank and its auto system will mix gently. Now the automatic mixing saves your time and effort both.

Auto Clean

Auto-cleaning means you can get washing and drying by its forward and back movement. For washing purposes you have to push cleaner forward, its system spray cleaning solution on the carpet surface. The Brushes rolls start their function after spray and clean the stain and dust from the specific area. When you will move back the cleaner, it will suck all extracting water and start drying the carpet. All process is automatic, users don’t need to push any button for performing any task.

Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner FH52000
Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner FH52000

Auto Dry

For making the drying process fast the Hoover used two techniques that are suction and hot air. Its powerful motor sucks all extract water from the carpet surface. A special HeatForce drying pushes down the heated air for drying the carpet. You can get the washing on the forward movement and dry on the back move of cleaner. Besides that the cleaner has two mods; using dry mod setting cleaner will convert in drying mod. Then you will just dry the carpet on each move forward or back. It will stop spray and clean the stains. Hoover SmartWash requires 3 to 4 hours for drying carpet that is applicable for low pile carpet. In the case of a high pile, more time is required to dry the carpet. After completing the cleaning process with Hoover SmartWash the drying process of the carpet will become fast.

Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner FH52000
Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner FH52000

Other Features

  • Triggerless Design: in older cleaners users has to press the button continuously for spray-on carpet surface. The Hoover cleaner users don’t press button due to its automatic mixing of water and cleaning solution. For starting cleaning there is only one major button that is switch on and off button.
  •  Brush Roll: This cleaner contains a double brush roll, not like an old cleaner. The brush rolls contain long hair and maximum in quantity. The unique and special design of the brushes helps to remove hard dust and stain, also go deeper in high pile carpet for getting deep cleaning that other cleaners leave due to low-quality brushes.
  • High performance: This cleaner is easy to maneuver and reach under the furniture and other stuff very easily.  This cleaner is the best option for those who have maximum furniture and other household things in the room.
  • Water Tanks: like other high range cleaners, this cleaner also contains two water tanks. One tank for clean water and second for dirty water. You can get super cleaning in the presence of these two water tanks. This cleaner makes your cleaning level high due to its first-class performance. Water and liquid mixing are also automatic that does not create interruption during cleaning.
  • Wide Cleaning head – you can make your cleaning process fast with its wide cleaning head. In a short time, a large area can be cleaned.
  • Hose size Is 8-foot – the large size of the hose is necessary for more comfort and easiness. The size of the hose is 8 foot that is efficient for cleaning.


The assembling process of Hoover SmartWash is very easy and cool that is possible with a short number of parts. You can make it ready for use just a few minutes without using any tools that are used for fixing. Its design and operations are user-friendly. The number of functions is automated. After unboxing this cleaner you don’t need to buy a cleaning solution because it’s available as a starter with this machine. The foot pedal is used for the switch on and off the machine that is placed bottom side of the unit. Using its lever that is designed to release the handle you can start the cleaning process.

A very known and consumer favorite feature is the automatic function of washing and drying. Washing mod will activate when you will push the unit forward. It will wet the carpet and spray the water and solution both on the carpet surface. The drying process will start when you will move the machine back. There is no specific button for this operation everything is automatic.

Apart from automation, There are two mods introduced by the company. If you will select washing mod, it will wash your carpet whether you move it forward or back. In the case of drying mod, you will get drying whether moving in any direction. The design and placements of the water tanks are easy to unclip for filling and emptying the tanks.

Cleaning nozzle can play a very important role in dispensing the liquid on the surface for getting a better result. Also, the nozzle is important for sucking the dirt. After finishing the cleaning process you must wash the nozzle, for that company provides the removable nozzle that can be washed easily. The same case applies with a brush roll that is also easy to remove and wash.


The price of Hoover is affordable along with many features and advantages. Anyhow there are some down lines but its versatile features and qualities make more favorable for buying. Complete ups and downs are presented here just follow it below.

  • A powerful suction gives you deep cleaning.
  • Without pressing any button user can enjoy its auto system.
  • Users don’t need to measure the liquid because Hoover automatically mixes the water and cleaning solution.
  • For getting faster cleaning Hoover gives you a wide head of cleaning.
  • Removing tough stains consumers can find a double brush with long bristles.
  • A minimum operation can create ease.
  • A dual tank of water is one of the best decisions of the company that gives extra cleaning result that was never possible before.
  • You can use it under the furniture due to its extra lie feature.
  • For reaching maximum areas you will find a long hose along with a machine.
  • The automatic mixture system is easy to use but another side you cannot increase the liquid amount to fight with tough stains.
  • For cleaning a large area you have to refill the tank twice a time.
  • It has a shortcode that allows you to move in a limited area during cleaning.

Final Comment

Our markets are full of several cleaners that rich with a number of various features. Hoover SmartWash automatic feature is unique from all. You forget about the measurement of water and cleaning solution, its mixture system automatically mixes both. Apart from auto-mixing you also don’t need to press any button for releasing the liquid on a surface. Within a short time, your carpet will dry with its forced hot air feature. Hoover can make your home super clean and this is the best decision if you are ready to buy this cleaner. If you have bothered with your old cleaner then bring Hoover SmartWash and make the carpet clean.


I have found Hoover SmartWash one of the best carpets cleaner in the market. You can find an awesome result with this versatile cleaner. Your cleaning can complete in two moves, the first move is a forward move that gives you washing and the other move is a back move that starts drying your carpet. It’s auto system sense the place and mixes the solution as per the need of the place. My last word for this cleaner, this is the automatic best-valued cleaner that can make your carpet super clean.

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