Roundworm eggs according to the environment live on the carpet surface for several months to 3 years. The eggs can survive not to hatch on the carpet,  Animal body and human intestines are the best places for them to hatch. Roundworms are huge, white-colored parasitic intestinal worms, often known as nematodes.

How Long Can Roundworm Eggs Live in Carpet?

How Long Can Roundworm Eggs Live in Carpet?

Adult roundworms enter our homes via pets. Our pets go outside and use different sources to get the eggs and spread them on different surfaces like carpets, beds, furniture, etc. Apart from pets, yard work is another way of carrying the eggs inside the home.

The eggs on the carpet surface cannot hatch without any source like the human body or animal body. But eggs can still live according to the environment for a long time. I think this is bad news for us.

According to research the eggs of roundworms can live on carpet surfaces from a few months to up to 3 years. They need a suitable environment for living, and it is necessary for us to hygiene, as well as clean our hands, and wash pets’ fur on time to avoid nasty creatures that can affect us badly.

What Kills Roundworm Eggs In a Carpet?

After adequate information, the process of harboring roundworm eggs is not difficult. All killing tools are available at your home just read the below tips regarding killing roundworms from the carpet.

The habit of regular cleaning can save us from many serious conditions.  Just jump into a deep study of killing roundworm eggs.

Vacuum Cleaner:

can you vacuum wet carpet

A vacuum is often available in our homes, it is the best machine that can kill kills roundworm eggs. Clean your carpet regular base to avoid all types of germs and bacteria from the carpet surfaces.

Put some attention to the vacuum pipe and try to suck a little deep because eggs go inside the carpet fiber.  More satisfaction requires the cleaning of the carpet’s backside. Eggs will no more when you clean both sides of the carpet.


We know well that fire can kill anything the eggs of this small creature will never remain. It is the best source to fight eggs using fire. Please don’t avoid the safety measurement during using this tip to avoid any kind of danger.

Fire is a proven way of killing eggs. Sometimes people don’t care during applying this method and face loss. So be careful when you are fighting with eggs using fire.


best steam cleaner

After fire steam is another way of killing the roundworm eggs from the carpet surface. Steam is most effective as compared to the fire method. Probably steam cleaners are available in our homes for routine cleaning purposes. A steam cleaner can be used on curtains, carpets, and furniture for cleaning as well as killing the eggs of roundworms.

Steam cleaners are widely used in many houses. We know this is the best machine for cleaning, it not only provides cleaning but the killing of germs and bacteria is done by steam cleaner.

Boiling Water

Boiling water is the best solution but this method requires some attention with proper care. The excessive amount of heat kills the eggs of the roundworm from the root level. In other words, no more eggs when boiling water is used on any surface. Pure boiling water at maximum places around the home to get rid of roundworms.

Clean Your Pets:

Pets cleaning is necessary to stop the spreading of roundworm eggs. Our dogs or cats carry roundworm eggs from outside and leave them on carpets and in other places.

Cleaning your dogs means your carpet is safe from roundworm eggs. Allowing your dog to relieve himself in a sandbox or playground is prohibited. These parasites commonly affect humans, dogs, cats, and other animals as well. Although roundworms exist worldwide, they are more common in tropical and subtropical regions.

Weekly hot both dogs should be your habit. Try to keep away your pets from other dirty outsider pets. Safe animals ensure the safety of your home and health.

How To Stop Roundworm Eggs Getting Into Your Carpet?

Question asked by many people about how to stop roundworm eggs from getting into carpets. In other words, how to remove roundworm eggs live from the carpet Follow the below steps for better results.

Regularly Deworm Your Dogs

Dogs and cats are the best carriers of roundworms. Special instruction and precautions for pet lovers are available that they should practice. The situation of spreading roundworm eggs live can control if cleaning pets or deworm your dogs on regular basis.

Take Caution With Dog Faeces

Dog feces be avoided to touch from the skin when you pick from the surface. Don’t leave pets wasting a long time on the surface. The use of special gloves and poo bags can help to avoid any serious condition. After removing poo must wash and sanitize your hands.

Practice Good Hygiene

Good hygiene protects us from roundworm eggs and all other types of bacteria and germs. For example, if you carry eggs from any place they will transfer to your carpet and other places. if you don’t care about hygiene eggs live in carpet. Wash hands with any good soap, sanitizing with sanitizer can remove the roundworm eggs.

Be Careful With Soil

Soil is the bank of roundworm eggs, be careful with soil and avoid your children and pets to play inside the soiled area. Regular cleaning requires peculiarly when children and pets come back from the soiled areas.

How to Prevent Yourself And Your Pets From Roundworm:

If you identify roundworms available at your home and infecting you and your pets then the following tips can help you from preventing bacteria and germs.

  • Protect your body as maximum as you can. Make habit of using a quality N95 mask, disposable gloves, and rubber boots to be safe from bacteria. To guarantee that all infected animals are treated, deworming should be done on all the animals in the home at once. Adult worms may live for up to two weeks if they are transferred through animal feces.
  • Pet at home means, you have to be ready always to remove their feces on time, and clean pets regularly especially when they come from outside. You run the very real danger of contracting worms if your infected animals or dog defecates on your bed.
  • Kill the roundworm eggs using the above-described method, and focus on the areas where you feel infection of roundworms.
  • Deep clean your home without leaving any place, take a detergent and spray the entire home.
  • Use boiling water for killing the roundworm eggs, try this method with a safe hand to avoid burning yourself.


What kills roundworm eggs on surfaces

All types of chemicals are not able to kill the eggs. Instead of that if we use it to heat, eggs will eliminate instantly. Use boiling water according to your surface to get rid of roundworm eggs from the surface.

How do you kill roundworms on carpet?

Extreme heat can kill the roundworms as we mentioned above in detail. Regular cleaning, hand sanitizing, and avoiding touching dogs and pets when they carry soil from outside can relieve bacteria and germs and roundworm eggs.

How do you clean the litter box after deworming?

To remove eggs from the litter box, use a bleach solution (one cup of chlorine bleach in one gallon of water). Since chlorine bleach is poisonous to cats, thoroughly rinse the litter box to get rid of all of it. You may clean other surfaces in your house that might be hiding roundworm eggs with this bleach solution.

How long can tapeworm eggs survive in carpets?

tapeworm eggs can remain viable in the carpet for a number of weeks. They can also endure for the same period of time on surfaces that are comparable to them, such as clothing or bedding.

Can You Get Roundworms From Your Dog Licking You?

You’ve probably heard the saying, “A dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s.” Actually not at all. It’s expected that your dog would kiss your face to express his or her love for you if you’re a dog parent. Although it’s a kind gesture, your dog’s mouth contains a lot of germs that can spread to you when dog licking. In addition to direct body contact, they can enter the body through the mouth. Roundworms are intestinal parasites that may infect people, dogs, and cats.

Can dog worms live in carpets?

Roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, and whipworms are just a few of the dog worms that may thrive in carpets. Additionally, worm eggs may survive longer in carpets and do so.

How To Stop Roundworm Eggs Getting Into Your Carpet?

After identifying the next step that comes to our mind is how we can stop the roundworm eggs from getting into our carpet surface.
The following steps can help you to stop roundworm eggs on the carpet.

If you have pets or dogs at your home then do this.

  •  Deworm your pets regularly
  • Alert with dog feces
  • Hygiene should be your priority
  • Take seriously the soil.

Can you inhale roundworm eggs?

Yes, humans can inhale roundworm eggs.

Can roundworms go away on their own in humans?

Roundworms can go human body via breathing and infect our body. Sometimes a simple treatment is enough in case of infection. It can horrible and never leave soon so if you feel any dangerous symptoms go to the doctor for a deep checkup.

What temp kills parasites?

145 F for fifteen seconds is enough when cooking the fish to kill the parasites. The law established by food companies, undercooked fish or fish that is consumed raw should be frozen at a temperature that is enough to kill the parasites.

Does Bleach Kill Roundworm Eggs? / What Temperature Kills Roundworm Eggs?

Bleach that we often use at our home for cleaning purposes. The best way of removing bacteria and germs from different surfaces. It is considered bleach to kill roundworm eggs.

Bleach can take strong action for removing the stain but can not kill the roundworm eggs because it has no burned effect to destroy the eggs.

In other words, bleach can kill the roundworms but cannot eliminate the eggs of the roundworm. The death of eggs is possible with high heat or boiling water.

Can Sunlight Kill Roundworm Eggs?

Sunlight is still not proven a killer of roundworm eggs. Different people contain different opinions regarding sunlight. The UV rays can kill mature roundworms.

Deep research proves sunlight is effective just for reducing the life cycle of roundworms not able to kill them.

Sunlight hit the soil and the soil started effect to roundworm eggs. The layers of eggs are going to decrease with hot soil. If this soil is available in plastic canvas then it works like an oven that can kill the roundworm eggs.

Does Hand Sanitizing Kill Roundworms Eggs?

Hand sanitizing can kill the roundworm eggs. The correct way of hand sanitizing is very effective according to research 99 percent of bacteria and germs kill. We often think our environment spreads the worst infections, but we don’t avoid touching our pets, hugging pets, cleaning our hands, and many more.

How long can roundworm eggs live outside the body?

Roundworm eggs take one to three weeks for taking action. Anyhow they can survive in the environment for many months.

How To Remove Roundworm Eggs From A Rug?

Roundworm eggs are not difficult to remove from the precious rug. A small piece of rug can wash easily using any traditional way that you use randomly. Hot steam or steaming can remove roundworm eggs. A large piece of rug can treat with heavyweight carpet cleaner or steam cleaner.

Can Cats Spread Roundworms Eggs?

Like dogs, some people are interested in cats. Pet lovers want their pets surrounding them. Cats are different from dogs in sense of cleaning. But it does not mean cats cannot spread the roundworm’s eggs. When cats go to places where roundworms’ eggs are available like contaminated soil, germs, and different bacteria stick with their body. Back to home sit with you or sit on the carpet means transferring germs, bacteria, and roundworms eggs.

Carpet is not a specific place anywhere cat will go the process of transferring continue. Roundworm eggs are easy to stick to any surface. So cleaning is necessary for all things including your home, carpet,  your hands, etc.

Dog’s Sleeping Bed Is Also Cause Of Roundworm?

Pet lovers have a habit to spend their maximum time with pets. Even at night, they sleep with them. It is true, especially sleeping with dogs can become the cause of roundworms.

Our pets contain fur when we touch, kiss, or sleep with them becomes harmful. During sleeping our hands goes to their nose and mouth so roundworm eggs transfer to our body.

Sleeping with dogs or any other pet becomes more harmful if the pet poops on the bed. You should avoid maximum touching, and clean the bed and surround for a better environment.

Do Clorox wipes kill roundworm eggs?

Clorox wipes can never kill roundworm eggs. Instead, that bleach is often available in the homes we can for eliminating the eggs of roundworms. After whale must rinse the area with fresh water.

Final Thoughts

I hope you understand about roundworm eggs, ways of removing and other detailed information. If you need any other information related to the carpet and its problem feel free to contact us.

Roundworm eggs will no more your problem after reading the complete article.

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