The cleaning process is necessary for our all daily routine usage things. The cleaning of carpet is also included that provides us new environment, feeling with a great smell. If we remain our carpet unclean, dirt and dust accumulate in the carpet, and different types of bacteria and germs become part of the carpet that can affect humans and pets both.

Most of the time, users ignore carpet cleaning because when they think about how to dry carpet fast after cleaning they are shocked, and start making plans Clean is done by professionals or clean on their own. Real professionals help you with their useful tips to dry the carpet because they face situations daily; on the other hand, problems occur when we clean carpet at home without professional help.

It is very important to dry the carpet before starting your daily routine normally with carpet. So we want our carpet to dry as soon as possible. Many professional cleaners around us do not practice the proper drying process of carpets. We have arranged this article to provide you with the exact information regarding how to dry the carpet after cleaning fast. If you follow all our steps, you can overcome this problem efficiently.

How to Dry Carpet Fast After Cleaning

The carpet drying process is not difficult; there is a different method to dry our carpet fast. Some useful methods are below; come down with us for more detail.

Create Air Flow

The first way that affects carpet after cleaning is airflow. Good airflow helps dry the carpet soon. If your carpet is inside the room, you should open the doors and windows to circulate the fresh air. In most cases, carpets in closed rooms develop a musty smell; fresh air help to prevent this bad smell.

A crosswind solution can adapt if your room has two windows on opposite sides open one window full and the second a bit. A crosswind is a useful technique often used to dry carpet fastly.

The airflow depends on the current weather; if the weather is good, we can get an advantage; otherwise, cloudy and rainy days become the cause of a humid environment instead of drying the carpet. If you face the weather effect, leave this method and go through the other method listed below.

Utilize Air-Conditioning Facilities

how to dry carpet fast after cleaning

An air conditioner is another way of drying the carpet fast if your weather doesn’t support you or you don’t have a fan to flow the air. an air conditioner can turn on to make the drying process fast after cleaning.

The air conditioning method is not as good as other methods because the air is not circulated as in another method we observe. This method should be used when you don’t have any other option to dry the carpet quickly.

The carpet will dry with air-conditioning, but the environment will not like the fresh and crispy that we get in the air blow method. This method is costly; we pay the electricity bill for air-conditioning to dry the carpet. Use this method when another option of drying the carpet is not available.

Coll air comes out from the air conditioner and contacts with carpet fiber to make it dry. It is noticed the carpet becomes tougher when dry with cold air. A suitable time and environment is summer when warm air and sunny day are available. Warm air and sunny summer days are perfect for fast carpet drying.

The whole air conditioner story is stopped with these words; we can use it as a last option. When all other drying options are not available, you should choose it and close the air conditioning when the carpet becomes dry.

Use A Wet/ Dry Shop Vacuum

how to make carpet fluffy again

A wet/dry shop vac is the best machine for sucking the water from the carpet. Water can accumulate in our carpet due to flood or cleaning we can suck it using shop vac easily for reducing the amount of water that becomes the cause of quick dry. If a shop vac is available at your home, clean the carpet and start using a shop vac to dry the carpet; if the user doesn’t have this amazing machine, then shop vacs are available for rent.

Users start vacuuming after cleaning; it is the wrong practice. You should wait for one hour, pick shop vac and start sucking water from the carpet for better results. Instant sucking will never give you results that you will get after one hour.

Shop-vac use for drying requires several rounds on the carpet. So you should wear neat shoes to avoid any unpleasant situation. It is not easy; you have to work on the carpet, so lazy users avoid it.

When To Use A Heater

Heater help to dry carpet we can get its benefit in the winter season when the weather is not supported. With a home heating system, the carpet can dry apart from the space heater that blows air, and heat can be used for quicker action.

A space heater requires attention because fire can get any other item that leads you to worse situations. The latest space heater contains anti-fire sensors, but attention and care are necessary to keep you safe. Use a space heater when you are available near it; otherwise, don’t turn it on for a night when you sleep.

Using a Fan

how to dry carpet fast after cleaning

The fan is a traditional way of drying any item located under it. Turn on your ceiling fan; if your carpet is beneath the fan, cold air will direct contact with carpet fiber making the carpet drying process fast.

We can use it when our weather or air is not suitable. Direct cold air comes out from the fan and applies to the carpet. The continued process of air hitting becomes the cause of quick carpet drying. The other benefit of air circulation is to avoid the musty smell of the carpet.

A desk or standing fan can also use if you don’t have a ceiling fan installed in the room where the carpet is located. A ceiling fan’s effect is better than a desk or standing fan. Two fans on both sides circulate the air to dry the carpet fast.

Utilize a blow dryer It is possible to blow dry a damp carpet rapidly by using hot air. In this instance, a huge carpet blow-dryer—not a hairdryer—is what you require.

How To Dry Carpet In Winter

If you think you will dry your carpet with air in winter, you are wrong; you have to use another method like heating, dehumidifier, and ceiling fan. These all methods are effective in winter to dry carpet fast.

Does Vacuuming Dry Carpet?

Vacuuming is the best way to dry a carpet, but keep in mind that it is not a simple vacuum cleaner; you need a wet/dry vacuum. Shop-vac is used for sucking wet surfaces. Before using it on the carpet surface, make sure the filter is water safe.

The excessive amount of water from the carpet can easily suck using the shop vac but is not efficient for a moist carpet.

How to Dry Carpet with Baking Soda

how to dry carpet fast after cleaning

If you think the method mentioned above is not good in winter, you can use baking soda for carpet drying. It is a common kitchen product available on our kitchen shelves. It is a proven good absorbent that makes our carpet drying process quick. Below is the complete procedure for carpet drying in winter.

 Remove Excess Water

You have cleaned the carpet using baking soda; now suck maximum water accumulated during cleaning on the surface. A shop van can help you better for sucking water because it can reach down to extract water from the root level of the carpet. If you don’t have a shop vac at your home dry towel is used as an alternate.

Sprinkle Baking Soda

After sucking the maximum amount of water, the second step is placing the complete layer of baking soda on the carpet surface. So buy enough amount of baking soda before starting this process. The amount of baking soda used in this process is up to one canister.

Now, wait to sit the soda on the surface when the baking soda is done. This wait may be up to 24 hours. Baking soda absorbs property and will work here to absorb moisture and eliminate odors.

Take out a vacuum cleaner from the store and vacuum the entire carpet. In case you have a bagged vacuum remove it-bag first. It is often noticed baking soda inside the bag can clog.

Run a Fan

Running a fan will make the environment fresh, including removing the minorly available dampness on the carpet.

When to Call for Professional Help

If your carpet is wet for any reason, the size of the carpet is large, and you think the situation is uncontrollable, you should call a professional carpet cleaner or contact the carpet cleaning company to get services.

In case of flood or water damage, the large carpets dry process should be on time. Otherwise, moisture will damage the carpet and floor which become the cause of mold, leading the carpet to the last stage of life. Moisture can affect the walls also.

You need professional carpet cleaning services if the situation is not under your hand means you are not able to carpets dry. Professionals take quick action to get rid of any unwanted situation. They will fix everything as per their experience. Don’t be lazy to make a call professional carpet cleaner if you face any worst conditions.

Things To Keep In Mind

It must be sure that you don’t have a damp carpet before placing the items like furniture, bed, and sofa on the carpet surface. Don’t want bacteria and germs inside the carpet, don’t use the newly cleaned carpet until completely dry.

You can keep yourself from germs by wearing socks during walking on the carpet floor. Our feet carry the germs and bacteria from the floor.

Regular carpet cleaning gives us freshness with great fragrance and surety that no germs and bacteria are living on the carpet.

Our carpet accumulates dirt and dust regularly using different resources that are necessary to remove. After removing, we need a quick-drying process to start a normal life with the carpet. The quick-drying method we have described above with examples.

Cleaning carpets require different tools that help to do the job quickly. We have the solution for carpet cleaning with the best machine you need for your precious carpet.


We have described all possible proven ways with detail using that you can dry your cleaned carpet fast. The carpet can dry itself but depends on the current situation, like the air circulation inside the room where the carpet is located, the level of humidity, and the current weather. If you think the carpet drying process is naturally unsuitable, apply the method mentioned above for quick carpet drying.

It is possible you need the help of a professional if the carpet wets badly with flood and you don’t want to wait, or the weather is winter, and you don’t want to do everything yourself. Call the professional carpet cleaners team and get results quickly.

We hope you understand the carpet drying process; if you have any questions, please contact us.

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