How To Get A Rug To Lay Flat On Carpet

Standard issue notice in a new rug, when we buy a new carpet, it necessitates laying flat. Contemporary rugs and some old ones don’t stop curling at the corners, which stresses the users.

Some guidelines and tricks are used so that we can get a rug lay flat on the carpet. The rug tripping on the mat becomes the cause of accidents, particularly for children and pets who don’t comprehend precisely where the floor is going. Suppose the weight of the rug is high, then the chances to flat rapidly and effortlessly. Anyhow, if You are looking for a solution to get a rug to lay flat on the carpet, our article comprises valuable information; move down with us and appraise your knowledge.

how to get a rug to lay flat on carpet

Method: 1 /readjust your rug’s roll and bend

Rugs are obtainable at shops in a long cylinder shape we select and bring to our home. The shape changes in different ways according to warehouse and truck placement; sometimes, the rug under other rugs gets more bumps and dumps when we open them at home.

The first step you should perform is to open a rug and roll it back the opposite way, and the rug fiber turns around and starts to come back to a flat condition.

It will take some time after some hours to open your rug and check the condition, whether it flattens or not; if it is still the same, then roll back again and leave it. Continue this practice until you get a flat rug; avoid extreme practice conceivable it reaches the opposite shape.

The minor dents and cruel can be removed with a vacuum cleaner.

Method: 2

Step 1

Lay the rung on the carpet, take carpet tape, and apply it to the edges. Turn the rug and stick the take-back side. Now lay the rug on the carpet back. Double-sided tape can also be used instead of carpet tape.

Step 2: Silicone Glue

The next step is smearing the silicone glue, turning the rug, and applying the silicon on the edges in the center of the rug size is large enough and lay back on the carpet satisfactorily.

Step 3: The placement of furniture.

The additional grip can get by placing the furniture on the rug corner. When the table and chair legs go up on the rug for a long time, it will flat automatically, and the hardness will remove and come to normal mode.

Step 4: Use of rug pad

Bring the gripper pad and measure it accordingly rug. Mark each side well the place and cut each side impeccably. After cutting properly, lay it on the floor, bring your rug, and put it over, then press resolutely.

Method :3 /use water/steam/wrinkle releaser

A handheld steam cleaner is the best way to eliminate the dents on the rugs. Hot steam released by a steam cleaner sometimes burns the user. Be careful when using a steam cleaner; hold the carpet and don’t focus on the steamer that often burns.

Apart from the steam cleaner, the spray bottle with water or a wrinkle releaser is a valuable remedy to remove the rugs’ bumps and dumps. An important note, first check the manufacturer’s instructions before applying this tip; if the carpet manufacturer allows it, then use it otherwise, avoid it. We don’t want you to damage your beloved rugs before using them.

Washing eliminates the hardness that does not allow flat on the surface. A washable rug can wash and dry to get out all unwanted conditions. After washing and drying, lay it on the carpet and enjoy it; there will be no dents or bumps.

Method: 4 /Break Out Your Blow Dryer

There is another valuable tip if the area rug comprises a high pile, we can use a comb and dryer to cover the hairs. Bring some water in a spray bottle and smear it on the mound to get fiber in lessening mode. Use a blow dryer and comb to get the straight position of the rug. Spray some water, use a dryer backward and forward, and dress it with a comb.

Method: 5 /Rug corner flattening with folds and weights

Rug corners create difficulties all the time. Move the corner backward and place it under the rug meaning fold reverse. Fold all corners of the carpets in the same condition and leave for two days. After two days, check the possible condition corner become flat. If not, arrange the furniture and place it on the corner; when the weight will apply, the intersection will be balanced.

When we release the corner from downward, you will find buckles and bumps in the rug. We can avoid it by flipping, setting everything well, and enjoying the flat carpet on the floor.

Method: 6 /Increase the heat to eliminate rug waves and bumps

You have compressed the corners, done roll back procedure well now facing bumps and waves on a rug, so what you will do? In this condition, flip the rug upside down. The actual reason behind this method is heat. It would help if you had heat when performing this trick; whether you get it from sunlight or turning on the thermostat depends on you.

How Are Area Rugs Laid Flat by Experts?

We have described all practical approaches to get a rung to lay flat on the carpet. Now the question ascends, what do professionals do to get out creases from the area rug? Professionals use a special wrinkles-removing spray.

The purpose of the wrinkle-reducing spray is to restore the rug’s original posture by removing any stiffness and untying any knots. Use a simple strategy like rollback, weight on the targeted region, or moderate heat to apply spray at the rear side of curled sections for effective results quickly after spraying.


We have labeled all conceivable confirmed ways to get a rug flat on the carpet. If you are facing the issue, use any method that senses you better apply and get desired results.

We hope you comprehend the whole situation; if you have any questions you can ask, feel free. Our comment box is open for you.

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