Red and Blue Gatorade feel difficult to remove from the Carpet, particularly if you don’t have the right idea regarding how to get Gatorade out of Carpet. Several household products are used that we can remove Gatorade from rugs. These household products are club soda, vinegar, detergent, shaving foam, etc. if you don’t satisfy with the product’s performance at the end, Hydrogen peroxide can be used for the final touch.

We get colored liquid or food on our Carpet in many cases like children playing, pets, accidents, and many other scenarios. A stain on the Carpet is not like any person; everyone wants its solution. The first strategy we should use for any paint is quick action for removing it when the color appears on the carpet surface.

It is not difficult to remove stains from carpets don’t need to call professionals. The delayed appointment most likely worsens the situation, and sometimes nonprofessional services provide. We have arranged step by step guide for removing Gatorade from the Carpet.

How To Get Red Gatorade Out of Carpet

Gatorade removal will feel easy after reading the carefully our complete article. We have described all possible solutions that lead to removing Gatorade from the Carpet in detail. Gatorade and other tricky and hard stains can be removed using our tips below. Let’s start learning how to get Gatorade out of the Carpet.

Method 1:The Alkaline Treatment

alkaline cleaner

Red Gatorade or another sticky stain can remove using the alkaline cleaner. Alkaline cleaner, most likely available in our kitchens, can remove sticky Gatorade stains from the carpet surface. The alkaline cleaner is a safe product that never damages the Carpet’s texture.

Follow the below procedure for removing Gatorade using the alkaline cleaner.

Take one bowl and mix the alkaline detergent and dishwashing soap ratio 1 to 1.

  1. Put a quarter or half cup of warm water inside the mixture.
  2. Take a clean white piece of cloth or paper towel. Don’t use colored material because it can leave its color on the carpet surface.
  3. Put the mixture of alkaline detergent and warm water that you have prepared, on the red Gatorade stain.
  4. When the mixture is completely set in the stain, wipe the area using a cloth.

The stain fades when you put the mixture on it; if you are not satisfied, repeat the whole process until you get the required result. After two to three attempts stain will remain no more.

Method 2: Vinegar For Removing Gatorade Stains

how to get Gatorade out of carpet

The right recipe for any cleaner can give you a better result. So before starting the removal process using vinegar, the exact amount of vinegar and other ingredients should be in your mind. We recommend vinegar just because of the following reasons.

  • Using vinegar, Gatorade stains remove from the root level.
  • There are no side effects of vinegar.

Note: The excessive amount of vinegar on the Carpet can damage carpet color.


Take white vinegar and water with a 2 to 1 ratio, respectively. This recipe is useful for the synthetic type of Carpet. If you are using natural carpets like wool, use a one-quarter cup of white vinegar and warm water.

Take a white cloth or paper towel and wet it using the above solution.

  • Put that wet cloth on the stain with gentle pressure and leave for the next 30 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes, wipe the stained area.
  • Rinse the area with fresh water.
  • Dry surface using any possible way that you like

Method 3: Club Soda Treatment

Club soda can be a useful cleaner for Gatorade if you know the exact solution.

A Paper towel or absorbent towel is used on the surface for catching maximum red Gatorade. Some people start rubbing with a paper towel, which is wrong because it will spread more. Just put pressure on the stain and try to get it out as maximum as possible.

  1. The next step, soak the stained area using the club soda. Just wait for a movement to set club soda in, then wipe club soda using a fresh cloth or towel.
  2. If the stain is still alive on the surface, mix dish soap liquid 1 tablespoon, vinegar 1 tablespoon, and 2 cups of cold water.
  3. Pure this mixture (white vinegar, dish soap) on the stained area to remove Gatorade stains and wait the next 30 minutes.
  4.  Using a fresh towel, blot the area.

Method 4: Shaving foam strategy

carpet cleaning

Shaving foam is a useful technique to fight red Gatorade stains. If the ingredients mentioned above are not available at your home, shaving foam can work for you. Shaving foam will work as a good cleaner on the carpet surface. It is a very common way of removing stubborn stains from carpets in some areas.

  • Get shaving foam and reach the stained area. Directly apply it to the stained surface, and cover the full size with foam.
  • After applying shaving foam to the stain, sit back and wait next 30 minutes.
  • Take a piece of cloth and wipe the area with the mind of stain is not living here.
  • Remove residue using the mixture of water and vinegar.
  • Dry the spot using any sensible way.

Method 5: Hydrogen Peroxide For Removing Gatorade Stains

How to Remove Washable Marker from Carpet

Hydrogen Peroxide should be your last method for cleaning Gatorade stain. Because its strong action can change the texture of your Carpet, use this method if other forms are not working.

Note: apply this recipe to a rough place to check whether the Carpet color becomes faded or not.

  • It is a very effective and safe way of cleaning
  • Quick result meat.
  • The Carpet will not stain after using Hydrogen Peroxide.


  • Put a small amount of Hydrogen peroxide solution on the stained area.
  • Wait for some moment Carpet absorbs all solution.
  • Using a steam cleaner, wipe the area.

A steam cleaner can be replaced with a steam iron; put a towel on the stain place, and use the iron. The towel will wet and iron dry it continuously. Carry on until the paper towel gets dry completely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Is Gatorade So Tricky To Remove?

Gatorade feels tricky because we don’t know the exact method of removing it from the carpet surface. Gatorade contains the food colors red, blue, and yellow that feel more hard on the surface.

Food colors are not harmful to the human body but can ruin the Carpet’s surface. Food colors spill on the Carpet and stick with the fibers. Affected carpet place glued the carpet texture because of Gatorade ingredients. Long time spent on the surface means harder and more difficult to remove

How do you remove PowerAde stains from Carpet?

Powerade stain can be removed using the below ingredients.

  • ½ cup white vinegar
  • 2 cups warm water
  • 1 tablespoon dishwashing detergent

Take a piece of cloth wet with this solution and rub the stain to remove PowerAde stains.

How do you get old Kool-Aid stains out of the Carpet?

Kool-aid stain can remove using the below method.

  • Take ½ teaspoon of mild liquid dish soap
  • 1 cup of water.
  • Take a piece of cloth and wet it with the above mixture.
  • Blot Kool-aid stains using pressure on the cloth instead of rubbing.
  • Repeat the process if there is still a Kool-aid stain showing eyes.

What is the hardest thing to get out of the Carpet?

We have noticed wax and gum both are difficult to remove from the carpet fiber. Both ingredients stuck with the carpet surface and never left until you use any harsh cleaner with a professional method.

How do I know if my Carpet has mold?

It is very easy to find or understand mold on the Carpet. First, confirm recently Carpet has been affected by water; if yes, then start seeing the green, brown or black color on the Carpet that tells us the Carpet contains mold. The musty smell is another big sign of moldy carpets. If you feel moisture when touching the Carpet, consider it mold.

How to remove red stain from the Carpet?

Red stain removal is not difficult after reading our step-by-step guide. Each method works well and gives results because we have tested them one by one. Select any above method for removing red Gatorade that fell you better.

How to get blue Gatorade out from the Carpet?

Red and Blue Gatorade contain different elements and react with carpet fibers differently. Oxygen bleach should be your last method if a stain is stuck on the carpet floor. The same process you need to apply that mentioned above with other cleaners.

What if the techniques don’t work for the Carpet?

Carpet with different textures and fibers is available on the market. After trying all the above useful and approved methods, it is possible to remove each stain from each type of Carpet. If still the color of Gatorade stick on the surface of the Carpet anyhow you have applied all above method, call professional carpet cleaners to take further decision.

Final Words

In detail, we have described all possible solutions regarding “how to get Gatorade out of carpet” in fact. Users can try any one method that feels better than other. It is possible in the first attempt user doesn’t get the desired result, so some hard stains need to repeat the process two to three times. Safety should be your first measure; use red Gatorade in the kitchen instead of Carpet.

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