Juice stains or the stains that come from plants, whether fruit, leaves, or roots, are not challenging to remove from the carpet if you have enough information. Plant stains are known as tannin stains. We get stains from the different fruits or their juices like grapes, apples, tomatoes, etc. fruit juice stains turn into a sticky mess that is tricky to remove for the person unfamiliar with the exact removal procedure. Below is the best possible solution of “how to get juice of carpet.”

Cleaning Fresh Juice Stains from Carpet – How to get Juice out of carpet

Keep in mind that try to wipe off maximum juice as soon as possible when it comes on the carpet. Fresh juice stains or orange juice spills mean the stain is not old or not dried on the surface. First, try to wipe off the maximum quantity of the juice. It should never enter the carpet root level; use a shop vac for better results if available at your home.

how to get juice out of carpet

  1. Take a clean, dry towel or paper towel and put it on the juice spill.
  2. Gently press the paper towel down; avoid pressing hard; otherwise, the juice goes deeper or spreads more on the surface. Let the towel absorb maximum juice from the surface.
  3. Replace your towel with another towel when it fills with juice. Continue this process until the carpet surface becomes dry.

Remove the Remaining Juice stains

The hard part of this procedure you have done. Treat the juice on the carpet when it is fresh; it takes your moment and quickness; after that procedure, you have to clean your carpet.

Removing juice from the carpet becomes easier if you have a shop vac available at your home. Some people try regular vacuum cleaners that are not allowed. If a vacuum cleaner is not available, arrange dry cloths or paper towels in bulk to get rid of this problem.

  1. Take a spray bottle and put cool water inside. Don’t use hot or warm water inside the spray bottle.
  2. Start spraying with a spray bottle on the stain and make the surface wet again.
  3. Blot it with paper towels or a dry cloth when the surface becomes wet. Repeat this process several times to remove the remaining juice from the carpet fibers. A shop van can speed up the process if it is available.
  4. You will judge whether juice will never remain or carpet condition will be restored. Follow the procedure below if you still feel the fruit juice stain is available and are not satisfied.

Use of Cleaning Solutions to Remove Juice

In the previous step, you have learned how to remove carpet stains from the carpet surface, but the stain remains after applying the above tips. The following tips will help you get rid of the last drop of juice from the carpet fibers. If the stain is not hard, then use white vinegar, but if you judge the stain is more complex or stubborn, use folex or oxygen bleach.

tattoo ink remover

Remove light stains using vinegar.

  1. Make a mixture of vinegar and cold water.
  2. Take a paper towel or piece of clean cloth, wet with mixture.
  3. Put a towel on the stain and press down until vinegar goes inside the stain. Avoid spreading the stain with extra pressing or using a mixture.
  4. In the next step, blot the area to remove the solution using any clean, dry towel.
  5. If the juice stain has been removed, stop; otherwise, repeat the same process as needed.
  6. The next step is carpet drying to restore the back condition. You can take help with “can you vacuum the wet carpet.”

Use folex or oxygen bleach if the juice stain is more challenging. If you want to save your carpet, don’t try chlorine-based bleach.

Folex is available in liquid form, but oxygen bleach comes in powder and liquid forms. If oxygen bleaches in powder form, then mix it first.

how to get tattoo ink out of carpet

  1. Now spray the cleaning solution onto the stain directly until the entire stain saturates.
  2. After spraying on the stain, wait 10 minutes to take action with the stain.
  3. Now use a shop vac or clean cloth to dry the spot. Some People scratch the stain place, which becomes the cause of more inserting the stain inside the carpet fibers.
  4. Like the previous method, repeat the same steps if you are not satisfied with the stain cleaning.

Above mentioned cleaning methods are the best solution for removing both types of lighter and more tough stains from the carpet surface. Several other tips are used which you can remove the stain. If you are not satisfied with the described method, try the following cleaning method.

Sometimes harsh chemicals can damage the color, so first apply the below-mentioned method to an inconspicuous area, check whether it affects the color, and then apply it to the stain.

Method Lemon Juice or Hydrogen Peroxide:

lemon juice

  1. This method takes action faster than others, especially if you are facing the stain of tomato juice or cranberry juice, which is considered more challenging than other juice stain removal. lemon juice or orange juice contains hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Take a quality dishwashing soap and put two drops in one cup of warm water for making the mixture. Quality dishwashing soap means that soap residues are difficult to remove from the fibers after finishing the cleaning process. Don’t use extra dishwashing soap; only two drops are enough for this method.
  3. Use a mixture on the stain and scrub the entire area.

You can hire a professional to get rid of stubborn stains in worse conditions.

How to remove old fruit juice stain from Carpet

Old stains are difficult to remove from any surface, especially carpet fibers. Sometimes the old stain removal process can take longer, but your patience and intelligence help remove juice stains without damaging the carpet. Old stains require different methods because it is possible the applied method does not work enough to remove the stain, so move to the following method.

Removing Old Juice Stains

  • We have already described the old stain as requiring a different cleaning solution for getting satisfactory results. In detail, we have learned two instrumental methods regarding “how to get juice stains from the carpet.”
  • First, we started with white vinegar and tried to remove the juice stain or orange juice stain from the carpet. This method does not leave residue on the surface.
  • Folex and bleach we also have described that fight with harder stains to kick off the juice from the root level.
  • Take any cleaner that gives you more sense for removing the stain.
  • 1. Go to the stained area and use a solution on the stain.
  • After applying a solution, wait up to 15 minutes to take decisive action.
  • 3. Take a clean paper towel or cloth to blot the solution from the surface. paper towels are more useful instead of any other piece of cloth.
  • 4. Repeat the same process if you are still not satisfied with the stain condition.
  • Understand the situation and move to the next cleaning solution if the previous one does not provide better results. In the end, dry your carpet to bring the texture of the carpet back.

How to remove mashed in fruit stain from the carpet

mashed juice

  • Mashed juice material is different from fruit juice. If the mashed material drops on the carpet surface that first handles the solids unluckily, then thinks about the stains.
  • Shop-Vac is the best cleaning machine for sucking the whole mash material from the surface. If you are not the owner of a shop vac, then try the below manual method to solve mashed fruit stain.
  • Pick maximum material from the carpet surface with your hand as much as possible.
  • Without spreading the stain, use a scoop or spoon to get the material from the rug.
  • The remaining bits can be picked up using a paper towel. Don’t put pressure during picking up; otherwise, it will spread.
  • Now, blotting starts to blot the area to ensure no more material is available on the carpet.
  • If you want, those mentioned above can also be used.

Drying and restoring carpets color and texture

how to get juice out of carpet

  • remove fruit juice stains using any method now; this is the time of drying the carpet. Drying a carpet is not difficult and requires a few steps only. It is necessary to ensure you have blotted as much water as possible.
  •  We have to remove the maximum water from the carpet to dry it. Take a big dry towel and put it on the stained area. Next, take any heavy item and put it on the towel. When the towel becomes dripped after some time, then change the towel.
  • Now turn on the fan to blow directly into the stained area for complete drying.
  •  When the carpet dries, use a vacuum on the surface to restore the carpet fiber condition to the previous shape. Use a comb, brush, or nylon bristle soft brush to get back the carpet’s original look.

Follow the below step for keeping the carpet safe.

  • Some essential points that you should keep in mind for saving your carpet.
  • The cleaning method requires baking soda and warm water that works perfectly for removing stains. But be careful; the baking soda can damage your vacuum cleaner.
  • Always use in all methods cold water instead of warm water.
  • Scrubbing stains gently; otherwise, rough scrubbing becomes the cause of material going deeper.
  • Before using any cleaning solution, check it in the rough place because, in many cases, the cleaning solution damages the carpet color.

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