How To Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles In Mattress

Numerous factors contribute to carpet beetles showing up on our beds. However, if you discover the presence of carpet beetles, act swiftly and severely to exterminate them. Getting rid of carpet beetles from the mattress is challenging without taking the appropriate precautions. When customers observe pest activity on their carpets or beds, they should contact a specialist to eliminate the problem.

What are the most effective techniques to get rid of carpet beetles in mattresses? We get rid of carpet beetles in numerous ways. We are aware that you are eager to understand the solution; you can find a complete explanation in our guide. It’s time to read the complete article now.

how to get rid of carpet beetles in mattress

There are three types of carpet beetles.

  1. Black Carpet Beetle is 5 mm in length and has brownish-black wings and a black head. The larvae of the black beetle may live for 600 days, whereas the number of days it can live as an adult grows. The black carpet beetle can digest natural materials such as wool, leather, hair, and silk.
  2. The number two pest is the furniture carpet beetle. This insect is the same size as the 5 mm black carpet beetle. It has brown hair in an erect stance. The furniture carpet beetle enjoys consuming textiles and natural fibers.
  3. Varied Carpet Beetle: The wings of the diverse carpet beetle are covered with brown, white, and mustard-colored scales. They can be found in many places, such as wool, carpets, bedding, and rugs.

How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles in Mattress

Carpet beetles make the mattress a terrible thing, and we can’t sleep well until all the beetles are gone from the surface. We are here to assist you in eliminating carpet beetles from mattresses. Follow the methods below to eliminate beetles.

removing the pillowcases and sheets off the bed.

As previously explained, carpet beetles can only exist on natural fibers; thus, pillowcases and bed sheets are ideal habitats for them. Don’t overlook removing them and washing the mattress with warm water to remove bed bugs.


Some customers use a mattress protector beneath the fitted sheet; before removing the protector, vacuum it thoroughly. Now go to the next step and thoroughly clean both sides of the mattress. Vacuum all other mattress-related surfaces, including the bed frame, headboard, and floor.

 Cleaning the bedframe

We are washing the carpet here, but comprehensive cleaning necessitates wiping the bed frame. Purchase and apply a disinfectant to the bed frame. Take safety precautions, wear a mask and gloves, and begin working, looking for other larvae and insects. No user desires carpet beetles after removal; thus, it is essential to identify the larval signs to avoid repeat mattress infestations. Check any surfaces they may potentially hide, including carpet, furniture, clothing, and drapes. Leave no element to be dug out of the surrounding environment. If you see or feel any beetles on a piece of clothing, take it off and wash it in hot water.

The application of pesticides.

If you have completed the preceding procedures, spraying is the final step that assures nothing remains. Bring any high-quality product from the market, and check the spray’s label carefully to ensure it targets carpet beetles. The beetle spray is used on many surfaces, including mattresses, carpets, and other bedding. Carefully read the spray’s instructions and use them correctly.

The spraying of boric acid.

If you don’t want to spray or believe the harsh chemicals within the spray bottle may be harmful, you can use a cloth instead. Then, you may combine one tablespoon of boric acid with 2 cups of warm water to create a combination. Please bring along the spray bottle and fill it with a homemade solution. Apply the key to the mattress and adjacent surfaces. The spray will be effective in difficult-to-reach spots where we cannot perform cleaning well. Boric acid is the most effective insecticide against carpet beetles; with it, we can quickly decontaminate our mattresses.

How Can Carpet Beetles Be Prevented In Mattresses?

After successfully removing the beetles, we can protect our mattress against future infestations. If something survives, there is a chance that carpet beetle production will resume.

The following precautionary measures might help you shield your mattress from further infestations. The occurrence of carpet beetles won’t happen if these guidelines are followed.

  • Regular washing of mattress

When a mattress is regularly washed, undesirable particles are removed from its surface. In addition to the mattress, the bed sheet and pillowcases should be washed following a particular time cycle. When you eat and drink on a mattress, microscopic particles linger on the surface, which beetles exploit as a food source.

  • Carpet steamers

A carpet steamer is a valuable alternative for those unable to wash their carpets. In addition to removing germs, a carpet steamer kills small insects, and the intensity of the steam is sufficient to eradicate the carpet beetles.

  • Carpet Bug covers

It is a perfect area for beetles to reside and enjoy their lives if you allow things to get exposed. The mattress can be covered with carpet bug covers, which isolate pests.

  • Setting up traps

You have just eradicated carpet beetles, but their presence in the surrounding area foreshadows the next assault. Glue traps are the most excellent way to prevent insects from entering the carpet’s surface. Place glue traps under the bed legs and adjacent areas where these pests may congregate. It will be more effective if you place traps at the entrance to your property. The traps will attract carpet beetles and other problems. Carpet beetles will kill after adhering to the glue traps.

  • Home vacuum solutions

Vacuuming is an excellent method for achieving a clean home. When you have eliminated all carpet beetles from the mattress, vacuum the entire residence without missing a location. This method of vacuuming will guarantee that no pests stay in your home. Finalize the vacuuming procedure by concentrating on corners, concealed spots, small holes, and hidden locations.

  • Destroy outdoor nests

Destroy the carpet beetle nest; washing and cleaning the mattress alone is insufficient. You must inspect and examine all surfaces where they exist before destroying them. If you locate their nest in the garden or near a tree, remove it.

  • Avoid organic mattress

Carpet beetles visit mattress surfaces because they know there is food there. It implies avoiding using organic mattresses, as carpet beetles like organic materials. If you intend to get a new bed, choose one that does not include organic materials.

Are Carpet Beetles Dangerous?

Carpet beetles are hazardous to several home items. When pests enter our houses, they target animal-based materials, such as leather and textiles. Carpet beetles frequently destroy clothing, drapes, and wool if we ignore them.

When our mattresses are shielded from pests and grime, we do not dread going to sleep on them. The presence of carpet beetles might lead to health issues. If any carpet beetles are still alive, the infection process in the human body might start by inhaling their larval hairs. When you find a single beetle, you should think about getting rid of it using the methods outlined above.


Can carpet beetles get inside the mattress?

They are accessible within the mattress but do not reside there, and they only come to acquire their food.

Are carpet beetles as destructive as bed bugs?

The difference between bed bugs and carpet beetles is that bed bugs bite, whereas carpet beetles do not. However, they can become allergens.

What does a carpet beetle infestation look like?

If you detect holes in carpeting, bedding, and clothing, carpet beetles are present in your environment. The other indicator of their availability is lost insect shells and larval hair.

Final Thought

Eliminating carpet bugs is not impossible, given sufficient knowledge. The easy procedures consist of identifying the insects and then locating their source. When both conditions are confirmed, carry out the steps outlined in the preceding section.

Develop rigorous cleaning routines to avoid significant complications. After a certain period, bed sheets and pillowcases should be washed alongside the bed frame, its corners, and other relevant surfaces. Use insect spray and pay close attention to the label to ensure that the spray is specialized for carpet beetles.

Other detailed recipes are presented, which you can consult depending on the circumstance. We have outlined all reliable strategies for eliminating the bugs. If you have questions about removing carpet beetles from mattresses, feel free to ask.

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