How To Get Scentsy Wax Out Of Carpet

Carpets are used at homes, and spills and stains on the carpet surface are usual. Some stains and spills are informal to eliminate; if the rug gets waxed, it is problematic to remove with easy hands. Knowing how to get Scentsy wax out of the carpet is essential.

Your carpet gets Scentsy wax, and you are probing for a solution to get rid. In our guide, you will novelty the precise method and the products used for cleaning obtainable at your home. The process is easy with the household product; ordinary users can tackle the issue after reading our article. Stick your eyes with this appreciated content and learn how to get Scentsy wax out of the carpet.

How to Get Scentsy Wax Out of Carpet?

how to get scentsy wax out of carpet

Method 1: Using Ice

Scentsy wax is considered near impossible because soon it fixes with the carpet fiber. The traditional way of cleaning can never confiscate Scentsy wax with easy hands. When no answer comes to mind, the end user leaves the carpet and starts thinking about something new.

Sticky and problematic stains on the carpet are difficult to remove, like nail polish and spray paint stress our minds. Stop worrying if you face the same condition; our step-by-step guide will illuminate your mind with information. Follow the below steps and enjoy stain-less carpet.

Step 1: Get these essentials first.

The things you essential before preliminary a cleaning job. These items are available on your kitchen premises often. You don’t need to discover the market and bring products. Below is the list of items you require.

Step 2: Freeze the wax

Start the procedure with the ice cube; take an ice cube and rub it on the stained area. Any other frozen thing can utilize, but the best is an ice cube.

Ice cube cover with a plastic bag or towel, then rub it on the surface; our goal froze the wax instead of wetting it. When a frozen item comes on, the stain wax will freeze.

When wax freezes, it will collect together and become simple to pull from the surface. Instead of fighting as you would normally, grab a brush and begin rubbing here and there to remove the stubborn spots. The marshmallow is removed from the carpet surface using the same procedure.

 Step 3: Scrape off the Wax

Both wax and Scentsy wax can handle in this method. After applying ice, the wax will freeze entirely. Bring the knife and start rasping the wax from the carpet surface.

The upper layer on the carpet surface can remove with a knife just like a piece of cake. After a few activities, continued scrubbing will result in the wax leaving the surface.

If the wax is just obtainable at the top of the surface, then you don’t need to do anything more; instead, that wax goes more profound, and you handle using the procedure below.

Step 4: Prep the stain and iron it.

This step is used for getting out the wax from the root level or deep side. It would help if you had a paper towel or any paper bag and put it on the stain.

Please turn on your iron and set it on slow heat because the high temperature can damage the carpet surface.

Start ironing on the paper towel that you place on the stain. When the heat reaches down, the wax will start melting, and the paper towel will absorb it. Don’t stop after the first attempt; rendering to the current situation, it will take some turn to get out to natural wax from the carpet fiber.

Step 5: Clean the area

Now, this step is concerned with eliminating the remaining part of the wax, which is not problematic. The hard part has finished, using any commercial carpet cleaner we can perform this job. Apart from this, you can use vinegar or rubbing alcohol to deal with wax residue.

Blot the entire area using any cleaner commercial or DIY mixture.

Step 6: Vacuum the carpet

Vacuuming is the last step of this method. The vacuuming procedure should start when you confirm the carpet is completely dry.

Start vacuuming and better practice attaching the carpet brush with a vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming will bring back the carpet texture.

 Method 2: Using an Iron

  • The iron method is the best fit if the condition of the stain is challenging.
  • Turn on the iron, take a paper towel and place it on the wax. Using an iron, press the paper towel just for 10 seconds. Iron heat and pressing permit the paper towel to absorb the wax.
  • When one turn is wholly taken off, iron and remove the paper towel gently from the surface. It will lift some amount of wax; now endure this method until comprehensive wax come out from the carpet surface.
  • Check the condition of the stain; if the whole thing removes now, the next turn is to fight the residue. The rest of the wax stain can easily remove using baking soda, vinegar, or a specific carpet cleaner.

Method 3: Using a Hairdryer

  • If you don’t want to use iron on the carpet or don’t have iron available, then alternatively, you can use a hairdryer.
  • Check the wax stain. If it is hard, use a knife or other related item to scrape the wax. The first layer will quickly come out using a knife now vacuum to clean the surface.
  • Take a towel and soak it well on the stained area.
  • Turn on the hairdryer, set it to medium temperature, and concentrate on the towel. The heat of the dryer melts the wax that absorbs by a towel.
  •  The first attempt will never get everything out; repeat the damp towel and hairdryer process until the wax ultimately gets out.
  • When finished, remove the wax stain using carpet cleaning detergent or rubbing alcohol.
  • Leave the carpet until dry.

Method 4: WD 40

WD 40 is a well-known product usually available in all spare parts hops. WD 40 is well-thought-out for vehicle issues like preventing rust, lubricating vehicle parts, and many more. Instead, WD40 is an excellent product extensively used for getting out wax from dissimilar surfaces like carpets, chalkboards, glass, wallpapers, etc.

  • Before applying WD 40 on the wax surface, scrub excessively using a knife. The upper layer will remove, and the rest of loosening well.
  • Bring your WD 40 bottles and spray them on the wax stain. Leave the surface for some movement; the spray will take action against the stain.
  • The spray amount on the surface will dry, take a sponge and wipe the wax.

Method: 5 Removing a Wax Stain with Vinegar

 In our home, two potent cleaning agents are often available, vinegar and baking soda, and combining both removes the wax from the carpet surface with easy hands.

  • Start by sprinkling the baking soda on the stained area.
  • Leave the surface for a few minutes after applying baking soda.
  • Take white vinegar and pour it onto the baking soda. The effect of vinegar and soda neutralizes the stain, and the strong impact of both cleaning agents dissolves the wax.
  • Wipe the area using a towel and vacuum at the end.

Method: 6 Removing a Wax Stain by Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is excellent for cleaning, and wax can be removed from the carpet. Rubbing alcohol dissolves the oil of wax that becomes the cause coming out from the surface.

  • Dab the stain using cotton, and apply a good amount of rubbing alcohol on the cotton piece. See the magic; the wax will start melting with the reaction of alcohol.
  • Wipe the area using a towel or cloth and vacuum well.
  • You will find a fresh carpet without stains after the Rubbing Alcohol action.
  • Firstly, put rubbing alcohol onto a cotton swab and start dabbing the


How many dried Scentsy wax be removed from the carpet?

Answer: Scentsy wax can be facilely removed using heat. Use the extra amount of heat when you are dealing with the Scentsy wax. Dried wax requires more heat for melting, so increase the heat and its duration; it will melt, wipe out from the surface and use the vacuum to clean the surface.

 Question: How may Scentsy wax be removed from the carpet without using an iron?

Answer: You need a solution without iron; let’s start taking a knife and scrubbing the area to remove an excessive amount. Take out the hair dryer, put a damp towel on the stain, and focus on the towel with the dryer. The wax will start melting the towel will absorb.

Question: How does vinegar remove candle wax from the carpet?

Answer: it depends on the wax amount and hardness. If the amount is less and not extra hard, vinegar will work. Otherwise, only vinegar and water can never fulfill the stain. It would help if you had some extra effort and another cleaning agent. Like the mixture of baking soda and vinegar or specially designed carpet cleaner, they break down the hardness and remove the stain from the surface.

Final Words

Our valued article described all conceivable established methods to get Scentsy wax out of the carpet. Defined procedures are operative and easy to accomplish.

We now conclude this tutorial in the hopes that you have a thorough understanding of all aspects. If your carpet has wax on it now or in the future, you may remove it using the techniques mentioned. Our comment section is available for your queries at any time.

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