A common problem is bunching up faced by carpet owners who use area rugs over the carpet. We feel bad, especially when our heavy items are placed where the rug bunches up. We have tried to cover “how to keep area rug from bunching up on carpet” in detail. If you face the same problem, stick your eyes to this article for complete learning.

We commonly face this problem, trying to figure out using different methods but not successful as we should. First, we should come to know why the bunching problem happens, then move to the next step that relates to preventing carpet rugs from bunching. Following are the reason that leads to the area rugs bunching position.

 What causes bumps and ripples in area rugs?

how to keep area rug from bunching up on carpet

We think bumping and ripples just because of heavy items placed on an area rug or dragging something become the cause of ripples. It can appear due to humidity, moisture, improper tensioning in hand-woven, etc.; we will discuss these topics one by one.


Everyone knows the humidity level increase in the summer months. Humidity increase the moisture level and direct effect the rug fiber. That becomes the reason for rug bunching up. Ripples appear and vanish when the level of humidity drastically goes back. Anyhow moisture effect generates the bunches on rugs that alert us to solve this problem on time.

Dragging Heavy Stuff

Pick up heavy items to change the position of heavy items instead of dragging them on the area rug. Otherwise, ready to see buckles on the surface that never like any person.

How to stop an area rug from buckling

The story starts with my friend, who bought a new desk and placed it on the area rug. Later on, when noticed, there was a buckle under the legs just because of dragging. Everything was running before adding the area rug, but suddenly I saw a buckle that turned my eyes red.

He thought I should change the rug or buy a new one that never contained any buckles. He thought it was because of the rug that turned it buckle, but the story was different.

I am describing this story here to tell you why people think and what they do to get the solution. If you face the same problem, you don’t need to change the rug or size; use the rug pad and avoid dragging heavy equipment on the area rug; pick and place any item on the beloved carpet surface.

How to keep the area rug from bunching up on the carpet?

carpet cleaning

Following are the approved methods to fix the area rug from bunching up on the carpet.

Solution 1

A non-slip rug pad or non-skid pad can help you to relieve bunching and folding. Just get it from the market and place it under your area rug to avoid bunching. As name shoes non-slip pad /non-skid pad, help to avoid slipping on the surface.

Solution 2

Apart from buying a non-slipping pad living room rug, another helpful thing can double-sided carpet tape. Place double-sided tape between the area rug and area rug pad that sticks both together.

The double-sided carpet tape strongly sticks with a rug pad and holds the carpet, which looks like a single piece of carpet. Later on, if you don’t want double-sided carpet tape, you can remove it without facing any trouble.

Solution 3

Folding and bunching can avoid using the rug pad. Buy a quality area rug pad from the market and place it beneath or carpet underneath. It will help to hold the rug that bunches up.

Solution 4

  • The majority of area rug users use a very common method to relieve buckling and bunching. The caulk is used, and there are two types of caulk. Just squeeze out a strip of the caulk. The types of caulk are below.
  • Glue gun
  • Acrylic-latex caulk
  • First, apply a hot glue gun or acrylic-latex caulk to a rug and keep it separate. When it dries, then you can place it on the floor. Keep in mind to use it when dry otherwise, the floor can damage with its stickiness.
  • When placing it on the top of the floor, use any useful tip to tighten the rug as much as possible so it sticks tightly on the floor.

Solution 5

Useful and DIY method, easy to do just applying simple steps. The rug will never bunch up; that makes you crazy. Trace the outline of the rug corner using a pencil.

Using only a pencil marker and other stuff will leave marks that are difficult to remove later on—marking the folding rug areas. Now we will use here the velcro strip roll.

This strip contains a hook and loop that help to prevent rugs bunches up. Take four pieces and place them under the corner of the rug and place them on the floor. In this way, the rug will fix and never bunches up or fold.


Does any rug pad work on the carpet?

The simple answer to this question is no. A rug pad can use on hardwood floors or tiles floors due to its rubber backing. or we can say ruber backing is suitable for hardwood floors or wood floors. So use a specific product for a specific purpose, and buy a carpet lock pad for the carpet.

Note: Carpet tape with rubber adhesive alone may harm your carpet since it will pull or rip the carpet fibers when removed.

What if I can’t find a rug pad the same size as my rug?

If it is difficult to find the rug pads for your area rug, don’t go for a small rug pad size because the corner will bunch up and fold anyhow you are using it.

The solution to this problem is to buy two pieces of rug pads or a bigger pad and cut it according to your rug size. The exact size will help stick with a rug that avoids bunching and folding conditions.

 Does a rug pad work better than rug tape?

Rug pads and carpet tape behave the same way when we use cheap rug pads that are the same as carpet tape. The grip of carpet tape is not good; that loses its stickiness after some time. Later on, it becomes the cause of bunching.

In many cases, it is also noticed that rug tap glue affects the color of the rug and carpet and cannot provide the efficient grip that users want. We recommend a rug pad is better than a rug tap.

Does every rug need a pad to stop it from bunching up on the carpet?

The situation is different for low pile rugs and high pile rugs. a low carpet pile often bunch up on the carpet, and you require a rug pad. On the other hand, high pile rug slips without a pad. So the final word, it is better to practice using the pad to avoid bunching up position.


We have tried our best to make you understand how to keep the area rug from bunching up on the carpet and what is the solution to avoid this situation in detail. We close our talk by giving you the final words perfect choice that cover a small area in the center of your room and provides a great look.

All the above methods are easy to apply at home without the help of any professional. After reading this article, we hope you understand the exact story of bunching rugs and get the solution of “how to keep area rugs from bunching up on carpet”.

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