How to Remove Washable Marker from Carpet

We often see artistic and creative children who leave their mark on our carpets. Don’t let anyone like this kind of innovative thinking on expensive rugs. It’s tough to get rid of marker stains from carpets. After watching several video tutorials and browsing various websites, only a few methods work better.

After applying different techniques to solve a problem, you may develop some new ideas. We’ve arranged a good guide about removing washable markers from the carpet.

How to Get Washable Marker Out of Carpet?

You may want to clean up your child’s writing on the floor. As a mom, it’s hard to keep up with cleaning chores. It feels like there’s always a wave of ups and downs when keeping the house clean. You may have tried all available options for cleaning up ink stains from carpets. You don’t need to spend a fortune to remove those stains.

How to Remove Washable Marker from Carpet

How to remove washable markers from the carpet?

A washable marker needs a proper cleaner to remove from the carpet properly. Many commercial products are known in the market that helps clean the water-based markers. If you don’t spend any money, you can use some DIY processes to remove them. Here are some DIY techniques that work well. Before applying any product to the floor, test it on the floor’s hidden areas to see the reaction.

Method 1: Using Hand Sanitizer –  how to remove washable marker from the carpet.

Hand sanitizer has become an essential part of our daily lives. It has an abundance of alcohol, the key ingredient in removing marker stains. Because it has a slightly gel-like consistency, you won’t necessarily need a lot of this solution when removing temporary marker stains.

hand sanitizer


  1. It doesn’t leak, so it holds well onto the carpet. You’ll need some hand sanitizer and cotton balls to complete this task.
  2. Squatting down slightly, hold the bottle directly above the stain and squirt some of the liquid onto it.
  3. Let the sanitizer soak into the spot and sit for a few minutes.
  4. After making sure the permanent marker stain has been completely removed, use a piece of cotton to blot up any remaining ink.
  5. Don’t rub too hard; otherwise, you might spread the discoloration to the rest of your rag.
  6. If the stain is still available, you might need to repeat this process several times before achieving your goal.
  7. One important thing to remember is that hand sanitizer evaporates pretty quickly. You shouldn’t let it sit for long periods and use enough of the product to remove markers stain from your carpet.

Method 2: Using Nail Polish – How to clean marker stains

Nail polish remover can work like soil remover. Nail polish remover is an equally efficient carpet cleaner that you can employ to remove permanent marker stains from carpets. It contains acetone, an organic solvent that dissolves the ink molecules, turning the ink into a liquid so that stains can easily remove from the carpet.

carpet cleaner

Acetone molecules combine with the ink molecules and form a strong bond that causes them to become liquid. You don’t have to let nail polish remover sit long before applying it.

To avoid spreading the ink to other carpet parts, use a clean cloth. Before using the varnish removers, place a dry piece of material under the carpet. The fabric will absorb any excess liquid running from your rug as you try to remove the marker stain.

To execute this procedure effectively, first, you’ll need a heavy cloth, nail polish remover (or acetone), and cotton balls. Place small amounts of the acetone solution onto the mark stains and avoid soaking the carpet fabric. After wiping it off, immediately pat the color again using a clean cotton ball.

To effectively clean stains from carpets, dab them frequently with a damp cloth. If you don’t want to use a stain remover, you can pour some nail polish remover on a cotton ball and rub it over the stain. We did not find any other best stain removal method that removes markers from carpet inefficient and easy way.

Method 3: Hydrogen Peroxide for white carpet – How to clean marker stains

Hydrogen peroxide is an effective way to remove stains from clothes without professional help. It removes ink-like substances from the carpet, including marker stains. But hydrogen peroxide isn’t a good carpet cleaner because it’s a branched agent. If you want to remove stains from white rugs, then use hydrogen peroxide.

How to Remove Washable Marker from Carpet

  1. Spray some hydrogen peroxide on the stained carpet. Apply a generous amount to saturate the fiber properly.
  2. Use a paper towel to rub peroxide on the mat gently.
  3. Use a clean cloth to cover the stain and leave it for an hour to set the solution before washing it off.
  4. You will see the marks fade away.
  5. Wipe the area with a clean towel. You can see that the stain has disappeared.
  6. Wash it with cold water now. Rinse a paper towel into the water.
  7. After washing the area, blot and rub the area again to remove any remaining hydrogen peroxide.
  8. Using a towel remove all the moisture thoroughly.
  9. You may not repeat it as it works well on the first attempt.

Method 4: Cleaner Paste – How to clean marker stains

Many commercial products like cleaner paste are available on the market. These cleaning products are suitable for removing marker stains from the carpet.

carpet cleaner

  1. Take a clean towel and soak it in warm water. Keep in mind that use always white towels because in our experience, color cloth transfers dye, so be careful.
  2. After soaking in the water, wring out the towel to avoid water dripping.
  3. Rubbing the affected area of the floor will help get rid of any stains.
  4. You must apply the cleaner paste when the carpet fiber has been softened with hot water.
  5. It would be best to have a rug or towel to apply the cleaner paste.
  6. Use a clean cloth, paper towel, or tissue.
  7. Take the towel, saturate it with water, and then apply the cleaner paste to the stain.
  8. Rub gently to blend the cleaning solution into the carpet fibers.
  9. Make sure you’ve applied deep into the carpet fibers.
  10. Let us set the cleaner paste for ten to fifteen minutes.
  11. You will see the mark on the carpet has been removed. It’s now time to clean up the cleaning paste.
  12. Be careful when wiping as the stain is not tight; the color can spread out.
  13. Wipe the area with a clean white cloth.
  14. Apply the cleaner paste again to remove all the residue from the first application. The procedure is the same as before, but now you can see it more clearly.
  15. Use a clean cloth to wipe the cleaner paste off, and you will see that the stain has been removed. Enjoy the fresh look of the carpet.
  16. Pour some clean water on the spot and then wipe it off with another paper towel.
  17. Vacuum the entire area using a vacuum cleaner and allow it to air dry without foot traffic.

Method 5: Using Rubbing Alcohol / how to clean marker stains

Ethanol or isopropyl alcohol is a chemical compound used as a disinfectant. It is also known as rubbing alcohol. Alcoholic solutions are effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoans. Alcoholic beverages with high levels of alcohol will remove marker stains more quickly than alcoholic beverages with lower levels of alcohol.

These manufacturers include color and scent in their surgical spirit brands, such as Betadine. It is therefore essential to ensure that your rubbing alcohol does not contain any color additives so that you can avoid staining the carpet further.

  1. The solution is relatively thin, so you may want to consider taking precautions to avoid messing up the carpet fabric.
  2. Placing an absorbent piece of clothing beneath the carpet stain will help remove it.
  3. You can successfully remove carpet stains by finding a dropper, cleaning cloth, cotton balls, rubbing alcohol, and water.
  4. Drip small amounts of the alcohol-based solvent onto the ink stain.
  5. Let the liquid soak into the carpet for five minutes before dabbing the spot with cotton balls, then repeat until the stain is gone.
  6. You can use a sponge instead if you don’t have cotton. Soak the sponge with alcohol and rub it onto the stain.


Q How to remove ink stains out of cloth or how to clean marker stains from fabric?

You can use vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, nail polish removal, hand sanitizer, and rubbing alcohol to dissolve the marker stains. Soak the garment in your desired cleaning solution until the color fades off. Finally, wash the cloth regularly using soap and water.

Q: How to clean an aged black marker stain?

Apply stain removal solutions directly to the stained area. Blotting the stain with a clean cloth or paper towel is ineffective because dyes are absorbed into the carpet’s fibers. Store-bought stain removal solutions work well because they contain chemicals that dissolve the stain.

Q: How can I get paint off the carpet

Washable markers are washable! Marker stain can wash them with soap and water. However, they may need to be dried before use.



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