Reasons to buy:

  • For professional-looking results within the comfort of home
  • Rotating brushes dig deep into carpet fibers to extract dirt
  • Deters remarking and renews carpets
  • little refilling
  • Endlessly versatile,
Bissell PowerLifter 1622

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner Specifications

ModelRug Doctor Mighty Pro X3
Vacuum motor1.74 hp
Pump pressure28 psi
Cleaning path10"
Clean water tank3.0 gal
Cord lengthN/A
Hose length12 feet
Dirty water tank3.9 gal
Removable caddyYes
Warranty5 years
rug doctor
rug doctor carpet cleaner

The Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner is a well-known carpet cleaner in the market. Mostly carpet users know this cleaner is available in the market with the “Rent Me” tag. In this complete guide, you will come to know about all the right and wrong of this valued cleaner.

Rug Doctor Deep carpet cleaner is not small in size and amount. It is an expensive machine with many advanced features that attract a big community. Its competitor cleaner (Bissell big green carpet cleaning machine 86T3) has many advantages that urge this company to bring more advancement. Adding an advanced feature, become cause the high price of this machine. Rug Doctor deep carpet cleaner works very well in the houses especially for those who have to clean a large space.

A quick look at the features

  • You will find your carpet fresh due to its triple action vibrating brush that removes stains and dust professionally.
  • The capacity of tanks is 3.9 gallons. You don’t need to worry fill the tank multiple times during cleaning.
  • For removing stains and dust from stairs Rug Doctor provide upholstery kit along with 12-foot hose.
  • This machine has earned top-rated reviews from consumers.
  • For reducing drying time its powerfull motor sucks cleaning solution and store into a recovery tank that is the best practice of fast drying.
  • The cleaning process of this machine is a spray, scrub, and extract. After using this machine users find carpets fresh, fluffy and smell free.
  • The size of the brush is 10 inches, which is the perfect wideness of any head.
  • The size of the Rug Doctor deep carpet cleaner is 30 pounds.
  • Pump pressure is 28 psi.
  • Motor power is 74 HP.

What to expect from the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3?

rug doctor mighty pro x3
Best Carpet Cleaner

Rug Doctor Pro is best for deep cleaning. This machine provides better results as compared to other cleaners. This is one of the huge carpet cleaning machine in the market. The Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 provide a quality result to its users. the 39-pound weight of Rug Doctor pro is best for cleaning the dirty carpet.

Triple Action Vibrating Brush

Its triple-action vibrating brushes clean the area of the carpet deeply. The width of the brushes contains the best space in the head area that should be exactly needed for cleaning the carpet. Other carpet cleaners using sweeping motion that is an old practice. The vibration of the brushes is best enough for removing any kind of stains from dirty carpet perfectly.

Cleans on the pull

The Rug Doctor start working when pulling the machine at any side for cleaning, which is actually a drawback of this machine. Because starting cleaning with the pulling, slow down the cleaning process as compare to those cleaner who has the ability to move back and forth. its trueThe cleaning process is slow, but you will find a clear difference in cleaning results. Rug Doctor deep carpet cleaner gives you perfect cleaning.

Along with many other good features, this is also one of the main features of Rug Doctor cleaner that attracts a consumer to leave good reviews. Getting good value in the market is not possible without consumer’s feedback.

Three-Step Process of Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner

This triple-action machine removes the stain using its absolute technology. Rug Doctor uses a high-pressure system that sprays the cleaning solution on the carpet, in the second step agitation process start, and at the end-suction process suck excess solution from the carpet.

After every single cleaning, you will find a better cleaning result because of Rug Doctor an extra 75 percent bristles claim. All stains and dust remove from every side of the carpet and make your carpet like brand new with Rug Doctor cleaner. The result will be better but not fast just because of its heavyweight. video shows this machine work in one direction that is the cause of slowness. But this cause is affordable due to its best result.

More Capacity of Rug Doctor Mighty pro x3

The recovery tank of the Rug Doctor is really admirable. The capacity of the tank is 3.9 gallons, that is a big number. A big tank allows you to store more dirty water inside. Stop worrying about empty cleaner tanks multiple times during the cleaning process. The Solution tanker capacity is also 3 gallons.

This maximum tanker capacity allows you to clean 147 square feet area. Your proper focus on the usage of cleaner will help you to reduce cleaning time. For getting better results professionals recommends sock the carpet into the water and then start the cleaning process.

Upholstery Kit

Upholstery kit includes in extras that contain 12-foot hose and universal handle. Using this kit we can never only clean the floor, we can clean fabric upholstery like sofas, chairs, and stairs.

This cleaner is actually a complete package. After buying this absolute cleaner you never need to buy any other cleaner for performing any specific task regarding cleaner. Professional recommends this machine due to its perfect cleaning and extra features that make ease the cleaning process.


The warranty period of this machine is 5 years. Five years is only claimed for non-commercial use. For commercial use, you will get only a 1-year warranty.

Cleaning Performance

You can judge the cleaning performance of this machine in any video. The performance of this machine is admirable. that can be measured after a few wet and dry passes, any user can judge its performance. The special vibrator scrubs the stains deeply and makes your carpet fresh and fluffy.

A slow cleaning process

Rug Doctor deep carpet cleaner is a perfect machine but it performs slow process due to its one side moving. Better result but slow speed. If you will pass the machine fast then brushes will not work properly, which causes poor cleaning. The difference is very clear.

Simple to use

The usage of a machine is very simple; you just have to push the red button in the middle in a wet pass. Don’t push any button in dry pass. if the carpet is rich in bald spots and many food stains. using this machine you can bring the condition back of the carpet with its high performance.

What consumers say?

If you study the review of Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3, you will find maximum positive reviews. You will never find a question regarding, this machine will clean the stains or not because a number of people know the performance of this machine. Your all cost will recover after third cleaning with Rug Doctor.

There is only one question, do you mind the weight of this machine or not because its weight is 40 pounds, that is not suitable for all people. Your buying decision will never wrong if you have a number of pets, children and other family members at your home. Single Rug Doctor Box will fulfill your all cleaning requirements.

You must read the following points carefully before buying the Rug Doctor.

Narrow cleaning path

Its brushes clean the area in 10 inches range that is not much better as compared to other carpet cleaners. It should be wider because the size and heft of this machine are heavy. So this feature of Rug Doctor is not much admirable at the front of my experience.

Difficult to move around

Its heavy size does not allow you to move this machine easily from one area to another. Also, you have to remove all stuff from the room before starting the cleaning process using the Rug Doctor cleaner.

For cleaning the edges users need to use hand tools because the Rug Doctor cleaner brushes are not reachable at edges. This is the drawback of this machine.

Is the plastic handle sturdy enough?

For moving any cleaner we need the handle. Rug Doctor has a plastic handle that brings one question in our mind that this handle is sturdy or not because it can be the cause of breaking handle. This is not a big issue that decrees the value of this machine. No doubt this machine is really performing well.

Large water tank

Rug Doctor provides large water tanks that contain enough space to store water for cleaning a large area. After filling the tank with the dirty water we have to clean the tank and refill the clean water tank also.

Strong suction

Strong suction using Rug Doctor can only happen using hand tools and main floor tools. The drying process will automatically reduce when the cleaner will suck all excesses solution from the carpet.

Easy to use

The usage of this machine is very easy. After unboxing there is nothing special that you have to do. Just fill the tank with water and cleaning solution as per your need and start the cleaning process.

A high concentrated cleaning solution

Cleaning Solution of Rug Doctor is highly concentrated so users don’t need to use more solution for cleaning. You can find better results if you presoak the carpet before starting cleaning.

Where can I buy this?

You can find this machine on Amazon in less than $400 with two different cleaning solutions that are stain eliminator and urine eliminator. If you are a Prime Amazon member then your shipping fee will zero.

A big benefit of Amazon is, you can add an extra warranty period. Amazon provides an extra three-year warranty to its users. Rug Doctor Website can also be used for purchasing but the cost will be high with less warranty period.

  • Condition of the carpet after using fresh and fluffy.
  • Its drying time is very short as compared to other cleaners.
  • It can be moved easily from one place to another due to its large wheel.
  • The consumer never needs to refill the tank multiple times because of the large tanker that is 9 gallons.
  • For easier storage Rug doctor introduced a foldable handle.
  • User-friendly structure.
  • Rug Doctor has a high price.
  • Its cleaning pattern is narrow like a large machine.
  • Due to heavyweight, it is difficult to move up and down on the stairs.
  • Away toddlers from this machine due to its loud.
  • It cannot behold up due to its plastic handle

To wrap up

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 is the best option for those who have a lot of pets at home. Also, who has a big family and number of children that cause dust and stains? My personal experience and other consumer reviews prove only one line that this is the best carpet cleaner for removing stains.

You can save thousands of dollars to get rid of all rentals cleaner after taking the buying decision of Rug Doctor. Upholstery, stair and other hard and tricky area can be easily cleaned with the use of extra tools like 12-foot hose that is available with Rug Doctor Box. If you don’t mind the weight of Rug Doctor that is 40 pound then this machine is the best option for cleaning your carpets.

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