What Causes Carpet Moths Complete Guide 

Carpet moth means the end of carpet life that we don’t want. All is happening when we don’t care about our costly carpet; a carpet moth infestation leads to destroying flooring. In our step-by-step guide, you will learn what causes carpet moths, identify them, and get rid of them.

 What are carpet moths?

what causes carpet moths

Moths are insects that belong to a polyphyletic group. According to research, a massive number of moths species available worldwide will be up to 160,000. Anyhow our main concern is carpet moth infestation does not explore other species.

The infest living in our houses belong to different families, carpet moth infestation contains other effects, and has a different way of production. Carpet moths are the nastiest pets just because of their quick breeding cycle. So we should care and take necessary action to remove them on time.

carpet moth infestation ruins the carpet pile and other items containing silk curtain, wool, leather, etc.; if you find moths, alert and start saving your home from infesting with insects.

This information is necessary because, without knowledge, we can not understand the exact situation and also not be able to solve the problem.

Identifying Case-Bearing or Carpet Moths

Before starting to know where a carpet moth comes from and the exact reason, we should first learn how to identify the carpet moth. It is the first step of any process to identify the problem and proceed with further steps.

 The carpet moth is not difficult to identify; follow the below steps.

  • The color of the carpet moth is mottled brown and contain black spot on the wings
  • The size of wingspan is 9mm to 16mm
  • Hairy fringes on hind and forewings
  • The carpet moth larvae leave their casing; the small cases like rice signify your carpet has the carpet moth.

What Causes Carpet Moths?

We avoid often using insects killer that prevents insects from the carpet. According to the environment, different insects come and start breeding and other activities. A favorable habitat for insects, especially a carpet moth, is hot and humid weather.

A central heating system continues in our homes to keep rooms warm or heated. We forget carpet moth is strongly attracted to silk, wool, and fur, so our household items that produce with these ingredients affect a carpet moth easily. Other than carpet, the dump of dirty clothes often contains sweet and other stains targeted by adult moths.

The carpet moth structure and color help them hide easily inside the carpet. They are often available near us, but we can not find them suddenly. Save your sweet home from all unwanted things, including insects that require some care and attention. Following, we have tried to explain the main causes of carpet moth.

Natural Fibres

best carpet for basement

Carpet moth finds a natural fiber most likely available in our wool and other animal hair-made carpets. Apart from rugs, we use leather jackets and pet fur on furniture. Any animal tissue they use for their food.

It can be available in our homes in different shapes. All is possible with a carpet moth digestion system; they can digest keratin which becomes the cause of all issues.

Synthetic Carpet

synthetic carpet

Synthetic carpet owners think they are safe from a carpet moth, especially when they reach the above paragraph and get information about animal protein as the food of moths. Moths can affect synthetic carpets also, as per gathered information from different sources.

Synthetic carpet is not food for the moths; the carpet contains food traces for moths like hair, dust, and fur. Synthetic carpets provide a suitable environment for laying eggs that become the cause of spreading moths.

The small size of the moths helps to hide them inside the carpet so that we can observe when any physical carpet moth damage appears. They continue their activities inside areas, increase their number, and suddenly come out when carpet moth damage has been done.

Lack of Cleaning

can you vacuum wet carpet

Carpet accumulates different food debris like dirt, hair, fur, and small parts of the food. Regular cleaning is never allowed living a long time on the carpet surface. Lazy people daily only make plans about vacuuming or dusting but do not succeed.

When they reach the endpoint, the house says, please clean me. Pest gets a longer time in cleaning gape that time is suitable for increasing their number. To avoid this unpleasant situation, buy one quality vacuum cleaner for your loved and sweet home; daily vacuuming can make your home like heaven.

Don’t leave corners and tricky places unclean, moths and other insects find these places to start their process.

High Temperature

High temperatures contain misconceptions for someone regarding insects never served. High temperature is the best environment for moths to start their production system.

It is also noticed houses that use the central heating system to keep their house warm, target easily with moths. Moths enter homes and find suitable places like holes and cracks to attract moths. Carpet is easy for them to enter and hide and get food from the carpet.

How to Reduce the breeding of carpet moths in your home.

We can stop the growth of moths using carpet moth traps. This is such an amazing way of preventing the moth spreading process. If you don’t succeed in stopping moths from laying eggs on the carpet, then start worrying about the end of the rug; not only the rug, other related items produced by the same fabric will effect by mouths.

The life of carpet moth larvae depends on the current environment, like humidity and temperatures; they can survive up to 3 years in a well-settled climate. eggs hatch and Conver to pupation into adult moths takes only one month. Larvae can start the damaging process of the carpet. In other words, the presence of larvae at home means home textile is under attack.

How to Get Rid of Carpet Moths with Natural Treatment

Our recommended 5-step approved process can help you get rid of the carpet moths. Use insect killer powder at the places that were recently infested and focus on those areas that are often left during the cleaning process, like harder-to-reach places.

Our four-step formula against carpet mouths is described below.

  • First Step: Identifying the insects
  • Second step: examine the current situation where moths started their operation
  • Third step: Trying to stop the reproduction cycle of moths
  • Fourth Step: Remove carpet moths along with carpet moth eggs.

We cannot permanently remove moths; it is also true in previous decades that moths have been a prominent topic regarding removing from homes permanently, but we cannot. The only way that you can adopt is self-safety and care.

Your daily household items and belongings need your attention to prevent any damage. Otherwise, ready to face big losses. Don’t gather unusable belonging with yourself; put them in the bin because these items become the cause of catching insects and their spreading. Make your habit of cleaning everything daily, especially precious carpet.

Final Words about how to Avoid Carpet Moths

We can save our carpets using different techniques. Firstly, dusting and cleaning the rug should be your first choice. Change the position of furniture and other equipment where we cannot reach during cleaning time to time.

The vacuum cleaner is used for sucking unwanted debris and other dirt particles. The use of a crevasse help during cleaning upholstery. Check the areas where you don’t often visit. Clean the vacuum cleaner itself, especially the canister should be clean after vacuuming. In last words, just attention can do anything with fruitful results.

Not sit back with mental satisfaction; vacuum regularly is enough. According to the living area situation, deep cleaning is necessary after a specific time cycle. Heavyweight special carpet cleaner machines cultivate the carpet root level to destroy anything living inside the wool carpets.

Don’t leave the dirty laundry dump and other unuseful industrial stuff together for a long time. My final words stop here to say that the carpet moth problem is nothing if you clean your home regularly.

 Products that Kill Carpet Moths

  • Moths paper is the best solution to trap the adult carpet moths that become the cause of laying eggs.
  • Using moth traps helps to reduce production. The breeding system will equal zero using the moth’s trap.
  • The special spray is available in the market to avoid moths from homes.


How to get rid of moths in oriental rugs?

An Oriental rug is a suitable place where a moth rug lays eggs for spreading and eating natural fibers like wool and silk. If carpet moths are available on your carpet surface, only simple actions like vacuuming are not enough.

We recommend moth traps for better results. If you fail after applying the cleaning and moth traps technique, then special design pesticide kits help to eliminate the moths. The traps are made to catch pantry moths like cigarette beetles, Indian meal moths, Mediterranean flour moths, almond moths, and raisins moths.

How do I get rid of moths in my wool rug? / How to Get Rid of Carpet Moths Naturally? 

A wool rug is a suitable eating place for the moths and for laying eggs. The first step after identifying the moths is marking the area of moth infestation. If the infested area is still not damaged, then the simple technique of vacuuming and cleaning is enough to get rid. Other tips include the heating process, turning on the central heating system, and using humidifiers also helpful.

Other ways of removing moths from the wool carpet include moth repellents like lavender, rosemary, cedar, and thyme.  If you have tired of not getting the desired result that you expect, then move to the option of a carpet moth killer kit.

Does carpet cleaning get rid of moths?

Regular cleaning is a good habit that helps to remove different kinds of insects and other related problems. But sometimes it is noticed that only cleaning is not enough to eliminate this disgusting problem from the carpet that becomes the cause of carpet destruction. Cleaning is enough to remove the eggs and carpet moth larvae, but moths fly around and return after intervals. Moths lay eggs in other places like furniture and textile items at home. A special cleaning team can be hired if you are not satisfied.

Special service means some companies available that can understand the pest infestation and ways of removing them along with the cleaning process. They will come and check the current situation, then suggest what you need exactly.

How do I get rid of Carpet Moths permanently?

The process of eliminating carpet male moths takes some time. Permanent killing requires regular carpet cleaning, vacuuming, and moth-killing quality spray. If you are interested and want something fast, then carpet moth killer kit and moth traps are the best options for removing moths permanently.

The greatest guarantee you can have for effectively addressing the infestation and eliminating carpet moth eggs, carpet beetle, and larvae is to use a carpet moth treatment. Please don’t stop your routine after a few days; do it regularly, which gives you the appropriate result that cannot be achieved using any other way.

The common house moth is not like carpet moths. You may use some of the carpet moth’s distinguishing characteristics to determine whether you share your home with these insects.

What attracts Carpet Moths the most?

A most likely eating item for the moths on the carpet is the fiber of natural carpet like wool, silk, animal fur on the rug, animal hairs, moisture, and many more. The carpet that contains all things together becomes a suitable place for the carpet moths. When we neglect cleaning, they start laying eggs and increasing their number daily.

Do Carpet Moths live in synthetic carpets?

We have described the answer to this question in detail anyhow carpet moths can live on synthetic carpets. Carpet moths don’t eat carpet; they eat accumulated stuff like animal fur, hairs, etc., on the carpet. Furthermore, carpet is a good environment provider for the moths, so they start laying eggs.

How do Carpet Moths get in the house?

Before starting the elimination process of moths, first, we should know about how they enter our home for eating our carpet and other industrial stuff. So adult moths come to our homes from windows and doors or use the small tunnels in the shape of cracks. It will also not wrong when we buy new carpet it contains moths eggs inside. This problem is often noticed when secondhand rugs buy from others.

It is difficult to consider our purchased carpet containing moths eggs or larvae because they are small in size and cannot see with naked eyes. We recommend that you clean it yourself or call a professional cleaner before entering it at home when you buy it.


We have tried our best to explain the moth, its causes, and the way of removing it in detail. Hope the level of information regarding “what causes carpet moths” will increase, and you will overcome the problem of moths in your home.

Moths’ reproduction system is quick that requires your attention. Otherwise, you are ready to lose thousands of dollars in the form of carpet and other silk and wool items.   Try to keep your home clean always, which saves your health and money. Cover all hidden places and holes because these holes attract insects, even months, to live inside.

We hope moths and other insects can never infect you if you follow all instructions.

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