Pet owner love their pets as much as they can and try to spend their maximum time with them. They bear all damages done by their pets, especially when we talk about the cats, people become crazy for them. Apart from this craziness, cat urine is never liked by any cat lover.

If you have tried to train cats, but the cat is not ready to get your instruction, then the only formula you can apply is using its smell sense. There is some bad smell that cats don’t like. Cats hate citrus, herbs, and other smells that bring the cat back to their litter boxes.

Today’s article will cover “what smell deters cats from peeing on the carpet“.

What Smells Deter Cats From Peeing on Carpet?

what smells deter cats from peeing on carpet

Cats don’t like the smell of herbs and other mixed scents; with the help of these smells, we can stop our cats from peeing. According to the research, the sense of cat smell is 40 times of humans. Imagine how bad their mode is when we use anything that cats hate.

It is often noticed cats go outside to pee; they don’t like to pee inside the home. The question arises why cats pee anywhere or without a litterbox.

A many reasons behind this unpleasant situation; it is possible cat’s peeing problem is just because of medical issues or stress, so the cat doesn’t care to pee anywhere. You try to find out the exact problem while avoiding the cat coming on the carpet. the best solution for those who have feline friends.

Why is Your Cat Urinating Outside the Litter Box? is created

It is necessary to understand why a cat is peeing outside the litter box instead of studying how to prevent peeing on the carpet. This problem is often noticed when cat lovers buy cats from local shelters. These cats have a habit of peeing anywhere where they want without caring what will be your stress level.

We train them according to the environment where they start peeing inside the litter box. If still, cats don’t understand you, there can be something else. The most common causes that become the reason are described below.

  • Any medical issue loses control of urine, so they pee anytime, anywhere.
  • Uncomfortable litterbox or not in good condition or cannot sit in a litter box.
  • The position of the litterbox is not suited for cats.
  • Some cats have longstanding habits.
  • Old age is also a factor.
  • Mental problem

Before thinking about how you can prevent your cat from peeing outside the litter box, first focus on the cat and litter box that make you sense regarding the problem that stops the cat from peeing inside. If all is done, move forward to that ingredient that helps deter the cat from peeing on the carpet.

List of smells that deter cats from peeing in the house

Following is the list of natural cat repellents that can use with effective results to deter cat pees on the carpet surface. Here are the top odors that discourage cats from urinating.


lemon juice

Citrus has practical advantages for cats if cats intake, but observation says cats don’t like the smell of citrus. The disturbance is created in the mind of a cat with a citrus smell that does not allow cats to visit that place and even pee over there. Make this tip fruitful get orange juice and lemon juice and mix equal amounts of water. Pure it in a spray bottle; your citrus spray is ready to use.

Avoid using directly on the carpet surface; sometimes strong effect of citrus fades carpet color. First, apply it beneath the carpet or rough area to check the effect of citrus. Or place a sachet of citrus peels near the carpet place or place where you won’t deter the cat.


how to get Gatorade out of carpet

If you don’t have any readymade or original scent at your home or you don’t want to buy from the market, then vinegar is the best alternative that can use for deterring cats peeing on the carpet surface. Vinegar is used for removing the odor as well as stopping pets from peeing again in that area.

Take some drops of vinegar, spray it on the targeted place, and see the magic. The cat will come to the place for peeing, most possibly pee inside its litter box. The smell of urine can also be eliminated urine smell using citrus spray and baking soda.

Sweet Smelling Essential Oils

what smells deter cats from peeing on carpet

Most cat owners often use essential oil to deter the cat. Our cats don’t like the smell of essential oils. Essential oils contain the natural fragrances that get from plants. Available essential oils with different fragrances are orange, lemon, peppermint, and citronella. Anyone flavor of essential oils can use to deter the cats from peeing on the carpet surface.

Just use a suitable amount of essential oils in the place where you want to deter the cat from peeing. A better procedure is to take a sprinkled bottle, put three parts of water and one part of essential oil, and sprinkle on the carpet surface.


what smells deter cats from peeing on carpet

Cats do not like the smell of Rosemary. It’s available in warmer months in many places. Fresh Rosemary contains a strong effect instead of dry. Getting fresh Rosemary is from nurseries, online stores, and some small contractors.

After taking the Rosemary, first, chop the leaves using a kitchen knife in a cross shape. Rosemary leaves become more effective when we cut them in a cross shape.

If you have a small garden or place where you can grow, Rosemary is the best tip to away pets from that area. Rosemary plants are available in different flavors; buy Tuscan blue, Miss Jessup, and blue spires for fast action.

Peppermint essential oil

Peppermint is another ingredient that we can use to prevent cats. The question arises of how we can use it at our home for deterring cats. Peppermint is available in a warmer environment and grows the full year. We can grow it at our home in a windowsill and cotta pot.

Bring the new bags from the Gardner and place them around your home; peppermint’s smell will never allow the cats to pee.

Another way of placing peppermint is to make the spray and boil water with peppermints for 10 minutes. Pour this mixture into a spray bottle; when cool—spray peppermint on the areas you want to deter the cat.


Coffee is used in our homes widely; the waste of coffee we trash into bins. An amazing tip for the cat owner is to place the coffee grounds near where cats pee, like carpet and furniture. The smell of coffee deters the cats from visiting that place to pee.

The unlikely smell of coffee grounds helps stop the cats from making carpet urinate.


Herbs can be used to deter the cats from peeing on the carpet surface. Just plant the herbs where you want for the cat deterrent; you don’t need to make any spray or solution with herbs. Herbs, like rosemary, are natural cat deterrents. Strong smell and scent repel cats you don’t have to mix a solution to spray them.

Herbs mean the piece of garlic, Rosemary, clove, plant, rue place in your room, cats heat the smell of herbs so avoid visiting these places. As a result cat urine inside the litter box.

Nature’s Miracle No More Spraying

best carpet cleaner

pet owners or cat owners use different methods to avoid their cats peeing on their precious carpets. they want cat pee inside the litter boxes. The Nature Miracle solution contains powerful ingredients that deter cats from peeing on the costly carpet surface. It is trusted and safe for pets. Many cat owners use this formula for their pets.

Nature Miracle Spray is used for multi-purpose prevention cat to pee and removing stains and odors that previously happened on the carpet. The scent of the spray is like lemongrass and cinnamon that cats hate. The powerful smell deters the cats from visiting that place, and urges cats to pee inside the litter boxes.

Find the places on carpet and furniture where cats pee, and spray Nature Miracle to eliminate this unpleasant situation. Spot cleaning to remove the hard and sticky stain is easy with this spray.


Our article covers “what smells deter cats from peeing on caret” in detail. We hope you understand the exact situation after reading the article thoroughly. We can avoid our cats using their sense of bad smell. The things that cats don’t like are peppermint, orange, and lemon citronella. Vinegar can also be used as a bad smell to avoid cat peeing on the carpet.

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